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Posted by Lana (United States) on 04/10/2016

Hi, About 10 months ago, I underwent Botox injections around my head and neck to help prevent debilitating migraines. However, I suffered a very bad reaction: drooping eyebrows, eyelids, overall face swelling, loosing a lot of hair, but worst of all I started having burning pains in my neck and shoulders, spreading over time to all of upper back, severe sweating spells, fainting feels feeling, and shortness of breath multiple times throughout the day. This continued for several month. Migraines came back with vengeance.

The burning sensation and drooping finally subsided, but shortness of breath have become my major problem, as well as foggy head, difficulty focusing, and constant heaviness in my head. This past month, difficulty breathing has become almost unbearable. I may be wrong, but I feel like poisonous botulinum substance is still in my system. Can you advise on how I can get rid of it?

Will taking Borax solution internally help?



Replied by Ben
(Bremerton, Wa)

You need expert care on this one. See your doctor, preferably a lyme literate one. You may be dealing with more than just simple toxins. You may have a mycoplasmic, viral or fungal issue in addition to the reaction from the botox injections.

You probably need to have blood tests done. Don't wait any longer, if this is causing encephalitis you need to know what is bothering you. Now having said that you seemed to be having issues even before you added a toxic insult to your body with the botox injections.

I would recommend you speak with immed a group ran by Dr Garth Nicholson in California. Look them up and call them.

Another group that might help is ccid ran by dr w.john martin. these guys are hot on mycoplasma issues.

My thinking is a mycoplasma infection is behind this as they frequently cause encephalitis brain swelling leading to migraine and many other issues. In addition call george at george eby research and mention it to him. He is a cool guy and he is really smart. Gallium nitrate attacks and kills mycoplasma infections better than most drugs such as doxycycline, however both are useful and may be needed

If conventional medicine leads to a dead end, like no recovery, then go to a naturopath and start ozone treatments since they kill all types of bacterial, viral, mycoplasmic, and fungal organisms. Basically what ever is in your blood ozone will fry it.

To answer your question about borax, it is definetely worth a try since it works on fungal issues.

Bear in mind if you hit on something that works you may suffer a herxheimer reaction making you feel very rough after killing off nasty organisms candida and more.

Mms would also be a good thing to try at home as it clears up many types of issues.

Serrapeptase a systemic enzyme eats foreign proteins in the blood freeing you from a lot of toxic debris, bacteria and virus. Serrapeptase also regulates the immune system to stop attacking its own tissues as in autoimmune diseases. There is a good chance serrapeptase may help you in this problem. Do some research

Hope this helps, see ya.

Replied by Timh
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All good advise from Ben, but back to the question of Borax. Yes, Borax is also effective against mycoplasma infections and a good first option before running for the few good Dr's that can do the service that was suggested by Ben.

I have only recently made major progress on a longstanding myco infection which was too severe for oral Borax administration, so I got smart and started whole body hot baths w/ about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Borax. You may also consider making a paste of Borax and apply directly to the affected area, or make a simple Borax poultice.

Breathe Into a Brown Paper Bag

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Posted by Coralie Mitchell (Australia ) on 01/12/2022

I have terrible migraines regularly for years. Nothing has worked. Today I remembered a doc using the paper bag approach on a movie. I tried it and this migraine disappeared pretty much instantly. Pain rummaged a bit behind my ears, did the bag again for 5 breaths and it's gone. This is a game changer for me!! I'm here to find out what it actually did :)

Replied by Brenna

If you don't have a bag handy, you can also cup your hands and place over your nose and or mouth and breathe. Make sure your hands are “sealed” and not letting too much air in. Saw that on the movie “Patch Adams” with Robin Williams lol

Also, some cloths or clothing are good in a pinch. I know when I was little, I would instinctively put my shirt neck up over my nose and breathe that way whenever I had a migraine coming on

Breathe Into a Brown Paper Bag
Posted by Homebaked (United Kingdom) on 04/29/2020

Had a migraine that was escalating and a search for remedies brought up breathing into a paper bag. I was sceptical but willing to give it a shot. I added a drop of peppermint essential oil to the bag and did 20 mins of breathing. And it worked! Didn't cure it, but there was an 80% improvement in pain & other symptoms. Definitely worth trying.

Breathe Into a Brown Paper Bag
Posted by Brett (Ca) on 09/03/2018

My doctor showed me an article in the NJOM years ago about bag breathing for migraines. This has changed my life and made me functional when otherwise I might be a mess.

