Gallbladder Attack
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Gallbladder Attack Remedies

| Modified on Jan 21, 2024
Posted by Carol (Georgetown, USA) on 01/21/2024

Gallbladder Attack

Eating oatmeal will push the bile through the bile tube and clean out the blocked stone. I have done this and it worked.

Symptoms of a Gallbladder Attack
Posted by Steve (Uk) on 11/25/2023

If you take Tums or other similar treatments such as galvaston your stomach acid pH will be on the alkaline side and will not break down and digest foods/ fats. Do not think because you have heartburn means your gut is acidic, it's the opposite. Try using Betain hcl or swedish bitters.

Note: majority of heartburn/ reflux products will have aluminum and are dangerous. Use food grade bicarbonate 1tsp in water.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Art (California) on 11/19/2023 2076 posts

For those definitely planning on having a CT scan, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from the ionizing radiation from the CT scan is to take melatonin before the CT scan as discussed here : present study showed that, exposure to IR in radiology.

Here is a relevant quote from the article :

' The present study showed that melatonin will prove effective in radioprotection against ionizing radiation (IR)-induced DNA damage in human lymphocytes. Our results suggest ingestion of 100-mg melatonin by patients before exposure to IR in radiology. '

In my opinion, it would also be a good idea to take a lower dose of melatonin for at least two weeks after the CT scan because the ionizing radiation effects remain after the test and melatonin is likely to ameliorate those effects in the body.


Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Brett RN (Hawaii) on 11/18/2023

Bill, something you might consider before recommending a CT scan for ANYTHING other than a life threatening emergency: CT scans are NOT 'SAFE" and should never be done unless it is absolutely necessary, when we consider the ionizing radiation that just one CT scam subjects the body to...this ionizing radiation NEVER LEAVES THE BODY, it builds up over a lifetime and ultimately causes so much damage that the person falls victim to any number of diseases and disorders. Ultrasound is safe and can see gallstones easily, for all other issues an MRI is the best option unless the patient has metals (ferrous) in them. CAT scans were never intended to be used so often and with so little disregard for the health of the CT is 2000 to 5000 regular the math. This is totally unsafe and unwise unless you are in an emergency trauma/accident and they need to see skull/spine really fast to save you.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Marni (Ontario) on 11/09/2023

Hi Eleana, 4 oz. is NOT 1.1 litres. There are roughly 33 oz. in a litre so 4 oz. is less than 1/8 of a litre.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Peter (Chicago) on 10/19/2023

Bill, my wife has a transplant kidney, (CP). Are you aware of any interaction with kidney rejection drugs (Tacrolimus)?

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 10/16/2023

Not stones, Gary, or pain. Polyps seen on an ultrasound.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 10/15/2023

Hi mmsg

Yes, I had kidney stones and took 1 in morning and 1 evening and it took 6 weeks and no more pain. On the bottle it says about gallbladder. It worked for me..

Best wishes,


Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 10/15/2023

Bill, or anyone else, would you know if chanca piedra would remove or minimize gallbladder polyps?

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/14/2023

A direct reason and cause for gallbladder attacks can be due to gallstones. And if you want to spend some money to confirm that, you can perhaps arrange a CT scan with your doc.

But if it were me and I was having painful gallbladder attacks, the first thing I would do would be to supplement Chanca piedra(Phyllanthus niruri) as capsules at 1000mgs after every meal until the gallbladder attacks stop. Or, if you prefer, you can get another CT scan to confirm that you no longer have gallstones.

I must also be totally honest with you and confess that I am completely biased wrt supplementing Chanca piedra because it is such a magnificently beneficial herb and that's why it is one of my all-time favourite herbs! Reasons? Because Chanca piedra is probably the best blood purifier out there; because it ALWAYS successfully dissolves and removes gallstones and kidney stones painlessly within a week or so; because it kills certain viruses -- like Hepatitis A, B & C, Herpes virus and HIV -- by blocking the reverse transcriptase enzyme that is so essential for viral replication; because it strongly protects both the liver and kidneys; because it safely lowers fats, calcium and sugar in the blood; because it reduces blood pressure and is good for the heart; because it's an alkaline-forming herb -- and alot more besides. You can read all the research evidence here:

Chanca piedra Usage and Research

For the last two months I've been experimenting with Chanca piedra(CP). I've been supplementing half a teaspoon of CP powder(approx 2 gms) as a tea or in my coffee twice a day. It's a bitter tasting herb but that doesn't really bother me when I think of all the benefits of CP. And from all the research and in case you are wondering -- Chanca piedra has no known upper dose limit.

