Molluscum Contagiosum Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Melody12 (London, lectionnez Un Etat, United Kingdom) on 04/12/2012

Hello, I am just writing to let you know that Hydrogen Peroxide seems to be doing a great job for me. An Algerian doctor told me to dab it on with Q-tip on each spot and hold on for a couple of minutes on each one, then leave to dry. The molluscum seems to be coming up to surface, then after a few days of use, they either fade away or dry out. I have tried ACV for 12 hours first, given the positive feedbacks from everyone, but I had to discontinue it since my molluscum is around my genitals, and I ended up with blisters (can't find the words to describe the pain) the skin was way too sensitive for the ACV. I have left the skin to rest for a couple of days, dabbing only with vitamin e cream, then started Hydrogen Peroxide for the past 10 days like the doctor told me. I am very happy, it doesn't cost much, seems gentle on my skin AND it's doing the job. I should have listened to her earlier. I am doing this 3 times a day. Additionally to this, I am drinking two tsp of ACV in a glass of water twice a day (fighting it from inside). Also my doctor told me to avoid baths, to not scratch, and to not wipe but just dab toilet paper on to avoid spreading it to nearby areas. Will keep you posted on how it's going. Thank you for this great website!

Replied by Tammie

I'm curious for the end result to this please.

Lemon Myrtle and Tea Tree Oils, Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Deseri (West, Texas) on 06/26/2013

First use a zinc cream surrounding the molluscum bump then use a mixture of lemon myrtle oil diluted to aproximately 1% with a 5% of tea tree oil (for moisture and soothing) in either a base oil or simply water, spray the mixture (if water used) or dab with a qtip only on the spot specifically. Also, using a cup of apple cider vinegar in the bath, with a tea tree oil soap and baking soda scrub makes an insane difference in the moluscum coming back. the first mixture will kill the particular spot the Apple Cider Vinegar will reinforce the deadening and prevent reocurrance, the tea tree soap helps wash away the residue on top of the skin to keep from spreading and keep the surrounding skin moist and not irritated by the Apple Cider Vinegar and lemon myrtle.

Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Wiesewose (Cairns, Australia) on 08/14/2010

My 5year old daughter had a severe case of molluscum contagiosum. She started with about 10 of the warts on her buttocks, and they started multiplying and spreading very fast. Within a year she had I estimate over a hundred all down her legs. And my 3 other children started to get them too. I freaked out. Twice I went to the docter, and both times he told me to let it run its course. Yeah right; that was what I did for a year and look what happened! And what if it spread to my newborn baby? My daughter was getting self consious, you could see them on her legs under her school uniform. I had to do something. I tried ACV, clay baths, a product from the chemist for warts, Epsom salts and olive oil mixed with lemon myrtle essential oil, or even pulling them out with tweezers. Nothing worked. I tried Lugols iodine, and the little buggers started to crust over after 3 days of applying Lugols twice a day with a Q-tip, and when the crust fell off, nothing was underneath! You could actually see the white center (that is the virus) soak all the iodine up and look like a blackhead, YEAH! That's exactly where the iodine needed to go. Within one month all my children are Mollusum free. You cannot describe the relief I feel, I have to share that.

Replied by Dave
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi there, I have had this god awful soul destroying M/C for around three months now and would love to know where I can get some lugols iodine. Regards, Dave - Sydney

Replied by Lisa
(Manhattan, New York, Usa)

Hi. Just wondering what % was the iodine you used? does it matter?

Manuka Honey

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Posted by Sus (New York) on 04/12/2012

My 3 year old got molluscum (had 50 or so bumps) and doctor said there was nothing we could do (he would no doubt suffer more with freezing or burning them off).

After waiting awhile, watching them get worse, trying apple cider vinegar (which stung! ) we came upon MANUKA HONEY. I am telling you, this stuff is MAGIC. It's painless and effective. You can get it in your local health food store or on the internet (my Whole Foods did NOT have it though).

The rash was almost completely gone in 1.5 weeks of honey application once/day topically. And he liked the taste so he ate some too, which probably helped. WOW!!!!

Replied by Rj Mohammed
(Port Of Spain, Trinidad)

My 4 year old daughter has had MC over a year now her doctor prescribed Aldara ointment. It has worked on some of the bumps which is under her right arm however it's driving me crazy and my 8 year old daughter is now getting it, so I use manuka honey at home so I will take u up on this and try it. I am fed and frustrated with this MC. My 4 year old is so conscious of it she doesn't want to wear anything sleeveless. I hope this manuka honey gets rid of this problem.

Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment Tips

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Posted by Snusnu (Commerce, Ca/usa) on 02/16/2013

Found out I had MC on my genitals a few days ago and been reading all the other comments on health blogs so far I have been getting some results with the treatment that I have been administering on myself:

-definently be sure to change towels, razors, throw out bar soap, and replace loofas

-be sure not so shave because that will spread the mc

-be careful using apple cider vinegar it is very agitating to the skin, applying it with a cotton pad and leaving it on my skin has not been worth the discomfort and burning. I suggest to apply Apple Cider Vinegar as a spot treatment but to not leave it on the skin. Cleaning sensative areas with wiping pads dipped in a solution of sea salt, acv, and water has been helpful and not as harsh

-I found that applying tea trea oil has been affective over the past two days as well, and it is a far less harsh treatment than avc, I am also incorporating clove oil as an additional spot treatment

-use medical tape to cover the skin to keep treatment in place, as well as to prevent spreading of mc.

-carefully peel away and change tape with every treatment

So far I have noticed that some of the mc have burst on their own, leaving little black tabs that come off with the tape, I am still having an issue with new ones popping up but it seems that the old ones are starting to dry up and die. This treatment was done over the course of 3 days hoping that with the continuation I will be making a full recovery soon. I am also left with a layer of brown dead skin but I believe its nothing some exfoliation will not get rid of. Hope this is helpful to anyone else suffering from mc

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Chinesemcsuffer (Pa, US) on 12/22/2014

This MC is driving me nuts. Background story, I first felt it about 6 months ago. I shave my "bottom" once every 2-3 weeks. One day I felt a little "fleshy bump" and I thought it was just a skin tag because I have this kind of small fleshy skin tag on my neck. I thought they were just the same kind of "skin tag".

Fast forward to October something. I shaved it again and I may have shaved that fleshy pump (my taint area, under bewteen my testicles and anus) and I was sitting on a heat warmer when I use computer. This heat warmer emits "steam" after microwave. I was using this because I am also a long term sufferer of "anal fissure". I was trying to use heating pad to bring blood to the anus area so it can help it heal the wound.

Well, what do we have here? Shaved MC + Heat + Moist = SPREAD

One day I felt 4 pumps. I was horrified. I thought I got a HPV. I got two shots of Gardilis before so I started googling and decided to visit Patient First. I had a feeling it is not a sexual wart because the pump doesn't feel "hard". It feels like flesh. As soon as the doctor saw it, she said it's Mollscum. I was like "what?". I don't even know how to pounce it. I asked her 3 times and she got annoyed and said "It is not a sexual wart! It is very common and just wait it out". At this point I have one larger pump (the mother pimple) with one medium size and two very little ones = 4 noticeable pimples.

Needlessly to say I went online and read whole bunch of remedies. I first tried Conzero1. I gave it a try for two weeks. No improvement except it stains the hell of my underwear. Then I tried Tea Tree Oil and Clove Oil, no improvement. This lingers on for about a month.

One day I shaved my bottom again. I thought I could bypass that area but evidently the virus is in the skin even without noticing it (and it is very hard to see in the taint area! ). Oh hell. After a few days, it caused a few little rash-like bumps. These little rash-like, hard dumps are close to my anus.

Then I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar. I didn't want to try this first because I was afraid of the scarring but at this point I can care less. I need the pimples to go away! To start, is is VERY tough to bandage under my balls. I can't see it and that area isn't exactly "flat surface". After a few days, the area became irritated. I couldn't see so I can't tell if there is noticeable "white head". All I can tell is the whole area became irritated. I only do it once before bed.

Since I start using ACV, the area spread out little with rash-like, hard-bumps. I don't see obvious "mushroom flesh head".

I am not sure if I made the condition worse or not. I know many people said for ACV or any acid-based stuff to work, the area would become worse and then become better later. I am skeptical. Yes, the mother pimple has shrunk in size but the area has more rash-raised-bumps. It seems the more I mess with the bumps, the more it spreads out. :(

I've been reading this thread and right now the only confirmed thing is our immune system can kill it eventually. I can't wait 4 years. Hell, even 4 months is unacceptable at this point.

Here is what I am going to do now:

1. Stop using ACV, Tea Tree Oil and Clove Oil
2. Dry the area with hydrogen peroxide
3. Dry the area more with baby powder
4. Taking multi-vitamin
5. Taking 200mg Tagament twice a day (some studies confirmed that it works)

Sorry for such long post. What I want to know is has anyone progressed to this Rash-like, Raised and a bit more hard, pimple-like MC?

