Molluscum Contagiosum Remedies

Clove Oil

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Posted by Clove Oil Works (Orlando, Florida) on 07/24/2012

Clove oil..... Clove oil..... Clove oil..... It works fast.... Clove oil worked in a couple days and doesn't hurt or damage the skin. Did the ACV and it worked okay, but just hurt my 2 yr old too much. Tried zymaderm, didn't work. Tried clove oil applied directly too spots (my bottle was over 8 yrs old so I applied direct, but probably dilute with carrior oil if new(some say their oil is strong enough undiluted to blister. So be careful, don't get it too strong). It should only be a mild tingle if anything when applied. First the spot gets a little raised and inflamed around it. Then the horrible little spots get a dark spot in the center within a couple days of 2 applications per day and fall out. Killed them dead. Finally something that works, if I had only known at the beginning, he would have only had 15 spots to treat not 50. Clove oil, who knew.

Replied by Sally
(New South Wales)

Hi there. I was just wondering how much clove oil to carrier oil?

Clove Oil
Posted by Clove Oil Worked Best (Orlando, Fl) on 07/22/2012

Clove oil worked in a couple days for Molluscam Contagiosum and doesn't hurt or damage the skin. Did the ACV and it worked okay, but just hurt my 2 yr old too much. Tried zymaderm, didn't work. Tried clove oil applied directly too spots (my bottle was over 8 yrs old so I applied direct, but probably dilute with carrior oil if new(some say their oil is strong enough undiluted to blister. So be careful, don't get it too strong). It should only be a mild tingle if anything when applied. First the spot gets a little raised and inflamed around it. Then the horrible little spots get a dark spot in the center within a couple days of 2 applications per day and fall out. Killed them dead. Finally something that works, if I had only known at the beginning, he would have only had 15 spots to treat not 50. Clove oil, who knew.

Replied by Rkainne
(Guerneville, Ca)

Hello everyone. for the last few years, I, too, have suffered from mc, - on my face! So, I am very leary of treating with the acidic apple cider vinegar (acv) and had more questions about the clove oil treatment.

#cowb in orlando, fl, if you're out there, you wrote that you applied the clove oil directly. My questions: how often did you aply the oil and how did you apply it? did you put it on cotton or some other carrier and bandaid it as with the acv? thx ahead of time. I want these little guys gone...

Replied by Clove Oil Works
(Orlando, Fl)

I applied the clove oil at 100%. That said it is NOT recommended. You should dilute it per recommendation at 20/80 clove oil to coconut oil or a carrier oil. The face is tender skin. If you put it on undiluted or even 50/50. It will sting for about 10 minutes. Not bad just wow warm. Don't use if you have medical conditions... Etc. depending on the size of the MC, small ones will only need a couple days if clove oil applied with a q-tip, and then they will get a tiny scab in the center and they are dead. Mature ones might take a week or two. But NOTHING out there works as quickly or painlessly without damaging the skin like clove oil. PS. It also cured a coworkers jungle rot. You don't need to cover it with band aids. Just dab the spot with the clove oil mix. Let it soak in and forget about it. I put this out on the web in June 2012 and I have found many people who have replied that it worked for them. Please let us know your results.

Replied by Steph
(London, Uk)

This has really worked for me so far.

I woke up with spots all over my side and collar area a few days ago and went straight to see the doctor. She told me it was MC, that it will go away on its own and to not share towels with others.

I immediately came home and started dabbing them with ACV before even looking it up. After some more research, I tried clove oil. It's been less than 2 days, and the spots are already dried up and look like they may be on their way out. They are very small, so they don't really have a head, although it looks like they have a tiny tiny black head, which is towards the end I think.

I don't know if I have a mild case, which explains why they are small, but either way I recommend treating spots ASAP after diagnosis or, prefereably, discovery.

I would not recommend picking or scraping.

Clove oil all the way!

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Relieved Mom (San Francisco, Ca) on 09/23/2012

My 8 year old son got MC about last winter and it spread like mad over the summer. First we tried apple cider vinegar - it worked a little but burned and itched. He also had so many lesions that I was concerned about spreading them every time I used a cotton ball to dab the ACV on. Tried clove oil (no change at all), tea tree oil (dried his skin out and itched), and boosted his immunity with vitamins and probiotics. Nothing worked until we tried Colloidal Silver. Within 2 days of ingesting 1 tsp/day and spraying his body topically, almost half of the lesions in his armpit (which was covered) were gone. He was also pain free from the itching and burning. We are 4 days in and every day the improvement is tremendous. I bought it over the counter at Whole Foods and can't believe the change. He is thrilled and I am so relieved that something finally worked!

