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Natural Remedies for Migraines


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Posted by Lisa (Michigan) on 04/24/2022

I've been enduring migraines for over 20 years. They started after completing chemotherapy for Hodgkin's disease. Many of my migraines appear to be food sensitivities. I'm working on healing my gut….. but the other day I tried dates but they triggered a migraine. I had just received some CoQ10 I ordered and took 2, total 400 Mg. My migraine stopped within 30 minutes. I've tried other supplements, and medications but none were effective except Nurtec but it takes 2-6 hours to kick in and messes with my guts. So far I've only used CoQ10 once but it will be my go to first choice from here on out.

Replied by L
(San Antonio, TX)

Thank you so much for sharing. I tried this with my most recent migraine and just like you said it worked within about 30 minutes. It was gradual for me but gradually better. I did not get my migraine back the next day either. It has only been one time to try for me, but I have it on hand now and will share with my fellow migraine sufferers to see if it works for them too. I'm so glad we have this site. I have found at least three very helpful working remedies now on earth clinic from testimonials that have healed or relieved longer term ailments for me. So much more effective and different from anything told at any medical facility or from a doctor.

Posted by Rachael (Naples, Fl, Usa) on 09/29/2010

I take coQ10 daily for migraines. Although I still get them the amount of them has been reduced by about 50%. Clinical trials have found coQ10 to be effective at migraine prevention. Research was released in 2004 by American Academy of Neurology. CoQ10 can be found at any health food or drugstore.


I also use Oxygen as an abortive for cluster headaches and have found it to be helpful for migraines and hangovers. I keep an oxygen tank next to my bed. You do need a prescription from a doctor for oxygen. Oxygen is actually the recommended treatment for cluster headaches for an acute attack.

Posted by CD (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 08/12/2008

COQ10 & Riboflavin for Migraine:

I was really happy to see this site! I didn't see anything about these 2 supplements. My son has been suffering with migraines now for a year and 1/2 and we have seen a host of specialists. His neurologist ran a blood test to test for these 2 nutient levels because he said they actually help prevent migraines. My sons levels were extremely low. I just wanted to post this as a great migraine preventative. We have definitly seen an improvement.

Replied by Dabagga
(Denver, Co)

Try giving your son L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, in sublingual tablets, if you can find them. It is likely he has an MTHFR genetic defect, the inability to assimilate folic acid. L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate is the naturally occurring right supplement to prevent ocular migraines and a host of other MTHFR issues. Good luck!

Coriander Tea

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Posted by Janet (Nshvl, Tn) on 07/30/2020

Coriander is the seed of the Cilantro plant. The plant is Cilantro, the seed is Coriander. I had migraines for decades, since I was about 16. It was a misery that put me in bed with a bag of frozen peas on my head until I could go to sleep and "sleep it off". I would wake up with my whole head sore from the pain.

I read all of Hulda Clark's books and she said that migraines are caused by a microscopic wormlet called Strongyloides, commonly called threadworm. Horses and cats are their preferred hosts, and we get the worms from them. Women get migraines much more often than men, and its probably because we associate closely more often with cats than men do.

Dr. Clark said that Coriander would kill them and stop migraine headaches. I found some corroboration for this theory in some ladies who live in India and Pakistan. They take it in tea form and it dispels migraine for a long time. Its a common remedy there. I tried it and my migraines stopped.

If I am reinfected by being in close proximity to carrier cats or horses, the migraines will begin again. A couple of days of coriander tea, and goodbye migraines.

Replied by Ana

Hi Janet,

How do you make tea, and how much do you drink?

Replied by Marinda

Wow, this is wonderful information. Thank you for sharing with us. I'm going to make tea with the coriander seeds and steep it for a few hours to make sure it's plenty strong. I wonder if these threadworm parasites are also responsible for causing menstrual migraines. The majority of migraines I get are just before my menstrual period.

Cumin Seeds

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Posted by Dave W (C.t.) on 04/29/2017

Black Cumin oil is the beat all end all for Migraines and many other ailments. You can buy the black seed oil or black Cumin seeds black and black cumin mean the same thing.

