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Gallbladder Attack Remedies

Instant Relief Juice

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Posted by Semele (Australia) on 07/03/2014
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I have a 4 week old child and got my first gallbladder attack at 15 weeks pregnant which put me in emergency. Throughout my pregnancy we managed avoiding attacks with a very strict diet; something as simple as lamb cutlets would strike a severe attack. towards the end of my pregnancy. I was getting a nasty attack weekly, so you know my pain threshold. My most recent attack was last week and that one put me in hospital and to compare the pain, I would have preferred to go through my labour and childbirth drug free again; and yes, the birth is fresh in my mind only being 4 weeks ago. My gallbladder attacks can be nasty; just waiting for my body to settle from birth to get surgery.

Instant relief from severe gallbladder attack:

3 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar mixed in a juice consisting of:

2 apples; 1 beetroot; 1/4 cucumber, 1/3 lemon (rough estimates) and a couple of drops of flaxseed oil if you can get your hands on it.

Get in the shower. Hot water on your abdomen/gallbladder, arms above your head against the wall; if you have someone with you, get them to apply pressure and massage in between your shoulder blades.

it takes between 10 - 20 mins to work. But you will have instant relief!

Only on 2 occasions did I need a second drink and same process above for it to completely get rid of the pain and only twice did I end up in emergency.

Lavender Oil

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Posted by Anna (Evans, CO) on 09/06/2014
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Wow. After supper last night my sister had another severe gallbladder attack. We already ran out of pain pills and after $4000+ in urgent care bills she decided she didn't want to spend that much again just for acetaminophen. After searching the web we tried the Apple Cider Vinegar/Apple Juice mixture. After 3 minutes she threw it up sending her into worse pain then before. We tried the ACV and apple juice once before to try to help with the pain and she had the same reaction, vomiting and worse pain. Then we saw the one comment about 1 drop of PURE ESSENTIAL OIL OF LAVENDER IN A TALL GLASS OF WATER SIPPED SLOWLY BUT STEADILY. She said it tastes terribly bitter but Praise the Lord, within 5 minutes the pain level went from 10 down to 7 and she stopped shaking from the pain. Thank you so much Jim for sharing your discovery of this use for Lavender oil. I hope the ACV and apple juice works for those of your reading this, but if not please try the lavender oil. I'm so glad we did!

Lavender Oil
Posted by Bw (Xemxija, St Pauls Bay) on 09/19/2012

Lavender essential oil should not be taken internally. Ingestion may cause liver or kidney damage. Google to confirm.

Lavender Oil
Posted by Sherry (Kalso, Bc Canada) on 02/13/2011
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Hi I wanted to say thanks for this suggestion. I have recently started having attacks and found out I have gall bladder sludge. I checked out this site and found the lavender oil to be something I could both afford and consume without gagging. I am amazed!! It really has cut the attacks and pain down to almost nothing!! I put a drop in a large glass of water and just sip it all the time!! An extra benefit has been the freshest breath of all time! Thanks again for a great idea :)

Lavender Oil
Posted by Jill (Bronx, New York, United States) on 12/17/2009
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Biliary Pain (Gallbladder, Sphincter of Oddi, Pancreatitis)

Although I had my gallbladder removed 9 months ago, I still get the classic "attack" pain every now and then. While I will get this checked out with my doctor (it is most likely a 'Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction') in the meantime I discovered a fantastic remedy that relieves the pain within SECONDS.

One drop of pure 100% essential oil of Lavender in a tall glass of water. Sip it slowly and steadily. I went from doubled over and delirious in pain to blissful relief in no less than 30 seconds (and have not had an attack since). I make sure I always have some on hand just in case though. A nice side-effect was it relaxed me so much I enjoyed a lovely afternoon nap! Lavender is on the FDA "GRAS" List (generally recognized as safe) for ingestion. Make sure whatever brand you purchase is 100% pure essential oil (not diluted with jojoba or other carrier oils... those would not be suitable for ingestion).

Laying Prone

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Posted by at (Clare, USA) on 09/14/2008
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I have experienced the extreme discomfort of what I beleive to be gall bladder pain twice in the last year. Both times my symptoms lasted for several hours but were immediatley releived by simply laying down in a prone position. After a few moments the pain completly subsided. If it happens again I will not hesitate to try it at the onset!

Replied by Stephen
(Baltimore, Maryland)
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This simply does not help. When faced with a bad gall bladder attack there's little I can do but lay prone. The pain may continue to persist or increase regardless.

