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Effective Natural Remedies for Anxiety

| Modified on Nov 02, 2022
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Anxiety Natural Remedies

Nearly 300 million people are said to suffer from anxiety worldwide, slightly less than the number of people suffering from depression. Natural remedies can often alleviate anxiety symptoms caused like shallow breathing, mind-racing, and an inability to relax. Teatments include simple home remedies like cold showers and cardio exercise to supplements like rhodiola.

Promising Natural Cures for Anxiety

In many cases, home remedies can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety. These home treatments work with your body to naturally calm your senses to better facilitate soothing.

Cold Showers

One of simplest and most inexpensive of all natural remedies, cold showers are effective in reducing anxiety. As anxiety increases, so does your body temperature and, in turn, your heart rate. A cold shower helps re-establish your body’s natural temperature and level of blood flow. This option is a quick fix and offers immediate results.


Rhodiola, or specifically the root, is a plant used in herbal medicine. The plant is considered an “adaptogen” as it helps the body cope with mental, physical, chemical, and environmental stress better.


Probiotics have been shown to have therapeutic effects that extend beyond the gut and into the central nervous system. Taking a probiotic supplement can sometimes help improve brain chemistry because there is a direct line of communication between the gut and the brain. Probiotics can not only improve mental cognition but also reduce symptoms of anxiety.

It should be noted that much more research is needed to identify exactly which strains of bacteria are the most effective to treat anxiety, but research is proving that probiotics may be promising as an adjunctive therapy.

Vitamin B-3

Vitamin B3, more commonly known as niacin, plays a vital role in the synthesis of serotonin. Niacin has been shown to ease anxiety symptoms in some people when used at a dosage of 1,000 - 3,000 milligrams per day.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains a number of vitamins and minerals that help restore natural balance in the body. ACV can relieve high blood pressure associated with anxiety and this can help some people feel less anxious.

One note of caution regarding Apple Cider Vinegar:

While ACV has helped alleviate some of our readers with anxiety, it has also been reported to increase anxiety in other readers. See our ACV side effects page here. If you find this is the case, stop consuming apple cider vinegar immediately. You should feel better within 24 hours, especially if you supplement with Magnesium, Potassium and B Complex supplements.

What Is Anxiety?

A feeling that causes both mental and physical symptoms, anxiety is a pervasive feeling of worry or concern. It often manifests as fear, stress, concern, depression, cloudy thoughts, or general unease. Additionally, you may also experience physical symptoms such as fatigue, restlessness, and muscle tension.

There are a number of different anxiety disorders with specific causes or stressors. Panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and generalized anxiety disorders are all common. Any of these conditions may be triggered by a specific event or factor or the manifestation of a lifetime of stress or stressful experiences.

What Are Common Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety has hundreds of symptoms. What’s important to remember is that symptoms may change according to the type of anxiety someone has. Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Muscle Twitching
  • Chest Pain
  • Trembling or Shaking
  • Lethargy or Low Energy
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling of Danger
  • Feeling of Dread
  • Feeling of Panic
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Inability to think clearly
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Belching
  • Obsessing over a particular event over and over again
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness
  • Yawning

Keep reading to learn which remedies worked the best for our readers. Please share your feedback with us!


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Posted by Marigold (Anchorage, Ak) on 04/10/2010
0 out of 5 stars

5-HTP for anxiety/depression

After reading some posts on this website, I decided to try 5-HTP for my general depression and social anxiety. After taking it the first time, I really noticed it made me feel kind of happy and giddy, so I was excited, and I also felt less anxious and more able to be what I consider myself. However, about a week taking just 50 mgs twice a day, I noticed I would get headaches. Then after about a week and a half I got a horrible headache, which I think might have been a migraine. It came on suddenly and lasted for about an hour of excruciating pain and nausea, and more mild pain and tension the rest of the day. Afterwards, for about a week, I started getting strange pains all on the left side of my body, in my leg and hip and shoulder. The migraine was on the right side of my head. I was pretty sure the 5 HTP was causing my everyday headaches, and was starting to feel like it lead to the migraine and subsequent left-side-of-the-body pains. I stopped taking 5-HTP and and my head-aches and body-aches have subsided completely. I am glad this supplement has worked for some people, but I just wanted to share my experience.

Replied by Gtijes
(Allentown, Pa, Usa)

Does anyone know of a way to introduce something natural like 5-htp, and cut back on the prescription antidepressants? I wasn't sure if they interacted safely at all.

Replied by Randy
(Jersey City, Nj, Usa)

I am thinking of doing the same thing. 5htp should not be taken with Rx anti-depressants. I take lexapro... I am planning on weaning down on my Rx by cutting the pills (go from 1 pill to 3/4, to half, etc), and introducing 5htp along the way as I wean.


I successfully transitioned from an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medication(Paxil) to 5HTP-50mg by gradually reducing Paxil by 50% each day while increasing 5HTP TO 50mg. The whole weaning process took about four days. Note: experts say an anti-anxiety ant-depressant should never be stopped suddenly and I agree. I tried that once and found myself doing some irrational things.

CAUTION: I did find when I increased the 5HTP to 100mg, it actually increased my anxiety. This happened when my health food store brought in 100mg strength instead of the usual 50mg strength. Fortunately I realised what was happening and split the remainder in half and everything was fine from there on.