I think ACV only works on certain type of MC. It almost sounds too magically that you put ACV soaked cotton and then the fleshy just falls off. Mine seems to spread out after I put ACV. :(

No shaving, no shaving, no shaving. sigh. This is the #1 reason why mine spread out the way it did. I don't even know how some people can just physically "pop it". That seems like a very risky way to spread?

Replied by B

It seems like we had very similar responses to ACV. My chest is now covered in the raised rash of tiny hard bumps (100+). I feel so defeated considering that I was only treating about ten. Did you ever find out if the new bumps were molluscum? I'm on my third day of taking 3 200mg doses of tagamet. How did that work out for you?

I would appreciate any of your feedback. I am at such a loss.

Replied by Art
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In reply to B (Atlanta),

It is a virus based skin condition so two possibilities that you can discuss with your doctor are iodine or colloidal silver as topical, oral or both. You might also ask your doctor about using DMSO in conjunction with the colloidal silver or iodine for the topical application to help transdermal penetration.


Replied by E

I've had this for a very long time and have tried everything.. has anything started to work for you?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sharon (Colorado, US) on 05/27/2014

I am writing to try to prevent any unnecessary suffering I can by sharing what worked for me to get rid of the god-awful molluscum that has been plaguing me—in A WEEK.


The short answer is this: bathing in Dead Sea Salts/Epsom salts each night (2 cups of salt, soak for at least 30 minutes) and then slathering my body in coconut oil infused with clove oil. ITMve been suffering from molluscum for 7 months—and spending hours each day for the past 3 months applying bandages soaked in ACV—and the bathing/coconut oil has ridded me of dozens of spots within four days!! So PLEASE try it—it wonTMt hurt or sting like ACV, it wonTMt scar (itTMs in fact really GOOD for your skin), the coconut oil soothes itching, and your suffering will finally be OVER.

(Note: I only used tepid—not hot-- water to bathe in because I was terrified it would spread the virus. I bathed my leg in tepid water for a week to make sure it wouldnTMt spread before soaking my whole body in the tub. I was also scared that the coconut oil would spread the infection. Neither, thank God, did. I CANTMT SPEAK TO WHETHER BATHING IN HOT WATER WOULD SPREAD IT, THOUGH).

I bought Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and added 10 drops of clove oil for each tablespoon of coconut oil (had to warm it in the microwave to make it spreadable). You can dab the clove oil directly on spots and they will often scab in a few hours (thought the spots will sting). I also added 10 drops of something called “Thieves Oil" which has clove oil, cinnamon oil, lemon oil, and eucalyptus; this smelled great and the cinnamon oil seemed to improve the circulation.

Meanwhile, internally, take Tagamet (Cimetidine), which will enhance T-Lymphocytic activity. I took 400mg 3 times a day!! It definitely didn't make my spots disappear, but it did keep them from reaching mature size. By the time I found the sea salt and coconut oil/clove oil treatment, I had dozens of small spots. (My derm froze the first set of spots—which were twice as big as pimples—and left scars. I donTMt know why, but after she treated them, I found new spots popping up all over my body. But the Cimetidine seemed to keep them small; few ever developed a visible white core. I think the sea salt and coconut oil /clove oil worked so quickly because the Cimetidine kept the spots so small.)

Also, Colostrum (or Lactoferrin) will enhance your immune system. I also took 10,000 IU Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, Oregano Oil (which has anti-viral activity) and Holy Basil; who knows whether they did anything.

I have heard that there are four different strains of molluscum and that they look different and likely respond to different treatments. My mature molluscum (the first round) looked like really large pimples, not dimpled warts. This sea salt bath and coconut oil/clove oil moisturizing treatment worked wonders for these spots—and SO FAST!! I hope you try it because I want to spare you the months of misery I went through before I discovered this.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rey (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/13/2012

I start to noticed that my son had an MC and it was mostly on his thigh and legs around 80 of them. He was 10 y.o. I think he got it from his swimming lesson. I had to stop his lesson after learning from it. We consulted the doctor and it was confirmed. We're told that we do not need to do anything and it will just go away. He even referred us to a pedeatric dermatologist but the waiting period was 6 months( typical Melbourne health service).

Then I search the internet and saw this site. I learned a lot and applied the medications. The first week showed a lot of improvement. These is what I did.