Breathe Into a Brown Paper Bag
Posted by Myrtle (Fayetteville) on 02/06/2018

I get migraines on stressful days. I had one last week that lasted for 2 days and I tried so many natural remedies and couldn't shake it. I checked to see what I hadn't tried yet at Earth Clinic. "Breathe into a Brown Paper Bag."

That seemed rather a long shot. Way too simple. But I was desperate.

I got a brown paper bag and breathed into it (sealing it up around my mouth.) I did this for maybe 10-15 minutes. I also used an ice pack on my neck.

My migraine began to lift. The next day it tried to return and I used the brown paper bag for 15 minutes a couple of times a day. I dropped one drop of basil essential oil into the bag to breathe since that may help a migraine.

The next day my head was completely clear with no "it may start any minute feeling."

I am taking feverfew now to see if I can prevent them.

I wonder if I am hyperventilating, mildly, when stressed and this is bringing on the migraines, which is why the paper bag is helping to get my CO2 levels back to normal.

Breathe Into a Brown Paper Bag
Posted by Russ (Los Angeles, California, USA) on 01/10/2009

I myself do not suffer from migraine headaches, but I heard a lady on the radio who does. She said this method works every time for her. As soon as you feel a migraine coming on, take a brown paper bag and breathe into it (hold it against your face so that very little outside air gets in). Keep the bag in place for 10, 15 or even 20 minutes. If a paper bag is not available, you can use a plastic bag, but since it doesn't "breathe," you'll need to take a few breaths outside the bag periodically. She said it will seem like nothing is happening, but the migraine will not develop. By the way, her husband is an emergency room doctor and she learned this method from him.

Replied by Makayla
(Knoxville, Tn)

This works! When I feel a migraine coming on, I do a variation where I lay down and breathe through my bed sheets. It increases the CO2 in your bloodstream, which in turn dilates your blood vessels.

I've read, and confirmed, that it only works when you do it during your aura. If you do it when the actual headache pain hits, it can make it worse.

Replied by Brett
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I have done this now for a few Months ever since my Doctor explain why it work. Migraines are a swelling of the brain. CO2 make the blood vesels constrict causing the flow of blood to slow down. It works almost every time if I do it soon enough.

Replied by Carrie
(California, US)

It works! My 12 year old daughter just tried this and shockingly IT WORKED! 10 minutes in and the pain was subsiding. 15 minutes in and the pain is nearly gone!


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Posted by Ani (ontario, canada) on 07/14/2007

I was reading your migrane section today because i just got over my first real migrane and wanted to educate myself on home remedies in case i ever get another one. In any case I ready the butterbur cure and remember a customer of mine telling me that she had suffered from weekly migranes until her doctor told her about Butterbur. She said it relieved her migranes significantly and she now leads a normal mostly migrane free life. Thought i'd pass it on."

Francoise from Los Angeles, CA sent us this remedy for migraines which she found on the internet. Like us, you've probably never heard of this product!

Here it is: "Don't like the thought of taking strong prescription medications for migraine headaches? Consider trying butterbur (Petasites hybridus). This herb is native to Europe, northern Africa and southwestern Asia, and has been used for centuries as an effective remedy for headaches, back pain and asthma. Recent studies suggest migraine sufferers may benefit from butterbur's actions - reducing inflammation and spasms in blood-vessel walls - without experiencing the side effects associated with prescription medications (except some burping). A study published in Neurology, Dec. 28, 2004, reported that after four months, people taking 75 mg of butterbur daily for migraines had 48 percent fewer migraine attacks per month - similar to the effects of prescription migraine drugs. Be very careful about the butterbur you purchase - only use butterbur extracts that are guaranteed to be free of pyrrolizidine alkaloids. The adult dosage ranges from 50-100 mg twice daily, and should be taken with meals.


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Posted by Beth (London) on 02/21/2022

I thought you may be interested to read that there's a complex connection between migraine and capsaicin (as in cayenne and chilli) and that while a topical application might help, eating chilli can trigger migraine. I'm inclined to wish to believe that chilli is a curative, as I love the stuff, so it was awful news to me to discover there's evidence of capsaicin triggering migraine by increasing sensitivity to CGRP via ion channels and Schwann cells.