I've been taking CP regularly for the last two months at the dosages and frequency stated above and this has successfully brought my blood pressure down from 80/180(with occasional dizzy spells) down to 70/123(no more dizzy spells) in just 2 months.

I intend to continue taking Chanca piedra daily for the long term because it's such a wonderful and safe blood purifier. I'm an old guy, so it makes complete sense for me to use a blood purifier like Chanca piedra as a preventative -- as I get older -- to help me avoid high blood pressure, high cholesterol while also helping to continually remove or prevent calcium-based "stones", which also includes preventing the formation of calcium-based blood clots. CP can also be used for dissolving uric acid crystals causing gout because it is alkaline-forming in the blood.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Elizabeth (CA) on 10/14/2023

Yes, it will either say "whole leaf" or "inner fillet." If you have an aloe vera plant, cut off the spine on a leaf and then crosswise into about 2" pieces, soak in cool water for about 30 minutes to allow the yellow latex to seep out. Cut off the peel, place 2-3 pieces in blender with about 1c. of water, blend and drink. To prepare beforehand, prepare aloe vera plant as above (a large leaf). Puree in blender (WITHOUT water), freeze in small amounts. This is great to add to smoothies.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Elizabeth (CA) on 10/14/2023

4oz is 0.12 liter

Avoid Lettuce
Posted by Marsh (Colo) on 10/01/2023

I didn't realize lettuce could cause gallbladder issues in some people. My sweet Dad was uncomfortable after eating salads and here I was fixing healthy salads when we visited to minimize the fried foods his wife fixed. At 86 he was in such agony, his gallbladder was removed. Nightmare. One evening we had pizza, the next morning he had bacon, eggs, butter on toast at our favorite restaurant. He ran to the restroom and didn't come out. I had to ask for the key. Bless his heart, it was a horrible mess, and he was horribly embarrassed. The moral of this story is watch your fat intake if you don't have a gallbladder, keep your body alkaline, and watch your fat intake. Off to buy chanca piedra

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Marilene (TN) on 09/04/2023

I wonder if you have a functional gallbladder disorder. I believe that is what we are dealing with. It can happen as a result of viruses (covid/spike proteins) from the reading I'm doing now. It can happen in adults and children. Traditional solutions don't work well for this disorder, however, I believe by treating it with high dose vitamin C and being careful not to aggravate with fat, along with lots of prayer, we will see healing around the corner. It can take up to 3 months for this to resolve so do not get gallbladder removed before that point!

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by sandi (san diego, ca) on 07/17/2023

Is "inner leaf" usually on the label? How does one know if we are buying inner leaf or not.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Francesca (London) on 07/09/2023

Trying to avoid fat (the staying slim thing), is a killer for the gallbladder. And slows down bowel movements too, making everything feel worse. A teaspoon of olive oil with my lunch salad or sandwich really sorts things out on the gallbladder/digestive front for me. Then I try to manage the fear of being "fat ":-/ I know....I also use artichoke capsules, peppermint tea and chamomile in case of spastic attacks which come on if I am anxious or repress stuff, or eat a little too much.

Two Types of Gallbladder Attacks
Posted by marsh (Colorado) on 06/13/2023

Hi Timh,

Would you share your homemade mixture? Thanks!

Flax Seeds
Posted by George (Middlesex) on 02/20/2023

Well I bought flax seeds to use after having my gallbladder removed, pity I only found out now, as I was wondering no coffee after surgery, apple juice is fine but not from concentrate, so the dilemma goes on what to eat and drink and what not to eat and drink, but I did ask Google so I'll give it a bash, hope this reaches as I see most comments come from the states, this is a reply from the UK so thanks for the input, yes hospitalised twice with a Flare up of the gallbladder, hope other people take time to read the post you ladies have put on Google.
Many Thanks

Castor Oil Packs
Posted by Sunny (Sunny CA) on 12/31/2022

I used to do it that way, now I just cut a plastic the size I need, lay it on the bathroom counter, and bend over placing the piece of plastic I poured as much castor oil on as would hold. I place a light towel over the plastic and lay with a heating pad. Easy and less castor oil waste. I use organic oil. Can be costly.