There is the one post here on Earth Clinic about the seeds and the lady said her and her mother chew on the seeds. I take the seeds in a table spoon and just smash them w/ another table spoon then just drink water to swallow them. Eat them right off the spoon then make sure to lick the bottom of the other spoon drink at least 12 ounces of water relief is quick like the other woman said. Just a little easier and the seeds don't taste disgusting but they don't taste great either. I have been told by a friend of mine that has been taking Black Cumin for many years if you have the oil or crush the seeds and rub it on you temples and for head this also will help alot.

Soooo many uses for Black Cumin you should research it and be pleasantly surprised.

Cumin Seeds
Posted by Abeer (Karachi, Pakistan) on 12/26/2007

me and my mother both suffer from severe migrane pains. we both use to take regular medicine to avoid it. then we heard of black seeds. the trick is to chew the seeds raw and then drinking water on it. i and my mother both have been using it, i get instant relief in 10 minutes, my mother was also getting quick relief but now again shes suffering from severe eye migraines. the doctors say that its not curable.. i m really worried. i wish i could find some way of helping her. please inform me of any one has any info or anything to help me find a viable cure for her. thanks.

EC: We wrote Abeer, asking for more details.

Replied by Abeer

Nigella sativa and its black seed are known by other names, varying between places. Some call it black caraway, others call it black cumin (Kalonji), or even coriander seeds. In English, the Nigella sativa plant is commonly referred to as "Love in a Mist".

Nevertheless, this is Nigella sativa, which has been known and used from ancient times and is also known in Persian as Shonaiz. and you can find out more abt it on this link http://www.sweetsunnah.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=blackseed can you please inform me of remedy to cure my mothers disease :) thanks and take care abeer

Replied by Jonathan99
(London, UK)

Hi, Sometimes black seed oil can help migraines, the blessed seed should be taken regularly.

The secret lies in its strengthening and rebalancing our all important immune system which is our body's defense against illness. Countless people take the blessed seed to make sure they do not fall down to the flu. Also with cancer on the increase, the ability of this alternative health remedy to clear tumours means that you are safeguarding that you will not get cancer.

Lets hope the blessed seed helps.

Dandelion Greens

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Posted by Brandy (Sedona, Az, Usa ) on 04/11/2012

Migraine sufferers : I tried a mix of dandelion greens juice the d greens are the base, with carrot and ginger to taste. The d greens , most cities you have to go to a health food store to find and they will mix it for you. I was suffering from migraines and cluster headaches and sinusitis. My naturopathic Dr.told me about this after I drank a 4 oz small glass my migraine was gone, sometimes it would return in a few hours, drink another glass. Migraines are from toxins a lot of time especially when we ( I ) use med, drugs to get rid of them just makes it worse. Especially when you are getting the every other day. The green drink is basically alkalizing you. As opposed to your body being too acidic. Some people are allergic to dandelion greens. I noticed when I did this I also started detoxing, my ears peeled, I had fungus ( not visible ) but itchy behind ears, my mouth came up with this crud. I asked my Dr he said just that Crud, toxins. I drink a glass every day now- no Migraines. I was hospitalized for these such was the pain. You can play with the juice after headaches are gone add fruit to your greens etc. To make it not taste too bad.

It really isn't I believe in Apple Cider Vinegar but this worked better for me. Not expensive. And the relief is instant right after you ingest- no more than ten minutes or sooner. I would have migraine for a week, had to lie in room with dark glasses, no sound or light. Good luck- Read about alkaline and acid. Buy the cheap litmus paper in Drugstore and pee on them to see your range. Good way to tell if your body is too acid, if it is this will work.

Also raises your metabolic rate and brings your temp to normal if below, being alkaline! Brandy

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Griselda (Spain) on 03/14/2014

I would like to share this info with all the migraine sufferers who read Earth Clinic.

There is no doubt that my weekly 3 day migraines were caused by congestion, and a lack of digestive enzymes . At last after 15 years of suffering here is my sucessful and natural remedy answer and no more migraines at all!

Eat 3 meals a day and if hungry between or after meals only raw fruit.

