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Cold Showers

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Posted by Jon (Monongahela, PA) on 09/30/2008

Oh God...this is the most greatest thing in the world. I embrace the Eastern philosophy of medicine which talks about natural and organic treatments to the ailments that we all suffer. Unlike Western medicine that gives you toxic pills to swallow only to treat the symptoms and not to cure you. I feel great. I've never been so happy and energetic in my life and I feel like I'm high all day long...of course with out the impairment of psychotropic drugs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...yeah, there is the hesitation associated with jumping into a swimming pool, but please, just "bite the bullet" and do it.....every day.


Cold Showers
Posted by Sandy (San Rafael, CA) on 01/30/2008

About two months ago I was having yet another anxiety attack in the middle of the night. I got up and Googled and wound up at your site. Thank goodness ! I read all the testamonials for Cold Shower Therapy. I tried it and much to my amazement I have felt so much better! I am grounded,emotionally stable and strong. My skin feels fabulous, my hair is soft and shiny, I am energized and also relaxed. I have tried so many treatments for severe depression,anxiety and pacic attacks. CST has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, I now sleep so well that I am having amazing dreams as well. Thank you for this great resource and community !!!

Cold Showers
Posted by Lisa (Victoria, Texas) on 01/17/2008

I woke up early this morning and went right into one of the worst panic attacks of my life. Nausea, dizziness, heart rate going at about twice what it normally does... I found this site after looking for quick ways to lower my hart rate because I was having trouble breathing. I decided to give the cold shower treatment a try and, while I regretted it for the first five minutes or so, I am now feeling totally back to normal. I'll be sure to use this method in the future as it works so much faster than any medication I have tried.

Cold Showers
Posted by Brenna (Rochester, NY, USA) on 08/07/2007

Well, I found your site from a link on and I suggested this "crazy idea" to my husband who's been dealing with panic attacks and anxiety. He hopped in, screamed for a few minutes, and came out looking a lot better than he had in a long time. I figured I'd "take the plunge" as well, just to try it out. As a FORMER hot-shower addict, I have to say that cold showers are IT!! I feel amazing, my face isn't dry, my hair is silky, etc. Plus, my husband happened to jump back in and...well, let's just say that "taking a cold shower" has a whole new meaning for us!

Cold Showers
Posted by Bryon (Cincinnati, OH) on 07/09/2007

I started cold showers about three or four weeks ago and I love them now. They seem to help me get rejuvenated in the morning and I have had less anxiety. Everyone should try them.

Cold Showers
Posted by Marc (Toronto, Canada) on 02/28/2007

I've been suffering from anxiety and depression for years, and recently I've started to get panic attacks. I finally got motivated to start researching my problem on my own because I've discovered that doctors (at least the ones I've been too) are useless.

I've discovered a lot of useful information on this website, but what really caught my eye is the cold shower therapy. I've never taken a cold shower in my life so I tried it today. Honestly, I've never felt so great. I don't know what it did to me, but I got a terrible fit of the giggles that lasted half an hour. I feel a lot better, and motivated, which is rare for me especially in the morning. I'll keep it up and see what else happens, but I definitely recommend trying it, for whatever reason. And Thank You for this great website!

Cold Showers
Posted by Mike (Elberta, Alabama) on 02/14/2007

I read about the cold shower and placed it somewhere in the back of my mind because I received news that I was going to have surgery and be out for 8 weeks (torn Achilles tendon which I have found no natural cure) I remembered the cold shower and started out with warm and raised the cold water and after I dried off the stress was gone and I felt great and looked at the surgery as an opportunity to catch up much needed paper work at home. Thanks for the cold shower

Cold Showers
Posted by Roxanne (Miami, FL) on 08/31/2006

I took my first cold shower today, after reading about cold shower benefits on your website. It really does feel good! I was a little scared and started with lukewarm water. Brought it down as most as I could tolerate it. But man, the other people are right - it really does give you a ton of energy! I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and this shower seemed to my anxiety in check. Thank you!!

Cold Showers
Posted by Sharon (NYC) on 08/22/2006

I read about cold showers on your site a few months ago. Since then whenever an anxiety attack hits me, I jump into a cold shower and stay there for about 5 minutes until I warm up. I am amazed at how fast it works to diminish anxiety. It must correct brain chemistry.

Cold Showers
Posted by Mary (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/25/2005

Read this website couple weeks ago and was looking at the comments on anxiety. well i must say it was sooo hard the first time. i still have to physch myself up to it but boy once you try it it almost becomes addictive and yes my anxiety is on the improve. thanks guys. awesome.

Cold Showers
Posted by Laura (London) on 10/18/2005

I tried John's below cold shower method to stop panic attacks and i was very surprised at the result it had on my mental state. It totally distacted me from the attack and I have now made a promise to myself that anytime i feel an attack coming on, i will put myself under a cold shower. By the time i'm about to get in, my mind is off the attack and thinking more about the coldness instead! Thank you, John i think you saved my soul!!! Anyone that reads this, try it please!!!

