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Natural Remedies for Migraines


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Posted by Flo (Auckland) on 11/30/2015

My migraine headaches started after having my wisdom teeth removed...I immediately became allergic to pollens, too much sun or wind.

I reacted badly to noise and light while having a migraine, also got zig zags in front of my eyes. And felt drained of energy.

After many years of suffering I started taking the herb feverfew. I took one capsule every day, and while taking them never got another migraine. Once over menopause the migraine lessened and now I only need to take antihistamine from time to time.

Posted by David (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 12/15/2012

I've been suffering from migraines for 50 years. The solution for me and many others I've gotten onto this is simple: The herb feverfew. It is a natural dilator. I had used B3 for years but feverfew does not have the flush issue.

Take two tablets of feverfew every day until migraines subside, then every other day. If you are under lots of pressure (job, family etc) make sure you take two daily.

Feverfew works if the sufferer has a "classic" migraine; light halo, light sensitivity leading to blurred vision and usually nausea.

This is to be taken as a preventative not as a pill to be taken when the migraine is upon you.

Posted by Florence (Auckland, New Zealand) on 10/07/2011

I have also found Feverfew exceptional for migraines.

I suffered from migraines before low air pressures, when going in the sun for too long and sometimes could be in bed for two or three days. Once I started taking feverfew on a regular basis the migraines left for ever. I don't need to take it these days, I sometimes get some of the migraine symptoms but not the blinding pain.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/06/2011

I take a lot of ACV but it never helped my migranes. I have the classic ones; blurred vision, like a halo, then dull pain following along with nausea. The solution that has worked for 25 years: the herb feverfew. I take two tablets every other day. Feverfew is a natural dilator. My theory is that a large percent of migrane sufferers are genetically predisposed to depletion of their 'B" vitamins when under stress. The feverfew compensates the loss of B, especially B3. Yes, you can also compensate with B3 but the feverfew is much easier. The flush of B3 is sometimes a problem for some.

I have seen feverfew work dozens of times on long time migrane sufferers. Not all so called migranes, are really migranes. I found feverfew when used on the classic migrane works 90 percent of the time. And remember, you are not taking the feverfew AFTER the migraine hits; you are taking it daily as a preventative.

Posted by Linda (Weedsport, NY) on 06/24/2009

Some perfumes cause severe migraine headaches for me. Debilitating pain, faintness, nausea, vomiting, the whole nine yards. Extra strength aspirin used to help, but that brings other problems. I found an online reference to feverfew and bought capsules. Now, even in the migraine stage where I can't see or walk straight, if I can get to the feverfew, I get relief. One or two capsules emptied into a small cup of water, shoot it down and chase it with more water. In my condition, I don't have time to wait for tea to brew. Within 10 minutes, I have complete relief. Then all I have to do is pray the neighbors have finished their laundry or have left for new vistas. :-)

Posted by Leslie (Inverness, CA) on 02/11/2009

Feverfew, which is an herb has cured my migraines. You can either grow the stuff, chop it up (a tablespoon's worth) and add it to a cup of hot water to make a tea. Or you can buy it in the health food store in tincture form. Don't buy the dried because it doesn't work. Add a few drops of the tincture to a cup of hot water and drink up. You can drink the tea just a migraine is coming on or drink it as a preventative. It's a nice tasting, soothing tea.

Feverfew and Butterbur

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Posted by Traveler (Dallas, Tx) on 02/12/2014

I came across Butterbur and Feverfew as recommendations for Migraines and decided to buy both for my husband who has migraines due to multiple Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI.) Most people who write about treating migraines tend to have had them most of their life, or it's related to their menstrual cycles, so I didn't have high hopes. Previously, the only things that have worked for sure have been Botox (to freeze all the muscles along the skull front and back) or percocet (which pretty much works with everything but it's a pain to try to get that from the doctor's due to drug-seekers.) Otherwise, if he's lucky, at the start of a migraine, he can take 1600 milligrams (that's right, 8 200mg pills) and get it to go away. However, this doesn't always work, and on top of that his doctor warned him that he'd be at risk of renal failure if he happened to be dehydrated when taking such a dose. The doctor was otherwise worthless.

I've been giving him 3-4 Feverfew (380mg per pill) pills a day, and 3-4 Butterbur pills a day as well. It's not til now that I've realized the Butterbur has extra Feverfew thrown in. (ButterBur 75mg and Feverfew 200mg.) So far, it's been three days since he's had a headache or migraine. February 9th and 10th he had a headache (which is fairly unusual--he tends to get migraines every other day--sometimes everyday, sometimes only 2-3 times a week.) It's now the 12th-- so clearly not definitive at all, but I wanted to put this out there since it's promising so far. I plan on giving him these high doses until the two bottles run out (which I bought at the natural food store) and then buying online and bringing down the dose and seeing if a migraine shows up or not.