Replied by Shanti
(Tiruvannamalai, Ta India)

I have to agree with Stephen from Baltimore. Laying prone, crawling, rolling, hanging upside down, writhing, moaning and crying do nothing to relieve the pain of gallbladder attacks unfortunately.

Epsom Salts are really the only thing that has any effect in my case. I take 2 large tablespoons with hot water. Normally I put the Epsom Salts in capsules so I don't gag taking them (I can't stand the taste). If I'm lucky, the pain will subside over the next 2 hours. It doesn't always work, but usually it does. Of course Epsom Salts not only relaxes bile ducts, it is a powerful laxative, so be prepared for an obvious side effect. It's better than having gallbladder pain though!


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Posted by Sarah (Orlando, FL) on 05/20/2009
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After my first gall bladder attack, I began experiencing chronic gall bladder pain in the way of a constant ache in my back on the right side below my shoulder blade. After doing some reading about natural cures for gall bladder issues, I decided to start with Lecithin. Within a few weeks of taking (not pill form) Lecithin Granules in yogurt, my pain was almost completely gone. I started taking it in 2005 and it's now 2009. And so far I haven't had another attack. Sometimes I do experience a small ache after eating cold dairy or a fatty meal, but once I take a dose of lecithin the ache goes away. The other thing I want to stress is that changes in the diet must be made as well. Eat low fat meals, cut down on sugar, dairy and caffeine. I have found that organic dairy products are less likely to cause gall bladder pain. My Lecithin dose was twice a day. Two teaspoons in the morning and two teaspoons in the afternoon. I did this for a year, then after wards cut back to every other day, and then gradually down to a few times a week.

Replied by Minkxy
(Brooklyn, New York, U.s.a.)
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I had done a liver cleanse. The basic apple juice, epsom salts, olive oil and lemon. I had one last year for maintence. Had no problems. This time, a few weeks later, it felt like my bladder was struggling. A fluttering feeling all the time. I thought a stone was stuck, so I began the cleanse again. I got a far as drinking a gallon of apple juice, but the dread of drinking the oil was too much. Saw lethicin option, and gave it a try. I put roughly 3 tablespoons in about a half cup of water in morning and evening. I needed a quick delivery method like water. After 3 days I stopped. A little flutter the next day, then it stopped. That was 2 weeks ago and it it's fine now. I used soy lethicin granules. Non- GMO, identity preserved. I don't know if you can use names, I had bought a big 3 lb bottle online for other health benefits previously. THANK YOU so much for posting this cure, as I doubt I can ever do the whole cleanse thing again.

Posted by Rose Fenton (Bournemouth, England) on 12/24/2008
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Have just read about lecithin helping gall-stones, and I have been taking lecithin in granules for about a year, mixed in foods, but am still getting gall-bladder attacks. I have five small stone in the gall-bladder and one stone blocking the bile-duct. I also take plenty of apple juice and other juices and also milk-thistle and aloe vera juice. As I am very ill and weak anyway with a muscle disease, I want to avoid surgery if at all possible. Can anyone suggest anything else to ease these attacks. I went about 6 months without any and they have all started again.

Posted by Mary (Otisville, Michigan) on 10/26/2007
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My mom had such painful gallbladder attacks that she would take to her bed, telling us that just our footsteps in her room were unbearable! I knew that, because she had the malady, I, being her daughter, might get it, as well. 'Sure enough, after I had my 3rd child, while still recovering in the hospital, I got my 1st attack. They tried to tell me it was afterbirth pains, but I knew better. As time went on, anytime I ate something containing fat, such as ground beef or sausage, I could expect excruciating pain. When my dad died, I was 7 months pregnant with my 4th child. I ate some rich ice-cream the next day; got so sick I spent almost an entire week in the hospital, unable to attend dad's funeral. The pain was always on my right side, and felt like someone tied a thick rope around my waist and pulled it tight. One day I took about 5 Swan aspirins to lessen the pain, but broke out in hives. When my tongue began to thicken, I called a friend to take me to ER, where I was given shots of benadryl and adrenaline. At a later date, when another attack occurred, I drove myself to ER. This time, I was told I needed immediate surgery; my gallbladder was full of tiny gallstones. They sent a prep nurse to my room, but, when I realized they meant business, I became so afraid that I jumped out of bed, got dressed and went home. The surgeon was not happy with me; told me I wouldn't live long! Shortly after, I joined a multi-level company that specialized in food supplements. During a meeting, a woman got up and testified that she'd been taking the company's lecithin for her gallbladder attacks; that her attacks had stopped completely. Excited, I ordered a bottle of the tablets that night, and began taking them religiously. Long story short: I've had no attacks since then; continue taking lecithin to this day. No matter what form or brand I use, the lecithin always works. I thank God for leading me to this miraculous cure! What I find strange is the fact that I've never read anything anywhere about lecithin for gallbladder symptoms. Thank you for helping me get the word out, via your wonderful website! Please, everyone suffering from gallbladder attacks, try lecithin before you opt for surgery. One tablet or capsule daily is all I take.