Ox Bile
Posted by Lauren (Tacoma, WA) on 10/04/2022

Ox bile is so inhumane. You can get same results with Tudca.

Peppermint Essential Oil, ACV
Posted by KB (Western Australia) on 06/20/2022

On the body over the pain area, rub peppermint essential oil to move the gallstones from the outside. It will penetrate into the body and help move the stones. I did this along with taking freshly juiced green apple juice and apple cider vinegar. Worked a treat.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 05/14/2022

Cody this is not much information to reply to. Ginger will soothe the gut and little lemon in water. If you are low on salt it can make you nauseas. If you are low bile from producing cortisol from stress~ you will not be able to digest food.

Not sure what you eat but certain foods need different things to break them down. Bromelain, papaya tabs, bile, Hydrochloric acid, microbes from Kefir, magnesium shortage will affect valve in esophagus, and it won't close.

Copper shortage can allow parasites to grow in stomach ~as can low acid. B vitamins are normally created in the gut but if you have an unhealthy gut, it may be hard to absorb a supplement, nutritional yeast is full of B vitamins. If this is auto immune, you may be low water and mineral balance may be off, creating histamine response. Stones are painful, chance Piedra nickname is stonebreaker. Baking soda can be taken ~ dose on box says how much for stomach and immune issues. The liver requires healthy fats to create bile to absorb food. Stress will stop digestion. Soy lecithin granules remove bad fats from organs and feed brain choline and inositol for memory. L taurine removes msg and helps our bodies recover from toxins. Hope you find solution.

I start most days with milk thistle and tall glass of water and end most days with a tall glass of water. Leave water out for an hour uncovered to dissipate chlorine. Sometimes relationships can cause nausea. Could be a bowel blockage in that case an enema or colace, store brand is less expensive. Virus can cause nausea- lysine and zinc. I usually hit any cold like problem with hydrogen peroxide on a q tip in each ear until the fizzle stops and then repeat.

That is a small list of things I have tried, depends on what is the root of the issue. Only you can know that.

Ted's Remedies, Digestive Problems (

Pickle Juice
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 05/14/2022

Dear Cody,

Well, you could try pickle juice, but if you are having that much nausea and vomiting with your gallbladder attack, I would encourage you to get a medical opinion to make sure that is the problem.

Check out the gallbladder flush stories here at earth clinic. I was to the point with my gallstones of vomiting. I chose to do gallbladder flushes instead. It took 4 over several months. I still do them once or twice a year. It is not super pleasant but beats surgery for me.

I hope you find something helpful soon!

~Mama to Many~

Pickle Juice
Posted by Cody (West Virginia) on 05/13/2022

I don't really have pain, just severe nausea, plus the morning sickness with it causes an all day vomiting fit everyday. Will pickle juice help with my nausea and vomiting?

Posted by Pay It Forward (PNW) on 03/12/2022

Sunflower Lecithin powder works great. I use a personal blender to combine it into a hot herbal tea 2X daily (1 Tbsp ea). Granules blend easier but are challenging to find. I would buy a bag at my local health store but then I moved and need to find a new source. Back to the powder.

Artichokes and Beets
Posted by Ellen (USA) on 02/05/2022

My wellness Doctor suggested eating artichokes and beets daily with a little olive oil. Seems all 3 work! No more gallbladder attacks.

Foods That Trigger Gallbladder Attacks
Posted by Lynn (Orange County, CA) on 01/16/2022

Hi Kelly,

I would try eating like a baby. Green smoothies & veggie soup without oils and fats. If you have a blender you can boil some zucchini, garlic cloves, celery and leek and once it's soft blend up the soup in the blender and add salt and pepper. Your body can heal faster when it does not have to work so hard on digestion. I feel better after a week of doing this kind of eating, I think my body absorbs the nutrients better this way.

