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Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)

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Posted by Lorenzo (Portland, OR) on 03/21/2007
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I had a very bad case of Candida last winter. It was extremely harsh. My crotch and butt were itchy and sometimes burned, my mood was agitated, I was suffering from insomnia. To finally get rid of the ailment, I went on a sugar-free diet and took some medication from my doctor. This was great. It killed all the candida within days. My problem then became a severe flu, as my body was not getting rid of the dead candida fast enough. My body was basically experiencing toxic shock. I took tons of fiber, drank gallons of water over several days. This finally made me feel better. Now, I just take Grapefruit seed extract in water every few days to keep the candida at bay. It is very effective at eliminating candida after it has set in as well, but you should take a diuretic to get the dead candida out of you. For candida, take 5-6 drops of GSE in 20oz of water. Drink in one sitting. Do this once each day for 3 days. May cause heartburn. If so, water down the dosage or use fewer drops (3-4).

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Christine (Nottingham, England) on 05/11/2011

Can anyone shed any light on why I froth from the mouth when taking GSE and ACV. Not at the same time. I am taking them for possible candida infection. Thanks. Good luck to all.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

The ACV will froth if you take it at full strength because it is very acidic. Are you taking 1 tblespn in 8oz water?

Replied by Christine
(Nottingham, England)

Thank you for your response Debbie. I am taking the ACV with 8 oz of water. I do however have constant mucus problems in my gut. So the ACV may be making it worse. I will keep trying other things to see if they help. Thanks again.

Heavy Metal Detox

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Posted by Trish (Kansas City, MO) on 07/27/2007
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Before you jump into curing your candida, try to figure out the unlying cause first. I have been trying different candida remedies...oil of oregano, parasite cleanses, cleaning up my diet...and I still suffer from all the terrible symptoms. One day I started reading out metal toxicity and how candida is farmed by the body to absorb the extra metal. So I decided to order an oral chelation kit for metal detox and something interesting has happened since. I have been on the program for about two weeks with no major physical improvements. But this morning I went to have my bi-monthly colonic and the lady who administers noticed that a LOT of yeast was coming out of my body! I do believe the metal detox is helping and the yeast is dying. Since then I have been feeling better today...more energy, slightly clearer head, and NO insane sugar cravings. If you have metal fillings like I do then you may want to seriously consider doing a metal detox and see if that helps with the candida. I plan to have my metal fillings removed when I have the money to do so. And make sure you get a good oral chelation kit, not just a cheap bottle of EDTA. Do your need a good combination of other herbs as well to do a successful detox as well as a digestible antioxidant formula.

Replied by Monique
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Regarding symptoms suffered during candida die-off

I follow a program (called Yeast Buster by Inno-Vite) I bought in the local grocery store. There are 4 components to this program

* Bentonie Clay which apparenty is the answer to lessening the effects of die-off
* psyllium -- this will push the coconut oil into all the spaces in your colon where the yeast may be hiding so it can kill it
* coconut oil -- to kill the yeast

mix this in the suggested proportions in water and drink every morning 2 hours before eating

* DDS - acidophiles take at night to replenish the intestinal flora that gets killed off by the coconut oil.

I have not had any serious side-effects using this program, although I did find it very pricey.

Replied by Frank
(Montgomery, AL.)

Instead of oral chelation please try an IV Chelation Treatment. Much quicker acting. The cost here is $100.00 for each treatment.

Replied by Doug
(Show Low, Az)

Trish, I completely agree with you that candida is the body's way of absorbing heavy metals. I have been on an eight year quest and have tried EVERYTHING, and I mean everything!!! When people kill off candida I don't think it is a Die Off. I have read that it is the body reabsorbing Mercury> I have tried garlic, cayenne pepper, H2O2, Threelac, Miracle Mineral supplement, Coconut oil, Caprilic acid, Aregeno oil, baking soda, I could go on and on. I mean it is the most frustrating thing ever, but once people realize that they have #1 take out their Amalgam fillings, then chelate the mercury from the body, then they will get rid of the candida too. I saw a huge reduction in my fatigue and other symptoms when I had my mercury fillings taken out, it was no coincedence, it was literally two days after they were out I was feeling much much better. Now ever since that time I have been trying to figure out the best way to chelate the mercury... I am currently trying Fulvic Acid w/ plant based minerals. supposedly this is the very best and quickest way to do so. I'm thinking about taking H2O2 to kill the candida then taking chlorella directly after to trap it and excrete it. If anyone else knows of a better way Please let me know too. By the way I Love this website, it is helping me to help others with their health problems... Thanks

Replied by Katie
(Tempe, Az)

How did the fulvic acid work with the plant based minerals? Did you take the H2O2 and chlorella? I would greatly appreciate hearing how it went!

