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Effective Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Flax Seed Oil

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Posted by SUNNY (Ca) on 05/20/2014
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I use flaxseed oil softgels of 1000mg or more. Cold pressed! Organic. I take as many as I need like 2 per meal. It helps with my anxiety so much, very quickly after I take them. I take them also prior to getting my period, which helps to balance mood then.

Flax's fatty acid profile: omega 3,6, and 9. Love it!

Namaste, Sunny


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Posted by Kathy (L A) on 07/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars


My husband has been using GABA for a few years....maybe 5 years and there have been NO side affects at all, except to calm him down...I even take a pill when I'm going to be in a stressful situation, like visiting his mother, for example! lol

General Feedback

Posted by Abby (Bedford, Texas) on 02/21/2013

Hi, I just want to say that I am so happy to have found this web site. I really need help for my son and I cannot sit here and cry about this anymore. My concern is that my son is seventeen years old. Ever since he was 13 years old I recognized that he started to get anxiety and was a little on the hyper side. When he was in the fifth grade they tested him for A.D.D. and they said that he did not have it so as he grew up during junior year it became worse where he did not want to go at school, his grades were dropping and had no strive for anything. I thought that home school would help him so I started to home school him because I thought is anxiety would become better but it got worse.

He finished his home school and graduated but his anxiety level isn't any better. His moods go up and down. When his anxiety goes up there is no talking to him to calm him down. I just let him be. I want to bring him to therapy but he will not go. I know he needs help but I dont know how to get it for him. He is always anxious and looks like he is very nervous at times. Because of this he will not go out in public if he doesn't look perfect. If one thing is wrong with his looks or his clothes he will not go out the door. He is always in the house. I am a single mom working and going to school and I feel like I am not doing enough for him. He won't go out, doesn't have any friends, always home I like this anxiety is getting worse and I feel like he is going to loose his mind from being home all of the time. It's like he has phobia or something. I feel like he is afraid to go out in the real world and I don't know if it was right to take him out of school but at the time I think it was. I feel like my son is trapped in his own home. I don't want him to be like those people who are afraid to step out of there box because of this anxiety is so bad.

Please!!! How can you help me with this situation. Thank you Abby

Replied by Helpyourself
(Houston, Texas)

Please tell your son this - every, EVERYBODY thinks at one time or another that they don't look right, act right, etc. The first day of teaching a 6th grade class, all the students were nervous when they knew they had to go in the hallways for 2nd period. I told them EVERYBODY in the hallways were scared thinking 'what are others going to think about me' ? DO this - engage in conversations, fake happiness, force yourself to have fun - you will not know how awesome you are until you do what you dream to do and be. I know you can DO IT! Good luck! Been there, seen it.

Replied by Anon

Hi, I'm sure he has a b vitamin deficiency- take a hair sample and get him tested but in the meantime start supplementing with b50 or b100 twice a day and b3 and vitamin c. If he won't take the tablets put them in his food!! Good luck- teenagers are challenging.

Replied by Juliette
(Reston, Va)

The Mood Cure by Julia Ross.... Life saver.... Off the top of my head I'd say 5htp and GABA would help him. Works immedietely and heals the brain. Really gives you relief from anxiety but the book gets more specific and there's a quiz in it to determine what kind of amino acid you need. Good luck!

ps-exercise and meditation can work wonders, guided meditations on youtube some target anxiety. :)

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2100 posts

Abby: Ditto on all the previous advise. It would not be out of correct to assume some identity crisis, especially in adolescence. Encourage him to read and continue learning and developing intellectually and personally. Wisdom Literature like The Psalms and Proverbs from the Bible form a bedrock for formal thinking. Many good books on Positive Thinking and Living. What was it Jon Anderson sang "never let the blues get the best of you". Life can be very dark and challenging, so the "power of positive thinking" is almost necessary for many of us, particularly if there is an abundance of misfortune. The Meditation helps with centering, and if one can reach the deep levels, there is an abundance of bliss for the having (Being is actually full to the brim with Bliss and Peace).

What was it Neil Diamond sang "turn to the only friend I can find, there in my mind, Shiloh". Once that sense of self-worth is established then a healthy development can take place.

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg, North West, South Africa)

Hi Abby, This is a shot in the dark, check for drugs.