Replied by Faith
(Forest Park, Ohio)

NOT EVERYONE can HANDLE the SOY, I would not recommend it for anyone because it could eventually lead to other problems. That said, FLAX SEED and EGGS are rich in lecithin, so is BEE POLLEN, make those a part of your daily regimen and you will get plenty of NATURAL lecithin!

Lemon and Lime Juice in Hot Water

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Posted by Ellen (Gainesville, Fl) on 10/07/2009
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Gall bladder pain: Lemon and lime juice in hot water

I have had mild to severe gall bladder pain for years. A recent spell of attacks was so bad that I could hardly sleep. My GP scheduled me for an abdominal ultrasound which revealed that I am "full of gallstones" and I was urged to have my gall bladder removed. Instead, I consulted with my acupuncturist who told me to drink the juice of a whole lime and a whole lemon squeezed into hot water every morning. I couldn't quite take the taste of the whole lime and lemon all at once so I broke mine up into a morning drink of 1/2 lemon plus 1/2 a lime in hot water (sometimes brewed with my organic green tea to add some flavor) and then again at night before I go to sleep. After 2-3 days, my pain was reduced by 75%. Within a week I was experiencing mild twinges only. Now, after 3 weeks, I am pain free and I am losing weight!

I've also been eating a lot of organic apples and grapes (good for flushing the liver) and I have cut out dairy, wheat, and all fried or processed foods. I feel lighter and my belly is shrinking daily!

My acupuncturist has said that the reason I wasn't able to lose weight is because my body can't metabolize the fat properly and removing my gall bladder would have been the worst thing to do and would NOT have solved my problems at all.

Lemon Juice

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Posted by Stephanie (Georgia, US) on 09/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter had a severe attack about 4 years ago and we had no idea what was happening. A visit to the ER told us it was gallstones.

We tried the ACV but she would not take it, I tried it in every concoction imaginable... no go. Then I read somewhere on EarthClinic about lemon juice for gallstones. This was a miracle for her.

She likes lemon juice and had no trouble taking a big swig straight. HER RELIEF WAS INSTANT!!! She was doubled over in severe screaming pain and within 5 minutes or even less she was pain free. She did feel sore after such a bad attack but the lemon juice worked like a miracle.

She used it every morning first thing and she would take a swig before every meal. After about a year she could start eating some of the trigger foods again like eggs and beef. One bonus of the lemon juice is that it will start to dissolve the stones but this takes a year or longer depending on the size and severity and you have to be consistent and take it daily.

My elderly mother always complained her back hurt and they would give her Tylenol which never helped at all. Then I noticed it always happened after she ate, after what I learned with my daughter I guessed it was gallstones and not mom's back cause my daughter always said it hurt in her back.

I got mom some lemon juice and it worked! Mom couldn't believe it. The nurses couldn't believe it. The doctor was amazed and once they saw with their own eyes they started asking me the dosage. The doctor actually wrote it down! Huge win for natural remedies!!

The sooner mom would take the lemon juice after she ate the faster it worked but if she forgot about it and waited an hour of being in pain, it would take about 10 minutes to work completely but she could feel it ease off immediately.

We always used the lemon juice straight. No water or sugar added. We found that if we added anything it would not work as well. We never really measured just took a big swig. If I had to guess on the amount I would say about 1/4 cup.

Another thing lemon juice cures almost instantly is an allergy attack. My husband has allergies that cause his eyes and noise to run and he will start sneezing. Lemon juice stopped it all. He would take about 1/2 cup and sometimes need a second dose if he had waited too long or its a really bad attack.