Replied by Shunya
(Fremont, Ca, Usa)

Hi Guys, I have also had candida for maybe a decade over now. I am 31 now and the symptoms have been so worse the last few weeks.

After taking a shot at anti-acids for IBS and all the other useless drugs I decided to go for cycle of life yeast buster(just picked it up from natural food store) I am feeling really good actually I was smiling the first few hours. I guess this worked with my system.

This is my first week of treatment and will update any changes. thanks for all the information being provided by Ted and the users from earthclinic.

Replied by Emma
(Logan, Utah)

Cilantro is a great heavy metal chelator.

Replied by Tirone
(Los Angeles, California)

I would like to comment on heavy metal detox candida and other symptoms associated.

First of all cadida and parasites form a synergy with heavy metals in your body and create biofilms to shield themselves from the body mechanisms of defense. It is scientifically proved that candida and parasites can hold even hundreds of times heavy metals than their host. So this way their demand is always supplied by their host ( lead in apple, grape and other commercial juices, chocolate, red and wite wine as well as old paints and fertilizers. Mercury in fish, high frutose syrup, amalgams and pollution from manufacturing process and energy saving light bulbs to mention some) increasing the deterioration in our health. What to do? First identify your heavy metal toxicity sources in order to reduce or eliminate you exposure, then modify your diet to stop feeding the creepy creatures in your system, start taking suplements to reduce your parasites and candida burden, last start a meticulous chelation that starts slowly, since your candida might overgrow as you start pulling mercury and lead from within your deeper tissues to your stomach, the most recomendable therapy in my opinion is that of Dr Andrew Cuttler described in his book Amalgam Illness.

Please do yourself a favor before starting any chelation protocol, inform yoursel well and never start an iv chelation since pulling too much metals from a sudden could be dangerous for you body. :)

Herbal Tinctures, Probiotics, Garlic

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Posted by Jolene (Albuquerque, Nm) on 11/21/2013
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This is what gets rid of candida for me:

  • a wormwood combination product (from vitacost online) that contains wormwood, black walnut, cloves, quassia and male fern root.
  • white oak bark taken on an empty stomach with a digestive enzyme,
  • a really good probiotic (not one from your local drugstore)
  • super strength odorless garlic capsules

It's very important to keep your body alkaline and a fizzy alkalizer with potassium bicarbonate and natural alkalizers works a lot better than baking soda to do this. I buy a good one online from swanson's.

I must eat complex carbs for energy, and so I take these remedies when the candida gets bad.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Bilja (Toronto, Canada) on 09/30/2016
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Hi, I started h2o2 therapy at 3 drops 3x a day in 8oz water, increasing by drop a day. Now I am at 15 drops dose, but in last few days I experienced gas and indigestion like never before. My shoulder/neck/head hurts after meal until I sip ginger juice to help digestion.

Most of the times I used distilled water, expect few times at work using filtered from watercooler, before figured to bring bottle from home with me. I have a concern if I continue, it may end up doing more harm than help. Is there anything related to h2o2 you would know to be the reason for these side effects?

Anything to help me continue? EC nation advice highly appreciated.

Replied by Timh
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B: I would drop the H2O2 treatment for now and try other natural remedies like Coconut Oil, Oregano. There are many types infection in the gut so don't assume for sure it's candida only.

Replied by Lissa

My guess would be that your detoxing and not getting side effects from food grade peroxide.

Replied by Vicki
(Cr, Florida)

When it concerns hydrogen peroxide, less is more. Stay on the safe side with 1-5 drops in lots of water... It bleaches out clothes so it can certainly damage your internals.

Replied by Andrea

Make sure you are not taking Vitamin C or citrus for about 2 hrs before and after the h202. tells you all about it under their cancer protocol.

Replied by Betty
(Atlanta, GA)

Make sure you know the proper protocol and do not go over a certain amt of drops. Maybe your body can only take under 15. I also believe you should not eat within a certain time before and after taking it.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Brian (Utah) on 08/21/2016

I noticed there is no indication of needing to avoid eating 3 hours before or 1 hour after with this H2O2 candida protocol.

Is that right?

