Molluscum Contagiosum Remedies

| Modified on Jun 13, 2024

Treatment of molluscum contagiosum focuses on eliminating the virus causing the condition. Many natural treatments are effective including apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and elderberry extract. Keeping the affected area clean and avoiding cross contamination of other areas is also important for eliminating the condition.

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

A relatively common viral infection of the skin, molluscum contagiosum presents as round, firm bumps on the skin ranging in size from that of a pinhead to an eraser. The characteristic bumps typically appear with a small indentation or dot on the top and may become inflamed, red or irritated.

Natural Remedies for Viral Infections of the Skin

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection of the skin. As such, treatment requires eliminating the underlying infection causing the condition and preventing further spread. Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and elderberry extract have antiseptic properties that eliminate infection and clear the skin from the inside out.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural agent with extensive antibacterial qualities. When applied to the affected area, the apple cider vinegar penetrates the skin and eliminates the source of infection. The vinegar is particularly effective for eliminating the cores of the affected areas.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and antifungal agent. When applied topically, the oil infiltrates the skin and eradicates the underlying infection associated with molluscum contagiosum. Tea tree oil is also used for treating a number of other fungal conditions.

Elderberry Extract

Elderberry extract is also an antiviral agent. When applied topically or taken orally, elderberry extract fights infection and eliminates symptoms of infection. The compound has also been used for treating the flu and other viral conditions.

Molluscum contagiosum is a common condition of the skin that resembles typical acne and spreads very quickly. Effective natural treatment including the topical application of apple cider vinegar as well as other treatments eliminates the underlying infection as well as the outward symptoms of the condition.

Allicin, Elderberry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Oregano Oil

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Posted by Rr (Colorado) on 10/15/2013

Molluscum Contagiosum: My bf got this and gave it to me. We've tried everything. For him, he had hundreds and nothing worked (ACV, conzerol, TTO/Iodine, 30 PPM silver sol; hospital grade, etc. ). We went the popping route, b/c he had hundreds, and that slowed it. He would also keep the area covered.

For me, I had a couple very large ones. I knew what to look for, since his diagnosis, and when I would see any small pimply looking spot, I quickly covered it with a zinc-based pink tape, called Hy-Tape. The next day if they were angry (usually got bigger with a red ring around it and a white bullseye in the middle), I knew it was MC. The problem is they start out looking like a regular pimple, but quickly change. Mine were on my back and refused to pop, even using a hypodermic needle. I had bought an herbal formula containing Allicin, Elderberry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano Oil for something else and decided to try it out on the MC lesions, b/c it had some of the recommended ingredients for treatments. I had to cut the capsule open with a knife (it's a hard shell), carefully, and then used flat ended toothpicks to scoop a little bit of the oil in the capsule out and carefully laid it on top of the lesion. Then I covered it up with the Hy-Tape and left it for a day. The next day, the lesions would come to a full head and the core comes out as a gooey mess on the tape. When I removed the tape, I knew it was for sure molluscum by the amount of blood that came from the lesions. These bleed like a scraped mole and not a pimple. I cleaned the area with alcohol q-tips and repeated for one week. I then continued to keep the lesions covered for one more week with just tape, even though the core was gone, until they were very small. I only used one toothpick side and q-tip side, PER lesion. Never double dipping anything.

This is what finally worked for me. I didn't take the formula orally, but it may help even more.

Replied by Melissa

I have read and was told to never pop them or open them because that's how they spread and can be spread to other people.


I was told by my kids' doc to open and extract the core. All my kids had it. She even gave me supplies to do it. As long as you're careful and don't use the same supplies without cleaning first.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Molluscum

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Posted by Gaby (London) on 09/07/2017


I cured molluscum on my sons elbow in a week using ACV which was amazing.

Now my daughter has it appearing on her face and I am nervous the treatment will cause scaring. However I know I cant leave it or it could spread quickly.


Apple Cider Vinegar, Antiseptic Powder

Posted by Dinglebert (Anytown, Futureworld) on 03/10/2011

Hi please post this, just edit the language if you have too, but I think ppl will appreciate it. cheers.

Molluscum Contagiosum

A cure using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and nail/needle core removal .

prevent infection spread with Alcohol and antiseptic powder.

Writing this as of day 4 from positive doctor diagnosis, approximately 4 months from when the first bump appeared. Feeling pretty positive at this stage, enough to want to get this out there and help others as soon as I can.