Replied by Jorge
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Please read about Magnesium supplements (Magnesium chloride or citrate) here on this website. Hope this helps (helped to me). Regards, Jorge

Replied by 4kathryn
(Owings, Maryland)

Make sure it is not Lyme Disease. Don't know if it is in that part of country or not.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Abby, It sounds like your son may have developed agoraphobia or fear of leaving his house. Does he feel ill when he leaves the house or have a racing heart and other signs of anxiety? I thought if he had a part time job that he liked, a church group, or enrolled in one interesting course at a college or community college, he may be able to gain confidence and interpersonal relationships that may help him want to venture out more, especially if he can get some positive re-enforcement from some new friends. It really only takes one person to help someone to feel connected and needed. Some low dose anti-anxiety drug may help when he first tries to reach out. You may have to help him identify somewhere to start because that first step will be very difficult for him, and he may need a clear path to break out of his fear. Best wishes to you both. I know he can do it.

Replied by Heather
(Santa Rosa, Ca)

Abby~ Please consider an adrenal deficiency. You mentioned your son has anxiety, has been a little on the hyper side, and doesn't strive for anything. Symptoms of adrenal deficiency include anxiousness/very nervous, low grade depression & "coming alive" in the evenings. Adrenal fatigue is due to intense or prolongued stress (and being a teen is very rough in our society today. ) This can wreak havoc on an individual's life... I know it did mine.

My ND gave me an OTC high quality adrenal supplement and my depression & long standing anxiety (along with a myriad of other debilitating symptoms) lifted in a matter of 1-2 weeks. I know you are a single working mom (God bless you) and money is tight. The supplement I received (which can be purchased on Amazon) is $40/month. Your son is WORTH giving it a try ;o)

Replied by Cat

Hi, it sounds as if your son has social anxiety/social phobia. As everything "has to be perfect" before he leaves the house it sounds as though he may have been subjected to some kind of bullying at school, obviously when he was removed from school, this helped relieve the situation, but only for the short term. As you have stated he will not leave the house to get help so I think you should go on facebook where there are a number of social anxiety/social phobia pages one of them being! /AnxietySN?fref=ts

Type in social anxiety or social phobia into the search box.

Like you have said he will not leave the house so the best thing he can do to get started to recovery is to talk to other people who cannot leave the house either, who understand what he is experiencing. They explain what works/has worked for them. He/you can interact with other people who know what he is experiencing. The good news is that the doctor can prescribe something for this - if this is the problem - and if he refuses to go to the doctor then you really DO NEED TO ARRANGE A HOUSE CALL as it is not impossible to lose the best years of his life to it. Good Luck to you both. It really is a very FRUSTRATING time for your son, and I hope you can stay strong for him for just a little longer.

Replied by Courtney
(Granite Bay, Ca)

To Heather from Santa Rosa, CA - You mentioned your ND recommending a high quality adrenal supplement that you were able to purchase on Amazon, but never mentioned the name of the supplement. Could you please tell us what it was? Many thanks!

General Feedback
Posted by Phoenix126 (Branchburg, Nj, USA) on 08/31/2012

I have never suffered any depression, panic or anxiety my entire life. I had the normal ups and downs everyone typically has, but nothing ever so severe where it felt life threatening and debilitating. I had a pretty severe panic attack which lead to obsessive worrying and anxiety for the last 5 months. It was directly connected to a liver detox a chiropractor / AK recommended. Whatever the liver detox did to me, unleashed and ravaged my life for the last 5 months. Ongoing anxiety attacks and obsessive worrying. I went to a dr and all they wanted to do is prescrive meds and kept assuring me its normal and most of the population takes them. Umm... No thanks.. I was not like this before this event so something must have happened.

To make a long story short. As for treatments...
- I tried valerium, holy basil, lemon balm, anxiety supplements, vitamin b complex, and all of the sorts.
- I tried hypnosis, chiropractic and other forms of therapy which did not work.

To narrow down what did work.
- The chiropractic helped releive minor anxiety for less than a day.
- Acupuncture was the holy grail to a true feeling of calmness and relieve. Other times after intense work outs I felt like I did not have anxiety, I didn't.. But subconciously I was worried and obsessivly thinking about dying and all sorts of horrible feelings. The difference was after my 3rd visit, I felt a true "release" of all the worries. What did the accupuncture do? I don't know exactly but from my research of the points they put on my body, I am guessing even though my thyroid levels were normal, I could have been out of balance. My other feeling on this, I have noticed a drastic increase in many pepole I know having these exact same issues, not a coincdene considering the radiation fallout from japan has already circled several times. Radiation is bad for the thyroid, thyroid issues will cause panic, anxiety and depression.

