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Natural Remedies for Nail Fungus

Posted by John (Perth, Australia) on 02/08/2007
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I think that alkalizing had the biggest affect on curing my nail fungus. I undertook a number of means to alkalize. That included virgin coconut oil, olive leaf extract, alkalized water, alkaline foods, zeolite, heavy metal detox, etc. I also found that wearing a poultice of zeolite powder and cayenne pepper also has good healing properties. I would often soak my feed in zeolite and acidic water. And after I put my socks on, I would soak some coconut oil and essential oils into the sock just above the nail. But I think the ultimate cause is being too acidic (I had candida too). I have now raised my pH to over 7.0 - up from less than 5.0 a few months ago. My ORP has changed from -ve 20 mV to close to -ve 200 mV. From what I have read, fungus can't exist in an alkaline body.