Replied by Jasonmchicago
(Chicago, Il (usa))
5 out of 5 stars

Serotonin is a vital neurotransmitter for all types of things... From mental to physical health. I had severe anxiety and tried different things from Velirium Root to different aroma therapies... The one thing that works amazingly was 5-HTP. It helps one get serotonin and serotonin helps with anxiety, depression, sleep problems (converts to melatonin), and muscle health (let's you get delta sleep so that your body can release growth hormone and repair muscle tissue). In the book "Pain Cure" there's a great recap of all the benefits of serotonin.

I HIGHLY recommend it for anxiety/depression. It helped change my life... Along with Yoga, MSM (joint pain), etc.

Thanks EC!

Replied by Cindy
(Orange County, California)

I was having terrible IBS symptoms along with extreme anxiety. I started taking 5-htp on the advice of my naturopathic doctor. Within 1-2 weeks, my IBS reduced substantially and my anxiety lessened dramatically. I felt great everyday with a more stable, consistent mood than I have ever felt in my life.

According to my doctor, a large proportion of serotonin either resides or is made in your gut (I forget which) so it makes sense that it helped my IBS. When I started, I was taking 200 mg each morning. It didn't help me sleep though, in fact it kept me wide awake. After taking for about a year or so, I started feeling very ill every morning. It took me a long time to figure out it was the 5-htp. However, my general health has improved much over the past year and I have now cut the dose back to 50 mg per day and can handle it fine. My doctor told me my system probably did not need as much now and this is perhaps why larger doses were making me so ill.

Replied by Joe
(Sterville, Co)

I've read a few posts on the use of 5HTP and unusual symptoms (headaches, pains, etc) after using for awhile. Just wanted to recommend The Mood Cure book which helps to explain that these symptoms could possibly be caused by too much serotonin (serotonin syndrome). The gist of the 5HTP part is just using it long enough, and in proper doses, to where you feel better. Once you start getting abnormal symptoms, it can indicate that you are getting too much of a good thing, at which point you would stop or cut back.

Replied by Bodulica
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you so much for posting it. I researched "serotonin syndrome" and now I know why I ended up with the cardiac arrest after taking one single minimum dose of Paxil and why I feel so sick if I take anything that deals with the serotonin. Can you please tell me who is the author of the Mood Cure Book. I want to get it. Thank you.

Replied by Sandhya

Author of Mood Cure Book is Julie Ross I believe. She also wrote another book after that .... The Diet Cure Book.

Replied by Me
(San Diego)
0 out of 5 stars

I had the same side effects as you experience...migraine headaches. I no longer use the product.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

I switched from Citalopram 20mg., a common SSRI to 5HTP 50mg. by cutting the Citalopram in half for a few days while simultaneously starting the 5HTP and experienced no transition problems.

(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Update - My usual store didn't have 5HTP 50mg in stock so I decided to try 5HTP100mg instead. What a mistake! After taking one 100mg tablet I became very anxious. I then put the balance of the tablets through a pill splitter so that they were just 50mg and the anxiety disappeared.

Now I am very careful to make sure I am buying only the 50mg strength. I even admonished the store a few times that the recommended dose was 50mg and that 100mg can actually increase anxiety and they have finally caught on.

Replied by Goldengirl

I really don't like taking things that are mimicking naturally produced things in our body. Maybe I didn't read the description right when I googled it, but it said it's naturally produced in our bodies, but the 5-HTP comes from some sort of plant? I took some a couple years ago and threw it out because it gave me shakes and I believe yes, a headache too.

(Vancouver, Canada)

5HTP doesn't mimic serotonin. it acts a a precursor for serotonin and melatonin which means it helps your body to naturally produce more of each. The end result is you feel better (serotonin) and sleep better (melatonin). The recommended dosage is 50mg. per day. Exceeding 50mg may cause anxiety so best to stick to 50mg.

Replied by Joseph
(Stockton, CA)
75 posts

Regarding 5HTP, you can't blame the store for taking 100mg instead of 50mg. Common sense is if your taking 50mg and they are out, then buy 100mg and cut in half, sorry but that was your fault! One must learn to Google things they take and or change MG (milligrams) what foods don't mix with medications, usually Grapefruit and licorice.


At the time, I had no idea that taking twice my regular dose would have such an adverse effect as 5HTP was described to me as a vita-nutrient. So to me, it was the same as taking a double dose of vitamin C.

Joseph A.
(Stockton, Ca)
75 posts

I was searching for something natural that would help with Anxiety when tapering off benzodiazepines. As I read comments from all so far, I came across this one by Joseph, I said I agree with everything this guy says, then I looked at name and realized it was my own comment. Lol, lol .

(Vancouver, Canada)

That's hilarious! I suppose as you were reading your own comment you were thinking, "This person sounds pretty intelligent, too." ha, ha.

Posted by Kay (Norwich, NY) on 05/24/2009

fibermyliga, arthritus, anxity: i take cybalta and valiun as i have panic attacks real bad, i got the 5-htp but dr told me cant take as of the cybalta.i am drinking apple cidar with water 16oz as they say it is good for pain. i was using honey with it but ran out so i just use vinegar.i like the taste of it. thank you kay

Posted by Vandana (New Delhi, India) on 05/21/2009

hi, i am from india new delhi. many of the products and medicines prescribed like 5HTP, RHIODINE etc. etc. are not available in india. what is 5HTP. please prescribe/suggest me something for excess anxiety problem and its availability in india.

Replied by Luis
(Cali, Colombia)

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture),there are three specific sleep-aid points located on the inner wrist: the Shern-Men Point, the Day-Ling Point, and the Ney-Guan Point. The Sern-Men Point is located along the "Heart Meridian", and is responsible for the mental health and function of the circulatory system. The Day-Ling and Ney-Guan Points are located along the "Peri-Heart Meridian", and help maintain the normal functioning of the heart. These three specific anxiety and sleep-aid points form a a "Golden Triangle" that is responsible for calming, stress relief, and sleep inducement.