Can you take this version of the H2O2 protocol before/after/with meals?

If it is an exception to the "not near meals" rule, how do you know it is?

(My other health issues require really frequent meals and snacks so if it is an exception that would be wonderful.)



Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 08/18/2010
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Hello, I want to try hydrogen peroxide against my Candida infection and I started vomiting. Is there any way to avoid this side effect? Thanks a lot.

Replied by Randy
(Jersey City, Nj)

Tommy, make sure you are using DISTILLED water, and not ingesting anything else 3 hours before or 1 hour after. I do my regimen in the morning after not eating for 8 hours at night. Also, make sure you are starting with just one drop in water, and go up from there.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Wendy (Farmington, MI) on 07/07/2009

Peroxide and Candida: Hi, was wondering what Ted thought of this study I came across. Many people on this site and others have attributed their candida-free status to taking hydrogen peroxide. It seems to be more of a permanent cure than enzyme based treatment. But I ran across this link:, the report from a study showing hydrogen peroxide encouraged candida growth in the blood. Is it possible we're trying to cure the wrong thing? Just wondering what you make of it.

Replied by Rhonda
(Providence, Rhode Island)

Hello Everyone ~ Would it be possible for a reader or Earth Clinic staff member, to recommend a REPUTABLE source for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide?

I found a few sites online, but when I dug a little deeper, researching the companies, I found that there are several unhappy customers & possible unethical practices, etc.

Due to the fact that there are many precautions regarding the usage of this product, and since many of us are in weakened states to begin with, I'm hoping Earth Clinic will allow the mention of at least one safe source for 35% H2o2.

It would be especially helpful if one of Earth Clinic's members had used a particular product successfully.

Thanks so much Earth Clinic! So happy to see your site growing over the years that I've visited you! :-)

Replied by Rhonda
(Providence, Rhode Island)

I think I've found a few reputable places to 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

First, I called Artesian Natural Foods in Stockton, CA...since one of your readers said they carried it.

Most stores really have to research their sources before offering products to their customer, due to liability issues, so I thought this was the best way to go. I've felt very wary about ordering this product blindly from an internet site.

So, the Artesian store says that they stock Oxy-Tech 35 H202's not listed on their site, but you can call them and see if they can ship it. You'll have to pay extra for a "hazardous materials" charge,in addition to shipping costs, but the peace of mind, in my opinion is worth it. (209) 952-8787

Once I found out the brand name they carry, I decided to search on the Oxy-Tech site and see if I could find a closer carrier:

I then called Living Earth Foods in Worcester, MA, and they are shipping my H2o2 out to me today, and the hazardous materials charge will only be about 10.00.

A very helpful young woman told me that the only brand of H2o2 that they've ever carried is Oxy-Tech and that all the users have been happy. She also mentioned that she take it herself. 508 753-1896

I really hope this helps some Earth clinic readers! :-)

Replied by Skyheights
(Chapel Hill, Nc, Us)

When using hydrogen peroxide, please make sure to be eating a diet high in anti-oxidant foods. (You can check what's called the ORAC value of foods on the internet. Also vitamin E, C, and beta-carotene are high in antioxidants. My favorite edible antioxidant are Goji berries--very high ORAC value. ) Oxygen can be wonderful medicine, but too much of it can also be deadly--especially at the cellular level. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, whereas water is H2O. The theory is that the extra O separates from the hydrogen peroxide molecule and oxidizes the yeast killing it. But H2O2 simultaneously interacts with our tissues. When that extra Oxygen atom spins off of the hydrogen peroxide, it becomes what we call a free radical and can damage our tissue. That is why it is so important to follow strict guidelines in using it. The book The One Minute Cure by Cavanaugh has a very conservative dosing schedule which I can recommend. Btw, I am an acupuncturist and homeopath, and have used all of the various remedies recommended on this site with my patients for years. I basically sytematically rotate remedies until I find the one that works for that particular patient. My conclusion is that this has as much to do with the species of Candida, as with the particular patient's gut ecosystem. Best wishes to all!

Replied by Whatif

This is my very first post here. I have been reading a lot before registering. I just came across with this research combining HP and iodine, I wonder if we could learn something from it. Can anyone smarter than me tell me what this research has found? Thanks!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Donna (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 05/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there, I "discovered" your site at the beginning of this year and since then I have been reading as much as I could. I found the info here very usefull. I have been fighting candida for at least 3 years now, and I tried anything and everything to get rid of it. Of course, for about 2 years I trausted the doctors and ingested a lot of pills who were supposed to help me but didn't. I also used different lotions and ovules internally. My husband treated himself at the same time although he never had any symptoms.