The last meal must be finished by 7 pm if you go to bed at midnight to allow at least 5 hours to elapse between the last meal and going to bed. (to allow the liver to cope)

Eat 90% raw food, ie 2 lettuce based salads a day organic if possible, and sprouts for protein eg lentil sprouts, chick pea sprouts , mung bean sprouts, and alfalfa sprouts. 5 cups of sprouts give 50 gr protein. Breads made from raw sprouted wheat with chick pea sprouts dried 8 hours in a dehydrator, raw vegetable juices eg carrot, spinach and celery, dried and fresh fruit and soaked (for 8 hours) and rinsed nuts and seeds which can also be made into nut or seed milks. also 2 tablespoons a day of seaweed if you can eat seaweed. Salad dressing can be with raw organic apple cider vinegar or lemon and raw organic cold pressed olive or sesame oil and unrefined seasalt. As many avocados as you like

If you eat something cooked then take immediately afterwards natural enzymes eg natural pills made from natural pineapple and paw paw or papino , about 6 times the dosage on the bottle

Walk at least 1 hour a day to oxygenate the body and improve circulation

Drink at least 1 litre of mineral water a day - never tap water

Avoid sugar ie sacarose, brown or white- instead have raw honey

Avoid sweeteners instead have stevia

Avoid coffee and black tea instead have red tea(Puerrh tea)

Avoid processed cheese (specially blue cheese it is a certain migraine) instead if you must have dairy then have fresh cottage cheese Avoid dairy yoghurts and milk instead have nut and seed milks and cheeses made at home.

Avoid meat, eggs, poultry and fish instead have sprouts, nuts, seeds and seaweed Cooked legumes and grains also give me migraines but sprouted no problem. Good luck this works!

Personally I can't eat more than a quarter cup nuts a day.

Replied by John

Your suggestions are very well for any who have migraine headaches. I just wanted to mention that it sounds like your migraines may be linked to a congested colon. This may not be the exact cause, but it is a key triggering factor, and you may want to try colon hydrotherapy on a regular basis to help cleanse the bowels.

Our bowels are extremely weakened from modern-day living (devitalized food, less movement, less oxygen and more pollution including chemicals in almost every man-made object that our bodies are burdened with, etc.). The weakened bowels (which results in all elimination in the body - liver, kidney, skin, etc. - to be compromised) can cause so many different symptoms it is unbelievable. Headaches are a classic example of bowel troubles, and I highly suspect migraine headaches to be directly linked as well, though the exact causes may differ. Another way to know how well your bowels are functioning are the sinuses. Whenever sinuses are congested, bowels are congested, and a thorough colon cleanse using colonics can literally clear the sinus congestion as the major bowel obstructions are eliminated. This may at times take multiple daily colon cleansing sessions. Extreme cases such as sinus infection may take a few days of colon cleansing to relieve, but pain will decrease with each cleanse in most cases.

I only wanted to mention the colon issue because of your comment on cooked legumes causing migraine headaches. Cooked legumes are constipating food. They are nourishing, and they do have fiber, but they are still heavy, especially since they are often paired with grains (which are also constipating, especially when eaten alone with no salad or vegetables). Whether the cause for legumes being hard to digest is a lack of enzymes in modern man, a lack of movement, not enough fresh foods, toxins in the food, certain bacteria fed by the food, overconsumption, or a combination of these things, they can still be eaten, but if a headache occurs, colonics can be a saving grace and relief.

Perhaps the real solution is to eat a perfect diet, but most people just can't accomplish that today, and I'm not quite sure if that is even possible considering our culture and the Earth's conditions. The body needs help, and this is one of the most simple methods. Colon hydrotherapy is so effective that it used to be the first thing done by old world cultures (the origin of the term physician, physic being an enema), and the next best thing was a laxitive (which some locals here in rural Appalachia erroneously call a physic since they probably were unable to perform enemas safely - in the old days, whenever signs of illness came on, they would take a "physic" which was castor oil in this case).

The most important function of a colonic is to improve elimination of toxins (which are considered "unspecified" and nonexistent by our Medical Association) from the body. Also, by eliminating accumulated filth in the bowels, you are removing a breeding ground for harmful organisms in the body. Since the body has the burden of waste removal eliminated, it can go back to functioning properly and put more of its resources into healing. This greatly improves the immune system, and the body is much less susceptible to picking up contagious illness.