Shern-Men Point: In the inner wrist,little finger side(a small sag).
Ney-Guan Point: Two fingers distance from the middle of your inner wrist (between two tendons.
Day-Ling Point: In the inner wrist, in the middle.

Please, get acupuncture needles, ball pads, acupressure bands (USA)or something that press those points for a while until you feel better. Otherwise, use your fingers.

Replied by Joseph
(Stockton, CA)
75 posts

For Anxiety, calmness of the mind, insomnia, etc., please try Indian Ayurvedic Serpina (Indian Snakeroot) sold in India, and at USA Amazon. Dosage: 1-3 pills daily, if severe anxiety use 2 pills 3X daily or 3 pills in am & 3 pills in pm. Dosages are 4mg each. One of the Best products ever, helps mental illness, psychosis, high blood pressure. My comments are most likely meant for current members. Questions feel free to ask. Thank you

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, Canada)

For anxiety what worked for me was Vitamin B3-450mg taken first thing in the morning and just before going to bed. This eliminated anxiety within 24 hr.

Posted by Stefanie (Minden, Louisiana) on 07/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I found this remedy when I was looking for herbal remedies for my daily headaches. I found 5-HTP. According to the article,some of the things it helped with are insomnia, headaches, anxiety & depression. I thought could it be? I immediately went to my husband to show him what I had found because he had problems sleeping at night as well. We went a few days later to our local drug store and picked up a bottle of 50mg. 5-HTP. We had decided on the lowest dosage available in our area, upping the dosage as we went along if it was necessary. We have only been on it for a few days now but there is a very noticeable difference. We both have been sleeping through the night and feeling more refreshed when we wake. My anxiety attacks are gone as well as my headaches. We both are much less snappish than what we were before. We haven't noticed any side effects so far. We are taking them with a meal or a small snack and so far we have stayed at 50mg. Thanks for the very useful information that lead to this discovery!

Posted by Molly (Madison, USA) on 04/11/2008
1 out of 5 stars


One time I purchased a bottle of 5-htp, and after taking one capsule morning & evening, just twice, I threw the bottle away. My reaction to 5-htp was horrific; upon further research I learned that high levels of serotonin are associated with SEVERE ANXIETY. I also read that the spice ginger is a serotonin antagonist, so I have a bottle on hand, just in case I ever feel so anxious ever again.

Then I read somewhere online that there is a set of people whose depression responds to Acetyl L-Carnitine, they said the depression lifted in these people when using 3-4 grams a day, and to take two grams of acetylcarnitine on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

This amino acid is the most amazing substance; I've never been able to take more than 2 grams per day - there is such great mental clarity, there is utter inability to be depressed, but there simultaneously is no euphoria - just calm lucid clarity. I've read that it assists the brain in making many different neurotransmitters - so it is not anything, not anything at all like 5-htp which floods the brain with serotonin - which, if you don't need it, might create severe anxiety.

Replied by Bodulica
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
1 out of 5 stars

My reaction to 5-HTP was terrible. Felt like I ingested a poison. Very sick, felt like fainting, headache...

Replied by Chadi10

Hi Molly, is Acetyl L-Carnitine same as L-carnitine or different?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Chadi:

I didn't see if "Molly" had responded to you. You ask if Acetyl Carnitine is the same as L Carnitine. They are not. Carnitine is used for fat removal and to help those exercising to use fat for energy... the chemistry of the mitochrondria is involved.

Acetyl l Carnitine, is a derivative of Carnitine and is primarily used as brain protection, being able to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

Replied by Chadi10

Thanks for responding,Tom. I really have Chronic Fatigue and that resulted into sleep apnea, high BP, stomach issues, and all the other stuff associated with it. I tried everything, nothing worked. I was thinking of trying Acetyl-L-carnitine. What is your opinion of it?

Posted by Susanne (Indianapolis, In) on 11/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I began taking 5-HTP for depression and anxiety and sleeplessness during a very emotionally stressful breakup. I have Not had an anxity attack since 3-07 which I had suffered from off and on for several years. I sleep so much better. I am able to think clearer and stay focused and concentrate so much better as well as improved my memory. I am thankful for this. My dr. wanted to put me on Wellbutrine. NO Thank U!

Replied by Entheogens
(Palo Alto, California, Usa)

Why does anybody think that 5-HTP is any better than other pharmaceutical SSRIs? It's the same thing. Don't be fooled by it being so-called "natural". First of all, there is no proof that raising serotonin levels is the issue. Second of all, in clinical trials SSRIs did no better than placebos.

Replied by Peter

Why are natural alternatives like 5htp better? Anti-depressants work by shutting down the receptors that rid your brain of serotonin, in a sense forcing old serotonin to be recirculated constantly. Your serotonin receptors then shrivel up.

5htp gives your brain the raw materials to build serotonin. When it needs it, its there. But only what it needs, when it needs it.


Replied by Jc

There is a good amount of research now showing that Serotonin does not cross the Blood brain barrier. So taking 5HTP will only boost the serotonin in the brain IF your Blood Brain Barrier is compromised. Not a a good situation overall.

As mentioned above, too much serotonin can cause depression and anxiety. Again, not a good thing.

The best solution for anxiety and depression known to man right now has been around for ever. Exercise! This is not controversial. Doctors of all orientations agree.