No matter what I tried, I maybe felt better for a few days and then, the infection came back stronger than before.

In February 2009 I started taking hydrogen peroxide 35% orally diluted in DISTILLED WATER. I took it only once in the morning because, in my opinion, only then is my stomach empty. Also, my daily schedule didn't allow me to take it during the day. I tought that if it were to work, I probably need to be patient because it will take more time than normal.

So, I started with 5 drops in water and increased by 1 drop daily until I reached 30 drops. 30 drops daily was my maximum dose. I stayed on it for 3 months and I can report now that I feel great. No more yeast infection, no more itching, skin rush, I have lots of energy and I wake up all by myself (no alarm clock) in the morning after 7-8 hours of sleep.

Side effects I experienced: I had a continuous heartburn for 4 days shortly after I started (probably when I was taking about 10 drops a day). Also, in 3 or 4 separate occasions I had diareea which passed by itself by the end of the day.

I would say that it really worked for me.
Good luck to all.
God bless.

Replied by Ines
(New York City, Ny, Usa)

While on Hydrogen Peroxide treatment, were you drinking only distilled water all day long? And were you taking any other supplements such as herbs and vitamins while ingesting H2O2?

Replied by Margaret
(New York City, NY)

I like _______ with Pau D'Arco, Oregano Oil, Black Walnut & Caprylic Acid, for candida. (Those are the things that are usually recommended separately for candida) I use the hydrogen peroxide as overkill. If I really want to do overkill, then I would do 3 drops of oregano oil in a cup of oil twice a day. (NOW has the cheapest organic oregano oil I've seen).

BTW, someone asked where you can get food-grade hydrogen peroxide: Check out your local health food store. The first time I wanted it, I walked into a health food store and asked for it and they handed it over. (I don't know if the chain stores will carry it, though. You can find it on amazon. Com, though)

There is also a homeopathic remedy, candida albicans, that you can take: I do 5 pellets twice a day, but a homeopath might tell you something different -- Homeopaths? Could you adjust this for me?

Replied by Sally

Dear Donna, Toronto Canada, would like to know the diet followed while you were on the hydrogen peroxide for candida. Would love to try this also. Sincerely Sally

Replied by Anna
(Toronto, Ontario)

Hi Donna, I have a question for you. While you were on H2O2 therapy, did you keep having the symptoms? We're they diminishing at all? Or did it suddenly just go away after 3 months? I am battling my systemic candidiasis now for a month now with H2O2 10 drops of 35%FG in 8 oz of distilled water 2-3 times a day on empty stomach. I've been doing this for a month now. I feel a lot more energy and mind clarity but yeast infection came back a week after my period was over... When did you first find that your candida symptoms we're gone? Slowly as you started the therapy or suddenly after 3 long months?? Thank you for your time to respond!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Bev (Pikeville, KY) on 03/16/2009
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I have just started the 35% h202 program for candida. I am up to 3 drops in distilled water three times daily. It seems to be giving me very frequent and very runny bowel movements-4-5times a day. Just wonder if this is side effect that will go away because I don't want to loose weight as I am only 112-lbs now. Will this subside soon??? Anyone have similar effects? Sure would appreciate any input, Thanks, Bev.

Replied by Ines
(New York City, Ny, Usa)

When you have runny bowel movements drink 1tbl spoon of Apple Cider vinegar mixed with water. It helps almost instantly. How is the H2O2 treatment going so far?

Replied by Gale
(Niagara Falls)

What you are experiencing is a detox/die-off will improve over time.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by RON (TAVERNIER, FL) on 10/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

the only thing that positively works is liquid oxygen in hdrogen peroxide. diets will keep it at bay only temporaly, but if you want the problem destroyed oxygen is the only way to do it and i mean the only way period. i recommend a product based in aloe vera from phoenix nutritionals. google it to find on the web. it works and is the only thing that will positively work.there are other products on the market as well and they will also work.oxygen is the key to destroying candida. get ready for some die off reactions and you may not feel well for a few days as the dead fungus moves out of the body.

Replied by Rob
(Marietta, GA USA)

I have been wanting to start taking hydrogen peroxide for some time now. I actually bought a 16 oz. bottle 2 years ago and it is still in my freezer. What is the very best book out there to read about taking h2o2? Can someone tell me how to take it, and how safe it is? Lot's of tiredness, candidia, extreme neck pain, digestion, muscle weakness.....