I wrote this to give some of my experiences and observations about colonics since it seems that there is not enough mention of colon hydrotherapy for these people suffering with migraines and headaches. In my opinion, it is one of the first thing that anyone suffering with migraines should try. Regardless of the cause, which most often I suspect to be a combination of toxicity in the body combined with other factors, colonics can ease the body's burden and allow it to do what it is necessary to overcome and heal the crisis situation.

An example of using colonics to help with nauseating headaches is as follows: I once was a vendor at a market which also had a vendor selling power equipment. He would regularly run the gas-powered tools to demonstrate to customers. By the time the market was over, I started becoming quite ill. After five minutes of driving home, I had to pull over and let my partner drive because I was in very bad condition. The nausea and headache and fatigue was intense. Upon returning home, I immediately did a colonic with likely 7 to 10 gallons of water. By the end of the colonic, I was greatly improved and able to function normally. There may have been some remaining symptoms of the toxicity, but through the colonic the body was enabled to heal, and by the next day they were gone.

This situation was not solely caused by the chemicals in the exhausts. It was a combination of several things, otherwise everyone around would have been equally ill (including my partner who is more prone to toxic poisoning from chemicals than I). Other factors may include stress, diet and the condition of the digestive and elimination organs.

It is worth noting that colonics alone are not the answer. They help the body when it is weakened, but the conditions that caused the weakness need to be changed for improved conditions. These conditions will include toxins/chemicals in the environment (synthetically scented candles, air fresheners, detergents, certain synthetic materials, cleaning chemicals and fuels, exhausts, there are so many things that can cause a toxic environment), and diet conditions are another major contributor to a toxic body. Dairy, sweets, refined foods, and overconsumption of meat, grains, starches, and lack of fresh food in the diet will weaken the body.

I hope to have given some direction to any in a hopeless case. There are multiple ways to heal and improve any condition, but this is one that I think could help where nothing else seems to have worked. For those of you interested in trying colon hydrotherapy, it may be advisable to include a probiotic in your diet (such as primal defense) to be sure that you maintain the proper levels of beneficial intestinal flora. And also follow some of the principles outlined in the post above that this is a reply to.

Good health, and God bless!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Ck (Erie, Pa) on 05/01/2011

I have suffered with migraines for 61 years with relief only from sesame oil pulling and acv. It never completely alleviated migraines but helped. The past five years the migraines increased from two or three a week to five. I missed so much work, was out of it most of the time and unable to function when a new naturopath suggested I might be gluten sensitive! After yrs at pgh and Cleveland clinic no one had ever suggested that! I had been living on toast, too I'll to eat much else! I immediately started a gluten free diet and amazingly have been migraine free four months today! I feel my life has been a gift returned to me! I still use avc and sesame oil pulling every day for the remarkable health benefits but want to share my experience for any of you migraine sufferers. Our modified wheats now have over 500 times more gluten than they did 20 yrs ago. It is estimated that 50%of the population of the U.S. have some gluten related illness. Our livers simply cannot process this load. I hope my experience may help someone out there!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Gail (Forest City, Nc) on 07/12/2010

Hello, I have suffered from severe migraines for years. I am a diabetic so I alway drank sugar free drinks and drinks with sweeteners in them. I was having migraines 3-4 days a week. Severe ones. I stopped all aspartame and anything with artificial sweeteners and migraines are now gone. Thank God.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Lisa (South Bound Brook, Nj, Usa) on 09/04/2009

Having suffered crippling migraines, topping out at 10 per month, tried prescriptions, etc. I researched and found a ketogenic diet (higher fat, moderate protein, low carbs) has been shown to help intractable cases of epilepsy in kids with great results, and is being researched in many countries as a help for migraines. Started on it, and within a week I went from 10 to 0 migraines. Also took myself off all wheat and most grains. Now I'm good unless I go off the diet. I make sure to use coconut milk in my coffeee, and coconut oil in my cooking, (even popcorn is better in coconut oil!)

DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Sarah (Los Angeles, CA) on 06/14/2009

DMSO and H2O2 for Migraines:

My boyfriend gets constant and debillatating migraine headaches for the past several years (about once or twice a week)... it is what first brought me to Earthclinic many months ago when I started researching. He has ever since been by guniea pig!! I think that there's a lot of it to do with nutritional defficiencies (which I am still figuring out...) but I FINALLY came up with something that works QUICK in the meantime until I figure out the root cause this treats the symptoms.