Replied by Kennywally
48 posts

wellbutrine is known to change personalities. I say it opens a path to demons, hence the personality change. The same goes for similar drug counterparts, they can enable a path to the spirit world. But many don't get that, but I do. Just a word to the wise.

Replied by Gord235
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

I was on Citalopram 20mg., a common SSRI for ten years and found that it didn't always work. I found it very easy to switch to 5HTP 50mg. by just cutting the Citalopram in half for a few days while starting the 5HTP simultaneously. I find I get a much better sleep while taking 5HTP and wake up feeling rested even on less than 8 hr. sleep.

Replied by Tara

I was able to get off of a combination of Wellbutrin (Anxiety) and Vyvanse (ADHD) almost two years ago. I take a daily 750mg GABA, 100mg 5-HTP and about 200mg of chelated magnesium. Both were "adult onset". In the end I think I was just really, really deficient in magnesium and was going through hormonal changes at the same time. It took me about 6 months to get back to normal.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

3 User Reviews
5 star (3) 

Posted by Sandi (Arizona, USA) on 06/20/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to the info on here, I just tried acetyl L carnitine for my anxiety. I am pleased to say I think it's helping. My husband took it years ago for neuropathy and it was great. My son is trying it for his neuropathy as well. My anxiety has been so bad because my husband died six months ago after fighting lung cancer for 14 months. My checkup showed elevated blood pressure. High blood pressure causes anxiety which raises blood pressure which causes more anxiety and round and round. So I am so happy to find something besides Xanax that actually makes me feel somewhat better. Now hopefully I can get my blood pressure down. 🤪🤪


I am taking metoprolol 50 mg for my high blood pressure. I wonder about adding the serpina, if there would be problems or interactions. But I do prefer the natural over pharmaceuticals. Thank you for responding.


Hi Joe,

I would like to try the pills but cannot find on Amazon.

Can you please share the name of the company/manufacturer?

THX in advance.

(Saint Louis, MO)

Hi Joseph,

Do you know if it is safe to take Serpina along with prescription blood pressure medication until it starts to take effect?

(Stockton, CA)
75 posts

Hi Sandi,

I am very sorry for your painful loss, I know it can take its toll, however life goes on and I want to explain a few things to you. First of all there is a book out called “Medication Madness” by Dr Peter Breggin, you will learn a lot. Now Serpina I used for my ill son with Schizophrenia, mental illness, insomnia, psychosis, etc., it is an herb developed in 1934 in India as the worlds first Anti-hypertensive medication, it restores normal blood pressure in hypertensives. This pill also fights Anxiety (best), reduces fevers, calm the nerves, used as a sedative in some psychotic disorders. Almost no side effects except when taking Antipsychotics or cold flu medicines. Sold at Amazon for $7.00 for 100 pills 4mg. I took my son off of antipsychotics and replaced with Serpina for 8 successful years, he did well until OCD entered his life, then medication was given Antipsychotic poison again, needless to say I learned the hard way with interaction so I stop Serpina. You can stop cold turkey, no food is needed prior to taking. I will reply to questions. Joseph

Joseph A,
(Stockton, Ca)
75 posts

This reply is a lil late since I don't receive all comments, nor am I on this site each day. The question is regarding taking SERPINA with high blood pressure. As far as I know it is safe, however keep in mind that this Serpina was originally produced to lower blood pressure in 1934. I did see it on line and at Amazon for sale. It does help with Insomnia, mental illness, Anxiety, and much more. Interacts with cold flu medicine, antipsychotic medications. Sorry I was late but I forgot about checking fir reply's. Thank you. Joseph


Hello Joseph, thank you for sharing.

Could you take the herb when taking antidepressants? Thank you.

Replied by Jennifer

I am sorry for your sad loss. Regarding high blood pressure, magnesium is effective, and most people are deficient. Magnesium chloride is very absorbable, I just have a pinch per day, but Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) could also be used. Red beetroots also help lower blood pressure.

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Posted by Sveta (Des Plaines, IL) on 07/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Having been suffering from bipolar, bulimia, anxiety disorder and depression for 5 years. Tried ACETYL L-CARNITINE. Have one thing to say, it's freaking amazing! I'm surprised you don't hear about it much. It helps my anxiety better than cold showers, antidepressants, and even Xanax! I'm so happy that that i found out about it. It's like the hell I've been living in for years is over. This supplement has the strength of a prescription drug. I advise everyone who has anxiety problem to give a try. Though I need like 50 mg a day instead of 5000 the way they recommend. 5000 is too much for me to tolerate. Find your dosage. And never give up. Try every supplement for depression and anxiety out there, one by one. Some will do nothing, some will make you feel worse, but there'll be one, two, or even more that will help you and make your life a beautiful and joyful thing to have. Good luck everyone.

EC: More info about this supplement on our L-carnitine page.

Replied by Cherylanne
(Clarksburg, Wv)

How long did you take L-Carnitine before noticing results? I purchased gelatin capsules 500 mg and don't know how I am going to divide them or take smaller doses. I would rather start smaller and raise it, if needed. Your post really inspired me, so I hope to hear more about this. Anyone out there know if this amino acid helps with anxiety or depression?

Replied by Caricater
(Smyrna, Ga)

Please note that L-Carnitine and Acetyl L-Carnitine are different! L-Carnitine can help you lose weight and improve heart function, but for anxiety and depression, ALC is the one you want. ALC may benefit those with glucose issues and has been shown to improve memory and cognitive function. There are studies that an increase in oxidative stress while taking ALC is possible. 100-600mg of alpha lipoic acid will not only combat this side effect, it will increase the anti-aging effects!

