Toenail Fungus
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Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Posted by Tammy B. (Anderson, Sc) on 04/07/2017
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Coconut oil for sinuses, ginger root for nail fungus

I am a dog groomer-8 years I've breathed dog dander/hair/nail dust, etc.. and have kept a perpetual sinus infection, and eye infections off and on..I constantly worry about the constant use of allergy pills and decongestants, and finally on a whim tried the coconut oil in my nose, hanging my head upside down... The results have been unbelievable!! Worried I might be making a mistake, I googled "what if I etc", and got your info... Such a relief!! (I used the oil in my eye, also, and the results are just unbelievable) So far, all GOOD! Also, groomers keep wet feet and are often plagued w/ foot fungus.. I also had nail fungus, and first tried c. oil mixed with baking soda, which kept it from spreading, but that was it...

Then I tried ginger.. Fresh ginger root, smushed up under my toenails, as well as on the surface... Believe it or not, IT IS KILLING THE NAIL FUNGUS! In just 6 weeks I have almost brand new toe nail.. Almost completely gone!