I was reading about DMSO and how it could theoretically be used to treat a stroke in an emergency, and I was thinking that headaches have similar problems of lack of oxygen to the brain... so when he came over this morning w terrible headache that had lasted all night and not been relieved by Amerge or Flova prescription migraine pills... I mixed him a cocktail of organic "Monster C" juice, about 1 cup (8 oz.) with a tiny bit (about 1/8 t. DMSO and added a few drops of food grade 35% hudrogen peroxide. We applied an icepack to his forehead and within 20 minutes the headache that had lasted for about 8 hours went away completely! So happy! Hopes this remedy helps someone else.

Egg Whites

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Posted by Teresa (Waiuku, New Zealand) on 06/04/2008

For painful sinuses and the accompanying headache - beat 2 egg whites (stops them being slimy and difficult to handle). Spread out on a gauze (or cloth) and put over your face (avoiding eyes). Put another cloth over (optional). Lay down on your back and go to sleep. The heat/temperature will harden the gauze. Suggest you leave it on as long as you can. You will be pain free and as a bonus will get a facelift.
I have used this remedy for migraines and hard to shift headaches and have always gained relief.


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Posted by Patty (Buckeye, Az) on 08/19/2015

I have always suffered from migraines and chronic headaches in general. The migraines last an average of 3 days of absolute misery. I got hit with a whopper a few days ago, so painful that I had nausea and vertigo with it. I prayed for an answer and had the thought that I might be toxic and thought of trying an enema. I had a simple saline packaged one in the bathroom so in agony forced myself to try it. Within 20 minutes the migraine started losing it's crushing grip. I feel asleep and when I woke up, it was gone. This is a first in 50 years. Never has anything relieved my migraine that fast ever before. Going to start detoxifying regularly this way. What a blessing.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

P: Nice to hear your relief. The migraine looks certainly to be the results of dirty colon that allows pathogens to enter the bloodstream thru the "leaky" colon wall.

Here is more info on the subject https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/enemas-and-colonics.html

Replied by Beth A

Patty, omg hon so happy that you found a remedy that helped you! Yes, getting a enema!
Hugs ❤️
Not a doctor or any type of medical person here.
Please, don't take this as medical advice what, or what not, to do.
Patty, pray others read your comment and they too may get relief from migraines with the enema.
When I had a headache growing up, not often, but had a few. I remember being given enemas!
And I have done one a few times for a headache.

I don't know why, or how, the enema helps.
Possibly by cleansing toxins out? Or, relieves stress? Hopefully someone on here with more knowledge of this can elaborate some.
Recently I was talking with my new neighbor. She told she got horrible headaches off and on.

Few weeks later she told me she was experiencing one and asked if I knew of a remedy.
I went over to her apartment and told her about my experience with the enema. That a enema or series of enemas would do wonders for her.
After calling her doctor and told it was ok…she agreed.
This was her first ever enema. So it was a good time to teach her the enema.

Don't know how she made it but she went to the store with me.
Purchased a enema bag. Yes, the two quart red rubber one. It is still sold and used in the home today. Should tell you something about the benefits of the enema.
Also got a bar goats milk soap (good to use in the enema), Vaseline.
Sorry TMI…
I showed her how to prepare the bedroom and bed, clean the bag (always clean before using), prepare for the enema. Taught her how to make a large pan of mild soapy warm water and pour it into the bag. Fill it up full.
Told her to get on the towel on the bed. On knees, bent at waist, head on the bed.
I gave her, very slowly, the full enema bag. Two quart enema given to her. Taking deep breaths as she got it. Relaxing.
For her first ever enema she took it very well. While expelling I prepared a plain filtered warm water enema in the kitchen sink.
Always give a plain water enema after a mild soapy water enema. Filled the bag up full.
As she came back to the bedroom she asked “I get a second enema?” “Yes to rinse the soapy water one.”
Administered the second enema to her.
After she expelled the second enema had her rest on the bed. Covered with a blanket. She told me her headache was gone!
She told me the enemas will be taken anytime she gets another headache-migraine. It was the first relief she had in years!
She told me her 7 yo b gets headaches off and on. I told her to check with her doctor because he may also get relief by given an enema!

