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Posted by Barbara (Minneapolis, MN) on 05/13/2008

Rhodioal works within an hour. I have outrageous anxiety. Glad I found this web site for an herbal remedy.

Posted by RR (Vancouver, Canada) on 02/21/2008

Rhodiola is amazing! I've been taking rr for about 6 months with fantastic improvements. I suffer from major anxiety/stress disorder, minor depression, was taking effexor xr for 5 years prior to this wonderful herb..the effexor caused me to gain 35lbs, made me sweat heavily, and actually gave me more anxiety, the sweating is still a problem, but is getting much better since taking rhodiola, almost gone, except when i get really anxious - socially, i start to sweat from my head/face..which is pretty dam embarrassing..DONT TAKE EFFEXOR! as this never happened before even with the anxiety i had.
Since taking rhodiola and stopping the effexor..i've lost the 35lbs that i gained..alot faster then iv'e ever lost weight does help you lose long as you exercise hard and eat reasonably healthy. I dont eat that great, still eat pizza,wings, and drink beer occasionally. Just cut that deep fried's etc to a minimum. EXERCISE is the key to losing weight with this herb, although when i took a break from working out...i still dropped a couple pounds.

Thanks to rhodiola, i'm almost back to my old self, except for this lingering little bit of anxiety. rhodiola works best with other herbs, acutally makes those other herbs work better then if u were to take them alone. My stress is so dramatically reduced, i almost feel normal again.

I'm currently on the search for the best combination to combat this left over anxiety issue, looks like i'll try 5-htp as people seem to have success with this combo.

I've been using the Arctic Root brand, from proactivebio, and currently trying out the
Ameriden brand..just google'll find it...apparantly its from Siberia where this
root was first discovered.

And as far as i cannot grow it properly here, the active compounds will not be present
if grown here, needs that cold arctic condition to grow properly.

U have nothing but to benefit from taking this herb. I'm getting my whole family on it now!

and usually takes about 2-3 weeks before you really notice the effects!

Replied by Thelma
(Laconia, Nh)


I took the new chapter rhodiola rosea and it helped me, it almost made me feel like a zombie though, so for those of us who have sleep problems I would take it at night.

Posted by Margie (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) on 04/03/2007

While visiting earthclinic's site to see what I could fine to help my anxiety, I saw information about 5HTP as another source to use for anxiety. So I wanted to find out more information about this little pill, because it was a toss up between the two (Rhodiola) I decided to use the Rhodiola which worked out perfect. I then did some more research on 5HTP to see what other benefits it was good for, and I found out that it was recommeded for Fibromyalgia. Such as sleepless nights, waking up 4-5 times in the night, the headaches, the pain in the joints, stiffness upon waking up in morning, I felt like the tin man on the wizard of oz. I also had other related problesm. I have been taking it now for five months and I am a happier person, more energetic, not as moody as before, mine is more clear and well the list goes on, and I don't wake up stiff like before; so getting more rest has made me more alert.

In addition, I have a question for anyone out there to answer if possible. Since I take Rhodiola and 5HTP together I wanted to know if this harmful since both are a mood relaxing vitamin. I take the one for anxiety the other for the Fibroymyalgia. In addition, after reading more information about 5HTP and some side affects I was wondering if I should stop using it for awhile. If anyone has an answer please respond. I want to say though that since I have been using it I have had no side affects that were bad only good ones.

Replied by Moira
(Manchester, NH)

I know its been a year since asked, but in case anyone else wanted to know if 5HTP and Rhodiola are safe together, the answer is yes (although I am not a health professional - just know from my own research and experience). Your body naturally creates the transmitters that 5htp stimulates - its harmless. In fact, I noticed no difference in my severe anxiety when I took 5 HTP. Rhodiola is an herb that helps regulate serotonin levels and is not affected by 5HTP's process.

Chances are, if you take RR, you'll not need the 5HTP which can have uncomfortable side effects if you decide to quit it. Always remember to taper off any supplement or med to give your body a chance to keep up!

Posted by Margie (Upper Marlboro, MD) on 12/13/2006

I want to thank the person who said that Rhodiola was the best for anxiety attacks. I read the article and immediately searched the internet to find get more information regarding this vitamin. I then went out to get it for my symptoms and it worked. I feel normal again, before I was having a panic attack daily. I didn't know what triggered it, but I was suffering regularly. I also tried the 5HTP and I take them both together, the 5HTP helps with my stiffness in my joints and relaxes my body and mind. I take both daily and had not had any problems in three weeks. It feels good to be normal again.

