Molluscum Contagiosum Remedies

| Modified on Jun 16, 2023
Oregano and Clove Oils
Posted by Dan (Illinois) on 08/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My granddaughter had Molluscum Contagiosum, from tips on this site we used coconut oil mixed with oregano oil and clove. They were all over her stomach and area. Over a couple of weeks, they dried up and are no longer a problem.

Allicin, Elderberry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Oregano Oil
Posted by Rae (Washington) on 03/31/2021

I was told by my kids' doc to open and extract the core. All my kids had it. She even gave me supplies to do it. As long as you're careful and don't use the same supplies without cleaning first.

Homeopathy - Antimonium Crudum 6c
Posted by Gramma_elaine (New Brighton, Minnesota) on 10/08/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Homeopathic remedy Antimonium crudum 6C, one dose every other day until they have disappeared. If they return at a later date, repeat. My husband woke up with about 100 blisters. Took him to clinic, identified as Molluscum C. No remedy so I looked it up online. One of my fav homeopathic websites is Joette Calabrese's site. Got this remedy, which worked very well (sores healed up and no more new ones). Did it for about two months, quit, but they came back so remedy was resumed. Now they are all gone so trying every three days.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by E (Maine) on 04/04/2018

I've had this for a very long time and have tried everything.. has anything started to work for you?

Clove Oil
Posted by Jane (Maryland) on 03/25/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Molluscum Contagiosum:

The pure clove oil on a cotton swab has worked great for me! My skin has been fine, since I only press it to the pox center. I do put a circle bandaid on ones that are likely to be touched by other skin to avoid spreading. I don't always see the white center turn brown, but it does seem to become inactive and disappear -very slowly. Haven't had any get large since using the clove oil.

Having a difficult time avoid self spreading, as they are on my chest to face area, which gets touched as I do simple daily things like pushing my hair awake or adjusting a shirt. Washing hands constantly and using paper towels to dry. Feel like this could go on forever. Afraid to hug loved ones.

Any tips for the scars for the big ones that I had before finding the post on clove oil. They are like craters! Luckily only a few, before I realized they weren't pimples

Thank you so much!

Clove Oil
Posted by Sally (New South Wales) on 01/31/2018

Hi there. I was just wondering how much clove oil to carrier oil?

Candida Antigen Immunotherapy
Posted by Renae (Co) on 01/27/2018

Hi Abby, I live two hours from Denver and more poor little 4 year old daughter has this awful virus on her legs and bottom. Can you send me the name of the pediatric Dermatologist in Denver. My daughter's stupid doctor told me over six months ago to ignore them they would go away, she only had 4 then, now she has 50! I wish I had of known then what I do now, I am devastated that her doctor never gave me any more information. I hope you can send along the doctors contact thanks.

Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Aly S. (Cairo, Egypt ) on 01/16/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I want to share my experience in treating Molluscum Contagiosum. My daughter had it on left side of her neck. I used garlic extract and apple cider vinegar to treat it. I put one drop of garlic extract on each pimple, twice a day for four days. I used apple cider vinegar in between the twice a day garlic application. The spots dried out completely. The only downside is the smell. The garlic extract was a 7/1 concentration. The smell was extremely pungent and the hair catches the smell for a long time.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/29/2017 1856 posts

In reply to B (Atlanta),

It is a virus based skin condition so two possibilities that you can discuss with your doctor are iodine or colloidal silver as topical, oral or both. You might also ask your doctor about using DMSO in conjunction with the colloidal silver or iodine for the topical application to help transdermal penetration.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by B (Atlanta) on 11/28/2017

It seems like we had very similar responses to ACV. My chest is now covered in the raised rash of tiny hard bumps (100+). I feel so defeated considering that I was only treating about ten. Did you ever find out if the new bumps were molluscum? I'm on my third day of taking 3 200mg doses of tagamet. How did that work out for you?