Very Grateful for all your help,

Replied by Mary Frances
(Mineral Wells, Tx. USA)
11 posts

This is an answer for "Rob from Maritta, Ga" who ask for a good book on H2O2, oxygen treatment. I have two good books, "Hydrogen Peroxide-Medical Miracle" by William Campbell Douglass, MD and "Flood Your Body with Oxygen" by Ed McCabe, you will find both of these books filled with information and instruction. Hope you enjoy.

Replied by Randy
(Jersey City, Nj)

I have just started with H2o2 therapy. However, I would not recommend Douglass' book mentioned above, which I recently read. The man reads like a raving lunatic. I followed his suggestion about using h2o2 as a mouth rinse instead of brushing, and I've ended up with some dental issues. He makes some good points, but please look elsewhere for therapy information.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ann (Los Angeles, CA) on 08/28/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I am now still in early stages of using H2O2, so am avidly reading the entries for Candida.

For herpes, I was clued into l-lysine some years ago, and it is great. Foods high in L-lysine are listed on the internet, and also foods high in arginine, which is in chocolate, nuts, popcorn, brown rice and other foods. Arginine is used in labs to GROW the Herpes virus, so those chocolate and nut snacks can give you an attack! I have purchased l-lysine over the internet and also at some grocers and health food stores, and just keep it handy. Often when I want to eat some chocolate, I pop some l-lysine soon after and no problem. It is a harmless amino acid and resets the balance in your system.

Candex is very good for Candida but so expensive, I am happily taking the H2O2 and wanted to check increasing the dosage from 8 drops in an 8 oz glass of water 3X a day and here is all this information for me! My Mother and Grandmother died young of breast cancer and I began researching things that cure cancer as I realize the AMA is not chock full of 100% doctors, and found ESSIAC. The herbs can be purchased pre-measured from the Herb Products Company in Hollywood. I am 62, teach yoga and breathing techniques, doing them myself daily and am very healthy!


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dave (Dallas, Texas) on 08/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide--

I had crippling rheumatoid arthritis in 1985, where all the joints in my right arm were locked up and would not move. I was in constant, horrible pain and got no sleep for over 3 months. I began drinking extremely dilute amounts of the 35% HP DROPS in PURE WATER (NOT Tap Water!!)I also had candida albicans, and my cholesterol level was 465 as tested by my MD friend. Within 1 week the pain in my joints on my right arm was GONE and I was sleeping like a baby! Within one month I had free range of motion in all joints--from my fingers to my shoulder. My cholesterol was down to 289 and the candida symptoms were greatly reduced. By the end of the second month, my cholesterol was 155 (normal and safe) and all symptoms of candida albicans infestation were GONE. That was 28 YEARS ago, and I have had NO reoccurances of any of the above problems. I call that a "CURE!"

H2O2 amounts taken: Begin first day with ONE DROP H2O2 in 8 oz. PURE WATER. Second day: two drops H2O2. Third day: three drops H2O2...and so on until you reach 10 drops per day. Now, if the taste is too bad, split the HP drops into 5 in the morning, and 5 in the evening--near bed time. Work back taking 10 drops twice a day, THEN split it into THIRDS, AND begin taking 7 drops THREE times a day, or whatever you can handle. Slowly work back up to taking 10 drops THREE times a day. Don't go much higher than that, or you might want to stay at 7 drops, three times a day. Let your body determine your amount.

ALSO, do NOT drink any H2O2 water 45 minutes BEFORE OR AFTER EATING A MEAL OR TAKING SUPPLIMENTS! You may throw up (vomit.)

ALSO, take 500 mg. of Vitamin C once a day to neutralize any free radical formations that may have occured. The oxygen in the H2O2 attacks the iron in the blood and causes that reaction. The Vitamin C will clean it up, and Selenium may also be substituted for the Vitamin C.

MY SKIN CANCER (Melanoma) "erased" with topical application of 35% Food Grade HP: I had several dark mole-like formations on my forearms come up after being out in the Texas sun a lot. They itched, and my doctor friend said they were Melanomas and that I should see a professional about them. I knew what HP would do for them, so I took a nail file and GENTLY abraded the surface of these dark bumps, and then I applied straight 35% Food Grade HP to the spots with a Q-Tip (cotton swab on a stick) UNTIL THEY TURNED WHITE IN COLOR. I did this 3 times a day for a week. By the end of the week, they had turned to powder or dust, and were FLAT and GONE! There was no itching, NO pain, and they left a slightly lightened spot on my arm where they used to be. They never came back again, and that was over 20 YEARS ago!