Ok firstly let me just say a big thanks to all those that took the time to write on the internet their successes and failures with this problem. An especially big thanks to all those that put a bit of humour in it as after all laughter is the best medicine.

Secondly I'm not an idiot, I'm a pretty clued up guy, I've learnt a thing or two about life as well, sometimes when you ask the universe a question it gives you back an answer.

I broke up with a girlfriend about 6 months ago, I was looking at porn in the meantime, my conscience was telling me this isn't right, sure the women were of age it was pretty standard stuff, but I kept asking myself is porn wrong? I laid off it for a month or so, then got back into it.

That's when the universe gave me my answer, porn is wrong it exploits women and puts them in positions where they are susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases like MC, but also all the other much worse ones. I don't think sex is wrong or having fun or anything like that, but an industry and a society that risks health for pleasure needs to question itself.

So that's what I've learned out of all this lay off the porn everyone spread that message.

Anyway, Firstly I knew this had a high likelihood of working as I once had a wart when I was a kid and my mum told me to put a banana peel on it and cover it with a bandaid, I did and the wart was gone in a week.

So rewind 4 months, I notice a bump right at the end of my foreskin in the shower, thinking it's just a pimple I poped that sucker but left the core

This was my mistake, if I had of taken the white core out and thoroughly disinfected, the surrounding area I probably would have been ok, but I didn't know I was dealing with this sneaky little pest. I left it and 3 months later 1 had turned into 8, mostly only 1-2mm but one was closer to 3 or 4mm. I'm worried its genital warts so I go to the doc, and he says It's "MC , it'll take care of itself over time, don't have sex there's not much else you can do maybe aldara". But I still think there is something I can do, cause I've read all the messages of people online, and I know the banana skin trick works. Now the reason I think the doctors say this is they're covering their own asses, they can't send any Jo off the street home with a bottle of acid and a scalpel and tell them they're a surgeon, of course not.

  1. BUY ACV. Anyway so get the ACV, I didn't get organic, but I did choose the one that the most wisps in it. Now I'm a pretty scientifically minded guy, I trust my own senses. I don't think there's any magic powers in ACV what I think is that it's a mild acid. Also it doesn't stink and stain like dark vinegar, you could probably use this method with other kinds of vinegar and it might still work, but hey why bother when we know ACV works.

  2. APPLY ACV. Put it on little bits of cotton wool till they are reasonably soaked, say one half, and stick them with bandaids to the MCV bumps. I used silver bandaids cause they were there, but I don't think silver really matters that much. If the bumps are on on your dick this isn't gonna be easy, give yourself plenty of time, like an hour, you don't want your flatmate, boss or hotel maid walking in on you. If there on your ass, well you better get a real good friend to help you.

  3. PREVENT SPREAD this shit is called Contagiosum for a reason! Treat it like its Ebola, buy a bottle of medical alcohol and some strips of cloth or what ever and wipe everything down you touch or the MC touches, wash your hands. Get some antiseptic powder the one I got is called medi-pulv it contains chlorhexidine HCL 10mg/g I think this is some pretty amazing shit, look it up on Wikipedia, it actually has antiviral properties as well as anti-biotic. The great thing about the powder is that you can douse your whole body in it and still go to work without being all sticky and crap. If you wear boxes switch to briefs to prevent your dick touching your thigh. Get about 10 pairs, burn each pair after you wear them, haha nah you don't have to, just wash them, you should be ok, this thing shouldn't last more than 24 hours outside of it's human host. Ok so ACV bandaids doused and briefs, go to sleep.

  4. WAIT. Leave it on for 24 hours. When you piss wash your hands hard out, don't do the bandaids so tight you can't piss, you'll swell up like a balloon and the whole thing will explode and you'll be covered in piss and virus, probably another reason why doctors just tell you to keep your damn hands off it.

