Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Migraines

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dark Chocolate

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Posted by Katie (Cincinnati, OH) on 12/31/2008

I tried the apple cider vinegar when I had a migraine that would not go away. I took a teaspoon in a glass of water and it didn't seem to help. A few hours later, I tried again with a bit more - about a tablespoon this time.

I also decided at that point that I had a craving for chocolate, so I had two squares of dark chocolate. The migraine was almost totally gone within a half hour. I searched online and found out that chocolate contains magnesium, which is good for migraines, plus it elevates serotonin; low serotonin is thought to cause some migraines.

I'm not sure which helped more, or maybe it was the combination, but after 24 hours, I can finally function again!

Replied by Amanda
(Murray, Kentucky, US)

Caffeine has always helped my headaches (I get tension headaches, sinus headaches, and migraines), so it is no wonder that Dark Chocolate helps some people alleviate headaches. Unfortunately, caffeine also causes tension, so people who get Tension headaches should avoid caffeine unless they actually have a tension headache.

Replied by Ilene
(New york)

My daughter is having headaches and brain fog, terrible memory and Vision problems. She took a puff of her friends vape and felt immediately better. I know there are nicotine receptors in the body and brain that respond to nicotine that send dopamine and other brain neurotransmitters out in a rush. Caffeine is related to nicotine, so probably working like that. But does anyone know how to get nicotine or something less addictive to do the same thing? She does not want to vape.

Avoid Cayenne

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Posted by Beth (London) on 02/21/2022

I thought you may be interested to read that there's a complex connection between migraine and capsaicin (as in cayenne and chilli) and that while a topical application might help, eating chilli can trigger migraine. I'm inclined to wish to believe that chilli is a curative, as I love the stuff, so it was awful news to me to discover there's evidence of capsaicin triggering migraine by increasing sensitivity to CGRP via ion channels and Schwann cells.

There's a clear and simple explanation here:


Or here:

Or here: https://www.futurity.org/migraine-pain-schwann-cells-2692282-2/

I've had no chilli or cayenne for 2 weeks, and though it's too early to be sure (migraine is unpredictable. I do occasionally, though rarely, have 2 weeks without an attack) so far so good.

Avoid High Histamine Foods

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Posted by Giulietta (Gandia, Spain) on 11/10/2016

My migraines after 20 years at last understood. They are due to histamine intolerance.

So I have to:

1. Avoid histamine containing foods Aged foods have alot of histamine like cheeses that are matured, miso, tempeh and all other fermented food

2. Foods that cause histamine to be released in the body

3. Foods that destroy the enzyme (Dao)that regulates histamine in the body, eg black and green and puerrh tea.

The doctor who found this is looking for a vegetarian source of Dao for me

Replied by Giulietta

Migraines. NB Don´t take anti histamines!

Yesterday I wrote in about the fact that migraines appear to be caused by intolerance of histamine, estrogen makes more histamine explaining menstrually related migraines and of course all of us migraine sufferers are well aware of the relationship of food to migraines eg aged cheese and miso has a ton of histamine and causes terrible migraines.

HOWEVER DO NOT TAKE ANTI HISTAMINES!!! Histamine is very important in the body and we have to try to find a balance and NOT take pharmaceuticles with side effects and damage to histamine.

What we can do is avoid food with alot of histamine and try to get the enzymes that regulate histamine, dao and maybe mao, to recuperate, but I am trying to find a vegetarian source of dao

Avoid MSG and Free Glutamates!

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Posted by Caroline (England, UK) on 09/01/2021

I've suffered 30yrs of on and off debilitating migraines. I've always experienced sickness and diarrhoea with the bad ones, difficulty speaking and emotional weakness. After I hit my mid 20s (now 40) I started having loss of vision before most attacks too, and increased vertigo more recently.