I've looked into overdosing and it's mainly digestive upset-- he hasn't had any of that.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Traveler,

Re your husband's migraines, I take two feverfew five days a week to fight off migraines... and often take niacin (the flushing kind) a few times weekly.

You are correct in using as a preventative...if he takes when migraine is already underway, little help.

I've been on Niacin for ... I guess thirty years, and feverfew for ten.

Never caused stomach upset for me.

Niacin and Feverfew are natural dilators and if your husband's migraines ...which you think may come from the brain injuries... are the cause of the migraines, the dilation of the capillaries staying open may well act to keep blood flowing properly.

Find Your Trigger

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Posted by Terry (Eugene, Oregon) on 04/17/2008

There is some great information here, but no one has addressed the possibilities of migraine due to non-food sources. My biggest triggers are environmental air quality factors. Things sure to trip my migraine activity is fragrances of all kinds (personal care items or cleaners, candles, incense, etc., scented fabric softeners are evil to me), chemical off-gassing and odors, cleanser odors, new materials off-gassing (new plastics, new leather, etc.), mold, pollens, animal dander, dustmites (big offender for me), dust, smoke of any kind, gas fumes, even unscented off-gassing from formaldehyde or welding fumes. New stereo or video components off-gas for months and will put me down so fast. New furniture will do the same. While I have specific food triggers, what is more vital is making sure my home environment is fragrance, chemical and as odor-free as possible.

Replied by Rob

I use to get ocular migraines frequently from jogging. It took me a few years to figure that out. I tried taking ibuprofen an hour before the jog, but it did not reduce the frequency. Although it made me sad that I cannot jog anymore, I'm more happy to not get the ocular migraines anymore. Instead I have now fell in love with Yoga, it will never replace the jogging but it has it's own beauty to it.

Replied by Dabags

Ocular migraines are also caused by a lack of metafolic acid - the defect MTHFR. The wrong (synthetic- added to flour, many foods) acts as poison for us. By adding METAfolic acid, you can keep from getting these, or cure one quickly.

Gaps Diet

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Posted by Maggie (Springfield Mo) on 09/23/2020

I hope this helps someone, I know there is a lot of suffering out there. I am a nutritionist, researcher and have used the GAPS diet in gut and brain related conditions over the years. One client, a mid-30s mother of 3 boys had daily migraine seizures so severe that she was unable to function.I recommended she try the GAPS diet as I had so much success with ASD children improving. GAPS requires a bone broth, to meat stock, advancing diet to heal the gut lining and prevent leaky gut and, ulimately, leaky brain.

After 30 days she was seizure free, and no longer having the migraine headaches she had had since she was 13. She was a miracle, but I have come to know that miracles are not rare but happen everyday all over the world.....more and more as people wake up and take control of their own health.


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Posted by Mytwocents (Ga) on 10/02/2016

I have found that raw garlic actually can trigger my migraines. Use with care.

Posted by Beverly (Willsboro, New York) on 08/23/2007

I have started taking garlic tablets EVERY DAY Because in the past I have had over the period of 2 yrs flashing bright lights, like lightening) in front of my eyes. Even when I put my head under a pillow I still saw them, and it was very scarey. I went to a nuerologist and had a cat scan of my brain, his conclusion was' he said I have the side effects of a migraine with out the headaches. Well, since taking one garlic tablet every day, I am very excited to say, that I have had NO problems for about 4 years. So of course I told the Doctor. He didn't say much,I guess he was skeptic.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Posted by Dave (Victoria, British Columbia) on 01/07/2014

Another remedy to try to arrest the onset of Migraines is Grapefruit Seed Extract. My complaint was feeling very tired, mild to moderate sickness, a constant sore neck, insomnia and 3-4 mild, non-food allergy triggered migraines in one week.

I immediately tried acupuncture on knots in my neck and shoulders, followed by chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy on these sore muscles. Usually, this helps but did not work this time. Realizing that a virus was causing my migraines, my wife suggested Grapefruit Seed Extract.

The directions on the label suggested 5-15 drops, in water, 3 times a day, to be taken with or without food. I took 5 drops, maybe a total of 7 times over a period of 5 days, whenever I felt ill.

