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Natural Cures for MRSA

Posted by Sharon (Summerville, South Carolina) on 09/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My name is Sharon and I have had over 15 major back and hip surgeries. I have had many doctors work on my back since 1990 for 3 messed up disc. In 1994 and 1995 I had to have screws placed in my SI Area in both of my hips! That helped me get out of a wheel chair. In 1995 I broke 1 of my screws in my right hip and had to have it removed they replaced the screws with a large metal wedge! 1997 I had metal plates placed in my lower back area covering the L3, L4, L5 area. I stayed in the hospital over a month. On my way home I had a lot of pain in my right hip. My Doctors said to go to ER and get a shot. While there the Dr. said it looked like my right hip scar was hot and red-to go home and lay on a ice pack. I did so.

The next morning I woke up and could not straighten up. I felt my back area and there was something protruding out of my back. I went to the restroom to look at it in the mirror and when I seen this baseball size mound on my spine, I sat down and my whole back exploded out. I then was rushed to the Atlanta Medical Hospital where the disease control center said I had MRSA (Staff Infection) in my back really bad. They had to remove the metal from my back and my right hip. In the process my spine became broke into several pieces and half of my right hip also. I ended up having my entire spine removed from L3 down to S1! No disc and no virtabra at all. My doctors took pieces of my bone and made a bone bridge and grafted it into my back from L2 branching over to the crest of each of my hip bones. Think of a turkey wish bone. That is what my spine looks like. I was under their care for over 2 years but the infection would not go away. I was on every medication known to man. And in 1999 I had my 2 lines clot up in my hickmon port that was placed in my chest. This was how I was taking medication into my body for the infection. It was keeping me alive. When I went to the ER to get the lines unclotted they damaged the line and had to pull it out. The doctor sent me home from the ER and I called my doctor's and they said we are so sorry, that I only had 3 weeks to live- there was no more medication that I could take. My home nurse that was cleaning out my whole in my back (7 inch x 3 in deep hole) she was released.

I called my mother she had heard about the onion being used for infections many years ago. And she went to the store and bought a 5 pound bag of white onions. She took each onion and peeled them and then placed each one at a time on plate in the microwave for 1 min. Till they were soft. She carried a platter full of them into my room and took some saline water that was left behind by the nurse and poured it into my hole then she took a turkey baster and removed the fluid from my hole. She then took these warm oions and placed them inside of my back filling the entire hole. It was so nice the warmth of the onions felt like a heating pad inside of me. She then layed gauze over top of it and then a ace bandage and wrapped it around my waist. She did this 4 times a day for 4 months. My back started to heal up really fast to where there was only a 1 inch hole in my 4th month. I went back to my doctors and they run a culture on me there was no more MRSA. Dr. DeBoise at the Disease Control center in Atlanta, Ga. was so amazed at what he seen and I told him what my mother did. After that the infection never came back again. I continue to use onion's for toothaches, and any cuts I get. I am living proof of it and I am now 48 years old and it is 2011 Thank you Lord for your natural cures and this wonderful onion plant it saved my life.