During covid lockdown I'd been cooking our food from scratch, just because I had more time and couldn't get to the supermarket. It then became apparent that I was only getting migraines after ordering Dominos pizza as a treat, like clockwork. This led me to research msg and omg what a difference! Msg is only the starting point, and I've been trying to avoid most processed food with glutamates added (or manufactured) under different names, as other posters have noted. It means no more takeaways for me, or restaurant food, but it's so so worth it. The only migraines I've had since are monthly hormonal ones and they've been mild headaches only. More recently I've been looking at whether I've got too much copper/slightly oestrogen dominant but that's another story.

I'd recommend that everyone avoids msg. Even if you don't have migraines, it's probably doing untold silent damage.

I've been vegetarian since I was a child and all those meat replacements are loaded with msg, and all the takeaways over the years must have done so much damage too. Still, onwards and upwards!

I hope this helps others out there xx

Replied by ORH

CAROLINE,,,,,,,, ORH here and my tractor driver has learned that keeping her magnesium up reduces her mirages. When she has one coming on her vision starts to go, so she takes more magnesium and puts ice on her neck. That normally works. I had them in my youth and no one knew what to do. I just got in the bed and cried. ====ORH====

Avoid MSG and Free Glutamates!
Posted by Sue (Maryville, Tn) on 01/23/2015

I just found your site today and have been reading all the posts. For the past couple weeks I have been reading that MSG could be causing my migraines--and this most recent migraine started Dec 26,2014 and I still have it today, Jan 23,2015. I started eating healthier avoiding all additives, preservatives, etc... in July 2014 (So I am still new at this) BUT OVER CHRISTMAS I INDULGED AND ATE THE BAD FOODS AGAIN....then it was the day after Christmas I began with the BAD MONTH LONG MIGRAINE! I am hoping to hear from someone who has migraines and has had luck finding out that MSG was the culprit...or if there is another additive/preservative/chemical that could be causing the bad migraines. I also need websites, books, etc.... if you have them so I can do further research. Thank you so much for your help. I need to get rid of my pain and peppermint oil, mint tea, and Excedrin Migraine are not working :( I want to get rid of this and fix the problem for good...naturally. Thank you!

Replied by Suzy
(Calif, US)

I started getting migraines after eating dark chocolate when I was in my 30s....never bothered me before. So my point is look at what you eat every day. Eliminate processed foods, coffee, tea. eat fruit and veggies for a few days and see if that helps. Or go to a chiro and see if they can do food allergy testing on you or it could be environmental. Try to live as natural as possible and see if that helps.

Replied by Sp
(Wb, Nj)

Hi Sue, read the book Heal Your Headache by David Buchholz M.D. It's a three step program and food is one of the steps. You're right, MSG is a culprit.

Avoid MSG and Free Glutamates!
Posted by Phil (Sooke, BC, Canada) on 08/29/2008

Both my wife and I have a great sensitivity to MSG - bad migraines - and I know quite a few other people who are sensitive. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a nasty chemical - looks like shards of glass under a microscope - no wonder it is used as a meat tenderizer. Anyway, I would recommend to anybody who suffers from migraines to try and stay away from MSG. I know it is difficult in this day and age, but it can be done if you are careful and read the ingredients listed on food products.

Avoid MSG and Free Glutamates!
Posted by Joanne (Tallahassee, FL, USA) on 05/05/2007

Like PD, I dicovered a connection between Chinese food and my migraines. It was MSG. I've had migraines from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and an ever growing list of prepared foods to the point where I don't eat them much anymore (better for my body anyway). I found the best way to avoid them is try to avoid MSG, but it's very difficult, so I also take magnesium (400 mgs) a day. It seems to help keep them down, although lately I've been getting a lot of them but I think it was dietary because I was eating junk. *L* I'm going to try the ACV and see if that helps.. But if Chinese food triggers you, it just might be MSG.. good luck!

Replied by Cindy
(Jefferson City, Mo, Usa)

Don't just avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate) but avoid glutamate altogether. Sounds easy, but it's not. Many processed foods when processed (especially at high heat and in water) break down into the free amino acid, glutamate, which causes the same reactions in the body as monosodium glutamate. Most processed foods and even foods you cook at home from "scratch" can break down into glutamate. I would advise reading www.msgmyth.com for more info. My migraines and fibromyalgia are better since I changed my diet and shampoos, lotions, etc. Also, just because a product is labeled as NO MSG does not mean it does not contain multiple ingredients that break down into glutamate and will give you the same reaction as MSG.