I would appreciate any of your feedback. I am at such a loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Molluscum
Posted by Gaby (London) on 09/07/2017
5 out of 5 stars


I cured molluscum on my sons elbow in a week using ACV which was amazing.

Now my daughter has it appearing on her face and I am nervous the treatment will cause scaring. However I know I cant leave it or it could spread quickly.


Thuja Occidentalis
Posted by Jess P (New Zealand) on 04/16/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Our daughter has had persistent MC for a couple of years - not a huge outbreak but several spots that just stayed, with new spots coming up and some of them getting horribly inflamed when they were in pressure points like the back of the legs. I won't say we'd tried everything, but we did go through tea tree oil, vinegar, clove oil, and something the allopathic skin specialist gave us off-label.

None of those had any impact at all. It was awful when a spot would get infected and we'd try to open it so it could heal - just traumatic and painful and certainly no solution and then other spots would come up near the old spot even when we thought we'd been careful. She started getting a couple on her neck and face - visible and embarrassing.

I'm VERY glad I finally bought a bottle of topical treatment with thuja and Chelidonium (Greater Celandine). I really had no particular confidence in it, after everything. But regular application over a couple of months has made the spots change, and when they swelled, they had a dark core inside and they actually broke and scabbed and healed. She has no more active spots now, as no new ones are appearing. I can't describe my relief! Hope this helps someone else.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Marti (Columbus, Ga) on 03/06/2017

What strength of the oil of oregano do you use, there are pure 100% and 25% oil blend ones?

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Tw (Usa) on 01/04/2017

Hi! I bought the GSE and was just curious as to how you applied it (especially if it's a cluster) and if you did anything/put anything on top of it to keep it from soaking into clothes (I didn't know if that maybe made it less potent on the bumps). Thank you so much in advance for the help!!!

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Barbara (Usa ) on 11/22/2016

Hello, my daughter has had MC for about 1 year now, nothing has worked we tried ACV, Tea Tree Oil, Creams, Duck tape, and nothing. She has them all over her chin and are spreading to her neck. I had not seen Grapefruit seed extract before and will buy it now. I just have one question, my daughter is 4 years old, how many drops do I put in her juice?

Allicin, Elderberry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Oregano Oil
Posted by Melissa (California) on 09/22/2016

I have read and was told to never pop them or open them because that's how they spread and can be spread to other people.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Lucy (Usa) on 09/13/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Dandelion,

When my two girls were about the same age they had a case of molluscum contagiosum. I was able to get rid of it fairly quickly using Grapefruit Seed Extract. I diluted it as directed on the label and sprayed the affected site several times throughout each day and it went away. I remember it did burn when applied.

Try not to worry too much. This condition will eventually run its course.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sarah (Texas) on 05/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted share my MC story because I used this website so much when I was diagnosed. So here goes...

Late January I noticed a small bump on my labia, I figure it was just shaving irritation and nothing to worry about as it didn't bother me at all. After 2 weeks of it being there and me noticing another one pop up close to it I told my boyfriend my concerns and showed him. He said it looks harmless and barely noticeable. I started to google random STDs- nothing looked like it. So I made an app to see my Gyno in early February. My gyno first said it was shaving irritation and with further examination said it was MC and showed me a few photos. The photos looked like 2 bumps I had on my belly for a few months, I showed her those and she confirmed those were also MC and if that is where they started then I likely spread them to my vagina via shaving or scratching. My fb had no signs of MC and this did not effect our sex life- he was no scared of getting it. Although I was scared to give it to him. We are unsure of where the MC came from. I go to the gym an spa and hot yoga so any of those could be possible. My gyno said we could freeze them. I made and appt to do so and went home to do my own research. That night I started Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on the 2 mature ones on my belly- bandaid and cotton soaked in ACV, after 3 nights they turned black and fell I canceled the freezing after self treating and learning freezing is not always effective and scars.