So the game plan:
- Read positive books such as Think and Grow Rich, Tony Robbins products.
- Get Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatments
- Take hot epsom salt baths with essential oils for scents to stimulate your brain
- High Intenseity exercise and daily walks
- Socialize even if you are not in the mood, be around positive people that will push you outside of your comfort zone.
- Take at least 2000-3000mg of fish oil/day ACV every third day
- Get your thyroid checked!
- Cry it out if you have to, there are stored emotions you should not hold back. At some point you wont be able to cry anymore, crying is a way for the body to release. Why do you think people cry?

General Feedback
Posted by Bonnie (Riverside, Ca. U.s.) on 10/26/2011


I notice you don't have a "Nerves" or Nervousness on your ailment list? Is there a reason why?

EC: It's listed as anxiety:


Generalized Anxiety Disorder Remedies

Posted by Sss (Dallas, Tx, Us) on 03/18/2013

Hello, I was sexually molested and I have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). I am taking zolaft 50 mg. My thinking patterns are what if.. , my mind connect actions to person or another action. For example, if I coughed suddenly, my mind start thinking about people whom I heard or see when they coughed, I am overthinker and overanalyzer. Now I am trying to control my thought by myself. Is there any way to cure this naturally? Tnx

Replied by Robin
(Rural, Va)

I take Acetyl L-Carnitine for this and it is fantastic. I take one or two 40mg capsules a day.

Green Tea

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Posted by Eileen (Sumter, Sc) on 06/05/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have been plagued with depression and anxiety since 2001 when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I have hot nodules on my thyroid. Began with one about 1in by .5 inch. Now I have two the size of a lemon. I have not been able to take antidepressants. So I have struggled with it all these years. One thing that helps with the anxiety is strong green tea. I take about 6 oz of water and add two tea bags. Let it set a while and make sure you move the tea bags around and squeeze out the good stuff. That is where the L theanine comes from. Drink as much as you want. I also take Lemon Balm. It works well but usually have the green tea. Wish I could beat this depression. I am now 65 and it seems to be getting worse and I am under a lot of stress. Have never tried Rhodiola. Think I will give it a try. Hope the green tea works.

H2O2, Chorella, B Complex, Baking Soda and Water With Citric Acid

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Posted by Loretta (Red Deer, Alberta) on 12/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

In September I started using some remedies from earthclinic for a 20 year CFS/pain condition, and kidney/liver lesions. The remedies I take are: 1/4 tea. borax & some drops of H202 in water, chorella, B complex, amino acids, & BS in 1/2 glass of water with citric acid. I take these five days a week. I also use borax in the bath daily. This program has been adjusted and I will continue to do so, but I really wanted to write about a major change in my health: anxiety is gone! and most of the kidney pain too! It takes time, it takes alot of reading, it takes a willingness to change diet, lifestyle and our conditioned beliefs, but these remedies have been the best thing to help me....and until I found earthclinic, I had tried it 'all'. I am no longer a slave to untreatable diseases from doctors, or dependent on expensive naturalpaths. Let's not just 'thank Ted'....let's 'show' him our appreciation. L

Replied by Susan
(San Francisco)

I posted this at Cure Zone a couple of days ago and thought I'd post here, too. I had panic attacks for decades (I'm 58) and didn't know what my problem was. I had my most severe ones standing in lines (bank, grocery store, etc. ) and would feel like I was going to faint, and my heart would race to the point I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I came to the conclusion that they were psychosomatic. I was watching the Sally Jesse Raphael show (years ago) and the subject of the show was panic attacks. I'm relieved (or sorry?) that I wasn't the only one. I never went to the doctor for it. Why? So he could send me to a shrink who would put me on pills? No thanks. So, I've stumbled around with this condition for decades. I started inhaling 3% food grade H2O2, for what I don't remember. I came home from the grocery store one day and realized that I hadn't had a panic attack. I wondered if it was because of the H2O2 and started inhaling this every time I went anywhere. I haven't had a panic attack in 2-3 months.

I must conclude that MY panic attacks were physical. Why 'were' and not 'are'? I don't need the H2O2 anymore. I came home from the store one day and realized that I hadn't had any H2O2 and hadn't had a panic attack. I then realized that I hadn't had any H2O2 in a couple of weeks.

