Molluscum Contagiosum Remedies

Allicin, Elderberry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Oregano Oil
Posted by Rr (Colorado) on 10/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Molluscum Contagiosum: My bf got this and gave it to me. We've tried everything. For him, he had hundreds and nothing worked (ACV, conzerol, TTO/Iodine, 30 PPM silver sol; hospital grade, etc. ). We went the popping route, b/c he had hundreds, and that slowed it. He would also keep the area covered.

For me, I had a couple very large ones. I knew what to look for, since his diagnosis, and when I would see any small pimply looking spot, I quickly covered it with a zinc-based pink tape, called Hy-Tape. The next day if they were angry (usually got bigger with a red ring around it and a white bullseye in the middle), I knew it was MC. The problem is they start out looking like a regular pimple, but quickly change. Mine were on my back and refused to pop, even using a hypodermic needle. I had bought an herbal formula containing Allicin, Elderberry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano Oil for something else and decided to try it out on the MC lesions, b/c it had some of the recommended ingredients for treatments. I had to cut the capsule open with a knife (it's a hard shell), carefully, and then used flat ended toothpicks to scoop a little bit of the oil in the capsule out and carefully laid it on top of the lesion. Then I covered it up with the Hy-Tape and left it for a day. The next day, the lesions would come to a full head and the core comes out as a gooey mess on the tape. When I removed the tape, I knew it was for sure molluscum by the amount of blood that came from the lesions. These bleed like a scraped mole and not a pimple. I cleaned the area with alcohol q-tips and repeated for one week. I then continued to keep the lesions covered for one more week with just tape, even though the core was gone, until they were very small. I only used one toothpick side and q-tip side, PER lesion. Never double dipping anything.

This is what finally worked for me. I didn't take the formula orally, but it may help even more.