Gallbladder Attack
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Gallbladder Attack Remedies

Ginger Tea
Posted by Molly12345 (Cleveland, Oh) on 06/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've had 10+ gallbladder attacks of varying intensity over the last year and tried various things including ACV and lemon juice but nothing works as well for me as ginger tea. It has always helped and in many cases allayed an attack. Once I feel better and get hungry again then I eat some simple carbs, this seems to help as well.

First of all as soon as I realize I am having a gallbladder attack I stop eating. Probably not recommended for diabetic folks and others who need steady blood sugar but this is absolutely crucial for me.

I boil (or have someone boil) a handful of peeled chopped ginger for 10 minutes or so. The concentration doesn't matter as I just dilute it if it's too spicy. The boiling time doesn't seem to matter either and I often leave ginger pieces sitting in the water after turning off the burner.

I drink a little and then lay down, sipping more at intervals. It helps me to lay on my left side and periodically turn and stretch The change in positions seems to help the gallbladder release the bile but of course when it's really bad I don't try to move at all.

I've sometimes taken the ginger with lemon as well.

This has only worked on an empty stomach. After the first couple of attacks I clued in on this. I wait until I feel better, and also hungry, to eat. Best foods for me after an attack are simple carbs--boiled potatoes mashed with a fork and some salt, or rice crackers if I have them, etc.

I hope this helps someone.