Pickle Juice
Posted by M girl (Md) on 10/13/2021

For Tanzie… might research chance piedra on this site

Pickle Juice
Posted by Tanzie (Ca) on 10/13/2021

I'm keto and I have been for over three years August 2021 was my third year so it's just seems kind of weird that I was having issues at the beginning of the year? Now preparing for a flush I started drinking Malic acid daily I made it into a lemonade and I would drink it daily instead of apple juice to soften my stones. And I thought I had it figured out but boy was I surprised so yes I do eat plenty of fat thank you.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Tanzie (Ca) on 10/13/2021

I found out the stone is just too big and I take four capsules of magnesium glycinate and I stir it vigorously and water it won't all dissolve but then you drink it as fast as you can you're relaxing the opening is where the stone is stuck. Also if you have any kind of a anxiety medication I take a Ativan also. I'm anxious to try the pickle juice myself maybe pickle juice with some magnesium powder?

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Sauce
Posted by Eleana (Sweden) on 03/22/2021

Why is it AC is working this fast? What does it do? Is it dilating the system? Does anyone know?

And yes, it works. On my 5th week with gallbladder pain. Doc cant see anything specific on his scan but then again not a specialist. Perhaps one passing and some in the gallbladder. Now prohibited to get a second scan or any treatment coz I will not take a test to see if I am sick with a cold!!

Must deal with it myself. blood tests were normal for the liver. Amylase a bit low - but doc will not elaborate! CRP- very very low - no infection.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Eleana (Sweden) on 03/22/2021

Aloe juice - how do you make it? If you take the inner fillet - that's a thick substance. Do you add water to it?

4 oz that would be 1.1 litre - that's a lot.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lettuce
Posted by Eleana (Sweeden) on 03/22/2021

Do you know why? Why lettuce can make it worse? I eat a lot of veggies with lettuce - we just call it lettuce - It is mainly spinach and red cabbage and ruccula - which should be good because of the bitterness.

Ox Bile
Posted by dashiell123 (Los Angeles, CA) on 03/11/2021

Hi I had sludge in my gallbladder which was causing a lot of discomfort. After taking ACV to manage the pain, the doctor suggested taking Urso, OX Bile to reduce the amount of sludge. Within two months after taking Ursodiol and Taurine twice a day, I did an ultrasound and the sludge was gone. I am also managing my diet by avoiding fats, oils, dairy, and other triggers. I do not need to continue the Urso and Taurine anymore but may need to take it the sludge comes back. I am so thankful for this site and for everyone's generosity in sharing their tips for managing their ailments.

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Sauce
Posted by Pat McG. (Nj ) on 12/02/2020

If you don't have apple juice, squeeze a lemon in water and then add the tbl. of Apple cider vinegar...worked in minutes for me.

Aloe Vera Juice
Posted by Srj1214 (Cleburne, Texas) on 10/22/2020

I'm surprised that I don't see Aloe Vera juice listed for relief of Gallbladder attack. It's the only thing I've found that helps me. When I feel pain in my gallbladder area I drink 4 oz of aloe vera juice. (It needs to be "inner leaf" to prevent laxative effect). Within just a few minutes I can actually feel my gallbladder emptying and the pain and nausea are relieved.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/17/2018 50 posts

You're so welcome, let me know if you have the chance, how things are going for you!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Karen (Arkansas ) on 11/17/2018

Thank you very much for your help!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Karen (Arkansas ) on 11/17/2018

Thank you so much. I will try the lecithin to keep on hand. I'm just 6 days from surgery, and eating far-so good. No digestion problem yet, just getting all the poisons out of system from all the drugs from the surgery.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/17/2018 50 posts

Hello Karen, I'm pretty new here and haven't suffered with what you are going through, but I love this site. There is so much information, and best of all, it's from people that have actually had the ailments, and tried the many different types of remedies. Here is a link I found regarding the gallbladder removal. I hope it has something helpful to you, Denise:

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sue (Ohio) on 11/16/2018

I agree that fats are needed. My mother ate moderately after her emergency gallbladder surgery and never had any more trouble.

You could try a lecithin supplement with meals with more than a touch of fat in them. Lecithin helps to break down fat.