Replied by Zander
5 out of 5 stars

I agree with your assessment about acetyl l-carnitine. I experienced relief almost immediately today [about 20 minutes] after taking 500 mg. I had ordered a formulation for Memory & Brain but had no idea it would have the calmative properties it had. I experience fairly intentense restless anxiety from time to time. It produces such a helpless & hopeless feeling. I was not expecting this to provide relief for anxiety at all but there was no mistaking the calm which came over me.

Replied by Timh
2075 posts

Zander: I think your testimony about the two mentioned nutrients makes a fine illustration of how the modern western life w/ all the stressors and toxins can deplete our nutritional & antioxidant status.

I would recommend broad spectrum nutritional supplementation w/ extra antioxidants. Also, many herbs w/ many benefits for your health. I have been using nutrition (supplements for many yrs and am still learning new stuff and have literally spared my life from severe environmental illness.

Replied by Allan

Hi Zander,

Can you indicate the name of the 'Memory and Brain' formulation that you purchased and used. And to date does it still work for you?Thanks.

Replied by Glo

Still taking this supplement? Still feeling ok?

Replied by Angela
(Austin, Texas)

I'm confused... why did Caricater mention in her 2011 post, "alpha lipoic acid?" Is that product the same as Acetyl L-Carnitine? I thought they were different supplements. If they are different, is he saying both help with anxiety?


Hello Angela,

Caricater mentions that taking Acetyl L-Carnitine can lead to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, put simply, is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants that counter free radicals. We don't want free radicals, they can lead to cancer. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant.

Replied by Joseph A.
(Stockton, Ca)
75 posts

Hi, I know this is a very old reply, however in your comment, you stated you took 50mg Acetylcarnitine, actually, I think you meant 500mg, they don't make 50mg, plus all the problems you had couldn't have been eliminated with 50mg, sure it's possible but improbable. My son has Severe Anxiety and he takes 500mg twice daily for 1.000mg. I will look into him taking more Safely. Thank you, Joseph

Alkaline pH

1 User Review
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Posted by Wendy (Barrie, Ontario Canada) on 10/04/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Anxiety/Panic Attacks/ph balancing

My dh and I moved 1000 miles away to the middle of nowhere (seriously) with 2 small kids, for him to take a job working 80+hrs a JANUARY! The dog died, the car died, my daughter burnt her arm on the woodstove, we were isolated etc. and of course for 3 months I tried every natural remedy to save our dog to no avail. So when I suddenly went to emerg one night with a racing heart that I couldn't slow down, the sweats, shakes and dizziness, I thought for sure I was having a heart attack...heck I am 40 after all! They gave me an adavan that I didn't take and told me to go home and relax with all the stress in my life. Although everyone kept telling me I was in emotional turmoil...for me there had to be another concrete reason, I had handled way worse in my life and heck it wasn't like I lived in a war torn country or anything...nutritionally I mean, or lack thereof.

I had been drinking black tea again to cope with the dog, the move etc. so it was the first to go with the result being less frequent attacks. So with the help of a guy in Nova Scotia I learned about PH balancing and the work of Dr. Carey Reams. I started balancing my ph each day and if it was 7ish I felt awesome, if it was acid I felt awful. Any sweetener- even honey affected me greatly on the acid side. Then I added in a green supplement from a doctor in Barrie Ontario. On his advice I also started taking a concentrated mineral supplement (the most popular one on the market he recommended) and I started with 1 drop 2x a day, then 2 drops 2x a day and so on. He said I would have loose stools when I reached enough. He said rarely some of his clients could handle 40-60 drops a day. THIS was ME! I was taking 30 drops 2x a day with no loose stools- AND I felt like a million bucks....and NO more panic attacks- ever. woohoo. Then I moved on to zeolite which got back my 5 yr flagging libido and life was incredibly awesome... of course I ended up pregnant with my 3rd, but it's all good and i'm still feeling awesome with no return of the horrifying panic attacks. Incidentlly I tried homeopathics, herbal tinctures, herbal teas, acv, baking soda etc. nothing worked but the constant paying attention of the day to day ph morning and night of my saliva and urine and taking the concentrated minerals. Believe me, for anyone going thru these you'll do just about anything to make them stop!!!

Replied by Loren
(Brooklyn, NY)

This question if for Wendy from Barrie, Ontario: Can you say what is the name of the mineral supplement your doctor gave you. I have similar problems like yours and would love to try this product. help please

Replied by Janet
(Nashville, TN)

Can you tell me what the green substance was. Was it Chlorophyll? And how do you get yourself from being to acidic?

Replied by Yah_yahgirl
(Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Hi I wanted info. on balancing PH I have been 4 years with sweats, weight gain, getting mucas when I lay down , so I sleep with two pillows, oh and I do not sleep well. I'm tired and depressed and at times very short with people. Thanks for any info you might have

Replied by Glo

Can anyone guess the name of the mineral supplement she posted about in 2008?

Replied by Anon

I'm wondering if the post from 2008 was referring to ConcenTrace Trace Minerals. They are the most popular, widely available and have been around for a long time. Perhaps the ND she is referring to is Dr. Kim from Barrie (I could be wrong).

On the ConcenTrace Web site, they refer to pH balancing: Maintain pH Balance in the Body–The most important nutrients in our bodies for maintaining acid-base balance are minerals like those found in ConcenTrace®.

Anyone else have suggestions? Hope it helps!