Replied by Ally
(Bc, Canada)

My daughter has had molluscum since August 2014 and it starting to spread to her face. I am freaking out!! I have tried apple cider vinager but it burns her and I feel so bad :( it's a battle getting it on her. I purchased the colloidal Silver. Does it cure molluscum?

Dead Sea Mud

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Posted by Mohammed (Amman, Jordan) on 10/14/2012

My 4th year daughter diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum , it started with about 25 spots , we take her to the dermatologist , and he adviced us to make a cryotherapy to remove it - it was abad experince for my daughter because it was painful - we did it because it was a fast solution to prevent spreading the virus to other areas on her body , after 2 weeks I noticed a small spots with a numerous numbers all over her hands and legs , we were shoked from that , so we took her again to her dermatologist , he adviced us to paint Benzac 5% all over her legs and arms , of course I did not listen to him , because Benzac 5% it an irritating medicine it will casue a pain and my daughter and she may scratch it - Because of benzac - and this will lead to spread the virus to other areas on her body or to us ...

Since I live in Jordan where dead sea locate in , I know Many people come from all over world to the dead sea to enjoy there and to treat many skin diseases such as psoriasis , even when I was in Jordan - now im living in other country - I used to go with my family and friends to swim in the dead see , and paint our bodies with this mud , By the way this mud is very rich of minerals especially sulfur and it has astrange texture because it lays under the most salted sea in the deepest point in the world , where you cant find and creature live in because of heigh concentration of the salt and minerlas - except some kind of Bacteria where discovered recently - , by the way and many cosmatic companies used this mud in their product ....

so I decided to use Dead Sea mud , and I started to paint my Daughter arms and leg with her cheek ( because it start to appear on that area ) with that mud , when me and my wife finished from painting our daughter , she was look like a Mumy :) .... we left the mud for 15 minutes on her body till it become dried , then we wash her by water and we used Dettol shower gel , after shwer we noticed that the spots become large , inflamed and red , we were woried , I asked my daughter honey do you feel any pain or itching , she said no. after a few hours the spots come back to its normal size and shape , we repeated the treatment for 5 consecutive days , all the spot become dried and their size become smaller , so we decided to stop painting , now most of the spot gone and the remaing is very small , really I was happy for that result , I want to share this experience with all people whom suffering from MC , By the way from my experince Dead see mud will leave your skin clean , soft , without any irritation or dryness , its not toxic like Clove oil non irritanat like Apple cide vineger , Sorry if my english languge was not fluent ....

Dead Sea Mud
Posted by Mohammed (Jordan, Amman) on 10/06/2012

Hi, before a six month my four years old daughter diagnosed with MC. It start to appear in her upper legs that time there was about 25 spot in both leg, so her dermatologist suggest to remove it by cryotherapy. I know it is painful procedure but I decide to do it because I was afraid to scratch it. Any how me and my wife were happy because all has been removed but before a few weeks it start to reappear again so we decide to use Benzac 5% on the new one. After a few days these spots become dry and disppeared. We thought at that moment that the problem was finished. UNFORTUNATELY, we discoverd a very small numerous number of MC on her both small arms, they were very small and almost cover her arms and start to cover her left cheek. We were shocked. Her dermatologist said we can do nothing just give her a multivitamins which contain Zinc because Zinc will boost her immunity to fight the virus, also he advised us to put Benzac 5% every other days with a moisturizer cream (Bioderma PO zinc) cuz that cream will cause dryness and irritaion for her skin .....

I was very sad for her then I had an idea. What if I use Dead sea mud on her arms and legs to see what will happened . Especially that this mud is used to treat various types of skin disease such as Psoriasis and acne. Actually I'm living in Jordan( where dead Sea locate in) and I used to put that mud on my body when I go to swim in Dead sea, actually it tighten your skin, make it smooth, and it has an exfoliating effect cuz it is rich in sulfur and other minerals , Before two days I started to put Dead sea mud on her skin and we leave it for 15 minutes till it become dry then we wash it with water and Dettol shower gel. We noticed that after shower all the spots become big, red, and inflamed but after one hour they come back to its normal size. Some of these spots become white, really I dont know what that mean?? Is it a good sign or not... I hope it will work and I will tell you what will happened within a few weeks with her. Sorry if my english language was not fluent ....