Dietary Changes
Posted by Karen (North Little Rock, Arkansas) on 11/15/2018

I just had my gallbladder removed in emergency surgery, and told to be on a low fat diet. I want to do well, but I know we need some good fats, and heard bad things about low fat diets. Any help and suggestions would be very appreciated.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Amy (Princeton, Ma) on 09/15/2018

In the throws of my second gall bladder attack and in complete desperation, I found this site. So skeptical that apple cider vinegar would be able to do anything to stop this pain. Drank two tablespoons of ACV in 8oz. of ginger ale, and 20 minutes later relief!!!! I cannot believe it worked! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Tonic Water
Posted by Lucy (Us) on 04/22/2018

Tonic water is a miracle for gallbladder attacks (for me, at least). Apparently the quinine stops the gallbladder from contracting (hence the discomfort).

Betaine HCL
Posted by Xanadu (Memphis) on 11/04/2017

It is weird that you would say B6 helps with gallbladder attacks in that on the very day (yesterday, 11/3/17) I started taking vitamin B6 for other issues I had an attack that evening. I didn't know what is was at first because the pain was moving all over the place, right mid abdomen, right side at waist, left side at waist, under right ribs into right waist, even the pelvic area, and then sort of concentrated in the right waist. I wondered if the large amount of grass fed butter I had eaten on an ear of corn had anything to do with it, so looking up info on the gallbladder it talked about biliary colic which can have different causes, among them the gallbladder or even the heart, and the pain can radiate to different areas along with the nausea and lightheadedness. So to hopefully pin down if it was my gallbladder I came here to remind myself what I had done in the past from the methods here for my gallbladder and since I had no apple juice I just mixed up some ACV with the live mother in water with stevia to sweeten to taste and an hour later I was much better. This morning I am still a little nauseated and weak so I will continue the treatment. I am going to take another B6 and hope it doesn't aggravate the condition.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Phyllis (Tuscumbia, Alabama) on 08/28/2017

The best thing I ever found was here. About two years ago I had a severe attack. I tried all the flushes but couldn't hold any down. What I found here was apple juice and ACV. 3 tablespoons ACV to 6 ounces of apple juice. I used Mott's for Tot's apple juice because it's lite and has very little sugar. I had two cups Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. By mid day I passed a belly full of stones. I sipped on water and apple juice with ACV the rest of the week-end, it was all I could hold down. By Tuesday I couldn't tell I'd had the attack.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 08/27/2017

Have you tried the Hulda Clark liver/gallbladder flush? Primary ingredients are olive oil, lemon juice, and epsom salt. They definitely will clean out the liver/gb. Google it. Sometimes it can take several flushes to see stones come out if you have. But they will come out eventually with this cleanse.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Usa) on 08/27/2017

I'd think that over and try more stuff first.

Good fats, B vitamins for digestion+ kefir, milk thistle for liver detox, those stones form in the liver and drop down into the gallbladder, chance piedra for stones, apple cider vinegar for ph, castor oil packs on liver

Throw the sink at it~~~ but try to keep it.

Pickle Juice
Posted by KT (Usa) on 08/27/2017

Dear Elvia,

Do eat any fat at all? After I read the gallbladder needs saturated fat to contract and I started eating butter again for breakfast and not skimping at lunch I didn't have anymore trouble. I have also added coconut oil to my diet each day. Because dairy cows are being fed GMO grasses and grains, I mix butter and coconut oil (about a tsp. of each).

Getting enough animal protein is important. Just one or two medium eggs a day and just two oz. of beef or three ounces of chicken. should help you. I hope you will reconsider the surgery...things could be corrected now by changing your diet.

Adding magnesium to diet is also important.

Wishing you luck,


Pickle Juice
Posted by Elvia (Texas) on 08/26/2017

NOTHING has worked for me..having my gallbladder removed in 2 weeks.

Posted by Nick (Hobart, Tasmania) on 08/24/2017

Yes, I agree cutting dairy seems to work. I take Vits C D E along with lecithin depending on the meal. I have capsules and the granules. I also take flaxseed, milk thistle granules mostly daily which helps the liver too.

Chocoloate, dairy and fried foods seem to be my triggers - and eggs although if I space my poached egg meals out I seem to get away with it. I only drink almond milk now (rarely skim milk unless I have to).

Plenty of leafy greens and veg, ginger and ACV is good too.