Alternatives to Benzos

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Posted by Joe A (Stockton) on 06/13/2021 75 posts
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Severe Anxiety relief, what helps for Benzo withdrawal/taper off symptoms?

L-theanine 800mg helps, mulungu 500mg helps (most people never heard of) psychedelic mushrooms, ketamine may help. What helps you when you must withdraw (taper off Benzo addiction)?

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Here are a few links. I found out I was pregnant and took 6 valiums a day and went cold turkey....really overwhelmed 42 years ago, it was a boy.

Guide to Safely Withdrawing from Benzodiazepines - ADT Healthcare ADT Healthcare (

Can GABA Supplements Help Benzodiazepine Withdrawal? |

5 Best GABA Adaptogens for Benzo Withdrawal, Holy Basil, Ashwagandha (

Reading posts on sites about drug addicts you can find what they have used to get free. I watch AML daily and count my blessings I am not in their shoes.

Wild Youth - Bronson - YouTube

Hope something here helps you. Blessings, Charity

Joseph A.
(Stockton, Ca)
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Thanks young lady (charity) sorry for late reply, I am just not sure how the replies work. I don't know if they go to my site or just posted on EC site. It would be nice to communicate directly, with a copy posted on site for all to view. This is old news, however curious how long you took 6 Valiums (60mg) daily? Wow. That's a lot, actually to much in my opinion but couldn't have been taking long or you would have had major Anxiety Attack plus………? Thank you, curious especially since my son took them for 5+ yrs and when I shaved a tiny off of one pill his Anxiety exploded. Today I restarted and after 3 days of reducing 2mg off of 20mg he is doing quite well. Albeit I do add a few natural things.

Replied by Emersyn

I never found any supplements that helped a lot for benzo withdrawal--it took me 3 years to taper off of Ativan. Possibly fish oil and tiny bit? The thing that helped the most was to do a liquid micro taper--crush the pill, either mix it with water to form a suspension or mix it with a ml of alcohol first to dissolve then mix some water to dilute and just decrease the amounts by micrograms every day. Here's some info on how to and the Benzo Buddies website is also helpful.

(Stockton, Ca)
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Sept 11,2021, just read your article, not quite sure I understand but I will view the link. My son is a disabled vet, has PTSD, (severe) among other issues, his VA Dr got him addicted to Valiums for 5 yrs and he takes 30mg daily. He has a new Dr., and in about 5 weeks hopefully she will start tapering him off. I know it is painful and people still suffer even though it is out of his system. Plus it can return and even seizures are possible. I am almost 80 yrs old the Dr says he can be an outpatient, I just have to monitor him. All I have for anxiety now is Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg 2X daily, I will also start Taurine. Acetyl-L Carnitine is for the brain, yet it works great, I stoped the L-Theanine 800mg. Anything else you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by sue

Hi Joe,

I was tapered off a benzo which I depended on for sleep for way too many years. I had tried to reduce many times on my own, and couldn't, but with the help of a new "doctor, " actually a young nurse practitioner, we were successful. It took six months plus to slowly taper down to a very, very low dose which seemed almost microscopic, but then I just couldn't go any lower. She then prescribed Doxepin, a tricyclic anti-depressant at a low dose. At a dosage of 75 mg and up it treats depression, but they have found that a low dosage of 3 - 6 mgs helps with insomnia. It has helped me, a lot, I am off of the benzo and sleeping better, with a clearer head. I don't know if this will help your son with his issue, PTSD and benzos, but it might be another tool available for his tool kit.

I hope he has as good a clinician as my young ARNP.


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Posted by Diane (Los Angeles, California Usa) on 06/29/2011

I used to have panic attacks that had my husband rushing me to the emergency room all the time! I thought I was losing my mind with fear and anxiety. I would feel like digging a hole, jumping in and pulling the hole in with me!

In my case I found that "acid reflux" was the cause of my problem. Whenever I start to have a panic attack---I take a few TUMS as it works the best for my acid/panic attacks! Baking powder will work too if I don't have Tums. But for some reason Tums works best on me.

Panic attacks are the scariest thing I ever experienced in my life. I hope this little secret helps someone with this problem.

Strong Coffee and hot chili can bring on an attack.

Replied by Kate
(New Orleans, La)
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Please be careful with TUMS. That can block phosphorus and have ill effects on your bones. Happened to me. Thought it would actually help bones because they talk about having calcium. I had fractures in my shins, femurs and feet. After many scans and blood work, stopped TUMS and went back to normal.


Regarding the Effects of Tums as an Antacid and on Bones,

My mother always took a Mult-vitamins, B-Complex and JP which may have been a blessing to her. Though she walked with Tums and Alka-Seltzer in her pocketbook encase of a heartburn or antacid attack, she had strong bones even in her nineties. The key may be in mineral balancing. Also, recently I was trying to figure out what to do about the throat burn I get from taking Alpha-lipoic acid and someone said to take a Tums, to my amazement it worked for me.

Replied by Jen
(Bakersfield, Ca)
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Thank you. After spending lots of money every month on prescribed medications for my daughter for her anxiety attacks that would hit her several times a day and night. Well some of the meds came up missing and we didn't find out til the weekend so I started looking on here for a natural remedie and found this one and thought that it would be a good starting point and low and behold it WORKED!!! . now I wonder if its just reflux and if a regular reflux pill will work even better...