Replied by Mohammed
(Jordan, Amman)

It is me again, this is the 4th day from treating my daughter from MC by Dead sea mud. we found that all spots with white heads become black and dried. I'm not sure if the size decreased, we will continue on that treatment and see what will happened.... By the way I read on the net about using clove oil for treating MC and I found that tgis oil is toxic and cancerous material for human being , if you want to use it you have to dilute it.

Replied by Mohammed
(Amman, Jordan)

Its me again, thanks god most of the spot gone within one week, still one big white spot we did not treat it by the mud, we used to treat it by painting it by Benzac 5% then cover it by medical plaster, Because we were afraid that my daughter scratch it, - and as you know these white spots contains a liquid rich in th MC virus, and this liquid in very contagious ....

Any how today we put Dead sea Mud on that spot for 15 minutes, I think it will work because after we clean the mud we see some blood, we put some Betadine and cover it again by a medical plaster ...

Dead sea Mud, Its is a great treatment for the spots of MC, we paint these these spots twice a day, wthin 1 week all become dry, small, then disappered, I recomend it strongly, it has no side effect, it is not toxic or cancerous material like clove oil, no irritation like Apple cider vineger, no dryness effect, it will leave your skin sfot and clean.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Mike (Boston, Ma) on 05/26/2013

Forget ACV. Forget everything you 'think' you know about Molluscum and how people are treating it. If it 'goes away on it's own' how do we know any of these homeopathic treatments are actually doing anything? We might think ACV did the heavy lifting, when really it was your immune system.

And there in lies the true cure. Here is my story, my cure (and it can be yours too):

I wanted to share with you my experience. You've heard it all before, some variation of the following story. Some weird bumps showed up, thought they were (pimples, ingrown hair, folliculitis, herpes, etc), and they spread rapidly much to our alarm. Maybe you worsened it like me and popped and drained it before knowing what was going on.

Then tell me if this sounds familiar. You go to the doctor and they freeze it, curettage it, laser it, chemically burn it, what have you, and then tell you that it will go away on it's own and resolve in time. Easy for them to say. Meanwhile, your inner psychological life is in turmoil. Physicians as a whole decidedly do NOT understand the deep psychological trauma that comes along with this "harmless" disease.

Believe me I know how bad you are suffering. For the first time in my life, I contemplated suicide over this bastard of a disease. My bathroom was an apothecary and wasteland of cotton balls, band-aids, gauze pads, tape, apple cider vinegar, aldara, tweezers, needles, hydrogen peroxide, acycolvir, valcylovir, emuaid, conzero1, tea tree oil and on and on and on. None of it worked.

I'm sorry to say it, but until medical research catches up, pills, creams, physical removal, etc. , are NOT going to handle this for you.

The only thing that can TRULY beat MCV is your immune system.

Until I contracted MCV, I thought I ate pretty healthy, I was in decent shape, worked out, didn't eat to much fatty foods.

BUT I WAS EATING VERY LITTLE TO NO FRUITS, VEGETABLES, NUTS, AND SEEDS. These things contain the core essential nutrients that our immune system has been proven to need in countless medical journals, to function at an elite level.

If you want to beat MCV You need to radically change your diet in order to turbo boost and radically change your immune response. I'm not talking about minor changes, an extra apple, or salad (covered in dressing) here and there. Little changes to your diet will only affect small to no change in your overall immune system response. Only radical changes will affect radical results. Get it?

I went from eating a decidedly american diet of refined carbs and meat to 100% fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds based on the teachings of Dr. Fuhrman's books 'Eat to Live' and 'Super immunity', although the information here is widely available in many other nutritional journals. His was just the one I found first. I AM NOT STUMPING FOR YOU TO BUY ANYTHING, but he has put a lot of the information together in a human readable way that we all can understand. I'll even tell you the core idea of his 'Super Immunity', I feel that he would approve of me sharing this knowledge to help you all heal from this nasty nasty virus.