Replied by S.
(Nc, Usa)

Thanks for the MSG info Cindy. That may be the "missing link" for some of us.

Replied by Giulietta
(Gandia, Spain)

Msg is not difficult to avoid. Just eat fresh food, like fresh vegetables and fruit and cook your own meals if you like cooked food

Avoid Soy

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Posted by Darryl (Cato, New York) on 01/29/2008

I have no remedy except to stay away from soy. It causes me to have migraines.It is so hard to find food that doesn't have it in it.

B Complex

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Posted by Tiffany (Northern California) on 02/24/2014

I often get week long headaches during my menstrual cycle. This time, over the counter pain relief was not really working. After reading EC, I decided to try magnesium for relief. The magnesium did not work at all so I decided to try liquid b complex. I took one dose and nothing happened. Then, I took another dose and the headache was instantly gone. I decided to double the dose every day for the week and I felt GREAT!!! For anyone suffering from migraine type monthly headaches, please give this a try. I think the liquid supplement was able to be absorbed much faster than the pill form. Thank you EC!!!

Beta Blockers

Posted by Marie (Long Island, New York) on 05/21/2013

Hello, does anyone know how to get off of beta blockers without a doctor's supervision? I take two a day and know the seriousness of this but I want to get off these things without a doctor. Not sure I can. Or can I go to a naturopath for it... Thank You

Replied by Mr Ree

Please go off beta blocker very, very slowly even if it takes 6 months to totally get off. It's worth it. I was on 25 mgs Atenolol and had a reaction and the doctor told me to "just go off, you're heart might beat erratic for a day or two but you'll be OK"... I went off and my heart went haywire. My resting pulse was 160. I was in full blown ventricular tachycardia. I lost 40 pounds and had a 4 1/2 hour cardic ablation operation 6 months later which was successful.. I had to be wheelchaired into the hospital.. DON'T ANYONE TAKE any blood pressure medication!!! ... There are natural ways to lower your BP here in Earth Clinic. As a matter of fact this doctor talked me into going on BP meds because of family history. I NEVER had HBP once in my life. My fault for listening to her.

Replied by Marie
(Long Island, New York)

Thank you for the reply but I have no idea how to get off these without a doctor and the last one told me to take more pills.. That didnt make sense to me... Yes I stupidly didn't know what I was taking and then found all of the natural cures but feel stuck taking these until I can find someone to take me off of them. So sorry you had to endure that.. and glad you are okay. Any other ideas??

Replied by Mr. Ree
(North America)

Marie from Long Island: Get a pill cutter and cut your pill in 1/4's. Take 3/4 of the pill for 2 weeks and then reduce it another 1/4 for 2 weeks. It might take a month or two or three but it's worth it.. You might feel odd for 1 or 2 days but it will go away.. At least it did for my. I was taking 25 mgs of Atenolol. POISON!

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

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Posted by Monica (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/07/2015

I was suffering with migraine headaches and neck pain for for 7 years. I changed my diet, drank more water, which helped, but didn't cure it. I used peppermint oil topically for the pain, and drank Apple cider vinegar when I had a migraine, which would help also. But overall I still was getting the headaches every few weeks and the neck pain was daily.

I started getting sessions of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique a.k.a. B.E.S.T. This was life changing. After 3 sessions my neck pain was gone. The headaches took longer to go away. They slowly occurred less frequently, until eventually no more. I feel 10 years younger and now have energy to exercise and am overall much happier and at ease in all areas of my life. I recommend this for anyone who has not experienced full healing from the other things you may be trying. There is a nutritional component to the treatment which may go well with some natural remedies you can find on this site.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Chris (Colorado) on 12/23/2006

Well, it was that time of the month and I had the mother of all headaches. I tried apple cider vinegar in apple juice and it got a little better. 2 hours later I gave up and took a tablespoon of molasses (don't particularly like that stuff). 10 minutes later my headache was completely gone!