Replied by Kellie
(California, US)

Tums is just baking soda and aspirin. It may be cheaper and healthier for you to just take baking soda. I started taking baking soda daily to get rid of a cold, and I started to notice my anxiety and panic attacks would go away within ten to twenty minutes of drinking baking soda. So I started looking online for others who have experienced the same thing. Baking soda seems to be very helpful in reducing or eliminating them. Including magnesium and potassium in your regimen helps even more. So it makes total sense to me that a mineral supplement, and "green pills" which are alkalizing just like baking soda, helps a lot.

Replied by Milers
(Queensland, Australia)

How much baking soda should I take daily? I believe you're talking about drinking it mixed with water right? Can I add it in fruit juice also?

Replied by Beau
(New Zealand)

One teaspoon mixed with a glass of warm water. Drink it all down. The following burps flavour should betray to you the offending food source..

Replied by Kelly

In reply to Kellie above, Tums is calcium carbonate with a tiny amount of sodium -- it has no baking soda or aspirin in it. Perhaps you were thinking about Alka-Seltzer. Nevertheless, as you say, baking soda alone may help.

Replied by Sonu
(Udaipur, Rajasthan)

Anyone know what is the composition medicine is in the antacid that helped her daughter's anxiety?

Anxiety and High Blood Pressure

Posted by Ann (Daytona Beach, Fl) on 02/24/2010

Anxiety & HBP

I thought this was very interesting. The Dr. responding to the question is:
Director, Hypertension Section
Division of Nephrology & Hypertension
Department of Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati

Here's the question presented and the doctor's answer..

"Dear Doctor Rief, I have had high blood pressure for 20 years. I have tried at least 14 different medications during all these years. In all this time I have never been able to get my pressure down to normal limits. My diastolic is always in the 90`s and the systolic in the 140`s. I am now 54 and worrying as time passes I am at risk of stroke or heart attack. I`ve had a stress/echo 18 months ago and it was normal. What can I do to get my pressure under control? I also suffer from GAD and currently take 5 mg. valium TID. I am under a lot of stress in my life and have been since first being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Problems with my marriage and relationship with parents and kids. I just want to be normal as now I am not able to drive due to the anxiety. Thank you for any advice you can offer

It is difficult to give specific advice without having complete data in an individual patient. However, a few points can be made:
Anxiety can cause or aggravate hypertension, and hypertension can cause anxiety. Some patients respond to counseling, while others respond to antidepressants.
At any rate, your blood pressure should be 130 systolic or lower. You can safely ignore the diastolic number, as it is not indicative of cardiovascular risk."

I thought this rather interesting since I've been told my whole life the bottom figure was more to worry about than the top. I wonder what the real truth is about high blood pressure or if they even know. I believe this doctor, he appears to be an expert in the field. I would think it's natural to have high blood pressure if you're suffering from anxiety and that, of course, only makes the anxiety worse.

Replied by Groovy
(Tampa, Fl)

I agree with this post. I recently have high blood presssure after having a baby and gaining 30 pds of weight at age 40. I do feel sometimes I eat the wrong foods my blood pressure goes up and I am tossing all night in bed feeling anxious. It was convenient and inexpensive but now I am trying to eat better even though it's hard with a baby in the house!

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Chelsea (West Milford, Nj) on 06/25/2012
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Worked Temporarily

I began experiencing anxiety and depression four months ago as a result, of extreme stress from grad school/ life circumstances. It quickly became severe. I stopped eating, was nauseous every day and could barely get out of bed. I am on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds, which arent doing much. I am also going to therapy.

I read about ACV on this site and decided to try it a few days ago, using the standard recipe of 2 tsp in water 3 x a day. For 3 days, it has been amazing! My motivation, appetite, energy, ability to function, all came back within a day and by the second day my constant stress headache had vanished.

I took the same amount today and nothing happened. My headache is back, my motivation/energy are low. Is it possible for your body to become used to the ACV that quickly? Should I stop taking it for a few days? I am afraid of what will happen if I do. But I am also concerned because I have osteopenia, and have read that ACV taken regularly can exacerbate this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Chelsea, read up on Rhodiola here on EC.

Replied by Carmel
(Clacton On Sea, Essex, Uk)

I think we sometimes confuse depression and sadness. If we are in an awful place and very miserable about it we call it depression when it is sadness. I do not believe that any medication can help with that, it has to be you changing the way your life is so that you become happy and are no longer sad. I have heard that Apple Cider Vinegar helps with lots of things but never depression but if it does wonderful. I cannot see how it helps for a bit and then stops nor how such a small amount can cure depression. But there again they now say daffodils can, so maybe. Maybe you were feeling so miserable you wanted it to work so felt it did?

Replied by Juliette
(Reston, Va)

I had a similiar reaction after drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for the first time I just felt like clean and balanced which in turn made me happier. Things that I've done that have helped in the long term are chaste tree berry (if your depression is hormonal youll see a huge difference) and holy basil tea (tulsi tea). I also take 5htp from time to time. Eating healthy and going on a juice fast will really show a HUGE difference too. At the end of the day though you have to take care of your spiritual health in whatever way feels natural to you, that is when you will start to feel real comfort! Good luck :)

Replied by Juliette
(Reston, Va)

ALSO try getting a magnesium supplement... Stress depletes your bodys magnesium apparently, I felt much better after getting some magnesium citrate in powder form and having some whenever I felt stressed (whole foods has a good one blue bottle I think)

Replied by Cindy
(Oc, Ca)

I second rhodiola as a remedy to try. It sounds like you are physically burned out, and the way you described your symptoms is exactly what I went through because of a really demanding job and relationship a few years ago. Rhodiola helped me immensely in terms of getting my life and energy back. If you take it in small doses (100-200mg), it helps stimulate your energy and removes anxiety. In larger doses, it makes you feel drowsy and super relaxed. It has been a God-send for me. I take about 125mg twice a day.

