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Colloidal Silver for Perioral Dermatitis

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Georgie (Salisbury, Uk) on 04/03/2010

Before you read this i would like you to know i am very familiar with natural remedies, homeopathy etc so therefore have felt confident working out what to try and use for myself. I dont think any of the things i am saying that worked for me could be harmfull, but please ask someone who knows if you are not sure.

I was very relieved to find this site and filled with hope when i read peoples results of getting rid of perioral dermatitis naturally.

I then went on to research more about the condition and could see a real link to most things i read & myself.

The factors being- the huge stress of finding somewhere to live, choosing schools and being a single mum, not eating well over the winter, moving from a house where i had installed a water filter to a house to one now where i am drinking chlorine & flouride in my water, AND what i think is an important one here was getting thrush.

Looking back my very slight condition flared up from that point.

So i have done my research, gone to bed every night smelling like a pickle with ACV on my face & amused the kids with yog spread on my face in the mornings.

I overhauled my diet which hadnt been too bad but def didnt include enough fruit & veg. Switched to green tea & only coffee every other day. Grated apple in yog with maple syrup & toasted pumpkin seeds is a much better option for a pudding & even the kids are loving it.

I took the homeopathic remedy borax (which is what got rid of my thrush in 3 days) but after speaking to a friend trained in homeopathy i wasnt sure if i should be and stopped. Though her view was try one thing at a time so you know what you are responding to. But i was impatient.

So feeling great from this better diet and the positivity of taking action I thought at 1st it was working but really the condition was not worsening. we are only talking a week though so was a bit soon too expect a complete turn around.

This is the time i really read more & felt my condition was more candida based. So i bought some good quality acidophilus and then i remembered something i hadn't used for a while. COLLOIDIAL SILVER.

This is anti bacterial, anti viral and also anti fungal.

I have been putting it on my face and taking a teaspoon 3 times a day. Out of all the remedies this is the one i feel is making a diff and it seems to be going. It is also the remedy i know least about & feel i need to be carefull with.

Also I know to banish the condition completely may make take alot more effort & time on my part.

Perioral dermatisis is a horrible thing to happen to you, as we live in such a youth and beauty praising society its a real knock on your confidence. Well it was for me being in my forties & struggling a bit with the sudden aging process that seems to kick in, it was the last thing i needed.

This is the 1st time i have ever added to a website in this way but as i didn't find references to colloidial silver anywhere i really wanted to share it as it seems to be really working for me & fast.

Good luck Georgie