Say it with me, G-BOMBS. It's the acronym that will (most likely) rescue us from this B. S.

G - Greens (leafy ones, kale, collards, mustard greens, etc)
B - Beans (Kidney, lentils, etc. )
O - Onions (the more variation of onion varieties the better)
M - Mushrooms (the more variation of mushroom varieties the better)
B - Berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)
S - Seeds/Nuts (Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, etc)

You need to eat all of this stuff in combination so your body is getting all the nutrients from all these items around the same time. Don't overdue the nuts/seeds, they are caloricaly dense and a little goes a long way, but get enough. The rest are hard to really overeat as they are not calorically dense at all, and you can only eat so much Kale before you are full. Fruits and veggies take up a lot of room in your gut. Also sodium is not helpful to your immune system, so try and get the lowest sodium version of all items possible.

Here is a quick starter recipe you can experiment with to get you going:

1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/2 red onion, chopped
handful of green onions, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
10 various mushrooms, chopped
1/2 zucchini, chopped
1/2 yellow squash, chopped
handful of peas (optional)
12 ounce can of chopped tomatoes
12 ounce can of kidney beans
6 large kale leaves, chopped
3 cups of vegetable broth
1/2 teaspoon of sage
1/2 teaspoon of red pepper
1/2 teaspoon of dried basil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper

In a large soup pot, heat the oil over medium and saute the red onion, green onions and carrots until they are soft. Add the mushrooms, zucchini, squash and peas and cook until the mushrooms have released their juices, this will be obvious because all of a sudden there will be a lot of moisture/water in the pot that you didn't add. Next, add the tomatoes, kidney beans, and vegetable broth and cook until heated through. Add the kale leaves and spices and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy!

Follow this up with a dessert of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, walnuts and pumpkin seeds and you have completed the GBOMBS. This shouldn't be all you are eating though, keep eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible.

Five days later of my new RADICAL 'nutritarian' diet, the MCV stopped spreading for the first time in 6 weeks. I just stared at myself in the mirror, truly in shock. Could it really have been this simple all along? Not only that, but I was LOSING WEIGHT and FEELING FREAKING FANTASTIC. Then the lesions slowly started scabbing over and/or just disappearing. I kid you not my fellow MCVers. Your immune system is so incredible, but it is severely underfunded with the resources it needs to stage it's all out nuclear war on MCV. FUND IT TODAY.

I wish you much love and success, I truly do. You are not alone, there are a lot of us out there suffering. WE CAN GET BETTER!!!!!

FYI I'm not a doctor (like they were any help anyways), I am only sharing what worked for me, I cannot guarantee this will work, but it did for me, in spades. Please make sure you are not allergic to anything in my soup and dessert recipe here.


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Posted by Kris (Houston, Tx) on 05/09/2012

When my son was 3 years old, he had 6 of these MC bumps show up on his stomach. I took him to the doctor who diagnosed it as molluscum and said it will just run it's course and should be gone within 3 - 6 months. Well, 6 months later they had multiplied to over 200 all over his stomach, legs, arms, face... Everywhere. The only options the doctor gave me were to burn them off or apply a cream. I opted to do neither, and went home and started searching for natural remedies. I tried the apple cider vinegar for a short while, but he had eczema in addition to the mc and the Apple Cider Vinegar just made it more painful.

My aunt, who works at a health food store, recommended elderberry. I bought [an immunity booster] which is made from elderberry and gave him 1 tablet a day for 2 months. Within 2 weeks, you could see those disgusting little bumps start drying out. Within a month, they had all disappeared, but I continued giving him an additional months dose just to make sure the virus was eradicated. It's been 3 years now and he hasn't had anymore show up.

Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Aly S. (Cairo, Egypt ) on 01/16/2018

Hi, I want to share my experience in treating Molluscum Contagiosum. My daughter had it on left side of her neck. I used garlic extract and apple cider vinegar to treat it. I put one drop of garlic extract on each pimple, twice a day for four days. I used apple cider vinegar in between the twice a day garlic application. The spots dried out completely. The only downside is the smell. The garlic extract was a 7/1 concentration. The smell was extremely pungent and the hair catches the smell for a long time.