  • Shower in the evening and applied the ACV on every MC. I used cotton balls by getting a small piece of it. Just enough to cover the MC.
  • Cover the affected thigh and legs with a bondage to hold the cotton balls. Smells vinegar on the first few days but better than having MC! Washed the bondage so it can be re-used.
  • Shower in the morning to get rid of vinegar smell and applied the papaya cream. The cream is for the skin not to get dry and get rejuvinated from the burn of the ACV. Dry skin cracks and the virus nows has an opening to get in and spreads.
  • Always changed the towel and PJs after used to stop the spreading.
  • When the MC become a blister and burst I always applied honey. To help the tissues to recover and heals quickly. I used a small container and put a teaspoon of honey and used cotton tip. Used a different tip for every single MC that burst. Scabs will form after a day or two.
  • Bed sheets has to be replaced every week. You need a lot of patience to combat this MC. The MC was gradually reducing. Only thing left was a scaring and a bit discoloration on the skin. It will become normal after a few weeks. After 3 months of battle we finally won.

    What I don't understand is why the medical profession always says "You do not need to do anything. It will go away".

    Multiple Remedies
    Posted by Justamammakim (Idaho Falls, Idaho) on 07/17/2012

    All, I am so so sorry to hear how hard your treatment has been. Fortunately my treatment has not yet been so bad. I how ever have been the same. I have the hardest time not picking and popping.... Err. What has worked for me?

    #1 Soak 15 min. Or more in bath, add several drops of 100% tea tree oil from any health food store. Pat dry, with a CLEAN towel. (This is important; MC is very contagious and can be spread through clothing, towels, physical contact, etc. MC is not just an STD, and many times people are misled to believing so. )
    #2 Mix a few drops of the tea tree oil with natural oil, even olive oil or coconut oil is great. Rub the oil on the area. Using the mixture will help keep the irritation down to a minimum.
    #3 With a Q-tip or cotton ball apply ACV. If you are going to keep the ACV on the area, secure with a band aid. (If the area becomes sore, remove the band aid and apply a very small amount of olive oil or coconut oil (whatever you used with your tea tree mixture. ) Let the area sit uncovered for a while. It is good to let the area air dry though the oil does prevent dryness. This is why using a small amount is necessary. If dressing right away is a must, recover the area with a band aid and you're on your way.
    Leggings, tights, and slacks are always a good idea, under jeans or however. Jeans tend to rub against your legs, etc. This also goes for underwear. Underwear are made for comfort and moving, also can rub in the wrong place (ladies).
    It's OK to take a BREAK. There is no need to make be miserable!! So far, I have had some pretty amazing results. I have a small amount of irritation on a few of the larger bumps, nothing like any of you sad, ouch! Also, I itch. I hate itching.
    Keep in mind; I have several from my knees to my belly. Most are very tiny. Kind of looks like razor burn. I have suffered from MC for over 15 years, with several misdiagnoses.
    I hope this helps... Good luck...

    Multiple Remedies
    Posted by Jamie (Raleigh, Nc) on 04/24/2012

    First of all, I'm sorry if you have this! I'm 22 and I had MC starting several months ago. It was just one large skin-colored bump on my pubic area and after it stayed there for several weeks to about a month I popped it like you would a pimple. Big mistake! I got the white core and it bled quite a lot. I had no idea what MC was until several more of these bumps showed up a bit later. Went to the doc because I was freaking out about an STD but she said it could be MC but it definitely wasn't an STD (even though it's caracterized as such above).

    I read all about treatments and such and I went to a dermatologist who did nothing for me so I turned to the forums on this topic. ACV was the best option and I used the band aids with a soaked cotton ball on each one. It worked eventually but I was sloppy with how I applied the ACV and bandaids and I also couldn't resist the urge to pop some of them, which only makes it worse.

    My advice is to:

    1. Don't touch them! And if you do, wash your hands thoroughly.

    2. Go to the store and get ACV, latex/vinyl gloves, cotton pads or gauze, Q tips, Neosporin, iodine, tea tree oil soap (Trader Joe's has this for cheap), and lastly bandaids. Don't skimp on the bandaids as I did. I recommend Nexcare waterproof bandaids - the adhesive is clear surrounding all the way around the pad.

    3. Take a shower with tea tree oil soap, rub iodine with a Q tip all around the affected area(s), put the gloves on one or both hands (it's easier to apply the bandaids without a glove), cut small precise and correctly sized pieces of cotton that is smaller than the pad of the bandaids, and finally soak the cotton in ACV and carefully place it on the area and cover with the bandaid so that all of the ACV stays in.

