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White Vinegar in Orange Juice

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Posted by Chad (Pennsylvania) on 06/21/2013
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My wife had a severe attack and the pain was killing her she said worse than giving birth and we didn't have any apple juice or Apple Cider Vinegar and it was late so no stores were open but I did have two oranges and some white vinegar so I made her some fresh squeezed oj with white vinegar and within 5 minutes the pain was gone. It was absolutely amazing. Thanks for all the different posts, it was a life saver.

Replied by Dee
(Mel, Australia)

That's so amazing!!!! How much vinegar did you add in a glass of orange juice. Your answer can help many out here in Pain. So please reply soon. Thank you.

Replied by Nancy
(Visalia, Ca)
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The Orange juice with vinegar really did take my pain away. I only put a little bit of vinegar and it did the trick so happy that I didn't have to go to the hospital again :)

White Wine

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Posted by Dianne (Graham, WA) on 03/28/2008
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I have had a gall bladder pain attack 6 out of the last 7 days. On Wed. night I went to a retirement party for our VP that had an open bar. I ordered a glass of White Wine (Chardonney to be exact) and within 20 mins. the pain I was having went away. And yesterday I had another attack so when I got home I put a bottle of Reisling in the freezer for about 20 mins. and then poured myself a glass. Again within about 20 mins of beginning to drink it the pain went away. Not why this seems to help the pain. Could it be the acidity in it, kind of like the Apple Cider vinegar?? I know this isn't a long term remedy and will be making a Dr's appt. next week.

Btw, I have experienced bouts of nausea and pain for the last 4 yrs. The problems come & go, such as I'll be fine for a few months and then all of a sudden it hits me again and they keep coming on for a month or so. I've been to the Dr. several times and they just prescribe omeprazole or something of that nature. But neither Dr. ever mentioned gall bladder. But after my attack on Easter Sunday I started doing some research and talked to a few people at work and the symptoms I'm having are the same they had. My pain is not on the right, it is above the naval in the center below my breastbone and it feels like something is boring through to my back and twisting. I also get bloated, nauseous, gassy, belchy, diarrhea, etc..

Replied by Carie
(Hudson, Oh)
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I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago and still suffer with attacks. This past week I have had them every day. The ACV has been very helpful and I get relief within 20 minutes. But, like you, I had a drink this week (vodka/tonic) and this also helped! Maybe the alcohol helps to relax the area.

Replied by Cat
(Allentown, Pa)

Hello that might be hiatel hernia. Look into it. I've had it. Feels like a volcano is ready to rip at the top of my tummy

Replied by Barbiehoo
(Fl, US)

Your symptoms sound like something a friend experienced. He had jogged the day before his attack. During his sonogram I could see a stone sitting in the duct. It seems the jogging packed the stone in the duct.

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