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Posted by Marcy (Rochester, Ny) on 06/16/2014

I had a gallbladder attack that put me in ER, but I declined the surgery because I want to heal myself and keep my parts, so have been doing research. I found and explanation for why coffee is helpful to prevent gallbladder problems, but not after:

"Coffee induces cholecystokinin release and gallbladder contraction, which may explain why patients with symptomatic gallstones often avoid drinking coffee.

Posted by Rebecca (Co, US) on 04/14/2014

I found that my attacks were brought on my a combo of stress (huge!!!! ), not drinking enough water, and eating a large meal late in the evening with lots of salad and dairy fats, my favorite combo. Too hard to digest. Under advice of a naturopath I take lecithin, vitamin C, fish oil, and GB 6 which is a chinese herb blend. I ditched dairy and coffee and drink green tea, which is a calmative, and I have been symptom and pain free for a year. And, I'm healthier than I've been in ages. My GB was the canary in the coal mine for me. I find that stress really triggers spasms. If I feel spasms coming on, I sip a little cider vinegar in juice, and I take a percocet which my primary doc prescribed in case of attack. In addition to helping with the sudden onset of debilitating pain, it has muscle relaxing properties that can help calm the spasming before it gets full-blown.

Replied by Nick
(Hobart, Tasmania)

Yes, I agree cutting dairy seems to work. I take Vits C D E along with lecithin depending on the meal. I have capsules and the granules. I also take flaxseed, milk thistle granules mostly daily which helps the liver too.

Chocoloate, dairy and fried foods seem to be my triggers - and eggs although if I space my poached egg meals out I seem to get away with it. I only drink almond milk now (rarely skim milk unless I have to).

Plenty of leafy greens and veg, ginger and ACV is good too.

Two Types of Gallbladder Attacks

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Posted by Jewels51 (Ohio) on 02/25/2014


I have gall bladder attacks. People must differentiate between 2 types. One type is due to gallstones and the other due to a sphincter problem called sphincter of oddi. If there are gallstones a flush might help, I don't know, since I have no gallstones based on scans. I do have spasms in my sphinter of oddi, which is a spasm in the spincter or tubes that do not allow the bile to release. WARNING if you have this particularsphincter problem fats will make it worse. Do NOT a flush involving oil or fats of anytime, it will put you in the ER. I was taking fish oil and flax oil and my gall bladder was killing me. This is because fats cause the bile to build up because they are needed for fat digestion. When you build up fats and can't release the bile because of a spasm in the sphincter that will not let the bile flow out into the digestive system, the gall bladder overfills and backs into the pancreas at times. If you do an oil flush or increase fats pain will increase!!!! Removal of gall bladder does not help this because the sphinter is not removed with the gall bladder and in fact, gall bladder removal will often make this condition worse. I don't know the cure, however, my gall bladder and pancreatic pain calmed almost completely when I stopped the flax and fish oil and cut down on fats in general. Now if anyone knows how to get the gallbladder sphincter to relax from spasm and release the bile, WITHOUT using fats or oils, I would love to know the answer so Please POST it.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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Jewels51: To strengthen the Liver/Gallbladder and increase the flow of bile take Triple Strengthen Lecithin and Dr. Christopher's Liver/Gallbladder Formula. There are many herbal suppliers w/ different names to this formula. The one I used to take was called Liveron. An internet search should produce some good results, but if not report back and I can give you the list of the home made formula I use.

I also occasionally use lemon Water to help open things up down there.


Hi Timh,

Would you share your homemade mixture? Thanks!

Replied by Mary Lou
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

To Jules51, For your spasms of sphincter of Oddi. Try 1-2 tsp of Bitters (Angostura) in water. It is in the grocery stores aisles with the drink mixes, cheapest at Walmart. It is an antispasmodic and antiflatulent. I swear by it for an upset stomach and gallbladder pain. I know it saved me from an ER visit twice in the past 20 years when I was doubled over in pain and nausea so badly I could barely speak or chew a Tums. Each time was due to meals with hidden fat, which I normally avoid. It tastes like an unsweetened coca cola, has a bit of alcohol, 44.7% by volume. Worth a try, I know I would have been in ER both times. When I can't talk, I am sick! hahaha

Replied by Phil
(San Jose, California)

Consider adding magnesium to your diet. Magnesium is needed for muscle relaxation, while calcium is needed for muscle contraction. Muscle spasms may indicate magnesium deficiency. Dark leafy greens contain magnesium, since it is part of the chlorophyll molecule. You could also use a supplement such as magnesium malate tablets, which readily decomposes in the digestive tract into a bio-available form of magnesium and malic acid, the latter being found in apples.