General Feedback

Posted by Worriedmom (Flatrock, Newfoundland, Canada) on 10/25/2011

Hi all, I started using ACV to treat my daughters 4 spots on the inside of her thigh 3 nights ago. The larger ones are drying up and looking dark inside but dozens of others have popped up on her chest, legs, arms virtually overnight. These are really red and angry looking.... Please tell me this is normal. I have read that they normally start looking worse before they get better but now I am starting to panic. Last night I soaked a bandaid in ACV and left it on overnight and then starting seeing all these other spots pop up. They look more irrated then the original spots. Could her body be reacting and attacking these spots that were so small that I could not see them before?

Any help would be great appreciated :)

Replied by Hope1
(Columbus, Ohio)

Hello all, first I'll give my story. In May of 2011 I got molluscum from my bf. I knew he had something I saw a bump but I thought it was a zit. No. We use condoms but that did not help I guess. I was treating my bumbs by putting Apple Cider Vinegar on a q tip and scrubbing the shit outta of those things. It would hurt and I would also use tea tree oil. I would put it on a cotten ball and just coat my legs or any place I saw weird redness (no bumps yet just looked like they were trying to come. ) This worked. I had scarring that I used vit e oil for and I got rid of it after about 3 months. Then I spent the summer with my boyfriend here I am with it again. I'm using my old method except I also use aloe vera gel to calm my skin. NO LOTION. NO SHAVING. Keep it dry and wear clothes that dont rub. Try to be naked. Lol. I know weird but it helps. Wash everything! I became a neat freak. Oh I also started putting Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle and spray my whole body b4 I get in the shower. I let it set for as long as I can. Its seems help or at least preventing it from becoming worse.. Hope tht helps!

Replied by Blair
(Santa Barbara, California)

Alright I'm a 15 year old male. I've had molluscum on my right arm around the middle of the wrist and inside elbow for like a year now maybe. I'm thinking I got it because I have eczema. It started off as just 1 bump, then soon enough, 3-5 bumps. After wrestling season ended, I had around 10, then I started picking at them, then soon enough around 40-50. I did not know what this was, so I did some online research. I searched "MC" on google, and it looked like what was on my arm. So I went to the doctor about a week ago. He confirmed that it was indeed MC. He told me what all doctors say: "it will go away on its own". I wasn't buyin it. There had to be some sort of treatment. I did more research that night. I was'nt finding anything. I was so frustrated because I cannot go back to wrestling until these are cleared up, because obviously they are contagious. I'm wondering if I had spread it to any of the other wrestlers because I was wrestling without knowing what they were.

After hours and hours of research I came across the ACV method. I thought "what the heck I guess I should try it". The first night, I took an ACV bath, and applied ACV to a cotton ball, put it on the most affected areas, and put a big bandaid pad over them. The next morning I saw a major change. The bumps turned a dark brown color, and the swelling of the bumps went down. However, the skin around the bumps looked red, so I assumed that it was irritating my skin, so tonight I'm going to try just applying ACV to qtips and rubbing the bumps, so I don't irritate my skin. I'm a little bit confused though, because the main MC bumps look like they're scabbing, so I'm wondering if I should keep treating those ones too? This really sucks because I'm constantly at war with my skin. I battled impetigo (type of staph) about a month ago and won, and currently battling ringworm (not as concerned about that though).

I'm just praying and hoping to God that I don't spread these to anyone else. If someone could email me at Sanata50lbsburrito(at) and tell me some other steps and tips I could use, maybe some MC stories, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks

Replied by Poptop
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Hey all, These things suck... I tried everything to cure them. Putting apple cider vinegar on them (did nothing), drinking apple cider vinegar (almost threw up), in the end the best thing that works is putting toothpaste on them and putting a little circle band aid on them and reapplying a fresh bandage after every shower. Guys if they're on your penis, don't masturbate or trim the pubic hair it will only spread and I assume it's the same with you ladies.

You were most likely infected thanks to a towel shared by someone who was already infected or through genital contact. They can take a while to go away but with the above mentioned regimen should clear up in less than a week. So get on it!