  5. PREPARE to OPERATE. After 24 hours you're ready to operate, you're gonna be a fricken surgeon here so take this seriously, get all the supplies beforehand and give yourself 2 hours alone, you don't want your mates coming around drunk with Mario cart when you have your pants around your ankles and blood and cotton wool and bandaids all over your cock and balls. Need about 6 cloth swabs per bump I had 9 bumps (found another lil bastard during the operation) I used cotton wool as a blood swab but this is shit because you get covered in fluff, some cloth squares will be better cut up a clean pillow case into small squares if you have to, make sure you have heaps, you're gonna be swabbing and disposing, remember like the girl said treat this stuff as radioactive. The acid (ACV) after 24 hours should have slightly dissolved the tops of the bumps exposing the core, I also think the acid as it works on the skin, may trigger the immune system to work harder in the area, pushing the white head/core out slightly. Now it may very well be that if you just kept the ACV on for a week, the bumps will just go away on their own, which maybe fine, but I also think it might mean they'll fall off and go somewhere in your undies and may spead the virus, so that's why I think the best way is just get rid of the shit as soon as you can. The draw back is it's a bit bloody, and there maybe a risk of normal infection, plus I'm impatient. If you don't think you can handle blood you might just wanna try waiting it out. Ok get some alcohol to wipe away the blood, at first I thought the blood maybe infected, but now I'm not so sure, anyway treat it like it is, you wont be able to keep the blood off you but just wipe it away fast with the alcohol.

  6. CORE REMOVAL. Ok this is it, you're saving your dick here (or whatever part of your body these are on). I had a couple of beers beforehand, you might want a shot of whiskey, depending on how many you have you might want to plan to stage it over a couple nights, all up including prep and clean up I spent about 2 hours on it. At first I screwed up, I went for the biggest one first with a needle, which was probably a mistake. Start with the little ones as they are easy and work up to the big ones when your skilled at it. My big one started to bleed, and I freaked out about the infection, couldn't get the core out kept dropping crap there was a vein right under it too, so I just swabbed it and held it on there to stop the bleeding, core half out feeling defeated. But then I notice the smaller one right next to it, and I remembered how some punk girl wrote she used to just use her fingernails like a white head, so boom I did it, core out stuck to my nail, tiny bit of blood, wiped that crap away on a piece of paper, alcohol swab and then swab to stop bleeding. Now I know it can be done, boom boom boom I do next 7 like it aint no thing, now there's one left, the end level monster, make sure you have got good lighting by the way, I swear these bastards will duck under and try and get away, so boo yah! In with the nails, out comes the core, is that the core? I don't know it looks too small? Check, I don't know is it cotton wool? No it's the core I've done it! Luke just blew up the death star!

  7. CLEANUP. You are still one highly radioactive mofo, wipe away every last bit of blood with alcohol, the bleeding wont completely stop but should slow to a crawl, if you had too much whiskey the blood will be thin, and keep bleeding for longer (btw don't confuse the whiskey for the medical alcohol you're a fricken Doctor now JIM! ). Now because ACV got me into this I figured ACV was gonna get me out, dab a bit on with a cotton bud and then bandaid back up. Douse the crap out of everything with Chlorhexidine or something similar. That means your legs your hands your pubes the carpet your dog everything. Put those briefs back on wash your hands, wash your keyboard, wash your mouse, don't use the same towel twice.

  8. WAIT 24 hours and take the bandaids off and air that bump free bad boy out! Oh yeah! You will have new lease on life now my friend, keep searching for any new bumps, don't ever have sex with anyone you don't completely trust again, unless you want your dick to fall off.

  9. REPEAT. I haven't found anymore, but if any new ones spring up then do the same, it gets too hard go back to the doctor, pay for cyro or laser removal.

  10. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF AND OTHERS eat healthy that means fruit, vege, nuts, legumes breads and cereals, don't eat meat not only is it unhealthy leading to bowl cancer and some instances like chicken full of salmonella, animals don't like it when you scare them into a pen and kill them, just like your pet dog at home they have feelings and can feel pain, I am a firm believer in a kind of karma, if you inflict pain on others, or are indifferent to the infliction of pain upon others the universe will likely try and let you know, like a mirror, how that pain can feel back on you. Ok so your free now go be the best person you can be.

Replied by Willow
(Lexington, Ky)

I've got to say that I'm only dealing with what I think is one MC bump. My doc tried to tell me it was a skin tag, but when it's on your privates, you become obsessed. I don't think it's a skin tag, but a single MC pimple. It's never bursted, which is why I don't think it's spread. However, I have noticed some smaller bumps down there that aren't really noticable but feel suspect. Good grief. Can't people just have sex anymore? And the doctor does nothing but frustrate me.

I bet I've read this post about 4 times now - too too funny. I appreciate the humor, and to be honest, the crude language. Sometimes you have to laugh at this crap or you feel like you are going to crawl under a rock for life.