This was good but I couldn't do this on my sensitive vagina. So I started dabbing ACV down below. This lead to chemical burns and extreme itching along with the MC not getting better and spreading. plus is smelled terrible. I switched to Tea Tree Oil (TTO) morning and night. Wiped it on with a make up pad. I cleaned up my diet, worked out, ate a ton of fruits and veggies, lots of water, not using a wash cloth on my vagina just TTO shampoo and my hands to wash. Not shaving and not using a towel to dry off. I did this religiously from the end of February to the beginning of May (now) MC free... Finally.

The last month I have watched my MC spread and look so bad I never thought it was going to go away to disappearing before my eyes. I have a very strong immune system and I was so ready for my body to beat it, and it finally has! Some MC started to really come to a head after my showers and I used toilet paper to take those head off. I was using TTO harshly against my skin and that seemed to help make the MC mad and they started to die...turned flaky white and scabby and eventually just go away. It took a good month of this process but I can tell you it will go away. Just hang on and try not to stress.

MC is the biggest mind game... It steals your joy. I don't know if this has any merit but I stared eating mushrooms heavily during the clearing and I think they helped in healing me.

Clove Oil
Posted by Reshma (India) on 12/04/2015


My son is also having molluscum on his face, very tiny but on neck it is bigger one with white bumps. I have tried cream recommended by dermatologist. Even tried to apply ACV which was itching a lot to him and skin became black. After reading all articles trying now Tea tree oil+herbal honey in the night but I am not covering with cotton or banded as he has to go to school in the morning . Even how much banded will apply. So just applying with q-tip and leaving it as it is. Still no such good result. Of course the skin is becoming dry. As you are saying that u have used clove oil . Please guide me how to apply and really it will not give burning sensation to him. I'm afraid to apply any oil as he doesn't allow me to do anything as he get frustrated n starts to cry. I am so worried about him. Please help me. If I get good results with your recommendation will definately share my experience.

Betadine Iodine
Posted by Charro (Deep South) on 10/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My son had Molluscum Contagiosum almost 26 years ago. It seemed to appear almost overnight only on his neck. He had over 100 bumps. After a trip to the dermatologist he told us to apply Betadine with a cotton swab daily. The individual bumps became irritated and after he played in the tub (while the lesions were still soft) I would pull out the little core. We worked on it every night and they were gone in no time! Once that core is gone the bump goes away.

A miracle!

Baby Powder
Posted by Shanna (Georgia) on 09/15/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Baby Powder is amazing for Molluscum Contagiosum. I have treated the bumps with tea tree oil and after it dried, covered the entire area with baby powder. It dries up the bumps and prevents others from spreading. Do not pop them!! The white part is the virus and will spread if popped. For white heads I have treated with peroxide and then covered with a band aid. Then spread baby powder all over affected parts. I hope it works for your family like it has for ours!

Sea Salt Soak
Posted by B. Wurzin (Humble, Tx) on 07/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Found blog about ocean water helping, tried soaking in 1/4 c sea salt in warm tub soak 15 min twice a day gone in 7 days and never came back! Doctor was very pleased. Had two other friends use worked like a charm. Please try!!!

Barley and Salt
Posted by Asila (Amman, Jordan) on 03/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to all those who posted here. Your ideas helped my 9 year old son under-arm, spreading infection. Now it is almost gone.

I recall my late father doing this folk medicine trick with barley and squash. The reasoning in brackets is my own:

1- Place two table spoons of barley over low heat in a frying pan for 5 minutes (to disinfect).

2-Prick each bump with one grain. Choose grains that have sharp needles. (barley grains serve as single-use needle).

3- Stick the grain into a squash or cucumber.

4- Bury the squash (medical waste management).

This is done ceremonially to invoke the psychological factor.

I am lucky that the Dead Sea is an hour drive away. So here is what I did:

1- I pricked the bumps and had my son dip in the ultra salty water for a few minutes, then I checked the pumps.

I pricked and repeated until all pumps turned red.

2- At home, I applied Betadine, pricked and applied apple vinegar compresses daily.