    4. Wash your hands thoroughly and leave them on for about 24 hours.

    5. The next day, remove the bandaids and take a shower with tea tree oil. The MC should look white or black in the middle of each bump. Black means the virus is dead, and white is at least a sign of progress.

    Continue monitoring the bumps, you can put some neosporin on them to help heal and reduce scarring, or continually dab them with ACV. I would use the tea tree oil for a while until you're sure there are no more bumps. ACV baths also may help. I don't recommend popping them because it's pretty risky and you could spread it.

    Damaged skin may be a problem. I have scarring from most of the bumps I had so try to be very careful with applying the ACV cotton pieces and bandaids.

    Good luck!

    Oregano and Clove Oils

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    Posted by Dan (Illinois) on 08/10/2021

    My granddaughter had Molluscum Contagiosum, from tips on this site we used coconut oil mixed with oregano oil and clove. They were all over her stomach and area. Over a couple of weeks, they dried up and are no longer a problem.

    Oregano Oil

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    Posted by Patricia (Chicago, IL) on 05/19/2014

    Just wanted to give an update on my progress with oregano oil. It is May 19, I have been using oregano oil applied directly to the bumps 2 times a day, since April 3rd, just over 6 weeks. I started out with 19 bumps, I now have 1 left which is changing in appearance very red around the edges and coming to a head, which indicates it should dry up in the next day or 2. This by far has been the most successful and easiest treatment that I have tried since acquiring molluscum. I highly recommend you use oregano oil.

    Oregano Oil
    Posted by Patricia (Chicago, IL) on 04/29/2014

    I have tried everything fighting this virus for 5 months. Finally April 3,2014 I decided to try oregano oil. This is the most promising thing I have tried. It has been 3 weeks and 2 of them are completely gone and the rest of them are drying up, but the most amazing thing is none have popped up as the others disappeared which I have found to be the case with many other treatments. I do wish I would have found this sooner. I apply a thin layer to all of the bumps and that's it. I can't feel a thing, no burning, irritation and no mess... I also put 2 drops under my tongue and let it absorb then either spit it out or swallow, but it does burn a little on the tongue when you try to swallow with a strong flavor so maybe not the oral part for children or definitely follow it with some water. The burning does go away pretty quick. I do hope someone finds this helpful.

    Replied by Patricia

    So I thought I would give an update on my progress with oregano oil because I am having great results. I started with oregano oil April 3, at that point I had 19 bumps. I have applied oregano oil religiously in the morning and in the evening every day since. It took at least 3 weeks to know they were going away, but they started looking different a week into the treatment. By May 1,7 of them had come to a head dried up and disappeared leaving a little red mark, which the mark from the first one to disappear has almost completely faded. Today May 12, I only have 5 left so a total of 14 have gone. I have not gotten any new bumps since starting the oregano, even after the others have gone. It seems that many of them have disappeared in the last 2 weeks. So be patient. The oregano oil is definitely the most effective of everything I have tried. I'm hoping the remaining 5 will be completely gone in the next week. Not bad for a total of 6 weeks. Compared to the 5 months I have been fighting this with every other concoction. I will post again when all clear. Oh and they say you can not get them on your palms. That is not true. I had 1 on each of my palms. So be careful....

    Oregano Oil
    Posted by Jen (Hinckley, Il) on 08/30/2011

    Just wanted to let you know about Oil of organo for molluscom in children. Our pediatrician recommended it, you can either put directly on the "bumps" or 2 drops on the bottom of their feet 2 times a day. My 4 yr old just started getting them from his brother, he let me put it directly on the bumps. His older brother said it burnt too much and we put it on his feet. My older sons started going away slowly but my son that we put it on directly disapeered very quickly with NO new bumps!! I strongly recommend Oli Of Oregano! Pass it on!

    Replied by Amanda
    (Maryville, US)

    Did you mix the oregano oil with anything else? I was told to mix it with coconut oil. I was told oregano oil alone would burn really bad. I need to do something for my 5 yr old daughter but I don't want to hurt her so just wondering.

    Replied by Marti
    (Columbus, Ga)

    What strength of the oil of oregano do you use, there are pure 100% and 25% oil blend ones?

    OTC Antacid

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    Posted by Natalie (Oak Lawn, Il, Usa) on 03/27/2010

    After 9 months of dealing with this awful virus, I found a cure that worked and she was able to fight the virus and the bumps were gone within one week. My daughter contracted molluscum in June 2009. The bumps were concentrated only on her torso under her arm and she never had more than 15 at a time. Sometimes they would spread to her arm but never to any other part of her body.