White Vinegar in Orange Juice

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Posted by Jennifer (Spokane, Wa) on 11/12/2013

I have my gall surgery already scheduled but, its still two weeks out. I keep having attacks and all the traditional medicine just wasn't working without ending up in the ER again. So I came on here last night as a last ditch effort and in severe pain, and saw a post for the vinegar and orange juice. I put 1 tbsp vinegar in one 8 oz glass of orange juice and drank it... Within 20 minutes most all the pain was gone! THANK YOU!!!

Replied by Elizabeth
(Fenton Michigan)

OMG! My husband looked this up but I refused. About 1/2 hour ago I was ready to leave Disney to go to the ER. My son mixed 1 spoon full of white vinegar with some apple juice and my pain went from a 12 to a 6!!!! I'm on my second small glass and am able to type this. I'm absolutely flabbergasted!! I was ready to go to ER! I just can't believe it stopped excrutiating pain that quick. So, if you think you need this.... Please try! It really worked

Replied by Lee
(Newcastle Nsw)

I tried this tonight after about an hour and a half of pain, I put about a teaspoon and a half of ACV in about 150mls of orange juice and within 5 minutes I can't believe it I feel so much better, not completely gone but I am no longer in discomfort : thank you so much for this thread. I am going to try and get some sleep as it is 4:30 am.

White Vinegar in Orange Juice
Posted by Chad (Pennsylvania) on 06/21/2013

My wife had a severe attack and the pain was killing her she said worse than giving birth and we didn't have any apple juice or Apple Cider Vinegar and it was late so no stores were open but I did have two oranges and some white vinegar so I made her some fresh squeezed oj with white vinegar and within 5 minutes the pain was gone. It was absolutely amazing. Thanks for all the different posts, it was a life saver.

Replied by Dee
(Mel, Australia)

That's so amazing!!!! How much vinegar did you add in a glass of orange juice. Your answer can help many out here in Pain. So please reply soon. Thank you.

Replied by Nancy
(Visalia, Ca)

The Orange juice with vinegar really did take my pain away. I only put a little bit of vinegar and it did the trick so happy that I didn't have to go to the hospital again :)

White Wine

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Posted by Dianne (Graham, WA) on 03/28/2008

I have had a gall bladder pain attack 6 out of the last 7 days. On Wed. night I went to a retirement party for our VP that had an open bar. I ordered a glass of White Wine (Chardonney to be exact) and within 20 mins. the pain I was having went away. And yesterday I had another attack so when I got home I put a bottle of Reisling in the freezer for about 20 mins. and then poured myself a glass. Again within about 20 mins of beginning to drink it the pain went away. Not why this seems to help the pain. Could it be the acidity in it, kind of like the Apple Cider vinegar?? I know this isn't a long term remedy and will be making a Dr's appt. next week.

Btw, I have experienced bouts of nausea and pain for the last 4 yrs. The problems come & go, such as I'll be fine for a few months and then all of a sudden it hits me again and they keep coming on for a month or so. I've been to the Dr. several times and they just prescribe omeprazole or something of that nature. But neither Dr. ever mentioned gall bladder. But after my attack on Easter Sunday I started doing some research and talked to a few people at work and the symptoms I'm having are the same they had. My pain is not on the right, it is above the naval in the center below my breastbone and it feels like something is boring through to my back and twisting. I also get bloated, nauseous, gassy, belchy, diarrhea, etc..

Replied by Carie
(Hudson, Oh)

I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago and still suffer with attacks. This past week I have had them every day. The ACV has been very helpful and I get relief within 20 minutes. But, like you, I had a drink this week (vodka/tonic) and this also helped! Maybe the alcohol helps to relax the area.

Replied by Cat
(Allentown, Pa)

Hello that might be hiatel hernia. Look into it. I've had it. Feels like a volcano is ready to rip at the top of my tummy

Replied by Barbiehoo
(Fl, US)

Your symptoms sound like something a friend experienced. He had jogged the day before his attack. During his sonogram I could see a stone sitting in the duct. It seems the jogging packed the stone in the duct.

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