ARTHRITIS IN MY KNEES: 17 years ago, I developed rhumatoid arthritis in both knees. I began the HP method by washing my knees with soap and water to remove any body oil, then MISTED them with a 3% solution of HP that was diluted down from 35% Food Grade HP (12:1) with PURE WATER. I wore shorts and then misted my knees, then waited until they were dry, then misted them again while I watched Television or did Computer work. I did this for at least 30 minutes at a time, and I did 4 HP misting sessions a day. My knees were back to NORMAL WITH NO PAIN in ONE WEEK!! I was so happy! I told my friends who had similar problems, and they said that they tried SOAKING their finger and elbow joints in 3% Food Grade HP by pouring the 3% HP solution into a shallow bowl and soaking them for 30 minutes 3-4 times a day. When finished, they would pour the 3% HP solution back into a one gallon plastic jug. The last soaking, they put it in the refrigerator for safe keeping overnight. The next day, they would remove the HP jug from the refrigerator and let it sit out until it had warmed to room temperature, then use in in the bowl to soak their joints until the evening. Worked great!! If you make up one gallon of 3% solution and keep it in the refrigerator, it should last at least one month before you need to make another gallon of it.

IN DALLAS, TEXAS, I found 35% Food Grade HP at "Roy's Natural Market" 6025 Royal Ln. Ste 130
Dallas, TX 75230-8857
Phone: (214) 987-0213. They have been selling HP for many years, and it is about $16.00 (US) for one quart, which will last a long time when you are spraying it.

Enjoy being pain-free!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kimberly (Scottsdale, AZ) on 02/20/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: chronic systemic candidiasis/numbness/agression/depression/acne/bedwetting. My whole family has been overrun by candida. Our ph has been off for years. As a result, many, many health problems. Found a website with info on 35% grade h202 and of course your site for the ACV and oil pulling.

Gradually building up from 1 drop in 6-8 oz of water 3x's daily of h202 until you reach 25 drops 3x's daily over a course of 2 weeks(for those who can stomache this, please note this is only for CHRONIC ailments and 35% FOOD GRADE h202 ONLY, purchased online or at health food stores). After 2 weeks, once you are up to the full doasge, continue for a week (may need to keep going for weeks, even up to 4 months, depending how bad your case is) and then slowly taper off, decreasing each dosage by 1-2 drops until you reach a maintaining level of 1-3 drops daily, or every other day, depending on what is best FOR YOU. Note: 35% food grade h202 needs to be handled with kid gloves. It is very strong and MUST NOT be abused or taken in large quantities. Death can occur if taken at full strength. Keep in refigerator and if contact with skin, rinse area immediately.

I think if I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten our ph levels balanced BEFORE starting course of h202 therapy, but as it was, I was already in the middle of it when I stumbled upon this site for using ACV in hopes of curing other ailments we all had. For the ACV therapy I used the standard 2 Tbl ACV (organic unpasteurized is best, NOT white vinegar!) mixed with 1/4 tsp baking soda.

Finding the right dosage for your younger children will have to use some smart thinking and regulating. Only you know your child best. Always start with smaller amounts when in doubt and gradually build up. My 16 year old could not stomache more than 20 drops of 35% h202 3x's a day. For my 11 year old I did a max of 14 drops 3x daily and my 6 year old, 8 drops 3xs daily. I have heard lecitin can be used to help lessen the nausea that is often associated with taking h202 orally, though I have not personally tried it.
As for the ACV, my teen was ok with the adult dosage and my younger two by cutting it in half.

Ted has stated on this site that h202 and ACV should not be mixed, so either do one or the other, however, I found for my husband as well as myself, alternating days has been working out so far. In other words, one day doing h202 and then the next day only using ACV.

Oil pulling has also proved beneficial for us, 1 Tbl EVOO (extra virg. olive oil) swishing and pulling through teeth until it turns white and liquid like. Twice weekly.