    In February of this year under the advice of her pediatrician, I brought her to a dermatologist who put the extract of a beetle on the bumps- they blistered up and bled and it was not a good experience, one I would not repeat. The blistering also left a scar on her skin. The molluscum did go away in the particular bump that was treated but new bumps came up. I noticed after this that the one bump that she had gotten on her knee began to spread to a few more. She started getting a lot more molluscum bumps- it began to spread like wildfire overnight. I felt I had to intervene and purchased the natural molloscum healing product I saw online- which is basically tea tree oil with some other ingredients. After only one day of application, my daughter woke up the next day with even more bumps all over her knees, feet, and even her fingers- thumb and forefinger- had bumps although I had read that the molluscum does not break through the soles of the feet or the hands. It had also spread to her elbows and I was afraid that it was going to spread to her face since a few red spots had appeared on her cheeks.

    I stopped this tea tree oil based treatment, which was very expensive for such a tiny bottle, and researched scholarly articles and came across a study about cimetidine. Apparently children in a clinical study were administered the cimetidine for 6 weeks, in 3-4 doses of 200 mgs per 15 kgs of weight. I bought the drug over the counter, cut it in half, crushed it and gave it to her with a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar to mask the taste. I went to her pediatrician with the information and she gave me a perscription which was at the low end of the dose from the clinical trial- equivalent to 400 mgs per day of cimetidine, and she weighs 35 lbs. I am so happy and thankful to report that my daughter is completely cured of the molluscum!! She is also very happy and looks for the "spots" as she called them but they are all gone!! We used to go through putting antibiotic ointments on them and covering them with bandaids all the time, she knows the rituals by heart. I tried everything, the vinegar in the bath, salt in the bath, the tea tree oil made it worse, but the cimetidine cured her.

    With the help of the cimetidine, her immune system recognized that there was a virus she needed to fight- it has immunomodulatory effects that include blocking suppressor T cells and facilitating cell-mediated immunity, according to the study. I only had her on the medication for 2 weeks, but I saw immense and immediate results in only a few days. The bumps became instantly flat, the white centers went away and the bumps began to get dry skin patches on them. I hope the information that I have shared here can help someone with this awful virus.

    EC: More about Cimetidine here:

    Replied by Jpbrx
    (Cleveland, Ohio, Usa)


    I would be careful using cimetidine if there are other medications involved, as it interacts with quite a few prescription drugs. Definitely check with your pharmacist or doctor prior to starting cimetidine, just to be sure there isn't a significant interaction!

    Replied by Tina

    I am so grateful for the advice.

    Replied by Rosanna
    (Houston, Texas)

    Just want to say thanks for the Tagamet rec. My 5 y/o has approx 200 bumps on her lower half and elbows. We're doing the ACV bath, clove oil, and Tagamet (6 days now) and I can already see a difference. Some of the premature bumps are turning white and dry, and we've seen no spreading. I never thought I'd say this, but right now I'm glad she is terrible about wiping after using the toilet... We don't have To Deal with bumps on her genitalia. She has some across her bottom (which the doc incorrectly diagnosed as folliculitis) but that's the closest it gets. Thanks God the weather here has just turned cool so she can wear leggings to cover the bumps without sweating profusely (and causing more spreading! ).

    Replied by Timh
    2063 posts

    Beware that acid reducers like Tagamet increase effectiveness of other medications by inhibiting enzymes much like grapefruit.

    Also try not use H2 antagonist for extended periods of time because they create an overproduction of Candida Albicans fungus.

    To reduce these side effects of H2 antagonist, take the herb Chlorella (actually an algae) 500mg for children, 1 grm for adults at same time of medication.

    Replied by Rosanna
    (Houston, TX)

    Just want to say thanks for the Tagamet rec. My 5 y/o has approx 200 bumps on her lower half and elbows. We're doing the ACV bath, clove oil, and Tagamet (6 days now) and I can already see a difference. Some of the premature bumps are turning white and dry, and we've seen no spreading. I never thought I'd say this, but right now I'm glad she is terrible about wiping after using the toilet... We don't have To Deal with bumps on her genitalia. She has some across her bottom (which the doc incorrectly diagnosed as folliculitis) but that's the closest it gets. Thanks God the weather here has just turned cool so she can wear leggings to cover the bumps without sweating profusely (and causing more spreading! ).

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