Replied by Nora
(Stafford, Virginia)

I'm 14, and I was diagnosed with Molluscum contagiousum about two months ago. When I look back on it, it wasn't as bad as it is now! The doctor put acid on it every 2 weeks, and I've had it done twice. It seems to blister, disapear, then multiply several times making it horrid. I tried the apple cider vinegar treatment about 3 days ago. I applied ACV soaked cotton balls, drank ACV diluted with water to rid the virus internally, and have taken a 45 minute bath with 2 cups of ACV each night. It's result now is a few small have popped up, some have turned black and scabbed, but most have became very red and white tipped. It's a very emmbarrising issue I have to deal with as a teenage girl. I have to wear sweatpants in gym and change in the showers at the locker room. Not to mention I am going to Florida in 2 weeks, and will be unable to wear shorts or swim unless it clears up. It has reduced me to tears several times for I have a harsh case with 75-100 bumps all over my right leg with large clusters around my knee, and spreading to my right knee. I'm tall and skinny, underweight, and maybe that's why my immune system allowed this virus slip in. I am going through a harsh time right now, battling many emotional issues, and this is my main issue which has brought my self esteem to an all time low. It's very hard for me. And I'm so scared I'll have to live with this for a long time. I want nothing more in the world for this horrid virus to leave my skin before it tips me over the edge. I may be over reacting but looks are all I got, I've been told. When will this dang apple cider vinegar work!! ?? Someone please tell me if it's on the right track!! :''(

General Feedback
Posted by Lifeisablessing (Bronx, New York, united States) on 10/16/2011

I have had mc for a little over four months now and im currently six months pregnant.. This has bin a nightmare!!! I want to get rid of this so bad... I went to the Dr. as soon as I seen a few and he didn't explain to me what it was and that it could spread all over my body and that it was contagious.. At first they just said it will go away and that it wasn't anything serious, they didn't say anything else so I didn't make anything of it. Now it's a lot worse and I went back to the Dr. and same thing again no explanation.. I feel that it was irresponsible of him... He just briefly told me what it was called (was surprised I remembered) and said not to mess with it. When I got home I go online and start researching and it scared me to find out everthing on this terrible virus! What if I did remember... It would have probably been worse! When I go back to the Dr. I'm going to tell them that that was a mistake on their part to not inform me what I had.

Any who.. I am happy to have found this page... I purchased the ACV and left it on for about 4 hours while I took a nap but it was very uncomfortable and the smell urghh so nasty... When I took off the bandages I saw that the ACV had surfaced the white spots that weren't so big before... I'm hoping to God that this works... I'm tired of being itchy and feeling this pain urghhhhhh it's like go away already!!! Lol I'm trying to be patient tho... But after this is gone OMG never again! .. I don't wish this on anyone!

Replied by Melinda
(Wash, Washington)

My daughter got MC about two weeks ago, immediately started using A microderm by a company called philosophy and a tea tree face spritz by Lush. The micro derm is a face wash but you leave it on for 1 minute. Wash it off, pat dry with towel, wait a few minutes then spritz with tea tree water and rub into affected area. She had a huge patch about 30, it has reduced to about 10 and they are tiny bumps. The philosophy micro derm is used in the morn and the night. It cost about 40.00 and the lush is about 15.00 but it has worked for her- she is only 7 so it was very embarrasing for her.

Replied by Nikki
(Okinawa, Japan)

Both of my small boys, 3 & 5, have molluscum contagiosum. It started out as a few bumps but has recently started spreading all over their torsos. After reading everything that I could find on this virus, I have decided that I would try the Recovery Spray from Dr. Wheatgrass. I haven't received it yet, but it has VERY high reviews with most people seeing great results within a few weeks. I am hopeful that it will work that well for my boys because I don't want to put them through the misery of the ACV treatment and this spray is reported to be painless. I just wanted to mention this and let everyone know that I will report back with the results. Wish me luck!!

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Lucy (Usa) on 09/13/2016

Hi Dandelion,

When my two girls were about the same age they had a case of molluscum contagiosum. I was able to get rid of it fairly quickly using Grapefruit Seed Extract. I diluted it as directed on the label and sprayed the affected site several times throughout each day and it went away. I remember it did burn when applied.

Try not to worry too much. This condition will eventually run its course.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Crunchy (Minneapolis, Mn) on 05/26/2014

My son had flesh colored bumps around his knees for a few weeks before I realized they weren't healing and were starting to appear on his side. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) applied directly on the bumps twice daily for a few days and they were gone in about a week. My neighbor's daughter had them for about 6 months before I happened to notice and recommended the GSE to her. Her daughter had dramatic improvement within a couple of days and it's been a few weeks and she only has one or two small bumps left and they are on the way out. No pain or stinging and really works fast. I'd recommend treating the areas for an extra week or two to make sure they are completely cleared.