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Karen (Union, KY) on 11/09/2006

This is the first time I've tried this for my monthly migraine, which I have had for several years. Nothing I tried seem to prevent this from happening, I could only medicate after it started. This is the first time I haven't had one after using the Molasses. I took a couple of spoonfuls in the morning and took it to work and used a couple of times during the day. I use an organic unsulphered brand. So glad I have found this, no more migraine this month. I really can't believe this, still waiting to see if one comes on.


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Posted by Vanessa (Willemstad) on 10/19/2023

Hello everybody. I used to experience very debilitating headaches. It has been for sure more than 10 years. I have been to several doctors and have tried different types of medicines. I even tried natural remedies, drinking water and exercise. But nothing helped. I used to think that it was related to my bowel movements because that was not going very well either. I tried a lot of things went to therapy, which helped for a while. A doctor told me to look for information on Botox. Well I decided to go online and read more about Botox and saw that there is a chance that it might help. I went to the doctor that performs it. I have not had a headache since. Thank you

Posted by Lana (United States) on 04/10/2016

Hi, About 10 months ago, I underwent Botox injections around my head and neck to help prevent debilitating migraines. However, I suffered a very bad reaction: drooping eyebrows, eyelids, overall face swelling, loosing a lot of hair, but worst of all I started having burning pains in my neck and shoulders, spreading over time to all of upper back, severe sweating spells, fainting feels feeling, and shortness of breath multiple times throughout the day. This continued for several month. Migraines came back with vengeance.

The burning sensation and drooping finally subsided, but shortness of breath have become my major problem, as well as foggy head, difficulty focusing, and constant heaviness in my head. This past month, difficulty breathing has become almost unbearable. I may be wrong, but I feel like poisonous botulinum substance is still in my system. Can you advise on how I can get rid of it?

Will taking Borax solution internally help?



Replied by Ben
(Bremerton, Wa)

You need expert care on this one. See your doctor, preferably a lyme literate one. You may be dealing with more than just simple toxins. You may have a mycoplasmic, viral or fungal issue in addition to the reaction from the botox injections.

You probably need to have blood tests done. Don't wait any longer, if this is causing encephalitis you need to know what is bothering you. Now having said that you seemed to be having issues even before you added a toxic insult to your body with the botox injections.

I would recommend you speak with immed a group ran by Dr Garth Nicholson in California. Look them up and call them.

Another group that might help is ccid ran by dr w.john martin. these guys are hot on mycoplasma issues.

My thinking is a mycoplasma infection is behind this as they frequently cause encephalitis brain swelling leading to migraine and many other issues. In addition call george at george eby research and mention it to him. He is a cool guy and he is really smart. Gallium nitrate attacks and kills mycoplasma infections better than most drugs such as doxycycline, however both are useful and may be needed

If conventional medicine leads to a dead end, like no recovery, then go to a naturopath and start ozone treatments since they kill all types of bacterial, viral, mycoplasmic, and fungal organisms. Basically what ever is in your blood ozone will fry it.

To answer your question about borax, it is definetely worth a try since it works on fungal issues.

Bear in mind if you hit on something that works you may suffer a herxheimer reaction making you feel very rough after killing off nasty organisms candida and more.

Mms would also be a good thing to try at home as it clears up many types of issues.

Serrapeptase a systemic enzyme eats foreign proteins in the blood freeing you from a lot of toxic debris, bacteria and virus. Serrapeptase also regulates the immune system to stop attacking its own tissues as in autoimmune diseases. There is a good chance serrapeptase may help you in this problem. Do some research

Hope this helps, see ya.

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

All good advise from Ben, but back to the question of Borax. Yes, Borax is also effective against mycoplasma infections and a good first option before running for the few good Dr's that can do the service that was suggested by Ben.

I have only recently made major progress on a longstanding myco infection which was too severe for oral Borax administration, so I got smart and started whole body hot baths w/ about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Borax. You may also consider making a paste of Borax and apply directly to the affected area, or make a simple Borax poultice.

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