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Pickle Juice

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Posted by Mia0621 (Montgomery, Il) on 07/31/2016

My granddaughter is pregnant, and was having severe gallbladder pain. She was in pain for three hours. I was looking for remedies and came across this site. One of the remedies was pickle juice. Gave her approx. 1/4c pickle juice. Within ten minutes her symptoms subsided. Thank you for the info!

Pickle Juice
Posted by April (Pensacola, Fl) on 07/19/2014

Pickle juice did not work for me.. And neither did the apple cider vinegar. Actually... Nothing works for me.

Replied by Elvia

NOTHING has worked for me..having my gallbladder removed in 2 weeks.


I found out the stone is just too big and I take four capsules of magnesium glycinate and I stir it vigorously and water it won't all dissolve but then you drink it as fast as you can you're relaxing the opening is where the stone is stuck. Also if you have any kind of a anxiety medication I take a Ativan also. I'm anxious to try the pickle juice myself maybe pickle juice with some magnesium powder?


I'm keto and I have been for over three years August 2021 was my third year so it's just seems kind of weird that I was having issues at the beginning of the year? Now preparing for a flush I started drinking Malic acid daily I made it into a lemonade and I would drink it daily instead of apple juice to soften my stones. And I thought I had it figured out but boy was I surprised so yes I do eat plenty of fat thank you.

Replied by KT

Dear Elvia,

Do eat any fat at all? After I read the gallbladder needs saturated fat to contract and I started eating butter again for breakfast and not skimping at lunch I didn't have anymore trouble. I have also added coconut oil to my diet each day. Because dairy cows are being fed GMO grasses and grains, I mix butter and coconut oil (about a tsp. of each).

Getting enough animal protein is important. Just one or two medium eggs a day and just two oz. of beef or three ounces of chicken. should help you. I hope you will reconsider the surgery...things could be corrected now by changing your diet.

Adding magnesium to diet is also important.

Wishing you luck,



Trying to avoid fat (the staying slim thing), is a killer for the gallbladder. And slows down bowel movements too, making everything feel worse. A teaspoon of olive oil with my lunch salad or sandwich really sorts things out on the gallbladder/digestive front for me. Then I try to manage the fear of being "fat ":-/ I know....I also use artichoke capsules, peppermint tea and chamomile in case of spastic attacks which come on if I am anxious or repress stuff, or eat a little too much.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

I'd think that over and try more stuff first.

Good fats, B vitamins for digestion+ kefir, milk thistle for liver detox, those stones form in the liver and drop down into the gallbladder, chance piedra for stones, apple cider vinegar for ph, castor oil packs on liver

Throw the sink at it~~~ but try to keep it.

Replied by Steve

Have you tried the Hulda Clark liver/gallbladder flush? Primary ingredients are olive oil, lemon juice, and epsom salt. They definitely will clean out the liver/gb. Google it. Sometimes it can take several flushes to see stones come out if you have. But they will come out eventually with this cleanse.

Replied by Phyllis
(Tuscumbia, Alabama)

The best thing I ever found was here. About two years ago I had a severe attack. I tried all the flushes but couldn't hold any down. What I found here was apple juice and ACV. 3 tablespoons ACV to 6 ounces of apple juice. I used Mott's for Tot's apple juice because it's lite and has very little sugar. I had two cups Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. By mid day I passed a belly full of stones. I sipped on water and apple juice with ACV the rest of the week-end, it was all I could hold down. By Tuesday I couldn't tell I'd had the attack.

