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Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Urine Therapy
Posted by Tassi (Ca) on 12/26/2014
1 out of 5 stars

I tried Urine therapy and got zip. Yes, internal plus soaked in it, feet, hands, body, whatever, washed head and hair with it for a couple of weeks. Did nothing for the fungus. Well, maybe it slowed it down a little bit, the soaking part, but surely no cure, and what a mess. Wet things do not seem to really help -- but neither does anything. See my previous NAY under Oregano oil for a list of useless remedies (for me at least). Since then besides urine I have tried: Urea 40% (a moisturizer, it helped a little but has lots of chemical additives and my toes started to ache and be red and sore so I quit); bee propolis (I thought this was working as a topical, but it actually made it worse -- and the internal that I took gave me a big cold sore.); Everclear (a very strong alcohol, as a topical, but not strong enough to do much for my fingernail fungus); Pythium oligandrum aka "cannibal fungus, " from Czechoslovakia (it seemed to be working on one hand but when I tried it on the other it made the original fungus worse -- I have not totally given up on maybe trying it on my feet, but am discouraged and wary); Topical hydrogen peroxide isn't even working like it used to. That is it so far. Oh yeah, diatomaceous earth, internal -- I have been taking it 1 T twice a day for almost 60 days and fungus is only getting worse, nails are not even growing any faster like they say DE will do.