Few weeks later she told me he was at home from school with a bad headache and nothing was working.
After she got ok from her new holistic doctor she asked me to help her with the enema for him.

Knowing she would tell me one day that he was suffering from a headache, I had already purchased a 8oz enema bulb syringe. Just in case.
I took the syringe over to her apartment.
She was taught how to prepare him, the table and the enema for him to get.
He wasn't overly happy when he was told a second enema he was needed.
Surprisingly he also took his first ever enema very well.
Like her he told me he already felt better! Amazing what a cleanse does!
I would see her off and on and she told me I got a headache and it is gone…smiling.

Replied by Sue A

Patty - glad you got relief. Yes, the enema will usually give instant relief from the headaches!

Not giving medical advice. Talk with your doctor for the best remedy for you.

I also have gotten relief from migraines by getting enemas!

I used to be shy to tell this but now tell everyone I can help.

Instead of the prepackaged saline small bottle enema, find the two quart red rubber enema bag. No won't leech toxins from the rubber.

If you can't find the bag one, then buy the 8 oz enema bulb syringe one. May take one or two refills to do the two quart enema.

and, it can be used for the child in the home as well.

Prepare yourself (stripping and putting robe on).

Prepare the bed with a towel on it. Then prepare the enema bag in the kitchen sink. Carry it to the bedroom. May feel silly or nervous carrying a full enema bag down the hallway! Hey get over it. It is healing and health.

Of course you have privacy and are alone at home. Filled full with plain warm water or mild warm soapy water or herbal enema you are getting.

In the bedroom, Hold or hang it a few inches above you. Lay on the bed and take very slowly the full bag enema. This may take a few enemas to work up to getting a full bag.

Relax. Relax! Breathe in and out of open mouth when getting the enema.

if feel a cramp coming on…relax, stop the flow,, relax more…take deep breaths… the start the flow again. It is not a race. Take your time!

after a few enemas you will be able to lay there and retain it for a few minutes.then go expell.

if you are nervous about your first ever enema ask a neighbor friend if she will assist you and give you an enema. Don't be shy. Most likely she has experience giving enemas or wants to learn too.

I did this my first ever enema. Thankfully she had some nursing experience and had given the enema before. I was surprised when she was giving me the enema she told me she does one often and had given them to her boy when he needs one. And she gave to patient ms before in the home.

she told me he is 5 so she uses the bulb on him. When older she told me he will get the bag one.

omg couldn't believe I was talking about the enema with her.

My headache went away right after each enema.

I now get one if a headache comes on. I get a monthly enema no matter what.

Feel good after getting the enema.

Fenugreek, Thyme

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Posted by Melanie B (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 06/29/2011

Fenugreek & Thyme for Migraines

For years I suffered from Migraines. The symptoms I experienced were nausea, light sensitivity, smell sensitivity, and sharp pain on the left temple as well as my eye. To make matters worse this lasted for 2-3 days. I then noticed that it would happen around my menstrual cycle ever month without fail. I couldn't find relief in any over the counter medications. It got to be debilitating. The only thing I could do is lay in bed in a dark quiet room with a cold towel over my head.

One night I said enough is enough, I got up and ran cold water over my head and neck, as I did this the migraine would subside but when I took my head away from the water it would come back. I then remembered being given Fenugreek & Thyme capsules a few months back and decided to give it another try, but this time instead of taking the recommended dose of 1000 mg (700 mg of which was Fenugreek and 300 mg of Thyme), I increased the dosage amount by three and I took 3000 mg.

In 20 minutes my migraine was GONE! All these years of failed over the counter medications and being miserable and all I needed was in an herb. I was able to get a good night's sleep and when I woke in the morning I felt it coming on again so I took 1500mg, but it didn't seem to stop it so I took another 1500mg 30 minutes later and again the migraine disappeared. (I haven't noticed any side effects so far but if anything comes up I will repost).

I hope this helps, and I am happy to add my experience to the community as you all have given me so many great remedies over the years!

Melanie B - of Los Angeles, CA