3- I repeated the Dead Sea trip a week later.

Finally the infection was under control, from hundreds of bumps of all sizes to a handful.

The followup treatment is this:

1- disinfect the area with Betadine.

2- prick and squeeze yellow bumps to make sure bumps don't accidentally pop and spread the infection. Prick new bumps so they are no longer protected by thick skin. With each prick and squeeze, reapply Betadine.

2- Apply a saturated solution of salt or sodium Bicarbonate with a cotton bud. Apple vinegar also works but please make sure the acidity does not harm the skin.

3- Apply some salicylic acid wart topical treatment. I prefer coal tar ointment because it doesn't scar or hurt, but it stains a lot.

4- Change to fresh clothes often, add an antiseptic to the wash and hang clothes in the sun. Shower often with disinfecting wash. Do not scrub.

5- make sure the infection does not return. For a couple of months after it is gone, wipe daily with betadine.

Balanced food, supplements like vitamins, Echinacea extract and royal Jelly help.

Some recommend banana peel compresses or milky drops from fresh leaves of the fig tree. I haven't tried those myself.

Be consistently aggressive or this battle is lost. Good Luck.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 02/05/2015

Dear Fotini,

I have not dealt with Molluscum Contagiosum before, so I really do not know if this is a normal course of healing. Sometimes infections do "come to a head" and bleed and then heal. I am wondering how the spots look now? Is the redness improving?

I have used tea tree and coconut oil on my children for other skin infections with success. I am hoping that the spots are improving by now. If not, you might try diluted Apple Cider Vinegar on the spots. You could even do that before applying the tea tree/coconut oil mixture.

We have also found baking soda baths to be helpful for a number of children's conditions. When my children had chicken pox, it helped them a lot. I would put 1 cup of baking soda into a warm bath and have them soak at least 20 minutes. I think the body must absorb some and improve the ph of the body, thus helping it to heal better.

Let us know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Fotini (Il, US) on 02/03/2015

I've read the posts on how to treat Mollusum Contigiosum - and I have tried Tea Tree oil on my 2 year old who has been infected with this. Since I've been applying a balm I made with Tea Tee oil and Coconut oil, her bumps are becoming red and popping. A hard puss is coming out followed by some blood. I have treated the wound and cover it up with a spray bandage so that it doesn't spread. But I can't find any literature about whether this is normal and that the MC pops eventually. The dermatologist said to burn them off, but I don't want to do that. Am I doing something wrong? Is this normal? Are there any other home safe remedies that anyone has found useful?

Oregano Oil
Posted by Amanda (Maryville, US) on 02/01/2015

Did you mix the oregano oil with anything else? I was told to mix it with coconut oil. I was told oregano oil alone would burn really bad. I need to do something for my 5 yr old daughter but I don't want to hurt her so just wondering.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Ally (Bc, Canada) on 01/26/2015

My daughter has had molluscum since August 2014 and it starting to spread to her face. I am freaking out!! I have tried apple cider vinager but it burns her and I feel so bad :( it's a battle getting it on her. I purchased the colloidal Silver. Does it cure molluscum?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Chinesemcsuffer (Pa, US) on 12/22/2014

This MC is driving me nuts. Background story, I first felt it about 6 months ago. I shave my "bottom" once every 2-3 weeks. One day I felt a little "fleshy bump" and I thought it was just a skin tag because I have this kind of small fleshy skin tag on my neck. I thought they were just the same kind of "skin tag".

Fast forward to October something. I shaved it again and I may have shaved that fleshy pump (my taint area, under bewteen my testicles and anus) and I was sitting on a heat warmer when I use computer. This heat warmer emits "steam" after microwave. I was using this because I am also a long term sufferer of "anal fissure". I was trying to use heating pad to bring blood to the anus area so it can help it heal the wound.