I started the ACV last night but not sure if I'm going to operate yet. Some folks are having luck with just ACV. We'll see.

Cheers to humor!

Replied by Ff
(Wtf, Fml/usa)

Also enjoyed the post. I tried the ACV but only for about 4hrs before bed. When I removed the ACV swab, each bump was now large and white. Wasn't the same as others reported, but seemed similar to this post. I didn't try the operation, and the bumps appeared back to their original state the next day. Gonna try the ACV over night like recomended before operation. Thanks for the post!

Replied by Eastcoast
(Albany, Ny)

I used my fingernail to scrape out the core. You have to press down hard on one side of it then pull it across the bump, and the hard, white core (virus) will come out. It will bleed a lot. Make sure you put the 'cores' in a tissue or something so they don't get back onto your body and reinfect. When you're done, wipe with acv. THEY WILL BE GONE! I did this for myself and my boyfriend. After the first round, wait a few days to let your skin heal and the redness to fade, then recheck the area to see if you missed any, and repeat.

Replied by Cdfs
(Dsadsdaas, Dsa)

You don't have to operate, read more threads. Operation just increases chances of spreading it and probably scars the area you did it on. Just ACV overnight for a week and the bumps will eventually change color and die. Re-apply and be rid of them.

Replied by Jethro
(Happy Town, Lovely Land)

Sorry I'm gonna have to disagree with you on not operating, purely based on my own experience. You have to remove the white cores, I suspect that not only can they spread above the skin, I. E. Skin to skin contact, regardless of if they burst or not, they can also spread under the skin. Remember this is a virus here, a living organism, and it can adapt, I think the ACV only helps, the risk of leaving it for longer is that the virus will spread.

I've been MSC free now for 10 months after originally writing this post. They never came back! Seems like too many people on here apply ACV only and then watch it spread or get bigger. You must remove the core this is the virus.

There's even video on youtube now of doctor using a needle to get them off someone's chin in South America or somewhere.

Thank you combined Human Intelligence!

Replied by Anon
(Nottingham, Uk)

Okay so mine have scabbed over and gone completely black, but I can still see the white in the middle. Also they look slightly infected, they are slightly greenish :/ How long do I wait for the scabs to fall off? And I don't want to burst them to expel the white stuff in case the virus spreads - please help! It's so appreciated, I'm 16 and so sick of these things!

Replied by Mommy
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you guys for taking time to share your exexperiences! ACV really does miracles! We have been fighting with my son's Molluscum for the past 2 years. It's been 5 days since we started treating his bumps, located on his face and they started getting black, ugly and scab.

My concern is that it will leave scars, because he's only 4 years old and his skin is still very delicate.

Did you notice scars after the treatment and is there a way to prevent that?

Thank you~~

Replied by Sandra G.
(Miami, Fl)

My 3 yr old son has molluscum on his belly and side. We went to the Dr. and he said there wasn't much he could do and that it would go away on its own. I started researching Molluscum and foud that it is extremely contagious and it spreads like wild fire. I searched for home remedies, and found ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Treatment. I started putting the ACV on the cotton balls and putting then on the Molluscum with band-aids. I let him sleep with it over night. My son had about 7 of them. I also give him ACV baths with 8 cups of ACV to a full tub and one cup of salt, which it is used to draw out the dormant ones and the ACV then kills the virus. I let him soak there for about 30 minutes or more if he likes. After just one night of doing the cotton balls, I could tell that the molluscum were responding. One of them turned bloody dark like a scab. I continued with the treatment, and I had 4 more turned bloody dark like a scab. There are 3 more that are a bit stubborn, but I will keep trying. Also, put neosporin on all of them and covered them during the day. When you put the cotton balls, try a little piece of cotton on the Molluscum if the Molluscun is spread out, that way you can avoid any irritation to the skin around it.

I was wondering if anyone here has done the ACV treatment and can tell me when it is safe to stop the ACV cotton ball treatment? I also want to know if I should put more or less than 8 cups in the bath?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Myrtle and Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by David (Melbourne, Vic) on 06/28/2012

This will be my first ever posting on the internet for I simply could not help share my personal cure for molluscum. After reading countless sites and forums over a period of a year I found the only thing I could to rid myself of molluscum, of which I endured for over a year until very recently! A truly horrible experience I have to add!