Apple Juice
Posted by Ursa (St. Petersburg Florida) on 09/11/2016

I started getting gallbladder attacks years ago. It was a terrifying, painful, and miserable experience. I learned about apple juice and began drinking it daily. I stopped having attacks. A few years went by and I pretty much forgot that I used to get attacks so regularly. I fell out of my apple juice habit. A few months later I had the worst attack I had ever had. It was paralyzing and I was busy at work and couldn't do anything about it for two hours. I used apple juice with a shot of apple cider vinegar and the attack stopped immediately. I did this plus unmixed apple juice the rest of the day. I passed a lot of stones but the pain was gone. I've been on daily apple juice since and have never had any further attacks. This time, I won't forget and won't fall out of the habit. I keep organic apple juice well stocked in my pantry and never allow myself to even get down to even my last two bottles. It's worth keeping it well stocked. I don't put vinegar in it for this. My daily maintenance is just a glass of straight apple juice, sometimes I have a small glass of juice and a small serving of apple sauce but I don't find it necessary to go apple crazy to keep the attacks away. It really doesn't take much when done daily.

Milk Thistle, Dandelion
Posted by Beverly (Elkhart, In) on 08/29/2016

My daughter had gallbladder attacks for at least a good 3 years, she bent over in pain, she finally started taking milk thistle capsules 1000 mg each capsule, along with dandelion root capsules 3 times a day together for the first week and pooped out green stuff, she kept taking these two things for two weeks and her pain went away, and now she can eat anything and her gallbladder will not give her any more pain, here it is August 2016 and she is doing well.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Mia0621 (Montgomery, Il) on 07/31/2016

My granddaughter is pregnant, and was having severe gallbladder pain. She was in pain for three hours. I was looking for remedies and came across this site. One of the remedies was pickle juice. Gave her approx. 1/4c pickle juice. Within ten minutes her symptoms subsided. Thank you for the info!

Posted by Anne333 (Ny) on 03/17/2016

Did you use iceberg as well? I am having an attack now, first one in over a year after missing my lemon juice for 2 days. The only lettuce I have in the house right now is baby romaine.. :/

Posted by Jean (Sd) on 02/27/2016

Some find lettuce aggravates a gall bladder issue. I would use romaine though if I were to try lettuce. Organic, if possible. Have you tried apple cider vinegar?

Posted by Sandra (Chicago, Il) on 02/26/2016

What kind of lettuce works best, iceberg, romaine, or is there a certain kind you would recommend for gallstone attacks?

Apple Juice
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 02/04/2016

I wonder if you have a gallstone stuck in the bile duct? If you have tried the Apple Cider Vinegar in juice or water remedy and you are still in severe pain like that, I think I would go to the ER.

~Mama to Many~

Apple Juice
Posted by Aimee (Henderson, Nevada ) on 02/04/2016

Panting from gallstones, need immediate relief from severe pain radiating to kidneys and chest and back help.

Orange Juice
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/29/2016 2076 posts


Thanks for posting that. Can you say what orange juice you used how much you drank and if it was warm or cold to alleviate the pain?


Posted by Denise (Kelowna, Bc) on 01/29/2016

After 25 years of suffering periodic, severe attacks of abdominal pain, I have finally figured out it has been my gallbladder. For relief, I have been relying on activated charcoal tablets (can buy at most natural food stores). After I feel the first twinge, I take 2, then two more every 30 minutes until the pain subsides. It doesn't work immediately, but it definitely helps. I don't go anywhere with charcoal.

Orange Juice
Posted by Frank (Santa Rosa ) on 01/28/2016

Gallbladder Attack:

What makes my pain go away is orange juice. Within 10 to 15 seconds, yes seconds, my pain is gone. The nurse at Kaiser was amazed how it made the pain go away. That's after being doubled over in pain. Blew the doctor away too.

Ginger Tea
Posted by Leigh (Australia) on 01/11/2016

I had bad gallbladder pains after meals and found that training myself to eat slowly and chew well stopped them. Simple I know but it worked for me.

Pickle Juice
Posted by John (Andrews, Tx) on 01/09/2016

Does the pickle juice type matter?

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Sauce
Posted by Michael (Troy, Michigan) on 12/23/2015

Thank you! I had the ACV but no apple juice. I saw your post and remembered my wife bought applesauce a few days ago. Ten minutes later and the pain is 90% gone.