Cold Showers
Posted by John (Arlington, TX)

I started taking cold showers after I developed panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and moderate depression. Cold showers have been the best distraction out of any other distraction to get a panic attack to go away. It feels so good when I take a cold shower that it is like an addiction to me. I feel instant gratification both physically and mentally when I take cold showers. They our the best to get rid of negative thoughts, minor physical pains from within the body, fear from a panic attack, and anger. At first I tense my muscles together so I can get use to it and then I let them untense and let the water flow and it feels so great. Also I feel that my body is working better and I am a lot more alert and awake. I always feel like I am regenerated afterwards no matter how much I am going through. It is an intense body high. I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, or addiction problems. Remember when you take any of these three away you need to replace them with something else and cold showers is a great safe alternative that works wonders!

Cornsilk Tea

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Posted by Tara (Phoenix, AZ) on 08/20/2006

Cornsilk Tea for Anxiety

Dried cornsilk (One tablespoon),

One tea bag of green tea.

2 cups of bottled water.

Bring water to a boil then remove from burner. Add teas cover with lid and allow to brew off of burner for 5 minutes. Strain with strainer into cup add honey to taste. This combination of tea relaxes, acts as a natural diuretic, and lowers the blood pressure. Dried cornsilk tea can be found in health food stores and in the groc. stores that cater more to the Hispanic community. It is also called "Barbas de helote" meaning; beard of corn in Spanish. For an extra experience sprinkle into tea a pinch of fresh lavende r(purchased at health food stores or produce stores ) for aroma therapy while you sip your tea. The fragrance of lavender relaxes and soothes. Drink a cup in the morning or whenever you feel nervous.

Cup of Tea

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Posted by Jqueen (Atlanta, Ga, 30309) on 06/20/2011

Anxiety disorder is terrible, and it's worse if you are prone to having panic attacks, like me. I recently taken up drinking tea, and it's a pleasing experience. That matched with mild work outs, cool showers, and other things meant to give you piece of mind have REALLY helped. The best kinds of tea I've found are green, white, and especially chamomile. Chamomile is kind of like the "relax" tea. Stay away from teas with high caffeine count as that will make anxiety matters worse. If you can get decaf, good! If not, white, green, and chamomile are probably the best. Stick to organic, and prefferably loose tea. Make sure to drink it with NATURAL spring water. Actually, you should be drinking natural spring water, period! No flouridated water, for your health's sake. Tea has helped me in many ways. I'm sure it'll help you!

Replied by Everson11

I was having a good sized panic attack about nothing last night (flashing lights in a movie)... That sets me off for whatever reason...

One cup of Chamomile, and I was good for the rest of the night... I think I'll use it every night for the fun of it...

I will get some peppermint as well, thanks for mentioning that

Deep Breathing

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/27/2015

For anxiety, my input is to look at your breathing. I say this because I had the same issue as a young hard charger in industry. All the doctors said I was blacking out because of hyperventilation. They gave me Dilantin to prevent this. Years later, a doctor told me this was equivalent to killing a fly with a 105 Howitzer.

This treatment caused osteoporosis and lot of other problems I now have.

The anxiety eventually went away, but in my shady side of the mountain years, I am studying more and how you breathe is a biggie. 40 years ago I thought the doctors were full of stuff. Now I think they were right. I learned that chest breathing can cause this anxiety problem. You have to breathe with your diaphragm and let the exhale be as long as you can stand. You have to balance O2 and Carbon Dioxide. Both players are important.

I encourage you to read what Dr Shallenberger says about his patients and anxiety. He has a video on this subject. Goggle him.

Wish you well.=======ORH=========

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere Usa)

Hey Robert Henry and Sye. There is a former professional wrestler, who has out a yoga program. The very first thing he covers in this is the way you breath, saying to fill up the diaphragm slowly and exhale slowly. He encourages people to get up to a 20 count. This is slow in and slow out. Starting with just like the count of 2 and then working your way up over time. He says he can go to a count of 60 and that this controls the way you react, adapt, and take action. I can't tell you the name here, but if you Google professional wrestler's This ain't your mamas yoga you will find it. His commercials are on early mornings 3 to 4.30 am eastern time on various stations. Not advertising here, but I made the purchase and breathing is the first thing covered on disc one.

Replied by Jp
(La, Ca)

Interesting: you never mention exercise. exercise defined as 1. cardio, 2. weight bearing, and 3. stretching

bare minimum, 3 times a week. ideally, 4-5,2-3 hours a day. yes, it's WORK. yes, it pays; it's the best health insurance of all.

remember this name:


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