The results were dramatic and amazing. After the first 5 drops, my migraines stopped. The sore neck went away and my general feeling of sickness began to abate. After the next three doses, over the next two days, my general feeling of sickness disappeared and my energy came back to 90% of peak. After a month of abandoning all forms of intense exercise, I was able to run for 20 minutes and cycle for 3 hours.


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Posted by Sarah (New Baltimore, Michigan) on 02/23/2008

My mother suffers from severe migraines. ... I looked to the Internet for help. I found that green or red grapes often help with migraines and since we had some in the refrigerator I decided to give them to my mother. She ate them and within thirty minutes her migraine was cured, with a tiny headache left.


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Posted by Ivan (Paraguay) on 05/18/2021

Hi there,

I would like to share my cherimoya (Graviola) experience. I have terrible headaches and migraines everyday and sometimes the whole day if I don't take strong Paracetamol or Uboprophen.

My mother brought me cherimoya fruit one day because they had many from their trees. I consumed 2 to 3 of these fruits a day not knowing the medical properties they have. By the second day, I didn't have any headaches or migraines and I had to sit down and think what I did differently to my normal daily routine. I came to the conclusion that the only thing I did differently was eating cherimoya.

I theorized that there must be something in the cherimoya that helped me. I had enough cherimoyas for 2 weeks and during those 2 weeks, I didn't get one headache or migraine...I was astounded because I've had these daily headaches and migraines for years now. So I did research and found that it's rich in vitamin B, so I went to buy myself some vitamin B complex tablets from the pharmacy since cherimoya fruit are only in season 3 months per year....I had to get a subsidy.

My fruit was finished and I was purely on vitamin B and it worked...for 3 days. The headaches came back so my vitamin B theory wasn't correct. There must be something else in cherimoya that helps with headaches and nerves. I found a study of South American Indians that made tea from the leaves for medicine that helped the nerves and other things. I then came across this website today (18/05/2021) and saw the same method working for cancer: https://www.earthclinic.com/graviola-tea-for-cancer.html

I just finished my first cup of cherimoya tea :)...so far so good.

Gunpowder Tea

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Posted by Kim (Marlborough, MA) on 11/14/2006

Cider Vinegar did NOT cure my migraine. Did not even touch it. Several years ago I used to use this Chinese tea called 'Gunpowder'. After having a migraine, going to ER and they helped a little bit, and continuing the migraine for 11 days straight, I went to an Asian store and bought some Gunpowder tea. My migraine went away within 20 minutes. I think it might be a good idea for someone to post this information about Chinese Gunpowder tea. I also use it for any pain and it get's rid of the pain within 20 minutes, colds, same thing. Thank you very much.

Replied by Lanet
(Durham, NC)

Hello, after reading this post about 4mths ago I told my friend about the gunpowder tea. He just decided to try it out last week. He noticed a big difference in his migraine headaches and he is very pleased with the product. He normally takes imitrex and it seems as if some of the side affects are just as bad as the illness. Thanks for the information.

Replied by Soph
(New York, NY)

I suffer from menstrual migraines once a month. The city here has a cool tea shop so I bought some GunPowder Tea. This tea it truly works and I feel fortunate to have found the remedy for my migraines.

Replied by Carly
(Duluth, Mn/ Usa)

My son got a horrible, throwing up migraine headache. He was laying on the couch clutching the edge of a blanket. I came to Earth Clinic thinking there might be something for him. Saw the Gunpowder tea, called the local wholefoods, and and sent my husband out to retrieve it. Brewed it, and sat down next to him to wait for it to cool while I wondered if he would be able to hold it down long enough to see if it helped. He actually wanted to try it, and drank 1 cup down. Within 5 minutes he was up and looking for some food. Amazing! Now I carry some (teabag) in my purse in case he gets a migraine.

At a basketball game, I gave some to a dear lady who gets horrible migraines. Her husband gave me a look of disbelief, but the next time I saw her, they were both beaming and telling me how much it stopped the pain and symptoms cold of her next migraine. Now, they share the good news with others.

I don't know why this would work, but it does.

I love Earth Clinic! My other favorite cure from here is the eggwhites for burns. It immediately stops the burn pain and prevents any scarring. Just do it right away and keep applying it.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

I wake up many mornings with a headache which can sometimes ruin my day. I tried the gunpowder tea remedy that I saw here and to my surprise, by the time I finish drinking the tea, I am already feeling much better and am able to get on with my day. Thank you for sending in this remedy! No OTC anti-inflammatory had been able to help with this.

Replied by wendy

There are so many kinds online and my impression is that it is just green tea. What is it that makes "gunpowder" tea so different? Does anyone know?

(New Zealand)


Just check out the Wikipedia entry for "Gunpowder Tea".