Ok, here is the list of ailments we had that have been greatly helped by, if not completely cured by doing the 35% food grade h202 drops, ACV/baking soda and the oil pulling:

-CHRONIC systemic candidiasis
-CHRONIC vaginal itching (would get pap smears and tested for yeast infections which would all come up negative, found out from another Dr that lab results for the testing of candida have a 55% inaccuracy)
-MRSA (kept re-occuring and Dr's could not find the reason for it, have spent weeks in the hospital for this)
-numbness in whole body (was running 20 miles a week, had to cut down to zero because of this, Dr prescribed anti anxiety medication for this and of course it didn't work)
-heart palpitations
-fungus (Dr's could not cure for years and years)
-allergies (we have taken EVERY known allergy med out there, none worked)
-bloody nose (2-3 x's a week)
-night time bed wetting (one son did not have a dry night since he was born and now is on his way to never having to wear "pull-ups" ever again--we got all types of conflicting medical advice from different Dr's over this one and not one of them worked to "cure" this)
-acne (Dr put him on 3 month course of tetrycycline to no avail)
-insatiable appetite
-weight gain (we have all lost 3-4 inches around waist)
-chronic mucous in lungs (one son was diagnosed with asthma and put on meds, only to aggravate the stuation, my son was going nuts,to the point of a mental melt down; he would also wake up in the middle of the night gagging on this mucous-phlegm like substance, eventually leading to him throwing up...not fun)
-low energy (I would need 14 hours of sleep some days)
-aggression/irritability(my temper was so bad that my family was becoming scared of me!)
-acid reflux
-stomache ailments (husbands stomache was terribly distended)
-sore joints/muscles (to the point where I needed my sons and husband to literally POUND on my back as hard as they could in order to alleviate the achiness)
-headaches (800 mg of ibuprofen was no longer working)

...basically being a part of the dead, rather than the living!

Thanks to all who have passed on info in order to improve the quality of life for others. You guys rock Earth Clinic, (and a shout out to Dr. David G. Williams for h202 therapy as well)!

Replied by Kimberly
(Scottsdale, AZ)

Please web search 35% h202 and look for any and all titles with Dr. David G. Williams. He has a very detailed dosage chart and lists what to do and what NOT to do while doing the hydro-therapy. There are a few important factors I have failed to mention in my previous entry that are important. As you become more comfortable taking 35% h202, you can adjust accordingly with slight variations like I have.

Replied by Ann
(Los Angeles, CA)
5 out of 5 stars

I am now still in early stages of using H2O2, so am avidly reading the entries for Candida.

For herpes, I was clued into l-lysine some years ago, and it is great. Foods high in L-lysine are listed on the internet, and also foods high in arginine, which is in chocolate, nuts, popcorn, brown rice and other foods. Arginine is used in labs to GROW the Herpes virus, so those chocolate and nut snacks can give you an attack! I have purchased l-lysine over the internet and also at some grocers and health food stores, and just keep it handy. Often when I want to eat some chocolate, I pop some l-lysine soon after and no problem. It is a harmless amino acid and resets the balance in your system.

Candex is very good for Candida but so expensive, I am happily taking the H2O2 and wanted to check increasing the dosage from 8 drops in an 8 oz glass of water 3X a day and here is all this information for me! My Mother and Grandmother died young of breast cancer and I began researching things that cure cancer as I realize the AMA is not chock full of 100% doctors, and found ESSIAC. The herbs can be purchased pre-measured from the Herb Products Company in Hollywood. I am 62, teach yoga and breathing techniques, doing them myself daily and am very healthy!


Replied by Christina
(Meridian, MS)

Hi Kim, I enjoyed your post as I believe all of my family are suffering from candida as well. I am going to do the H2O2 therapy you suggest. Aside from this, was there anything else you did? Such as eliminating things from their diet? And what did you do to rebuild intestinal flora? Thanks, Christina

Replied by Prettysmartideas
(New York City, NY)

" I was clued into l-lysine some years ago, and it is great. Foods high in L-lysine are listed on the internet, and also foods high in arginine, which is in chocolate, nuts, popcorn, brown rice and other foods. Arginine is used in labs to GROW the Herpes virus, so those chocolate and nut snacks can give you an attack! "

I had shingles and the nutritionist I consulted at Willners (in NYC) suggested lysine as a way to get out of the *ITCH*. I added that to my regimen, and it did help.

As to things that bring on candida/herpes, I normally do everything I can to avoid them (okay, I am human, which is why I am here, apparently). I do follow a serious anti-candida diet, and have done so for the past 12 years (since I had the last *attack*) I have thought I was candida-free, so, I guess, I have been a little lax in watching my intake of candida-feeding things.

