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Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Ozonated Olive Oil
Posted by Tassi (Berkeley, California) on 05/09/2015
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I read many impressive things about ozonated olive oil as a cure, so (having tried just about every other remedy for nail fungus and candida) I finally ordered some online from what seems a reputable source. I used it sparingly, applying with a toothpick to just one or two fingernails at first, then after a couple of days I applied it sparingly to all my fingernails, as they are all infested with fungus. From the first application, I was distressed by the intense smell but I think this is just how it is "supposed to smell." After the second day of applying to all my fingers, still very sparingly, my face swelled up. A liquid formed under my skin, a bag formed under one eye, then I watched my face sag down over the next few weeks and now, a couple months later, I am left with having aged in appearance about 5 years. I can't recommend this to anybody who has sensitivities. Note that I never touched my face with the stuff, or anyplace else other than around all the edges of my fingernails.