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Natural Remedies for Migraines

Cumin Seeds
Posted by Dave W (C.t.) on 04/29/2017

Black Cumin oil is the beat all end all for Migraines and many other ailments. You can buy the black seed oil or black Cumin seeds black and black cumin mean the same thing.

There is the one post here on Earth Clinic about the seeds and the lady said her and her mother chew on the seeds. I take the seeds in a table spoon and just smash them w/ another table spoon then just drink water to swallow them. Eat them right off the spoon then make sure to lick the bottom of the other spoon drink at least 12 ounces of water relief is quick like the other woman said. Just a little easier and the seeds don't taste disgusting but they don't taste great either. I have been told by a friend of mine that has been taking Black Cumin for many years if you have the oil or crush the seeds and rub it on you temples and for head this also will help alot.

Soooo many uses for Black Cumin you should research it and be pleasantly surprised.

Cumin Seeds
Posted by Jonathan99 (London, UK) on 08/06/2012

Hi, Sometimes black seed oil can help migraines, the blessed seed should be taken regularly.

The secret lies in its strengthening and rebalancing our all important immune system which is our body's defense against illness. Countless people take the blessed seed to make sure they do not fall down to the flu. Also with cancer on the increase, the ability of this alternative health remedy to clear tumours means that you are safeguarding that you will not get cancer.

Lets hope the blessed seed helps.

Cumin Seeds
Posted by Abeer (Karachi, Pakistan) on 12/26/2007

me and my mother both suffer from severe migrane pains. we both use to take regular medicine to avoid it. then we heard of black seeds. the trick is to chew the seeds raw and then drinking water on it. i and my mother both have been using it, i get instant relief in 10 minutes, my mother was also getting quick relief but now again shes suffering from severe eye migraines. the doctors say that its not curable.. i m really worried. i wish i could find some way of helping her. please inform me of any one has any info or anything to help me find a viable cure for her. thanks.

EC: We wrote Abeer, asking for more details.