M girl

For Tanzie… might research chance piedra on this site

Pickle Juice
Posted by Brandon (Texas) on 01/11/2014

Pickle juice is always something that works quickly for me when having gallbladder attacks. I will try ACV and apple juice next time too, or use it in case the pickle juice doesn't work. If the ACV and apple juice doesn't work for you try drinking about 1/2 cup of straight pickle juice. I hope that information gives someone some relief. Thanks for sharing everyone.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Nikki (Outlandia, Louisiana) on 03/25/2013

I was reading through the ACV and apple juice for quick relief of a gallbladder attack and thought about taking some distilled vinegar when I remembered that I had some pickle juice sitting on my counter. I went with that because I could handle the taste of that better- IMMEDIATE relief. Within 10 minutes capable of laying down to sleep. Going to try the cleanse with Epsom salts here soon. Attacks happen about once or twice a year and always when I have having a crap week or two of eating (fast food breakfast is a weakness). This always reminds me to get back on eating better.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Lucie (Houston, Texas) on 05/01/2012

I had started a juice fast last July and was having great success. Drinking all natural juices does wonders to clean your system. I faltered around day 17 and ate something totally fattening and spent the next 5 hours writhing in pain. I had no idea what was going on. I spent several hours on the internet trying to figure out what was going on. I had never had a gall bladder attack before and so had no idea what it felt like. I just wanted relief! The site I found suggested acv, but I didn't have any, and then I saw a suggestion of drinking a little pickle juice. I had some pickles way in the back of the fridge, long forgotten, would it help? At this point I would have licked the bottom of the refrigerator shelf if someone had told me it would stop the pain! So I drank about half a cup. In less then 5 minutes the pain started to fade. And was nearly gone in 15. I hope this helps someone, I know that when you are in the middle of that pain, any suggestion is a good suggestion. I wouldn't recommend licking the fridge shelf, but hey, only you can judge your desperation!

Replied by Deepa

This was a great idea. It worked exactly in 15 min. Thank you.

Replied by Raven

I currently struggle with gallstones. I am also on my first pregnancy to make it worse. I wake up usually in the middle of the night cringing from pain and my husband stays up with me to ensure our daughter and I are okay. I didn't think there were natural remedies to help the pain. I was given pain medicine but what good would that be being it makes me vomit anywhere from 1-3 depending on how severe the spasm is. Plus I recently developed upper abdominal cramping and little hands and feet kicking and punching me. You could say they are the least bit pleasant so I read this and I'm about like you, if eating dirt would help I would do it. So I thank you for sharing, this my gallbladder will sometimes feel swollen and sore, which it was a few minutes ago when I was reading this, but it isn't anymore. Bless you for sharing what really worked for you, bc it also helped me and mini me.

Replied by John
(Andrews, Tx)

Does the pickle juice type matter?

Replied by Cody
(West Virginia)

I don't really have pain, just severe nausea, plus the morning sickness with it causes an all day vomiting fit everyday. Will pickle juice help with my nausea and vomiting?

Mama to Many

Dear Cody,

Well, you could try pickle juice, but if you are having that much nausea and vomiting with your gallbladder attack, I would encourage you to get a medical opinion to make sure that is the problem.

Check out the gallbladder flush stories here at earth clinic. I was to the point with my gallstones of vomiting. I chose to do gallbladder flushes instead. It took 4 over several months. I still do them once or twice a year. It is not super pleasant but beats surgery for me.

I hope you find something helpful soon!

~Mama to Many~

(faithville, Us)

Cody this is not much information to reply to. Ginger will soothe the gut and little lemon in water. If you are low on salt it can make you nauseas. If you are low bile from producing cortisol from stress~ you will not be able to digest food.

Not sure what you eat but certain foods need different things to break them down. Bromelain, papaya tabs, bile, Hydrochloric acid, microbes from Kefir, magnesium shortage will affect valve in esophagus, and it won't close.

Copper shortage can allow parasites to grow in stomach ~as can low acid. B vitamins are normally created in the gut but if you have an unhealthy gut, it may be hard to absorb a supplement, nutritional yeast is full of B vitamins. If this is auto immune, you may be low water and mineral balance may be off, creating histamine response. Stones are painful, chance Piedra nickname is stonebreaker. Baking soda can be taken ~ dose on box says how much for stomach and immune issues. The liver requires healthy fats to create bile to absorb food. Stress will stop digestion. Soy lecithin granules remove bad fats from organs and feed brain choline and inositol for memory. L taurine removes msg and helps our bodies recover from toxins. Hope you find solution.