Does anyone have any two cents worth on what might have been my problem? Did the extra oxygen molecule (if that was what fixed my problem) create a bridge (or something else) in my brain (or somewhere else), so now I am "fixed"? I'd really like to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. Thanks!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2100 posts

Susan, although I have never had the diagnosis of mycoplasma lung infection, I have many of the symptoms. Last night I nebulized Colloidal Silver w/ 2 distinct singes of herx and felt much better today than I have in several days or weeks. Mycoplasma infection are has hard to diagnose as they are to treat, but this is a possible culprit in your condition. I haven't the panic attacks but I do have very high stress levels and come near panics sometimes, so the stress factor is definitely involved here it's just the cause you need to know. Also, as a side note, the herb Hawthorn- 2 caps seem to provide immediate relief for the lungs and energy but I don't experience the herx. My 2 cents.

Healing Work

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Posted by Sue (Minnapolis, MN) on 01/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

The 3 years fight with anxiety was resolved by remote energy healer ( and EFT ( emotional freedom technic) - tapping. The healer fixed my aura and told me that anxiety is caused by the trauma when you were a baby and did not have any control ( I was bit by a neighbor) and all other emotions that not released by me. I was very sceptical. He told me to do tapping on specific issues. If 4 days ago drive in a car as a passenger was so bad, today I drove to the store myself. Thank you.

Heavy Metal Music

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Posted by Peter (St. Paul, Minnesota) on 04/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

One way to really release some anxiety that worked for me was to listen to loud, aggressive metal. It might appear like some sort of teenage cure for a broken heart, but it truly works!

Hemp Seed, Kelp Powder

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 11/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hemp Seed Powder and Kelp Powder

I used to get very anxious and depressed, headaches, stomachaches, sore and tired all over, the headaches were like migraines or tension headaches. I can't eat wheat. I read about how protein is used by the brain to manage its levels of nitrogen and ammonia, so thinking the migraine might be from a lack of protein I took 1/4 cup of hemp seed powder, with a teaspoon of kelp powder since I had the kelp powder, mixed in a glass of water. I feel much better. I did that once or twice a day for three days, I wake up less tired in the morning, my good mood lasts all day, I feel more optimistic and youthful, the headaches are almost gone. The dark circles under my eyes are lighter.

Taking potassium and magnesium pills help too. I take more than the label says depending on how I feel. Sometimes 4 to 6 99mg potassium at a time.

Holy Basil

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Posted by Mel (California) on 05/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Many years ago I haphazardly tried Holy Basil capsules and or the tea and I had felt that they didn't "work" for me and my stress, anxiety, and depression during my job. Fast forward a few years and I realize that my depression and anxiety have been pretty much chronic since I was a teen. I think that I always just feel nervous about things and recently it has held me back in doing many things.

Now that I am middle aged, I feel desperate to find some sort of relief for my depression, and anxiety and other symptoms. I have tried many different supplements and activities but I did them in a haphazard way So this week I decided to go to the health food store and look around. The only thing on sale happened to be Holy Basil capsules from a well known brand containing 536 mg strength. So I decided to try them again. This time I did a lot more research and reading on HB.

At first I chewed 1 capsule let it sit in my mouth as long as possible and then swallowed everything with water. I didn't feel anything amazing. The next day I still had that task I was dreading and it was making me feel really nervous. So I chewed 2 capsules back to back let it absorb in my mouth as long as possible and then some water.

Lo and behold, about half an hour later I realized that my feeling of nervousness had gone away. I felt "normal" or "ok". It is hard to describe, because I haven't felt "not nervous" for a very long time. It didn't make me sleepy like some other supplements do. I do feel that the effect is short lived though kind of like when I take a xanax, and I am not sure how to keep that "not nervous" feeling for a longer period of time.

Replied by Mel

I realized that in my original post. My point should have been that biting into the Holy Basil capsules and letting them sublingually absorb, rather than just swallowing them whole or just drinking the HB tea seems to reduce the stomach upset that many supplements give me and it seems to work better and faster than having the HB capsules digest in my stomach. Plus I think I heard that HB oil is good for dental hygiene so having that oil coating may be doing some good for my teeth and gums I hope.

Holy Basil
Posted by Jenna (North Dakota, US) on 06/11/2014
5 out of 5 stars

For the last five days, I have experienced anxiety at a level of 8-9 on a scale of 10. Thought I would eat the ceiling, so horrible. I am normally a high energy person, but this anxiety was I guess a prolonged panic attack. Tried everything, magnesium, taurine, 5-htp, fish oil, passion flower, glutamine, calcium, breathing deeply and pranayama, thick brews of hops, sage, Shen's worry free pills, alcohol, valerian, a friend gave me some ambien to sleep, and the list goes on - about 10 more things. Thought I was going to die from a heart attack. Got it at the health food store - the brand that makes the liquid phyto-caps, which is the best in the country imo. Over 350 mgs per capsule. Instructions say 1 cap in between meals, but I was desperate, took 2,10 minutes apart, popped them open in my mouth. Unbelievable! The anxiety started to drain within an hour. Here I am 5 hours later late at night and really peaceful and softly tired. So grateful to the posters about Holy Basil and to Earthclinic!