I find a formula with Pau D'Arco, Oregano Oil, Black Walnut & Caprylic Acid a good combo of the most recommended natural remedies. I use food-grade hydrogen peroxide for overkill.

Meanwhile, I do observe a candida elimination diet, and I do not look for ways to cheat. (this last candida outbreak, on my chest skin, on my abdomen, and on my feet, has impressed upon me the idea that you cannot fool around with this stuff) I'm done "having fun". I've found that the elimination diet listed in anti-candida books is what I want and desire. I don't look at what is not on the list: I look at what is *on* the list, and go with that

I think that, probably, a recent sinus infection, where I took antibiotics, brought on this attack.

Never mind. I don't want another attack. EVER. This one has been horrid, and the worst part has been that the 3 doctors weren't even telling me the name of what I had until I woke up and asked them "what is this infection"" and they said "a fungal infection" and I asked "What fungal infection?" and they all said "candida"

Why doctorrs won't tell you what you have, but just treat the symptoms, is beyond me. I am so glad I finally asked the right question. I know that, to eliminate candidiasis, you have to follow a certain protocol-- first and foremost, you have to follow a yeast elimination diet. If you do not, you will not get better. I got better once.

I will get better again. I am following a candida elimination diet ( and I am using a formula with Pau D'Arco, Oregano Oil, Black Walnut & Caprylic Acid, and also food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

I will be well soon (I expect 6 months will do it, as long as I dont decide to cheat -- and after this episode, I don't expect I will ever again).

Candex is very good for Candida but so expensive, I am happily taking the H2O2 and wanted to check increasing the dosage from.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
336 posts

This is very interesting, about the l-lysine. I just had all of my teeth removed and, like an idiot, I took the antibiotics that were prescribed instead of just taking care of it myself. ($99!!!!! ) Anyway, everything was great UNTIL one small piece of dark chocolate that I melted in my mouth. BOOM, my tongue swelled and is coated. I'd already developed post-nasal drip from the antibiotics a few days ago. Pfft!

PLUS, I'd already had instances of a rash forming wherever I would sweat (most annoyingly, under the breasts). I once had a doctor tell me that I was allergic to my own sweat (?! ?! ). I'd had what he'd called a "yeast infection" several years prior but neither candida nor thrush ever entered my mind! It comes and goes and I would BET that the "going" is related to normal use of MANY of the various remedies you're showing for candida! Stuff I just use in food! Coconut oil, ACV, Cayenne etc.. Combined with the fact that one small piece of dark chocolate satisfies me, as opposed to milk chocolate which just makes me want more chocolate, it's no WONDER it was all up and down, up and down, symptoms/no symptoms, symptoms/no symptoms. I never thought much about them, since they're gone more than they're present, but a swollen tongue - it's always just been skin rashes with the occasional "bad taste" in my mouth up to now. And it's been something like 30 years since I've taken a prescription anti-biotic, so, "perfect storm" BUT it's a good thing because NOW I can finally get those rashes taken care of, once and for all!!!

I LOVE you guys!!

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
336 posts

I've been throwing all kinds of things at this swollen tongue thing, and it's gone up and down but I have no idea what did and didn't work because I've been hitting it with everything except I haven't been to the store so I don't have any milk of magnesia, BUT saw the stuff about pro-biotics (which I don't have) and know that pickles are a source of probiotics, SO, long story short, I sucked on a couple of pickle slices and the center of my tongue felt quite normal, after, so I did it some more and moved them around my tongue and it feels much better. Still a difference between the center, which seems quite normal now, and the sides, so I'm gonna go do it some more on the sides.

Love you guys!

Replied by Jessica
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Did you have to change your diet while taking the H2O2?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mlodye (casa grande, arizona) on 02/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was ill for 2 years with severe candida throughout my entire body. Nothing worked to take away the pain from infected ovaries, kidneys,unrinary tract,bowel I was given copious amounts of antibiotics to supposedly cure me - I just got sicker. Some elderly lady in a health food store told me to do a total elimination diet. I subsisted on short grain brown rice and steamed vegetables with disilled water for 2 months coupled with food grade hydorgen peroxide in specific amounts and intervals. On the third month I was finally pain-free the candida completely gone! It was a miracle and 15 years later I'm as normal as can be and am able to eat and drink whatever I want. I still take the H202 and aloe vera juice or Cider Vinegar in the mornings and am very aware of what I eat and drink. Being sick teaches you a lot of lessons. It also told me about the power of prayer and positive thinking.