Pickle Juice
Posted by Raven (Ga) on 11/08/2015

I currently struggle with gallstones. I am also on my first pregnancy to make it worse. I wake up usually in the middle of the night cringing from pain and my husband stays up with me to ensure our daughter and I are okay. I didn't think there were natural remedies to help the pain. I was given pain medicine but what good would that be being it makes me vomit anywhere from 1-3 depending on how severe the spasm is. Plus I recently developed upper abdominal cramping and little hands and feet kicking and punching me. You could say they are the least bit pleasant so I read this and I'm about like you, if eating dirt would help I would do it. So I thank you for sharing, this my gallbladder will sometimes feel swollen and sore, which it was a few minutes ago when I was reading this, but it isn't anymore. Bless you for sharing what really worked for you, bc it also helped me and mini me.

Linda Clark's Remedies
Posted by Tassi (Berkeley, Ca) on 10/09/2015

From Linda Clark's 1976 book, "Natural Remedies, A Handbook, " Chapter 18: "Gall Bladder Problems" (pp 204-213)

[Excerpts I transcribed from printed text, in the order the items appear in the book. Of particular interest to me were the simple versions of the now-popular Liver/Gallbladder Flush, popularized online as the Hulda Clark flush, with many versions available on, and in books by Andreas Moritz et al.]


An underfunctioning gall bladder can lead to a host of surprising problems ... including ... edema of the ankles

yellowish skin, crankiness and irritability

...after gall-bladder removal by surgery ... symptoms returned

Many gall bladder sufferers are breakfast skippers ... you need something solid in the morning to start your gall bladder churning. The best thing you can take for breakfast is bran in some form ... "it sweeps the degenerated bile salts out of the colon and the vast majority of patients report relief of symptoms."

...the main goal is to keep that bile flowing. John E. Eichenlaub, M.D. says, "You can usually get a lazy gall bladder into action simply by taking one or two tablespoons of olive oil before each meal. This starts the flow of bile before the rest of the food enters the stomach. Although you may get a bit more indigestion from the oil for the first few days, you should see marked improvement inside two weeks ... Fried foods, pork, rich pastries and gravies, etc., must go. Replace cream with half-and-half ...

It may be that you cannot begin with as much oil as Dr. Eichenlaub recommends. If not, try less and work upward. Follow the oil with, or take it in, some tart juice and it will be easier to get down. Although all oils help, there seems to be an affinity between olive oil and the gall bladder.

Don't be afraid of eating eggs daily. The yolks contain lecithin. (Nutritionist) Adelle Davis said "... a high lecithin content of bile would appear to be vitally important in preventing gallstones."

the Lancet admitted, "Two preventive measures for gallstones are sunflower seeds and brewer's yeast."

...Beet tops ... have been found to increase bile flow ... Chamomile tea made from the plant's blossoms is reported as definitely a help in speeding up the flow of bile. Russian black radish tablets appear to do the same thing.
... One friend was told by her doctor ... "surgery may be necessary! " .. she tried the natural way. She drank chamomile tea daily, took Russian black radish tablets, cut down her fat intake of cream, butter, etc... I questioned her three years later and she said that her gall bladder disturbance subsided promptly on this program, and today she has forgotten that she even has a gall bladder.

... causes: sluggish bile flow due to starvation diet, birth control pills, Vitamin C deficiency, Vit E deficiency, low-fat diet, low-cholesterol diet.... method of not dissolving, but removing gallstones... I have known both patients and doctors who have used this method, sometimes after ascertaining by X-rays that the stone (or stones) can pass through the duct easily. I heard a chief surgeon of a large NYC hospital suggest this method to a relative of mine, as well as a college friend of his, before trying surgery. The doctor had seen good results when the method had been used by another physician. The method, often called a folk remedy, has different versions. The more common is as follows:

At bedtime, combine 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon or grapefruit juice. Stir vigorously and gulp down the entire mixture without delay. Go to bed immediately and stay there, since nausea may, or may not develop. In the morning drink a cup of something hot and, if you wish, place a strainer under you when you have the first bowel movement. You may find small pebble-like stones. A variation of this theme substitutes apple juice for the lemon or grapefruit juice, as well as substituting apple juice every two hours for any solid food for two days before taking the oil-juice formula. This approach is said not only to dissolve stones, but to clean out the gall bladder of its old, thick, congested bile as well. The malic acid in the apple juice is given credit for the good effects. However, the oil apparently has value, too.