Well, what do we have here? Shaved MC + Heat + Moist = SPREAD

One day I felt 4 pumps. I was horrified. I thought I got a HPV. I got two shots of Gardilis before so I started googling and decided to visit Patient First. I had a feeling it is not a sexual wart because the pump doesn't feel "hard". It feels like flesh. As soon as the doctor saw it, she said it's Mollscum. I was like "what?". I don't even know how to pounce it. I asked her 3 times and she got annoyed and said "It is not a sexual wart! It is very common and just wait it out". At this point I have one larger pump (the mother pimple) with one medium size and two very little ones = 4 noticeable pimples.

Needlessly to say I went online and read whole bunch of remedies. I first tried Conzero1. I gave it a try for two weeks. No improvement except it stains the hell of my underwear. Then I tried Tea Tree Oil and Clove Oil, no improvement. This lingers on for about a month.

One day I shaved my bottom again. I thought I could bypass that area but evidently the virus is in the skin even without noticing it (and it is very hard to see in the taint area! ). Oh hell. After a few days, it caused a few little rash-like bumps. These little rash-like, hard dumps are close to my anus.

Then I decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar. I didn't want to try this first because I was afraid of the scarring but at this point I can care less. I need the pimples to go away! To start, is is VERY tough to bandage under my balls. I can't see it and that area isn't exactly "flat surface". After a few days, the area became irritated. I couldn't see so I can't tell if there is noticeable "white head". All I can tell is the whole area became irritated. I only do it once before bed.

Since I start using ACV, the area spread out little with rash-like, hard-bumps. I don't see obvious "mushroom flesh head".

I am not sure if I made the condition worse or not. I know many people said for ACV or any acid-based stuff to work, the area would become worse and then become better later. I am skeptical. Yes, the mother pimple has shrunk in size but the area has more rash-raised-bumps. It seems the more I mess with the bumps, the more it spreads out. :(

I've been reading this thread and right now the only confirmed thing is our immune system can kill it eventually. I can't wait 4 years. Hell, even 4 months is unacceptable at this point.

Here is what I am going to do now:

1. Stop using ACV, Tea Tree Oil and Clove Oil
2. Dry the area with hydrogen peroxide
3. Dry the area more with baby powder
4. Taking multi-vitamin
5. Taking 200mg Tagament twice a day (some studies confirmed that it works)

Sorry for such long post. What I want to know is has anyone progressed to this Rash-like, Raised and a bit more hard, pimple-like MC?

I think ACV only works on certain type of MC. It almost sounds too magically that you put ACV soaked cotton and then the fleshy just falls off. Mine seems to spread out after I put ACV. :(

No shaving, no shaving, no shaving. sigh. This is the #1 reason why mine spread out the way it did. I don't even know how some people can just physically "pop it". That seems like a very risky way to spread?

Candida Antigen Immunotherapy
Posted by Abby (Denver, CO) on 12/02/2014

Given the amount of research I did online trying to find a solution for our daugher's molluscum, I had to share the medical cure we finally found. Her case was extreme - the worst the pediatric dermatologist had ever seen with hundreds of bump everywhere but her face. We tried everything: vinegar baths, bleach baths, zymaderm, essential oils (clove, lemon myrtle, tea tree, etc. etc.), duck tape, potassium hydrochloride, tagamet, salicylic acid, and on and on. Nothing worked.

The dermatologist recommended immunotherapy since she had too many to freeze or scrape them off. She injected 3-4 of the bumps with the yeast candida in a specific region at a series of 3 appointments 3 weeks apart. First we injected 3 bumps on her back. The next appointment was 4 on her torso and bottom. And finally 4 on her arms and legs. The results were amazing, but mainly kicked in after the second appointment. They just started to disappear, no matter the developmental stage they were in. The ones she had scratched took longer to heal, but also went away. We are now focused on helping her skin be as healthy as possible so the scars can fade.

I hope this helps others fighting this horrible virus. Please ask for a derm referral and that they do the candida antigen injections. It does an amazing job of stimulating the child's immune system to fight it off. Good luck!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sarah (New York, US) on 11/15/2014

I contracted Molluscum Contagiosum from wearing a rented wet suit. My diagnosis was done by my ob-gyn (biopsy) as the MC was on my very upper groins.

