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Quit Caffeine
Posted by Jennifer (Napa, Ca) on 06/23/2018
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Re a post about caffeine curing constipation -

Just the opposite! Quitting caffeine CURES constipation. If you stop drinking all forms of caffeine, you will cure your dreaded constipation. Being an avid coffee drinker for 20 years, I always believed coffee was the only thing that would make me “go”, albeit only 2 times per week(so unhealthy). I read about curing constipation by eliminating all forms of caffeine, which I swore I would never do, but then I read about so many other healthy side effects like deeper sleep, clearer skin, in addition to bowel movement regularity, and decided it was more than worth a try after dealing with constipation for as long as I can remember. I weened myself off caffeine and by Day 4 I started having regular bowel movements every day. I also slept better than I have my entire life by Day 6.

Looking back to my teenage years and in my twenties, I drank a lot of Diet Coke and had no idea how that caffeine was effecting my health. When I stop to think about all the things constipation kept me from doing all these years, it sickens me. Getting off caffeine takes a couple weeks but it's so worth the effort. I used to have dark circles under my eyes and they are now gone, and I've only been off caffeine for a month! Another awesome side effect? No more nasty hangovers!

That's right, I work in the wine industry and always thought the wine was giving me hangovers, until I quit caffeine and discovered I could drink wine and feel fine the next day! It was the caffeine withdrawal that compounded the dehydration that always caused my hangover, not to mention the pesticides in coffee, etc.