Gallbladder Attack
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Gallbladder Attack Remedies

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Posted by Meagem (Ridgway, Pa) on 04/03/2015
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I had the attacks without the stones. found out my sisters also had the same thing ...sadly my oldest sister died from GALLBLADDER CANCER. Very rare. My youngest sister and I had adhesions so bad it squeezed our gallbladder in a very small size. mine was larger then a golf ball! ..went to local, backwoods, ER a few times when I was having attacks and they did the same stupid testing to see if I had stone ...hello you don't need stones to have attacks! Makes me mad all the testing I went through and money spent just to be wrongly diagnosed. My oldest sister went through the same ordeal. Please if they tell you you don't have stones so nothing is wrong ...go to a different hospital or dr and get a second opinion. I got lucky and found a great surgeon that knew what he was doing. gl ....oh before the surgery I was taking Dandelion root, milk thistle , apple cider name it ...