Natural Cures for Bad Breath and Halitosis

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by lynn (york, pa) on 02/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I use over the counter 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, but have always disliked the aftertaste. I purchased a bottle of peppermint oil from the baking section of my local market, and put one tablespoon in an eight ounce bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mouth feels very clean (and now minty fresh, too!) Others may like to add their favorite flavors, increasing or decreasing the measurement according to taste. Make sure to GENTLY shake your bottle before opening to keep peppermint oil evenly distributed, and keep your mouthwash in an opaque bottle (I use the same brown bottle purchased at the dollar store). Refrigerate if your bathroom is very warm, and keep bottle out of direct sunlight.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Randy (Slidell, Louisiana) on 07/07/2007
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For bad breath:

~Brush @ least once a day
~Rinse with diluted HP
~Drink a few glasses of water ever day
~ALWAYS Rinse after eating with water
~Get at least 6 1/2 hours of sleep
~Minimize the red meats in diet
~Take acidophilus
~Take a multivitamin
~Last, but not

It's so easy, even a caveman can do it!

Avoid Dairy
Posted by Kate (Brookfield, Wisonsin) on 09/16/2007
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I had problems with bad breath. Limiting my intake of dairy products "cheese" in particular has eliminated the problem. Anytime that I cheat and have cheese the bad breath comes back within a day or so.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by madeleine (ann arbor, michigan) on 10/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

hi, i have just discovered a absolutely wonderful toothpaste which does wonders in terms of hygeine (bad breath) tea tree in form of a cream (toothpaste) there few brands in organic shops, is just amazing! i struggled with bad breath probably due to somekind of internal infection i was so embarrased of this condition, but now Iam free of that embarasing bad breath and what is even better last all day, the paste is plain tea tree and natural ingredients. wonderful, also i used the paste to refresh my scalp that has the tendency to produce to much refreshing!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Raquel (Los Angeles, CA) on 10/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've been oil pulling for six weeks now and although I can't say I lost any weight, I'm eating more fruits and vegetables because I can now chew better. Also, the lines that run from my nose to my mouth have also diminshed and my dark circles have reduced significantly. I use extra vergin olive oil. At first, my breath stank but I stuck with it and my breath is now fresh and my teeth are strong. My cracked heels are gone and my BP has also dropped and has remained steady. Only question? Can I do this during pregnancy????

See a Dentist
Posted by Babette (Paramus, nj) on 10/17/2007

What I don't understand is why people keep writing in and trying all different remedies for rotting teeth and gums and evil smelling breath, saying they don't have health insurance. Why not claim charity care in a hospital or clinic? In NJ you can always get granted that status if you are low income or not working. Are other states so different or are you ignorant or just chicken to go to the dentist. It really doesn't hurt at all with numbing meds and its really neurotic not to go. How can you stand bad breath? I can't stand being near people with bad breath.

Avoid Dairy
Posted by Monique (Windsor, Canada) on 12/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My son had the worst breath I've ever smelled. I took him to the dentist, no problems with his gums or teeth. I kept on making him rinse his mouth with mouthwash and chew gum. It was so bad when you opened his bedroom door it would make you gag. I couldn't figure out why. Low and behold one day I was figuring out my budget and how I could cut back. So while I was grocery shopping I decided not to buy my son's regular 2 blocks of cheese per week. It was something he would have to do without. After a couple weeks of not eating cheese, we noticed his breath was refreshing. I was so happy, I realized right away it was the cheese since it was the only change from his regular routine. To this day, he eats cheese once in a while but does not suffer from bad breath. Hope this will help some other people with this terrible problem.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by CR (Marion, IN) on 01/17/2008
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Worked Temporarily

I have used the ACV and Baking Soda everday since a found this web site. It work really well the first couple of times, also I do the oil pull every morning. After the third day the really bb returned. I used the lemon juice and soda and the perorixde rinse for sinus and it still work for sinus drainage. I drink coffee after the oil pull, and the ACV on a empty stomach. Could the coffee be the reason why my mouth is so dry and stale after completing the OP, and the ACV, and the mouth rinse? Is there any mouth rinse that I could use after eating food, that will make my breath smell clean and fresh. I tend to have a white coating on my tongue after drinking and eating anything. My breath smells terrible. I have to brush my teeth and tongue sometimes three and four times a day and still my breath still have a foul odor. please tell me what to use for this continuous problem.