There's a clear and simple explanation here:


Or here:

Or here: https://www.futurity.org/migraine-pain-schwann-cells-2692282-2/

I've had no chilli or cayenne for 2 weeks, and though it's too early to be sure (migraine is unpredictable. I do occasionally, though rarely, have 2 weeks without an attack) so far so good.

Posted by C. (Charlotte) on 03/13/2015

Note: I got my first migraine at age 31, after

I get migraines less often since I've modified my diet. However, I can't control exposure to odors, changes in weather, etc. :( Slight headache noticed yesterday upon waking.

The headache progressed to full blown migraine several hours later, with nausea, upset stomach, sensitivity to light and sound. I tried ACV in water, baking soda in water (for the nausea), homeopathic remedies, peppermint tea. Nothing helped.

In the wee hours of this morning I had two separate episodes of vomiting, throwing up at least three times during each episode. I also had several good bowel movements (maybe brought on by the baking soda/water mixture). I felt a little better after the bowel movements and vomiting but my stomach still felt queasy. Finally tried to sleep around 4 a.m. I couldn't get comfortable enough for a deep sleep but dozed for approximately 10.5 hours. My headache lingered and eventually came back full force behind my left eye.

So I decided to try the cayenne pepper. I mixed about 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of warm water with a little honey (not enough to really sweeten). That was a few hours ago. My headache has dulled to a 2 from "off the charts". I'm warming more water and will drink a second dose as soon as the water is warm enough.

What I would like to mention, as we Earth Clinic "regulars" already know, everything doesn't work for everyone.

And what I have found with my migraines is that the same remedies don't seem to work for me each time.

Thankfully, the cayenne worked for me this time. I hope this information is useful to someone else. Be blessed!

Posted by Tiffany (Philly, US) on 02/03/2015

I would like people to know of the miracle of cayenne pepper. My chronic headache which would spike into migraine has been eliminated by taking 2 capsules of cayenne pepper after breakfast. The results are immediate and lasting. I also take magnesium at night which has helped greatly. The cayenne, however, not only stops pain but gives you such a boost that the need for coffee is gone. I tried the pepper mixed in water but it made me nauseous. The capsules are convenient and easier to get down. PLEASE try this simple remedy if you have suffered from lifelong headaches. You may be really pleased and surprised.

Replied by Fenix
(Vancouver, Bc)

I'm curious how immediate is "immediate" with cayenne capsules? I'd imagine that having to digest and break down the capsule barrier would slow it down considerably compared to taking cayenne directly, but is it not much of a difference or a very noticeable delay? This may seem like a silly question, as if I'd never taken a capsule before in my life! However I don't generally tend to observe the exact timing required for capsules to take effect, nor do I have experience with taking cayenne capsules myself, so have no idea if different herbs or supplements tend to have different variables involved... such as if cayenne is so "hot and active" that it can "eat through" a capsule faster than, say, another herb, when in the warm, internal environment of the body (I realize I could be over-thinking this and grasping at straws that have no real, logical basis as I ponder the possibilities with this issue).

I ask about the speed of ingestion/absorption into the bloodstream for a very different reason actually, as I'm a bit concerned that I may possibly be a candidate for heart issues, or possibly even stroke. And though I don't believe I'm in serious danger, it's been at the back of my mind to keep an emergency dose of cayenne on hand with me at all times (or whenever possible) and tell those who're close to me about its ability to stop a heart attack or stroke in its tracks. I make jewellery, so I've been considering making a pendant to wear on a necklace... along the lines of a slim stainless steel, waterproof, pill container that I can pour cayenne pepper sauce into, as it seems the easiest to administer in the event of an emergency, whether I have the capability to self-administer it myself, or whether it be someone else helping me (if anything should ever happen then hopefully I won't be alone! ). I've also considered using a glass vial type of pendant, but they tend to hold less liquid while the stainless steel seems more durable and functional, with a larger capacity.

However seeing your comment makes me wonder if cayenne in capsule form might be more practical for this purpose, since keeping liquid in a vial and periodically having to replace it to keep it fresh seems like messy, fussy business for something that's only meant to be an insurance measure of sorts. Capsule-form seems rather handy, but if it doesn't act fast enough to stop any attack in progress then it'd defeat the purpose. Any feedback or advice on this matter would be great (including if this seems like a ridiculous idea... though I'm not sure I'd be easily deterred as I see no harm in wearing a pendant that could potentially safe my life or someone else's... especially since I wear chunky jewelry anyways and can even make it look nice! )

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Felix,

Our experience is that cayenne pepper or other herbs in capsules (when I make my own using NOW brand empty capsules) is that you begin to taste the herb in under ten minutes. Maybe even faster. (Taste, as in you taste it if you burp.)