Posted by Kristine (Belle Chasse, LA) on 08/21/2006

Rhodiola is the best stuff ever for anxiety.

Posted by Missy (Portland, OR) on 07/12/2006

Rhodiola cured me of anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Replied by Mom2
(Chicago, Illinois)

What dose did you take and how long did you have to take it before you noticed it helped for your anxiety, fatigue and depression?

Rocking Chair Therapy

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Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 09/10/2022

I have had a significant flare up of my bursitis, which has led me to a help that I have never considered.

Yesterday was a lovely day and I went out to the porch to swing and crochet in the sunshine for a little bit. I realized my pain was not bothering me as much. Certainly sunshine and something to do with my hands was a pleasant distraction, but then I considered the rocking.

Parents and caregivers naturally rock and sway to sooth babies and little children. Perhaps rocking is soothing for humans of all ages!

I did a little research and found that studies have found that rocking in a rocking chair has many health benefits.

It helps to decrease cravings of addicts in rehab facilities. It improves balance among the elderly in care facilities, it also reduces requests for pain medicines, and reduces agitation. Rocking can release endorphins, which can help with pain.

For the elderly, rocking in a chair improve blood flow and gives a bit of exercise to muscles.

Rocking chair therapy has also been used to improve outcomes after some surgeries.

My take away is that it makes sense to ensure that the elderly have an available rocking chair. And that anyone, no matter the age, may benefit from some rocking chair time to relieve anxiety, pain, and cravings.

Maybe rocking chairs are a way to restore some calm to our society which has become increasingly frenetic.

Happy Rocking,

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Arica (Athens, GA) on 06/10/2007

A few days before my period, I often find myself getting extremely anxious and paranoid. The same thing happens on day 5 of my period.. Not sure what is happening to my hormones, but I don't like it! I have discovered that a 200 mg of Sam-e will immediately stop the anxiety and paranoia. I still feel quite emotional up until the day I get my period, but it is way reduced with sam-e. Great supplement. I don't take it every day, just when necessary.

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Texas)

I was waking up in a panic daily, and SAMe stopped that for me, six years ago. But now, I guess I've outgrown it, because I have the physical (not emotional) sensation of anxiety, with such bad muscle tension in the front of my neck, that I am in physical pain for days at a time. SAMe is awesome for depression (except not for bipolar type)! Just watch, years down the road, as you might need to stop the SAMe. Also, whenever there is anxiety due to PMS, the cure is magnesium! And maybe calcium too, but I try to get calcium in my diet instead of supplementing. It is really hard to get enough magnesium in your diet however, what with the all the heavy metal toxicity, and with the way grains are processed today. Magnesium citrate and oxide are the best forms, and capsule form is by far the best way to insure that you are digesting it, unless you don't mind chewing up the tablets.

Posted by Sharon (Boston, MA) on 02/04/2007

My husband had a habit of waking up at 2:00am in terrible anxiety every night. The rest of the night was toss and turn, toss and turn. I started him on SamE and overnight, the pattern ceased. Now he loves it and takes it every night. No more insomnia, no more anxiety, no more depression. Good stuff!

Posted by Shelly (Sioux City)

In the fall when the time changes, I often have a very difficult time with anxiety and depression, especially as the holiday season approaches. After being on Effexor for a couple of years, I decided I needed to find a natural solution as I was tired of always feeling 2 steps behind. I experimented with the supplement SAM-e and discovered that it worked wonders fairly quickly. I also realized that some brands are better than others as it is a very unstable molecule. I took the lower dosage 2x a day for about a month. At that point I had to stop taking it for a while because it appeared that my brain chemistry had corrected itself and I no longer needed supplementation. Now I take it as needed, which is about 1 pill every few months. I hope others coming off the anti-anxiety medication will give this supplement a try. It was a wonderful discovery! By the way, doctors in Europe prescribe this remedy more often than prescription meds.