Replied by Tw

Hi! I bought the GSE and was just curious as to how you applied it (especially if it's a cluster) and if you did anything/put anything on top of it to keep it from soaking into clothes (I didn't know if that maybe made it less potent on the bumps). Thank you so much in advance for the help!!!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Cured (Chicago, Il) on 01/04/2014

Molluscum Contagiosum: I tried the ACV, It seemed to be helping, but was a very tedious procedure and my skin got very irritated and I hated walking around smelling like rotten apples. Despite my actions to rid the bumps, new ones kept cropping up. I was getting very frustrated and going through alot of bandaids, Q tips etc. So I decided I had to find something to fight it from the inside out, hopefully to prevent new ones from developing. I started taking 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract (GSE)in 5 oz of juice 3 times a day. Saw some improvement but not enough so I kept researching GSE, I just had a good feeling about it and since I had already bought a bottle. In my research I found that it is very effective when applied to the lesion. So I began to smear GSE all over the affected area even on the good skin in the area. The skin calmed down from the irritating ACV and the bumps just seemed to fade away without any new developments within a matter of days. I applied it for a couple more days just to stop any of those creepy buggers that decided to pop up. I'm glad I tried applying the GSE. Despite its bitter taste, the GSE is very soothing to the skin and does not burn, very simple quick procedure compared to the ACV bit. It's definitely worth a try if your efforts are not being rewarded.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Tracy (Asheville, Nc) on 04/16/2012

My 2 1/2 year old daughter began to develop small bumps on her neck about 6 months ago. I thought they were skin tags.... But it seems instead that they are MC. We did not go to the doctor for this but learned of this condition from a friend. I have tried the ACV swabbed on her neck but she just fights me. I have instead turned to Grapefruit Seed Extract as it helped me with perioral dermatitis a year ago. I have been giving her 2 drops of GSE in a 6 oz. Glass of OJ once daily. Within 48 hours, her MC spots began to dry up. She has done this for 9 days now and the MC spots are just tiny scars. I believe they will be gone within the next week. I wanted to share this because I had not yet read about using GSE for MC.... But it works and it's simple. Good luck to you.

Replied by Tracy
(Asheville, Nc)

Just an update... I have been giving my daughter the grapefruit seed extract (2 drops in a 6 oz. Glass OJ) once daily for 4 weeks now. All of the molluscum are gone from her neck with only very faint scars. She has just 2-3 very tiny bumbs on her chest left. I plan to keep this up for another 2-3 weeks to make sure they are all gone and then wean her off of it.

FYI... The molluscum bumps will look worse before the fall off. They turn red, a little white "core" comes out of the center and then they scab over and then fall off. I made a point of never touching them and just letting them fall off on their own. This technique really seemed to work and was much easier for me then trying to swab her with ACV (she hated that). So grateful to have learned of GSE... It has resolved 2 seperate skin issues in the last year for our family.

Replied by Lorena

Hi, Tracy please can u help me, my daugther7 and my 14 years old son have molluscum on her face after I read about your success with grape fruit seed extract I would like to give it a try because as it is o. Their faces I don't want to use anything topical could you advise me please where I can find the extract and how many drops should I give to them, and did she had any side effect thanks in advance for your help.

Replied by Barbara

Hello, my daughter has had MC for about 1 year now, nothing has worked we tried ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Creams, Duck tape, and nothing. She has them all over her chin and are spreading to her neck. I had not seen Grapefruit seed extract before and will buy it now. I just have one question, my daughter is 4 years old, how many drops do I put in her juice?

Homeopathy - Antimonium Crudum 6c

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Posted by Gramma_elaine (New Brighton, Minnesota) on 10/08/2018

Homeopathic remedy Antimonium crudum 6C, one dose every other day until they have disappeared. If they return at a later date, repeat. My husband woke up with about 100 blisters. Took him to clinic, identified as Molluscum C. No remedy so I looked it up online. One of my fav homeopathic websites is Joette Calabrese's site. Got this remedy, which worked very well (sores healed up and no more new ones). Did it for about two months, quit, but they came back so remedy was resumed. Now they are all gone so trying every three days.

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