If you are using cayenne as a rescue remedy for a heart issue (while waiting for further help) you want the cayenne to get into the blood stream as fast as possible and may not have minutes to wait while the capsule dissolves. If you have with you cayenne capsules, you could always empty them into water and drink it down. Not pleasant but, as my mother in law would say, "It beats the alternative! " Also, Herbalist Dr. Christopher recommended an entire teaspoon in the event of a heart attack/stroke. That would be 4-5 capsules.

Hope this helps!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Fenix
(Vancouver, Bc)

Mama, thank you for your insight!

Posted by Elaine (Paso Robles, California) on 01/23/2013

I've had migraines for years. Usually ibuprofen and sleeping helps. This time it lasted over 4 days and nothing worked. I tried ACV: no results, I went on a 3 mile brisk walk: no results. On the fifth day I tried the cayenne... It's a miracle cure, the migraine subsided within minutes! A couple of hours later, I thought it was coming back so I made a cocktail of 1 cup hot water, a squeeze of lemon, a few drops of honey and a tsp of cayenne, and again it worked instantly. THANK YOU!

Posted by Healyourself (Smyrna, Ga, Usa) on 05/29/2012

I had been out of commission for several hours with a full blown migraine when I was having my boyfriend read earthclinic looking for something new to try. I decided on drinking cayenne and knew the honey couldn't hurt and would make it eaiser to drink. So I warmed a cup of water 20 secs, then added 1/2 tspn of cayenne and a long squirt of honey. Drank it down all at once with a straw, then several gulps of cold water.... In 15 mins I was 80% better. Did it 5 more times over the next day and a half. Just one may not make it stay away, but it was amazing. Definitely worth trying for a headache or migraine. I will be using this method again, for sure.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia) on 06/18/2011

I had a migraine coming on yesterday.. It was getting a bad enough to need something for it... I could feel the pulsating vein in the side of my head. I decided to try cayenne pepper to see if I could stop it.

Last time I drank the cayenne mixed with hot water and I did feel a bit sick afterward so I decided to try something different.

I grabbed a pinch of cayenne and put it directly under my tongue and left it there. I thought I felt pretty quick relief as the pulsating vein seemed to be less noticeable, but the pain was still there. I added a pinch of cayenne a few more times under my tongue, swallowing the excess cayenne along the way. Doesn't taste too good but better than a whole cup of hot cayenne tea. It is a bit painful and you do salivate a lot. I also put a pinch of cayenne directly on the tip of my tongue and left it there.

Well I can say it got slowly better and then vanished (within 1/2 an hour to an hour). Normally it would just get worse until I take about 3 panadol.

Posted by Dee (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/24/2010

I woke up a few times during the night with a dull migraine. In the morning it was still there. As I had been reading about Cayenne being good for opening veins for blood flow and being good for the heart (in stopping a heart attack in its' tracks), I figured that it would be good for migraine as well. I took about 1/2 tspsn in hot water as soon as I got out of bed and the migraine vanished practically straight away. It did not return all day. Usually when I wake up with a migraine that I have had all night it stays with me all day. Anyone with heart problems should seriously research cayenne and keep some with them at all times.

Posted by Sam (Noyb, Usa) on 01/02/2010

It is so wonderful that Cayenne pepper works for migraines, but it isn't just cayenne pepper, many different kinds of hot peppers work. My Dad's a fan of this remedy, he grows all sorts of hot peppers in his garden every year. This has made me do some research into the subject. I came upon some information which was very interesting, and it linked migraines with digestive problems.

It goes like this...

If you are not digesting your food properly, then it will sit in your stomach and rot, in more pleasant terms, it ferments. Needless to say, fermentation is the creation of gas. This gas is then absorbed into the bloodstream and when it reaches your head it expands resulting in a migraine. Now, the fun part is that when one consumes these hot peppers the heat will expel these gasses, and in turn, relieves the migraine. With that in mind, digestive aids, probiotics or simply mindful eating may do the trick to alleviate your problems on a more permanent and effective basis. I hope this information is helpful, I have found alot of helpful information on this site for myself, and simply wanted to give a bit myself.