Replied by Jenna
(South Dakota)
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I am giving an update. Holy Basil did not work, all though I thought it had. Just temporary relief. About five days later I ended up in the emergency room for a full blow panic attack and they gave me 1mg of valium, which brought it down. Also a temporary prescription of adivan, which really didn't do anything for me, chilled me only for a few hours. The next day, still anxiety, and so forth. It took me about 5 days of experimenting to figure out what was wrong - took 50 mgs of Dhea, and finally could breathe again, all anxiety left. It was my adrenals all along. Please do research on low Dhea, as there is a kind, I believe call Kudo, that inhibits it affecting other hormones in the body so that you don't grow a mustache, thinning hair. 50mgs is very high to take for any long period of time, check out info on Curezone or other forums.

Holy Basil
Posted by Sophie (Dayton, Ohio, Usa) on 02/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi EarthClinic-ers! I've been experimenting with Holy Basil (a remedy I found on this site) both for myself and my husband. I have to say the results are great! I originally started my husband on the Holy Basil because he would get stressed out at work and get into weeks-long "funks" where he would be depressed/grouchy. It definitely helped to shorten the duration of his "funk" and lessen the severity. I think now it's even helping prevent them. I'm trying to finish my Ph. D. so there is a lot of stress in my life too. I started taking the Holy Basil on an as-needed basis (my husband takes it every day). Definite improvement. I feel like it takes the edge off my mood to where I can more easily cope with whatever problems I'm having.

Another interesting effect -- I had a big presentation to give early this morning in front of my Ph. D. Examination committee. I took 2 Holy Basil pills last night in preparation. I usually get stage fright when I have to talk in front of other people (especially when they determine when I can graduate! ). This morning, I had NO STAGE FRIGHT! I will definitely remember this when I have to give my dissertation defense later this year. Thank you Earth Clinic and thank you Holy Basil! I love this stuff!

Hope this can help someone else out there.


Holy Basil
Posted by Wydo (Ventura, CA) on 04/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Anxiety Remedies: A couple of years ago I started feeling anxious for no reason at all. It became worse and worse until I couldn't stand myself. My doctor gave me xanax to sleep at night but I still had that anxious feeling all the time. I tried no-flush niacin and that helped a little. Then I tried rhodiola and that helped a lot more. I went for several months until I found holy basil. I find it works the best and has a nice side benefit. I can have my tea and still sleep as long as I take my holy basil in the evening. So for me it counters the bad effects of caffeine. I still keep the rhodiola and niacin around for backup and take them in the morning sometimes but nothing replaces the holy basil.

Replied by Wydo

I was looking at my post from years ago and I thought I would update it. I still take holy basil but I have discovered the root of the anxiety problem. Sometime after I made that post I decided to take Ted's advice and get a digital PH meter. I found that my urine was very low in PH so I started to take Ted's alkaline remedies and that just helped a little. I knew there was some kind of problem going on but I wasn't sure what it was until recently I got a prostrate biopsy followed by a real bad UTI. The doctor checked my urine and said it wasn't from an infection causing it. As more and more symptoms popped up it became apparent that this was a candida flair up.

I bought Bill Thompson's book on candida and started reading up on this. What happens when candida, has gone fungal in your system, is that the candida produces acids. These are acids that enter the system in addition to the acids that your body and produces acidosis in the body. The acids that candida produces will cause anxiety and an overly acid body will eventually will interrupt many process that go on in the body including the production of the elements we need to go to sleep.

I began Bill's anti-candida protocol and for the first time in many years I can sleep the night through. The anxiety that I was having during the flair up is gone as well. If you are having sleep problems and anxiety from nothing or exaggerated feelings of anxiety over small things there is a simple solution to this. If you are wondering if you have my problem then you can always start with the digital PH meter like I did but I think Bill's book is wonderful and is a must have. Not only did I get the paper version but I got the kindle version as well and I am thinking of getting another to give friends and family.

Another great book that I got to go along with this is PH-Balance for Life. It think that these 2 books could be helpful to you if you are reading these post. Thank you for reading my post.

EC: Wydo, thank you very much for giving us such a thorough update after 7 years. We are very fortunate!