Sinus Connection
Posted by Theresa (Albany, NY) on 01/25/2008
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I have always used home remedies when possible. But I have come across situations that have called for a regular doctor. This is not said to cause fear in any way....but about 2 years ago my moms best freind had terrible breath ( which she had for several ongoing years). She ended up having a gall bladder atack and having an emergency removal. They found that her gall bladder was actually begining to turn gangrene. I'm not sure why she had no previous symptoms. I wanted to add this because its important to know the that bad breath is not always a simple solution. It can be a symptom of something extremely serious.

Sinus Connection
Posted by Anne (Elliston, VA) on 01/28/2008
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Hello I noticed a lot of people out there are concerned with bad breath. Some of you have mentined metal tast or sulfar taste or seeing a white or yellowish lump in the back of your throat. These are in your tonsils. They are called tonsil stones. They smell really bad and they cause a person to have really bad breathe, it smells like a toilet in your mouth. You can take a popscicle stick and express it out. I have heard that you can gargle with salt water and peroxide each day to help them to be fizzed out and not to form any more. Also you can use a netti pot. It is a little pot that you fill with 1/4 tsp of salt and 1/4 tsp of baking soda. Mix this in about 1 quart warm water. You only have to use 1 cup at a time or you can buy the premade packets.You get 50 with the little pot. You can buy a netti pot at Wal-mart. Use it everyday. If you have a sinus infection you can use it 3 or 4 times a day All you do is hold your head over the bathroom sink and put the pots spout in one nostril and do it unti a stream of the solution comes out the other side of your nose. It really helps with sinus problems. Also it helps to loosen up the tonsils stones. You can use the pot everyday. Hope this helps.

Chewing Cardamon or Cloves
Posted by TS (Rajah) (Wimbledon, UK) on 02/17/2008
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Chewing cardamon or clove works quite effectively for bad breath.

Good Oral Hygiene, Nasal Cleansing and Supplements
Posted by Angel (Miami, USA) on 02/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

topped my bad breath with good oral hygiene, nasal cleansing and supplements.

I removed a piece of popcorn kernel from under my gum which had a terrible smell. After that, my dentist and doctors said I was in good health but I still had bad breath for the next 2 years.

My oral routine is now an enzyme promoting toothgel and mouthwash(that treat my dry mouth and contain xylitol), floss, a tongue scraper, and an anticeptic oral cleanser containing carbamide. I floss, then crape my tongue gently. Then put 10 drops of carbamide gel on my tongue, mix with saliva and spit. I put 3 drops of carbamide gel on my soft bristle toothbrush then brush my teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue. Rinse and gargle with mouthwash. That's ususally three times a day. And about 3 times a week I polish my teeth, etc before I brush -- mix in my hand of 1 tsp each of baking soda and salt with a little water.

I cleanse my sinus/nasal area with a nasal irrigator a few times a week with 1 tsp each of salt and baking soda. Or twice a day if I am having sinus problems.

The other key was treating my sinus/post nasal problem with whole food supplements that contain supercritical garlic and oregano. Also changed my mouth and body's smell with a whole food supercritical antioxidants blend like tumeric, clove, ginger rosemary. And sip plenty of water through the day to stay hydrated. If I chew gum, it contains xylitol.

I needed to do a better job of brushing when and how I should. My body just needed supplements to be more healthy. The byproduct is I generally just feel better. The best thing is for the first time in years, I am not self conscious when I kiss my husband.

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