I start most days with milk thistle and tall glass of water and end most days with a tall glass of water. Leave water out for an hour uncovered to dissipate chlorine. Sometimes relationships can cause nausea. Could be a bowel blockage in that case an enema or colace, store brand is less expensive. Virus can cause nausea- lysine and zinc. I usually hit any cold like problem with hydrogen peroxide on a q tip in each ear until the fizzle stops and then repeat.

That is a small list of things I have tried, depends on what is the root of the issue. Only you can know that.

Ted's Remedies, Digestive Problems (

Pickle Juice
Posted by Lyn (Huntsville, Ohio) on 11/24/2009

Whenever I felt a gall bladder attack coming on, I would drink about a quarter cup of regular (not kosher) dill pickle juice or eat a lemon and I found that within minutes the pain and nausea were gone.


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Posted by Icia (Manila, Philippines) on 01/18/2012

I found out I had gallstones about 5 months ago. I had to change my lifestyle completely, as a teenager that sucks big time.

The doctor told me to take Buscopan (Over the counter med) when I get an attack, it works SOMETIMES. Its main job is to relax the gallbladder, but then since it is a tablet it takes a LONG time to work, sometimes it never does. :/

When I feel a bit full after a meal I immediately drink YAKULT (a probiotic drink), I dunno why but 90% of time I drink this, I don't get an attack whether I eat something a bit fatty. :) So I hope it works for others too!

Apple juice ACV: I will try this next time I get an attack!

Thank you! :) Hope it works for me! :)

Symptoms of a Gallbladder Attack

Posted by Sammy68 (Cincinnati, Oh) on 08/12/2013

I am not sure if what I'm experiencing is GERD or a gallbladder attack. Approximately 1 month ago I noticed a small, pea-sized knot to the right of my belly button when I pressed down. Whenever I ate meals my stomach felt extremely distended and uncomfortable. This discomfort has since traveled upward and I feel like I have a "lump" at the top of my stomach (even though I cannot feel anything on the outside), just slightly to the left of my ribcage. I have a constant bad taste in the back of my throat. I have been experiencing mild heartburn on occasion. I overall feel very fatigued. I've noticed that coffee and pizza have excerbated this issue. The discomfort traveled upward and intensified right after I quite smoking cigarettes a couple of weeks ago (I am smoking e-cigs, but not near as frequent as I would smoke cigarettes). I have tried drinking apple cider vinegar (with the mother) - 2 T. mixed with apple juice 2x's per day. I've taken Tums... This helps somewhat, however, only for a very short time. Today I actually felt nauseated. Has anyone experienced anything similiar to this? If so, was it GERD or a gallbladder attack? I've read lots of information online and from what I've read, it could be either. I do have an appointment with a Gastroenterologist, but it's not for another week. In the interim, this issue seems to be worsening.

Replied by Marie
(New York)

Hi; I have similar problem and I think it's my gallbladder although I havent had it checked out by a doctor and I probably won't.. What I have been doing is drinking two lemons most days and using cayenne pepper. I have read that cayenne pepper takes the bile out of the gallbladder although I really don't know.. I also use the Apple Cider Vinegar in water everyday... I have to tell you I don't know but my pain is getting less and less and it actually feels like bile is coming out... You have to also watch your diet.. I cannot do a gallbladder cleanse because I take meds but see if you can.

Replied by Steve

If you take Tums or other similar treatments such as galvaston your stomach acid pH will be on the alkaline side and will not break down and digest foods/ fats. Do not think because you have heartburn means your gut is acidic, it's the opposite. Try using Betain hcl or swedish bitters.

Note: majority of heartburn/ reflux products will have aluminum and are dangerous. Use food grade bicarbonate 1tsp in water.