As I refuse to live with that for "at least 6 months", I researched for remedies, and stumbled upon this site and decided to give tea tree oil a try.

I started off with about 10 MC blisters on my left upper thigh and 5 on my right upper thigh. Here's how I was able to clear my MC in less than two weeks, and I hope it can help you as well:

- Apply 100% pure tea tree oil on MC blisters 4-5 times a day. I practically carried TTO with me and applied through out the day (Everyone's body reacts to essential oils differently. My intention was to kill / burn it from day 1. You should be careful and test how your body responds to tea tree oil.)

- I got on a juice cleanse for 7 days to boost my immune system

- Reminded myself that I needed to be in a constant happy and stress-free mode


- Day 3-4: MC started to look smaller

- Day 7, I finished the first bottle of .5 oz TTO and bough a 1 oz bottle, MC appeared to be flat, with just a couple more large blisters right around the biopsy area

- Day 10, MC's pretty much gone - flat with just darkened scalpy surface

- Day 10 - 15, continue improvement, but I am still applying TTO to the affected area about 2-3 times a day.

Good luck!

OTC Antacid
Posted by Rosanna (Houston, TX) on 10/15/2014
4 out of 5 stars

Just want to say thanks for the Tagamet rec. My 5 y/o has approx 200 bumps on her lower half and elbows. We're doing the ACV bath, clove oil, and Tagamet (6 days now) and I can already see a difference. Some of the premature bumps are turning white and dry, and we've seen no spreading. I never thought I'd say this, but right now I'm glad she is terrible about wiping after using the toilet... We don't have To Deal with bumps on her genitalia. She has some across her bottom (which the doc incorrectly diagnosed as folliculitis) but that's the closest it gets. Thanks God the weather here has just turned cool so she can wear leggings to cover the bumps without sweating profusely (and causing more spreading! ).

OTC Antacid
Posted by Timh (KY) on 10/16/2014 2073 posts

Beware that acid reducers like Tagamet increase effectiveness of other medications by inhibiting enzymes much like grapefruit.

Also try not use H2 antagonist for extended periods of time because they create an overproduction of Candida Albicans fungus.

To reduce these side effects of H2 antagonist, take the herb Chlorella (actually an algae) 500mg for children, 1 grm for adults at same time of medication.

OTC Antacid
Posted by Rosanna (Houston, Texas) on 10/15/2014
4 out of 5 stars

Just want to say thanks for the Tagamet rec. My 5 y/o has approx 200 bumps on her lower half and elbows. We're doing the ACV bath, clove oil, and Tagamet (6 days now) and I can already see a difference. Some of the premature bumps are turning white and dry, and we've seen no spreading. I never thought I'd say this, but right now I'm glad she is terrible about wiping after using the toilet... We don't have To Deal with bumps on her genitalia. She has some across her bottom (which the doc incorrectly diagnosed as folliculitis) but that's the closest it gets. Thanks God the weather here has just turned cool so she can wear leggings to cover the bumps without sweating profusely (and causing more spreading! ).

Thuja Occidentalis
Posted by Eva (Sydney) on 06/01/2014

We had the same experience when our little boy caught molluscum at pre-school. We thought it was just a rash but it got worse and worse. After many months we took him to a medical specialist who suggested either minor surgery or just leave it and do nothing! ... and we paid her good money for the advice.

The problem with the advice from doctors to just leave it is that it is contagious. So then his little sister caught it followed by our new born. It wasn't long until my husband and I also caught it.

We understandably had had enough by this stage - late as it was. We researched the net and talk to our mothers in detail and it turns out that there is and has been a natural cure for molluscum bumps for decades. We used apple cider vinegar, clove oil and we covered them over. It took a while because by this stage the children had hundreds of bumps each but we got on top of these horrid little bumps.

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