Firstly I would like to say please ensure you are very careful to not pass this on as I had no physical contact for over a year and was at my wits end. Be vigiliant as other people tell you keep the infected areas clean and try and use handtowels to dry this area, and wash them regularly as you don't want to spread them over the rest of your body, for they soon spread!

Anyhow I tried numerous concoctions such as expensive creams from the dermatoligist, also creams such as Dr Wheatgerm's, nail polish, canesten and numerous other things; but never bleach as some suggest though by the need of it I was nearly willing to try. So basically the only thing that worked, for me, was a mixture of tea tree oil, lemon myrtle (difficult to get hold of though) and Raw Organic apple cider vinegar. By themselves these were not that efficent, though teatree was somewhat effective. Basically I mixed these in a bottle along with some water to dilute the ACV etc and applied with cotton balls or make up pads. However, if I had a large one appearing I would soak the cotton ball a little (but only enough to cover the infected area) and use medical tape and tape them on overnight, or simply treat as many times a day as you can. In a matter of weeks they were all gone!!!

A note of warning though be mindful of not exposing unaffected skin to ACV as it can leave burns, although the markings have dissapeared. Just be sure to use the cloudy organic ACV as the normal ACV is useless! Good luck and hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Probiotics

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Posted by Tracy S (London, England) on 11/15/2011

My son has molluscum and we used ACV and it helped but I also made him take a probiotic vitamin for a healthy immune system. You can buy these for children and adults in chemists, because one of the reasons for getting molluscum is having a low immune system. We also made him shower the area twice a day. And changed his clothes everyday. It is working great and he only has two now.

Replied by Aaronfromnorthgeorgia
(Flintstone, Ga Usa)

My 9 month old was just diagnosed with MC. Although it sounds like there have been some good results, I am hesitant. A 9 month old will not understand that the pain caused by ACV, is a good pain. Can anyone help me with this dilemma? What should I do?

Replied by P
(Middle, Fl)

Check out coconut oils and aloe vera gel or even the juice, just moisten skin with plain aloe juice and apply the oil over it! You can also use chamomile tea as an after bath tonic! Even a sea salt soak might work!

Replied by Tina
(Houston, Us)

Please google 'pranic healing' and find someone who can do this. You will see results within a few sessions.

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

I can tell you that I don't think the apple cidar vinegar is painful as much as it is just unpleasant smelling. As long as you don't puncture the molluscum they will not be painful with the apple cider on top. I treated my 10 year old daughter with it and the only issue was the smell. The molluscum she had was right on her shoulders. I put a makeup pad soaked in it and taped them over the molluscum then left it on while she slept for seven nights. She whined about the smell but I never heard a complaint about it being painful. 9 month olds are usually not to worried about smells yet so I don't think it will hurt them as long as the molluscum are not open sores.

I tried the apple cider vinegar on my other child's planters wart that was getting so huge that it was affecting her ability to walk as it was on the instep of her foot. It only took a couple treatments and now it's just a small red scar. ACV is amazing.

Replied by Mc In Pa

Does anyone have experience with MC on their face or tongue? All discussion here has been about the skin, but what happens when it goes beyond that? I was MC free for a year, went into a friends hot tub, and red spots appeared. Thought nothing of it, til I spotted red spots on my tongue, which soon spread to the back of my throat (I take it they transferred from my body to my girls, where I picked it up orally). Any suggestions on this? I've soaked a cotton ball in ACV and left it on my tongue as long as possible, I gargle with 1/2 ACV/1/2 water, but still they remain. This virus sucks- I'm just hoping it can't pass beyond my tongue/throat and cause internal problems.


Posted by Bess (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 10/19/2012

A mother wrote an interesting blog entry using aromatherapy to cure her toddler's molluscum contagiosum. It's very informative and she posts photos of her little boy and his progress. It did take several months but the spots haven't come back. It's posted on a site that sells essential oils but you can buy essential oils just about anywhere these days. It's the information that is useful. For what it's worth:

Lemon myrtle is usually applied to adult skin but the mother found it too harsh on her son so she used Ravensara in Calophyllum.

Hope this helps someone.

Baby Powder

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Posted by Shanna (Georgia) on 09/15/2015

Baby Powder is amazing for Molluscum Contagiosum. I have treated the bumps with tea tree oil and after it dried, covered the entire area with baby powder. It dries up the bumps and prevents others from spreading. Do not pop them!! The white part is the virus and will spread if popped. For white heads I have treated with peroxide and then covered with a band aid. Then spread baby powder all over affected parts. I hope it works for your family like it has for ours!