Ted's Lemon Bicarbonate Formula

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Posted by Edlon (Memphis, Tn) on 04/02/2010

after going to the dr.s and being told my gall bladder needed to be removed i tried teds lemon bicarb cure and it worked for me! i used limes instead of lemons and used a 1/4 tsp of baking soda twice a day at first. now i take it once a day or every other day. my gall bladder attacks weren't s bad as i've read and heard about other folk's. anything is worth trying before letting the dr.s cut on you. am glad i found E.C. and ted's help. thanks for being here.

Ted's Lemon Bicarbonate Formula

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Posted by Sandra (BD, WI) on 01/24/2008

I have tried Ted's lemon and baking soda mix (juice of 1 lemon and 1/2 tsp. baking soda in water)' morning and night for two days. I started with diarrhea and then due to pain in the upper right quadrant, started to think it might be related to gallbladder.(I was diagnosed with a slow emptying gall bladder) I think I may have disrupted by acid/base balance by over eating oranges and grapefruits around Christmas and then eating quite a bit of fruit as well. I do get some relief from the pain, but diarrhea is still with me for two plus weeks. I will stay with this treatment for a few more days.

Ted's Lemon Bicarbonate Formula
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 03/08/2007

Yesterday I had several hours of strange, quite intense pain in my abdomen, around the gallbladder. I decided to try Ted's lemon and baking soda alkalizing formula. Within 10 minutes the pain was down 50%. Within an hour it had all but disappeared. I am guessing this was perhaps a gall bladder attack. That was the fastest response I have seen yet with a home remedy. No wonder Ted considers this one to be the best of all the alkalizing formulas... AWESOME! Thanks

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

I am happy to hear about it. A gall bladder needs a lot of bicarbonates during digestion and they are one of the important components. If bicarbs are lacking, a gall bladder problem is possible. The vitamin c content neutralizes excess oxidation, and reduces the pain by both antioxidation and excess acidity which causes gallbladder pain.

Replied by Tamra
(L.a., Ca)


I tried this same lemon and bicarbonate cure when I was having symptoms of gallbladder pain and abdominal fullness. It really did help the pain right away, though it came back a few days later, however it did cause diahrrea for several hours. I have tried this several times now and each time it helps the pain but causes the diahrea. I also have IBS and fibromyalgia, candida I am sure, plus a Hx of cancer,seizures (not recently) and M.S. Don't want to take it daily if it is going to cause diahrrea each day. Is this a bad thing or could it be cleansing in a way I need? Thanks in advance

Tim's Gallbladder Protocol

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 03/17/2015

HI U Timh, , , , , , , , , , Boy, you beginning to sound like the cynic that I am. Life is getting more interesting as I age. The episode last Monday morning I hope was a gall bladder thing . I will soon know because I go to Knoxville for a test to verify if the trauma was my gall bladder. The tests so far show that it was not my heart.

I almost outsmarted myself on this deal. We do sex once a week and I take a couple of L, Arginine capsules to dilate my blood vessels. Can't afford Viagra. Anyway after my bowl of hot chili that night, I got what I thought was indigestion. When that continued then I thought it was a heart attack and took cayenne extract.

The ambulance folks gave me aspirin and nitro. My poor body did not whether to sheet or go blind. My blood pressure tanked and I thought I was gone. I began to tell my wife what to sell, about the funeral, etc.

The ER folks said to hell with a heart attack, you're going into a coma because of your low blood pressure. Anyway, the bad guys always pull through and I did. It did scare my mule.

I have gone through the EC site and learned that you have posted lots on the gall bladder thing. I would like to keep my bladder and would appreciate your comments.

Today, I passed stuff that looked like the cholesterol stones that we pass with a liver flush. I am in earnest with my Rife Machine to address my cancers and I just did an organ cleanse thing.

I worked my butt off in my working days and do not apologize for my expensive health toys.

Timh, you one of the good guys on this site and I would appreciate your comments.


Replied by Timh
2063 posts


I am constantly musing about you and your situation as it has many parallels to my own. This internet forum just linked us up whether or not or how much we enjoy it. I, like most people, especially folks here, suffer from personal pain and it effects our overall constitution; so by your admission I will place more emphasis on ridding the cynicism.