One case history described a man who took one full cup of olive oil at a time and always passed gallstones the next morning. He found that by later taking calcium and magnesium the oil treatment no longer produced gallstones. This may be explained by the magnesium which has also been credited with dissolving kidney stones.

Gallstones have been dissolved in rabbits by giving them not olive, but cod liver oil in large quantities...

Less dramatic measures have been used. Adelle Davis has cited studies in which Vitamins A and E have dissolved the old stones, as well as prevented new ones. Don't forget to include lecithin, too, in some form...

And don't sell chamomile tea short! Not only is it reputed to increase the flow of bile, but it has long been known to dissolve gallstones. Culpeper the herbalist, who lived from 1616 to 1654 wrote "That it is excellent for the stone, appears in this which I have seen tried, viz., tha a stone that hath been taken out of the body of a man, being wrapped in camomile, will in time dissolve, and in a little time, too".

The late Claudia V. James, in her little book, That Old Green Magic, " tells how a man gave her a few of the 64 gallstones he had had removed by surgery. He told her she couldn't dissolve them with chamomile, since he and his wife had been hitting them with a big hammer and couldn't even break them. Claudia James, determined to prove Culpeper's statement, set up her own experiment.

She made a solution of fourteen chamomile flowers (as found in dried tea form at health stores) in one tablespoon of boiling water, poured it into a small glass and dropped two of the gallstones into it. The next day the stones were in four pieces, in five days they were like gravel, and in ten days were completely dissolved.


...avoid eating large meals... drink enough water. Dr Eichenlaub says, "... Studies show that gall bladder sufferers seldom put water on the table and drink much less fluid than other people."

...stress... tension

tension can constrict the gall bladder muscles, and this interferes with bile flow.

... exercise is a must. "walk at least 2 miles a day, or equivalent of other similar exercise....stone formation occurs mainly in people who remain physically inactive....

Hot Bath for Gallbladder Pain
Posted by Rebekah (France) on 08/07/2015

Just had my first attack in a few years, finally stopped the pain by lying in the hottest bath I could stand and hugging my knees to my chest. Also put Epsom salts in the water but no idea if that contributed. I tried drinking the ACV with lemon & lime juice diluted in about 6 oz. of warm water about 10 minutes before the bath, that may of helped as well, although I didn't get immediate relief like other posters said they did.

General Feedback
Posted by Sam (Miami) on 07/03/2015

Your doctor is wrong. Being on a fat free or low fat diet is detrimental to one's health.

General Feedback
Posted by Steve (Nevada) on 07/03/2015

The best way to heal the gallbladder is to do gallbladder and liver cleanses:

For immediate relief of gallbladder attack pain drink a cup of warm water with a TBSP of epsom salt dissolved in it. Lay on your right side with your knees pulled up for about an hour or more. This will open up the ducts in the liver and gallbladder and release some of the stones and sludge that is causing the pain. Doing the full cleanse will get rid of lots of stones and truly get to the root of the issue.

General Feedback
Posted by Amy (Wales) on 07/02/2015

Hi all just thought I would share this with u... I have been suffering with gallbladder attacks for around 3 months now (since having a baby). The pain has been so bad I have been to A+E 3times out of 4. The 1st 2 times they couldnt find what was wrong - but finaly seen another 2doctors about it and they said it is my gallbladder! Anyway... He told me to go on a 0% fat diet and has prescribed me with Buscopan. Buscopan is mylife savour.... Basicly the doctor explained that GB attacks are like have painfull cramping (contractions) ext.... and what Buscopan does it stops your GB from doing this. I would definitely recommend it... I also am very weary of what I eat now as I paranoid I am going to have an attack at any time! Knowing mine last around 24hours + and unbearable, At the moment I am waiting for a letter for a scan on my organs... And if it is 100% my GB which they say it is atm I will be having my gb removed... sooo I would keep going back to ur gp if your still suffering.

Ps I have been told that things like dairy products set off an attack so mayby try cutting that down to see if it helps ?