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Natural Cures for Bad Breath and Halitosis

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Cathy (London, England) on 06/14/2008

I have been suffering from bad breath for a few years now and had tried various different remedies, some worked, but mainly for a very short space of time, the bad breath always returning. I tried the HP and am very pleased to say my bad breath has COMPLETELY cleared up! I used 2 parts HP to 5 parts water of 3%, 10vol type (that is what is says on the bottle!). I gargle and rinse morning and night, for as long as I can stand, usually max 30 secs per mouthful, then spit out. I then rinse my mouth with salt water. I also wait the 15 mins before I drink or eat anything.

With other remedies and mouthwashes, they simply mask the problem, but with HP because it eliminates the actual bacteria, you then eliminate the bad breath. A big THANK you to this site for helping me in this way, I feel so much better all round. I would definately urge ANYONE with bad breath problems to give this a go.

C, London

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Yasha (Oslo, Norway) on 06/05/2008

re: gum disease, bad breath and burning mouth syndrome: I have been suffering for gum disease and bad breath for the passed few years. I brushed my teeth nearly everytime i eat to avoid bad breath, change toothbrush twice a month, used Corsodyl very often, chewed chewing gums almost every hour, used toothpicks. But all this didn't really help me quit the bad taste in my mouth. It has been so frustrating. But thanks God for charcoal powder. Now the bad breath and burning mouth is gone. I could talk properly without having to worry with my breathy. Really thankful for this remedy.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dee (Windhoek, Katutura, Namibia) on 06/02/2008

I have read all the articles of all those people who have used hydrogen peroxide and it worked, my fear is that it might be harmful if taken undilluted, can you please give me the exact measurement to use when I gargle, or should I use straight HP, please help me get rid of my horrible breath...

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Stella (C, OH) on 05/24/2008

This is my remedy for combating bad breath. I scrape tongue with a spoon, brush twice with a baking soda/peroxide toothpaste and rinse with a solution of 50% water 50% H202 and a few drops of Tea Tree oil. The addition of tea tree oil is what makes all the dif for me.

Baking Soda
Posted by Dilshod (Tashkent) on 04/02/2006

For almost two years, I have been self-conscious about my bad breath. I always kept myself at least a meter away from my friends, not to mention about girls. I visited several dentists, but none couldn't tell any concrete solution. Recently, a dentist told me to wash my mouth, especially back of my tongue with a BAKING SODA before going to sleep and to take a pill, called Flunol. I washed my mouth with baking soda, but did not take the pill, as it was expensive. To my great surprise, it was enough to get rid of the bad breath. Within ten days, it is almost gone. I still can't believe it and just before writing this message, I checked it, putting my finger in the back of my tongue. it's gone. I know there are many people with the same problem and i want to say those people not to spend much money on those expensive pills and liquids. Instead, look for a cheap, home remedy. And if you really want to get rid of your bad breath and believe in that, you will do it. If anyone of you know how to get rid of black spots, natural moles on the face, please share it with me. Thanks.

Posted by Kathryn (Delafield, Wisconsin) on 03/08/2007

My friend who sells herbs and vitamins noticed my bad breath and told me how to cure it. He said my small intestine was in need of good bacteria so he put me on Acidophilus (___, 8 billion) per day and now I not only never have bad breath, my gums no longer bleed and hurt and it is helping me with my fight with Candida. I won't go without the Acidophilus ever again!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by reeree (Dallas, texas) on 03/07/2007

apple cider vinegar is a great mouthwash, it actually takes and conquers the odor of bad breath for long lengthy hours try it

Magnesium, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jodi (Merrillville, IN) on 01/27/2007

Unlike others, my bad breath is caused by a sinus condition. The phlegm sits in the back of my throat causing bad breath. I was told to try magnesium which is supposed to break it up and makes the passageway clear. For me, it is the first thing to ever clear the throat. I then tried the hydrogen peroxide and no more bad breath. let me know how this works.

Cream of Tarter
Posted by Diana (New Zealand) on 01/09/2007

Just wondering if you have heard of the healing capabilities of Cream of Tartar? It was suggested on an Alternative Health Message Board. Since trying it I haven't suffered bad breath anymore..its meant to get rid of candida out of the body and the brain. Alot of people use it to stop smoking. There isn't alot of info on the web about it.

Garlic Tabs
Posted by Laura (Arizona) on 10/24/2006

Garlic tabs cure bad breath.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Eric (Simi Valley, CA) on 09/08/2006

Margarine / vegetable oil for breath gargle (yes, sounds disgusting but Canola oil is actually kind of sweet) cures bad breath by dissolving and stabilizing the pathology of volatile sulphur compounds in the mouth and throat.

Tongue Scrape
Posted by Bayardo (San Antonio, TX) on 04/26/2006

This truly works! It is much better than all the products advertised by the media--which claim to heal "foul-smelling breath." I used to go through the embarrassment of having "bad breath" even a little while after brushing my teeth thoroughly and meticulously. A friend told me to scrape my tongue with either a "plastic spoon" or a "separate hard toothbrush." I opted for the second option.

This is how to do it: Brush your tongue repeatedly in all areas, especially as much inside the throat as possible--even if it causes a small regurgitative spasm. Before you rinse the brush, smell the bristles to see if the foul smell is still there. Repeat this process a few times; of course, keep on rinsing the toothbrush, and stop after the bristles have no bad odor whatsoever.

It is important to remember, "not to use the same toothbrush that you use for your teeth." I do this in the morning before I go to work, after meals and before I go to sleep. It is a fantastic natural cure. I really thank God that I am free from fetor ex ore!

P.S.: To gargle with concentrated salt water once or twice a week is also a very good idea. This enhances the process explained above by getting rid of build up in the tongue, which harbors foul-smelling microorganisms.

Cinnamon and Honey
Posted by Susan (South America)

First thing in the morning, gargle with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon cinnamon powder mixed in hot water. Breath stays fresh throughout the day.

Avoid Sweeteners
Posted by Sharon (Boston) on 03/31/2006

I got a huge pot of organic spun honey from the farmer's market last month. It was delicious, but after a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge buildup of dead cells on my tongue towards the back. It was pretty gross. I also felt my metabolism slowing down and I gained a couple of pounds even though I was eating very healthily. I bought regular honey at Whole Foods last weekend and after 3 days my tongue is back to normal and I am starting to lose those 2 pounds! Interesting, eh?!

Avoid Sweeteners
Posted by Hugh (Canyon Lake, CA) on 12/27/2005

Sugar is the killer! Within an hour of having it my mouth tasted horrible, and my wife won't get near me. I don't have too much, so when I do it really stands out. It's apple cider vinegar, H2O2 and iodine for me tomorrow!

Tongue Scrape
Posted by Gloria (Rome, GA) on 01/18/2006


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