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Posted by Joseph (Stockton, CA) on 10/22/2021 73 posts

For Anxiety, calmness of the mind, insomnia, etc., please try Indian Ayurvedic Serpina (Indian Snakeroot) sold in India, and at USA Amazon. Dosage: 1-3 pills daily, if severe anxiety use 2 pills 3X daily or 3 pills in am & 3 pills in pm. Dosages are 4mg each. One of the Best products ever, helps mental illness, psychosis, high blood pressure. My comments are most likely meant for current members. Questions feel free to ask. Thank you

Replied by Sandi

I am taking metoprolol 50 mg for my high blood pressure. I wonder about adding the serpina, if there would be problems or interactions. But I do prefer the natural over pharmaceuticals. Thank you for responding.

Replied by DiDi

Hi Joe,

I would like to try the pills but cannot find on Amazon.

Can you please share the name of the company/manufacturer?

THX in advance.

Replied by Joseph A,
(Stockton, Ca)
73 posts

This reply is a lil late since I don't receive all comments, nor am I on this site each day. The question is regarding taking SERPINA with high blood pressure. As far as I know it is safe, however keep in mind that this Serpina was originally produced to lower blood pressure in 1934. I did see it on line and at Amazon for sale. It does help with Insomnia, mental illness, Anxiety, and much more. Interacts with cold flu medicine, antipsychotic medications. Sorry I was late but I forgot about checking fir reply's. Thank you. Joseph

Replied by Diana

Hello Joseph, thank you for sharing.

Could you take the herb when taking antidepressants? Thank you.

Soaked Chia Seeds

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Posted by Rm Az (Sedona, Az) on 09/14/2013

Anxiety- Cure- Soaked Chia Seeds

Preparation- Soak 2 table spoons chia seeds in any beverage for 10-15 minutes, can be longer. Drink 3 x morning, noon, and night. Produces awesome calm in all situations, no matter where you are or what you are doing, job interviews, social situations, work. Just start loving life. Might have something to do with an actually assimable plant based form of L-tryphtophan with all it's naturally occuring co-factors? You can try it in water, or unsweetened ice-tea, or natural lemonade with Apple Cider Vinegar and stevia and lemon juice and water. You'll need to put it in a shaker cup or a bottle with cap that you can vigorously shake from time to time while they are soaking. Enjoy

St. John's Wort, Sunshine, Exercise, Pets

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Posted by Catherine (Eureka, MT)

St. John's Wort works well for me, and I definitely benefit from Sunshine (#5)! plus: Movement. It doesn't need to be strenuous exercise. Animals. Being around people increases my anxiety and depression - they wear me out. Animals are great companions; they're honest, clear spirits, and keep your mind in the present. My depression stems from a spinal cord injury - animals don't recoil from my appearance or look down on me. Riding horses provides freedom - I can't run anymore but I can ride well. If animals aren't your cup of tea, try gardening - it helps, too!


Posted by Alittlebitsassy (Langley, Bc Canada) on 01/06/2010

I was wondering if any knows if it is ok to take L-Taurine, Passion Flower, GABA and anti-depressants together? I suffer from Panic attacks and am trying to find a more natural way to alleviate them than taking the antidepressants. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank You!
alittlebitsassy aka Diane

Replied by Pr
(Houston, Texas)

The book, Break Your Prescribed Addictions by Dr. Sahley, will have the answers to your question. This book is about using the amino acids, 5 different ones, to get off of prescribed drugs. It also addresses the amino acid reactions with any drugs you might be taking. Great book and the amino acids do work for panic attacks with no withdrawal. I had to take more of the Gaba than was recommended for it to work for me. Good luck.


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Posted by Janet (St. Andrews, FL) on 06/30/2008

I have dealt with anxiety disorder for many years now, in particular, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I am on an antidepressant which helps a great deal. However,I also take 1000mg of Taurine everyday when I get up in the morning. It is better to take it on an empty stomach. I was feeling very anxious one day and did not want to take a benzo (xanax), so I decided to try the Taurine I had bought just for this purpose. I admit that I was not too optimistic that it would help as I'd tried many natural remedies for anxiety and they never really worked. But in desperation, I decided to give the Taurine a try. I took 1000mg and in a few minutes, I actually felt so much more calm! I could not believe it! I told a friend of mine with the same problem about it and he started taking it too and he is 100% better now!
Taurine is very cheap and is abundant in the human body. Being Taurine deficient can cause anxiety.

I read up on this at the following site:

If this helps just one person, I'm glad I took the time to share it!

Replied by Dinah
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Taurine: Another helpful remedy is adrenal supplements; since taking them, I've gotten my life back. I noticed an extraordinary difference in less than a week. I take them every day, although now at a third of the original dose prescribed by a nutrapath.

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