Thank you EarthClinic and thank you to all the people that have contributed, you are saving lives and you have done more for my family than I could ever fit in one post. ~Steph


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Posted by Angela (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 05/26/2008
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I had about 15 atleast gallbladder attacks in 2 weeks -hospitalized one night as well and they wanted to take out the gallbladder for my "diamonds" gallstones which I'd had for 16 yrs. at least with no probs. except very sick in my 4 pregnancies because of excess bile... The attacks started due to taking digestive enzymes for 2 days and then going off them. The attacks began the next night with coleslaw, sausages, and saurkraut ..but continued for the next 2 weeks pretty much whatever I ate. In my worst attack I practically crawled to the computer to The 1/2 cup lettuce cure came up with 2 yeas. Sent son running to store for it and 20 mins. later after eating the 1/2 c. I had complete relief. As one writer speculated that it stimulated the liver to produce digestive enzymes that would stop the body from calling on the gallbladder to produce digestive bile.. So for the next 24 hrs. I ate nothing but iceberg lettuce -lots of it - and slices of organic apple. The next day I tried out eating whatever I wanted which had caused attacks throughout the prev. 2 wks. (except the cabbage/sausages -bad memory!) Even McDonald's failed to give me an attack. I am so thrilled with this cure of course!

Hearing once recently that digestive enz help people lose a lot of weight, I wonder if the stimulation of the liver a couple times a day with particularly iceberg lettuce (as it's supposed to work the best rather than other lettuces) would be a natural weight loss cure as well? I know it seems to make less of the slight puff around my ankles -more definition. So it might also help with fluid retention. As well my new pretty set wrinkles of 6 mos. ago have almost completely disappeared within a few days of ingesting 3x per day atleast (vertical ones beneath my eyes -not the crow's feet). Try it and I'd love to hear your feedback as I'm a personal trainer and would love to see if it helps people lose weight -at least it brings down the glycemic index of each meal you eat it with some.

Posted by Lori (Houston, Texas) on 03/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Kelly from Toronto, taking the handful of LETTUCE for a gallbladder attack works!! Symptoms gone in ten minutes!

Replied by Anne333

Did you use iceberg as well? I am having an attack now, first one in over a year after missing my lemon juice for 2 days. The only lettuce I have in the house right now is baby romaine.. :/

Posted by Kelly (Toronto, Canada) on 12/14/2007
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re: Gallstone Relief -- This is not a cure, just a way to immediately relieve an attack. All it takes is a handful of lettuce and all the pain is gone within 5-15 min. I find iceburg works better than romaine or leaf. I think it is because the lettuce makes your liver produce bile so your body stops trying to get it from your gall bladder. Works for me EVERY time!

Replied by Deseree
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I have been doubled over in pain and have been sitting here with a bag of lettuce trying to get this pain to subside even a little bit. I am having no luck. Unfortunately this method hasnt worked for me. Possible ER trip.. Sooooooooo painful

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Deseree: Get the 7 1/2 lb. jar of kimchi at the asian market for $15. This has salt, sulfur, spices, and acids that dissolve gallstones. Grind up in the blender with some water and drink. Go on a raw food program or they'll come back.

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg, South Africa)

Hi Deseree, Try a coffee enema then do a liver flush as/Hulda Clark to get rid of the gallstones. Search the net how to do the coffee enama as it relieves the pain.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Desiree from Florida,

So sorry for the extreme pain re gall bladder. Gall bladder attacks can come from many different directions; liver, pancreas, stones in the gall bladder and ... viruses. If this were me I'd at least eliminate the possibility (15 percent chance?) that the cause is viral and consume five tablespoons immediately of colloidal silver. Likely, a virus is not the cause but I just came across a case two months ago (gall bladder) that the cause was almost certainly viral. Cleared up with silver intake and quit using after a day and back came the attacks; and then consistent use of CS and the attacks went away completly. That one appeared to be viral.

Replied by Sandra
(Chicago, Il)

What kind of lettuce works best, iceberg, romaine, or is there a certain kind you would recommend for gallstone attacks?

Replied by Jean

Some find lettuce aggravates a gall bladder issue. I would use romaine though if I were to try lettuce. Organic, if possible. Have you tried apple cider vinegar?

Linda Clark's Remedies

Posted by Tassi (Berkeley, Ca) on 10/09/2015

From Linda Clark's 1976 book, "Natural Remedies, A Handbook, " Chapter 18: "Gall Bladder Problems" (pp 204-213)

[Excerpts I transcribed from printed text, in the order the items appear in the book. Of particular interest to me were the simple versions of the now-popular Liver/Gallbladder Flush, popularized online as the Hulda Clark flush, with many versions available on, and in books by Andreas Moritz et al.]


An underfunctioning gall bladder can lead to a host of surprising problems ... including ... edema of the ankles

yellowish skin, crankiness and irritability

...after gall-bladder removal by surgery ... symptoms returned

Many gall bladder sufferers are breakfast skippers ... you need something solid in the morning to start your gall bladder churning. The best thing you can take for breakfast is bran in some form ... "it sweeps the degenerated bile salts out of the colon and the vast majority of patients report relief of symptoms."