Barley and Salt

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Posted by Asila (Amman, Jordan) on 03/17/2015

Thank you to all those who posted here. Your ideas helped my 9 year old son under-arm, spreading infection. Now it is almost gone.

I recall my late father doing this folk medicine trick with barley and squash. The reasoning in brackets is my own:

1- Place two table spoons of barley over low heat in a frying pan for 5 minutes (to disinfect).

2-Prick each bump with one grain. Choose grains that have sharp needles. (barley grains serve as single-use needle).

3- Stick the grain into a squash or cucumber.

4- Bury the squash (medical waste management).

This is done ceremonially to invoke the psychological factor.

I am lucky that the Dead Sea is an hour drive away. So here is what I did:

1- I pricked the bumps and had my son dip in the ultra salty water for a few minutes, then I checked the pumps.

I pricked and repeated until all pumps turned red.

2- At home, I applied Betadine, pricked and applied apple vinegar compresses daily.

3- I repeated the Dead Sea trip a week later.

Finally the infection was under control, from hundreds of bumps of all sizes to a handful.

The followup treatment is this:

1- disinfect the area with Betadine.

2- prick and squeeze yellow bumps to make sure bumps don't accidentally pop and spread the infection. Prick new bumps so they are no longer protected by thick skin. With each prick and squeeze, reapply Betadine.

2- Apply a saturated solution of salt or sodium Bicarbonate with a cotton bud. Apple vinegar also works but please make sure the acidity does not harm the skin.

3- Apply some salicylic acid wart topical treatment. I prefer coal tar ointment because it doesn't scar or hurt, but it stains a lot.

4- Change to fresh clothes often, add an antiseptic to the wash and hang clothes in the sun. Shower often with disinfecting wash. Do not scrub.

5- make sure the infection does not return. For a couple of months after it is gone, wipe daily with betadine.

Balanced food, supplements like vitamins, Echinacea extract and royal Jelly help.

Some recommend banana peel compresses or milky drops from fresh leaves of the fig tree. I haven't tried those myself.

Be consistently aggressive or this battle is lost. Good Luck.

Betadine Iodine

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Posted by Charro (Deep South) on 10/18/2015

My son had Molluscum Contagiosum almost 26 years ago. It seemed to appear almost overnight only on his neck. He had over 100 bumps. After a trip to the dermatologist he told us to apply Betadine with a cotton swab daily. The individual bumps became irritated and after he played in the tub (while the lesions were still soft) I would pull out the little core. We worked on it every night and they were gone in no time! Once that core is gone the bump goes away.

A miracle!

Candida Antigen Immunotherapy

Posted by Abby (Denver, CO) on 12/02/2014

Given the amount of research I did online trying to find a solution for our daugher's molluscum, I had to share the medical cure we finally found. Her case was extreme - the worst the pediatric dermatologist had ever seen with hundreds of bump everywhere but her face. We tried everything: vinegar baths, bleach baths, zymaderm, essential oils (clove, lemon myrtle, tea tree, etc. etc.), duck tape, potassium hydrochloride, tagamet, salicylic acid, and on and on. Nothing worked.

The dermatologist recommended immunotherapy since she had too many to freeze or scrape them off. She injected 3-4 of the bumps with the yeast candida in a specific region at a series of 3 appointments 3 weeks apart. First we injected 3 bumps on her back. The next appointment was 4 on her torso and bottom. And finally 4 on her arms and legs. The results were amazing, but mainly kicked in after the second appointment. They just started to disappear, no matter the developmental stage they were in. The ones she had scratched took longer to heal, but also went away. We are now focused on helping her skin be as healthy as possible so the scars can fade.

I hope this helps others fighting this horrible virus. Please ask for a derm referral and that they do the candida antigen injections. It does an amazing job of stimulating the child's immune system to fight it off. Good luck!

Replied by Renae

Hi Abby, I live two hours from Denver and more poor little 4 year old daughter has this awful virus on her legs and bottom. Can you send me the name of the pediatric Dermatologist in Denver. My daughter's stupid doctor told me over six months ago to ignore them they would go away, she only had 4 then, now she has 50! I wish I had of known then what I do now, I am devastated that her doctor never gave me any more information. I hope you can send along the doctors contact thanks.