As for the gallbladder, the presence of gallstones can cause many problems, including: indigestion, esophageal reflux, acidosis, constipation, heart arrhytmia, to mention a few. Another interesting note, gallstones can cause fatty liver and visa versa, so one needs to address both. I have chronic fatty liver which requires periodic gallstone treatment. For fatty liver I take lots of b-vits, Carnitine, Methionine, TMG, and Triple Strength Lecithin. Two or three days without Methionine and I grind down to barely functional. Tonight I have realized that I must also get back (3-5 yr break) on the Choline/Inositol (it's on my get list now). These fat burning nutrients are a must for gallstone & fatty liver prevention.

Now, for gallstones themselves, I must admit that I have not the energy & stamina to do a 2 or 3 day cleanse, fortunately consuming Menthol cough drops (usually 6 drops twice a day about once or twice per month) seems to work fairly well; I can feel things opening up and get some needed relief. I have also stumbled upon another treatment that also uses Menthol plus Eucalyptus, and Camphor in the form of Solonpas adhesive strips. In an attempt to eradicate likely Tapeworm Cyst in my liver ( I have two in each cheek or jaw area which is common in cattle and named "bovine measles". Also many older cows gone to butcher have diseased livers full of Tapeworm cyst). Anyway I placed two stripes directly over the gall and took a foot spa. I literally felt the gall opening and heard that gurgle noise. Next night I placed two more strips over the liver this time w/ nothing to report except some bad side effects from the chemical fragrance in the strips. For this reason I do not advise using them, but do encourage the same ingredience found in many otc heat ointment, cream, or gel for sore muscles and joints. Make yourself a compress with a big dab of this heat gel placed directly over the gall. These ingredience (Camphor/Menthol/Eucalyptus) literally melt cholesterol gallstones. Try 1 treatment per day for at least three days.

Back to a personal observation, I, like yourself as you have reported, face event upon event of bad health challenges and some near death in nature. Out of nowhere something just knocks me down, I make necessary adjustments (treatments & remedies) and come back around, seeming like yourself. So, it is good that you are open about your situation and myself & others can lend a helping hand as you also do the same for others.

On a serious note, aside from your humor and with the odds seemingly stacked against us, from what I have been learning lately, it is best to not reincarnate fallowing our departure from this body & earth. It is advised to not sign on to any agreements from what appears to be angles but are really malevolent creatures with great sorcery power that will erase your mind of previous lives and throw you back to earth in servitude of their dark agenda (slavery planet).

My apologies for being overly serious, maybe I am agitated from learning a fellow classmate was found in the cold creek dead, after several days missing. He had confessed to relatives of suicide. They found his vehicle at a pretty country church by the river with an open Bible. I feel so bad that he needed some help but I was nowhere to be found.

Tonic Water

Posted by Lucy (Us) on 04/22/2018

Tonic water is a miracle for gallbladder attacks (for me, at least). Apparently the quinine stops the gallbladder from contracting (hence the discomfort).


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Posted by Ozzy (Orlando, Florida) on 01/25/2015

What seems to bring on my gall bladder attacks are: hot melted cheese, heavy creme, spicy mexican food, hot chocolate.

Best remedies: organic apple cider with apple cider vinegar, warmed up but not hot.

1 apple grated and mixed with 1-2 inch grated ginger root. (Both grated with a micro-plane grater)

20 drops of peppermint oil in warm peppermint tea.

Use one of these combinations but if you don't feel much better you can try any of the other remedies.

I recommend the grated apple-ginger in addition to any of these remedies.

Posted by Jill (Texas, US) on 11/01/2014

Fried foods seem to be my big trigger. But, I have found that when I feel an attack coming on, usually within thirty minutes of eating, I can drink two bottles of water, quickly, and it will greatly reduce the pain and it will eventually go away all together. Short of that, I don't eat much in large portions.

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