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Nic's Turmeric Recipe
Posted by Sarah (Dallas, Tx) on 08/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Update on using Nic's Turmeric Recipe: About 20 minutes after taking the first dose, the pain in my joint began go away--there was a great deal of relief from the pain. After three hours, the pain was all gone, and after four, my finger felt completely like new. I took another dose that night, and then a couple of doses the next day, and after that I forgot to take any. The second day, the boil which had been a perfectly round bump, receded back into the elongated shape of the cut which had been the source of the infection. A week later, it has been diminishing steadily, and is now almost entirely gone. Thank you so much to Earthclinic and to Nic for helping me save my hand! By the way, I found that it actually tastes better to use just one tablespoon of oil, and that way you can take 3 doses a day without taking a lot of oil.

Nic's Turmeric Recipe
Posted by Patricia (Viroqua, Wisconsin) on 02/25/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I discovered a boil on the face of my healthy 9 month old daughter. She is our fifth child and I had never seen this on any of the other children.

I identified it quickly and responded the first day with tea tree oil. To my surprise, it continued to grow.

Day two, I applied colloidal silver about 6 times per day. But, by that evening, I could see the boil was steadily multiplying. One boil was now four. One 1/4" round and the others about 1/16th".

Day three I found your website and was intrigued by the turmeric treatment. I created my own recipe that went like this:
2 T coconut oil
2 T turmeric
10 drops tea tree oil
10 drops oregano oil
10 drops colloidal silver
1 opened capsule acidophilus
1 opened capsule 2,000 IU Vit.D3

I applied this very potent, messy paste to her boils (and put her in some older clothes we didn't care about).

By the end of the day I noticed all growth had stopped.

Day four, the healing was obviously underway. All of the boils began to heal over, the smaller ones nearly diminishing.

Day five, I applied the paste only at night.

By morning, I could see only a mark where the largest one had been and very faint marks where the smaller ones had been.

All total, I applied the paste for 3 days with excellent results!

Thank you for the invaluable website!

Nic's Turmeric Recipe
Posted by Nic (Athens, Greece) on 06/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Boils: recipe Turmeric + Sesame Oil + black pepper

Hi everybody.

Another post, this time it's about what helped me with the latest boil, which appeared right after the first rain of summer just like it happened a year ago with another boil and two years before and so on. First of all, there is certainly a connection with seasonal rain and pollution, I was ready for the first rain trouble, but unfortunately I had to be outside on that particular day. Within an hour the boil started and became quite big, the next days it got huge. I started with turmeric in warm water, and applied some topically too, it helped a bit, but then it got very nasty, the next few days I continued with onions (compresses), eating raw garlic and ACV+honey. Nothing changed. I thought that turmeric and all the other remedies worked temporarily for me and took antibiotics and aspirin. Again, nothing AT ALL changed my condition for the better, so I stopped taking any medication. A day and a half passed and I started reading the testimonies and info here again and again thinking that perhaps the answer to my problem was hiding somewhere. Indeed, I read about combining turmeric powder with oil or fat, I'm allergic to lactose, but coconut oil was mentioned, so this reminded me of oil pulling and I use top quality sesame oil for that. Yesterday, on the verge of arranging an appointment with a doctor to have it lanced after having lost my faith and courage, I did the following:

Two tablespoons of sesame oil
Five tablespoons of water

I warmed them a lot, without boiling them I then added one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a bit of black pepper. I stirred well and drank it.

In half an hour the boil that was the size of a golf ball by then, burst, and kept draining for half an hour! The size of it was reduced to minimum! I could feel comfortable again, relieved! Amazing I said to myself. But hey, there's more: All night more fluid came out and in the morning when I thought that was it, it's over, it burst one more time.. and in the end, a white little thing popped out as well, I guess it was the root!

I hope this recipe will help someone out there. If turmeric has worked temporarily for you, maybe in really ugly situations you need to combine it with something, such as oil (sesame oil or coconut oil) or milk/creme.

Best wishes to all of you and thanks Earth Clinic!
Your fan.