Clearasil Pads

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Posted by Mom T (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 04/12/2012

Two of my boys had Molluscum Contagiosum, and we have found our own way to get rid of them. It takes consistency, but it works. Every night and Every morning they would rub each bump with a Clearasil pad (the ones with 2% saucilic acid in them). This dries the bumps out and they disappear within a couple weeks. Now, both of my boys also have severe Eczema. So obviously using a drying agent on their skin caused their Eczema to flair (esp. Since it was in their elbow arm pits- a bad eczema spot anyway). We combated their eczema at the same time with their prescription Elocon lotion (being sure not to touch the bumps with the eczema lotation, b/c that would just counteract the molluscum treatment you just did) The bumps will be a little painful and bright red as they are drying out, but I promise they will go away one by one, quickly! Try it and see if it works for you- I hope!!! Molluscum is awful and ugly!

Clove Oil

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Posted by Jane (Maryland) on 03/25/2018

Molluscum Contagiosum:

The pure clove oil on a cotton swab has worked great for me! My skin has been fine, since I only press it to the pox center. I do put a circle bandaid on ones that are likely to be touched by other skin to avoid spreading. I don't always see the white center turn brown, but it does seem to become inactive and disappear -very slowly. Haven't had any get large since using the clove oil.

Having a difficult time avoid self spreading, as they are on my chest to face area, which gets touched as I do simple daily things like pushing my hair awake or adjusting a shirt. Washing hands constantly and using paper towels to dry. Feel like this could go on forever. Afraid to hug loved ones.

Any tips for the scars for the big ones that I had before finding the post on clove oil. They are like craters! Luckily only a few, before I realized they weren't pimples

Thank you so much!

Clove Oil
Posted by Nicole (Ma) on 11/14/2013

Clove oil seems to be working for my 7 year old son! It's been only 5 days some have gone away quicker than others! They seem to be coming to a head and easily pulled off! Does burn a bit but not as bad as having them burned off!

Clove Oil
Posted by Amandap (Southern California, California) on 09/20/2012

We have been trying the clove oil mixed with wheat germ oil (both are supposed to be good for immunity and antiviral) once a day after a shower for the past week on my three year old. The spots which had been spreading up his side into his armpit are going away, but unfortunately the bumps are still spreading. I would recommend trying the clove oil for the body, however, I would not use this oil on the face near the eyes. The oil is strong and I am still working out if it is too strong to put on the bumps directly. The major plus about it is that it doesn't dry out the skin as badly as the Apple Cider Vinegar applications which we tried for about two weeks with lots of crying because it burned... Even when diluted.

Clove Oil
Posted by Godblessedme (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 08/31/2012

CLOVE OIL! CLOVE OIL! CLOVE OIL! I caught molluscum from a sauna at the gym, I had a hard time getting rid of most of them. I tried ACV and that just irritated my skin and made things worse. I ordered the strongest Tea Tree oil on the market from Melaleuca, that worked a little better but it took quite a while. After 8 months I thought they had all gone away but apparently I had one little spot that stuck around for another 4-5 months, I didnt realize what it was and scratched it. Well needless to say, it spread to about 7 bumps. I was devistated, then I found this thread and someone had mentioned clove oil. I got 100% pure clove oil, applied it to the spots and within hours the spots were smaller and almost gone. I applied the oil 4 times and over night, they had all disapeared! I was amazed and so relieved! Try clove oil! Just be careful because it seriously burns if you get in the wrong areas by accident. I have a hypothyroidism which causes my immune system to be weaker than normal, so I thought I would never be cured of this. With much praying and much effort of not irritating the spots, and dialy upkeep of oils and cleansing I am happily free of the ailment!!! Good luck to everyone, I hope my advice helped someone. Prayers and Clove oil!

Replied by Reshma


My son is also having molluscum on his face, very tiny but on neck it is bigger one with white bumps. I have tried cream recommended by dermatologist. Even tried to apply ACV which was itching a lot to him and skin became black. After reading all articles trying now Tea tree oil+herbal honey in the night but I am not covering with cotton or banded as he has to go to school in the morning . Even how much banded will apply. So just applying with q-tip and leaving it as it is. Still no such good result. Of course the skin is becoming dry. As you are saying that u have used clove oil . Please guide me how to apply and really it will not give burning sensation to him. I'm afraid to apply any oil as he doesn't allow me to do anything as he get frustrated n starts to cry. I am so worried about him. Please help me. If I get good results with your recommendation will definately share my experience.

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