Replied by Bev

Please only take Magnesium Glycinate or topically applied Magnesium Oil which is expensive but lasts almost forever. Other forms of magnesium are not absorbed well by the body. Some sites say that most anxiety/depression is caused by a lack of magnesium.

Replied by Dwane

Put a pinch of baking soda in it as well. It calms the second brain and sends better signals to your brain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Darren (Hicksville, NY) on 01/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking ACV to lower my blood pressure. Not only did it lower my pressure (My doctor was shocked at how low it went) It also cured my anxiety and a wart on my hand that i had for over a year. I tried everythin except going to the doctor to have it froze off. ACV made me a New person. Everyone at work said that i have more patience and am more relaxed. It is the Greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. I put a teaspoon full in a glass of water.

Replied by Sow_b
(Sydney, Nsw)

Hello, I want to check up on how the ACV is going in treating anxiety symptoms. Some posts are almost a year old and I want to ask how people are now coming along with this? Is it still going well? Do you feel as if the treatment has worked? Please let me know.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Scott (Paradise, California) on 09/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. I am a new user of ACV and am very pleased and surprised at the way it is helped me to feel better. I know that I have always struggled with candidiasis, but never got the complete relief from it using other remedies. The ACV has made an incredible difference in how I feel. I have also experienced the other benefits of increased energy, decreased anxiety, better sleep. However, there is one concern I have that I hope someone can help me with. Sometimes when I take the ACV it seems to upset my stomach. Help! I really value this remedy, but I'm concerned about stomach upset. Thanks.

Replied by Stephen
(Aurora, Oh)

Hello, read your post about acv for anxiety/panic on a forum. Just curious as to how long after taking this does it seem to last or work. How long is the duration of your lessened anxiety. Cause anxiety pops up throughout the day for me in certain social situations. Thanks for your feedback.

Sincerely. Steve

Replied by Ayla
(Sumter, South Carolina)

Just add a pinch of baking soda to lower the acidity.. :) I'm very sensitive to anything going in my tummy, and my Mom told me about the BS.. No problem since. :)

Replied by Reeka
(Milan, Italy)

I suffer from a very severe anxiety disorder brought on by many catastrophic traumas one after the other in my life. The anxiety is constant, the horrible racing thoughts, the what-ifs, stomach in knots, insomnia, you name it. I am in therapy and medication. If I try the apple cider vinegar remedy I will have to stop the meds immediately right? How many days do I have to wait to see the effects?

Replied by Timh
2075 posts

R: It is advised by many naturopathic Physicians to minimize pharmaceutical mind medications as the side effects can, in themselves, be debilitating.

Here are some natural alternatives for healthy mind. Yoga & Transcendental Meditation. Warm baths of Epsom Salts or Magnesium tablets taken orally. Herbs like Chamomile, Passion Flower, Valerian, Hops are helpful. Audio or healing harmonic music is becoming increasingly popular for helping correct an whole array of both mental and physical conditions. Go to and type in your condition ("anxiety") plus the words "binaural beats" or "isochornic beats" and listen to this music w/ headphones whenever you can and especially before sleep or while relaxing in bed. Most of these artist have their own YT channel and information about purchasing the tracts so you can download them to your mobile devise and listen when you can.

Replied by Bj
(Michigan, Usa)

Reeka, (Milan, Italy), It is usually better to taper off anxiety medications, as stopping them immediately may cause greater issues. Someone else may be better able to answer your question of whether ACV can be taken while you are tapering off the meds. I don't know if there would be any adverse interactions.

The best supplement that I have used for chronic anxiety is magnesium chloride. I use a pinch (about 1/8-1/4 teaspoon), I usually put it in juice or hot molasses tea that I make to take my pure powdered vitamins. But I have dissolved it in 1/2 cup of water and swallowed quickly as it tastes terrible. Other types of magnesium do not work for my anxiety. Magnesium chloride has removed the 'what ifs', the racing thoughts, the chronic worry and the insomnia, especially when I take it before bed. It has also worked well for restless leg syndrome. I have taken it up to 3 times a day but usually no more than twice. Now I just take it a few times a week or when I feel I need it. It will cause diarrhea so if this happens just cut back. I get aquarium grade pure magnesium chloride as there are no additives and tropical fish owners are well aware of how sensitive and valuable their fish are and so the supplements they use are high quality. I hope you find relief soon, as I do understand the debilitating cycle anxiety can be. ~Bj~

Replied by Holly

I mix mine with grape juice and have a bowl of cereal or a biscuit first! Hope this helps!

Replied by Brenden
(Rock Springs, Wyoming)

It's cleaning your gut out for all the bad stuff u ate.

Replied by Lesley
(Kathleen, Georgia)

Try 1 tsp in an 8 oz glass of warm water, once in the am and once before bed.

Replied by Brittany

They say to take it before meals, though I do that and my stomach gets upset too. Taking it after you've eaten seems to be the best bet.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

Try adding a 1/4 teaspoon of Baking SODA & 1 teaspoon of organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with "the mother") to a 16-ounce glass of filtered water. The Baking Soda may prevent your stomach upset.

Replied by Liz

If you add pure organic raw honey it helps with the upset stomach. It also adds to the benefits as well. Honey is a natural tranquilizer and has a lot of other great qualities too. Hope this helps.

Replied by Michelle
(Port Charlotte, FL)

Coconut vinegar is better. It's less acid and you can get the same results with half the amount.