...the main goal is to keep that bile flowing. John E. Eichenlaub, M.D. says, "You can usually get a lazy gall bladder into action simply by taking one or two tablespoons of olive oil before each meal. This starts the flow of bile before the rest of the food enters the stomach. Although you may get a bit more indigestion from the oil for the first few days, you should see marked improvement inside two weeks ... Fried foods, pork, rich pastries and gravies, etc., must go. Replace cream with half-and-half ...

It may be that you cannot begin with as much oil as Dr. Eichenlaub recommends. If not, try less and work upward. Follow the oil with, or take it in, some tart juice and it will be easier to get down. Although all oils help, there seems to be an affinity between olive oil and the gall bladder.

Don't be afraid of eating eggs daily. The yolks contain lecithin. (Nutritionist) Adelle Davis said "... a high lecithin content of bile would appear to be vitally important in preventing gallstones."

the Lancet admitted, "Two preventive measures for gallstones are sunflower seeds and brewer's yeast."

...Beet tops ... have been found to increase bile flow ... Chamomile tea made from the plant's blossoms is reported as definitely a help in speeding up the flow of bile. Russian black radish tablets appear to do the same thing.
... One friend was told by her doctor ... "surgery may be necessary! " .. she tried the natural way. She drank chamomile tea daily, took Russian black radish tablets, cut down her fat intake of cream, butter, etc... I questioned her three years later and she said that her gall bladder disturbance subsided promptly on this program, and today she has forgotten that she even has a gall bladder.

... causes: sluggish bile flow due to starvation diet, birth control pills, Vitamin C deficiency, Vit E deficiency, low-fat diet, low-cholesterol diet.... method of not dissolving, but removing gallstones... I have known both patients and doctors who have used this method, sometimes after ascertaining by X-rays that the stone (or stones) can pass through the duct easily. I heard a chief surgeon of a large NYC hospital suggest this method to a relative of mine, as well as a college friend of his, before trying surgery. The doctor had seen good results when the method had been used by another physician. The method, often called a folk remedy, has different versions. The more common is as follows:

At bedtime, combine 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon or grapefruit juice. Stir vigorously and gulp down the entire mixture without delay. Go to bed immediately and stay there, since nausea may, or may not develop. In the morning drink a cup of something hot and, if you wish, place a strainer under you when you have the first bowel movement. You may find small pebble-like stones. A variation of this theme substitutes apple juice for the lemon or grapefruit juice, as well as substituting apple juice every two hours for any solid food for two days before taking the oil-juice formula. This approach is said not only to dissolve stones, but to clean out the gall bladder of its old, thick, congested bile as well. The malic acid in the apple juice is given credit for the good effects. However, the oil apparently has value, too.

One case history described a man who took one full cup of olive oil at a time and always passed gallstones the next morning. He found that by later taking calcium and magnesium the oil treatment no longer produced gallstones. This may be explained by the magnesium which has also been credited with dissolving kidney stones.

Gallstones have been dissolved in rabbits by giving them not olive, but cod liver oil in large quantities...

Less dramatic measures have been used. Adelle Davis has cited studies in which Vitamins A and E have dissolved the old stones, as well as prevented new ones. Don't forget to include lecithin, too, in some form...

And don't sell chamomile tea short! Not only is it reputed to increase the flow of bile, but it has long been known to dissolve gallstones. Culpeper the herbalist, who lived from 1616 to 1654 wrote "That it is excellent for the stone, appears in this which I have seen tried, viz., tha a stone that hath been taken out of the body of a man, being wrapped in camomile, will in time dissolve, and in a little time, too".

The late Claudia V. James, in her little book, That Old Green Magic, " tells how a man gave her a few of the 64 gallstones he had had removed by surgery. He told her she couldn't dissolve them with chamomile, since he and his wife had been hitting them with a big hammer and couldn't even break them. Claudia James, determined to prove Culpeper's statement, set up her own experiment.

She made a solution of fourteen chamomile flowers (as found in dried tea form at health stores) in one tablespoon of boiling water, poured it into a small glass and dropped two of the gallstones into it. The next day the stones were in four pieces, in five days they were like gravel, and in ten days were completely dissolved.


...avoid eating large meals... drink enough water. Dr Eichenlaub says, "... Studies show that gall bladder sufferers seldom put water on the table and drink much less fluid than other people."

...stress... tension

tension can constrict the gall bladder muscles, and this interferes with bile flow.

... exercise is a must. "walk at least 2 miles a day, or equivalent of other similar exercise....stone formation occurs mainly in people who remain physically inactive....

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