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Colloidal Silver for Perioral Dermatitis

| Modified on Apr 29, 2023
Colloidal Silver
Posted by Kimmygotsoul (Atlanta) on 11/12/2014

I've had bouts with PD since high school. I'm now 31. I also have sarcoid and I've had about 2,342 derm appointments. I started a holistic approach about five years ago it worked wonders. However, after a colonic, some toxins were released into my body and my face broke out. ARG! I stupidly used cortizone cream as my moisturizer for two weeks to get the inflammation down, which flared my PD like crazy. The muzzle rash was in full effect. I've only ever used Protopic to get rid of it before which took several weeks. I refused to use any of those disgusting creams, nor the traditional route of antibiotics. Here's what I did that actually dried up and healed the PD in just a week:

- NO soap. Only wash your face with warm water.

- NO sulfates of any kind, especially SLS.

- NO toothpaste with fluoride. I use Nature's Gate.

- No moisturizer or oils on your face. No petroleum jelly, nothing!

- Take 100mg of zinc everyday during the reaction.

- Since I knew I need a gel with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral powers, I employed collodial silver, which is activated silver in deionized water. I purchased the Sovereign Silver first aid gel AND the immune support drops. You MUST get them both. Add a generous amount of the drops to your first aid gel (as the drops are super potent but they need a gel base. the first aid gel also works wonders.) Smear a layer all over the rash and let it sit on your face wet. It started drying up immediately, but I saw some serious results on the third day. Today is my fourth day and it's almost gone! Collodial silver is a natural antibiotic and I also take three teaspoons of it each day. I apply the gel mixture 3 - 4 times a day.

- Just before applying the gel, I also use Dickerson's Witch Hazel to tone and refresh the skin. This works as well.

Lastly, stay away from gluten and spicy foods. I have a gluten allergy, so this was easy for me. They aggravate it greatly.

Good luck, everyone! I wanted to share because PD can be so emotionally draining and none of us should have to suffer through it. I hope this helps someone!

~ Kim

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Georgie (Salisbury, Uk) on 04/03/2010

Before you read this i would like you to know i am very familiar with natural remedies, homeopathy etc so therefore have felt confident working out what to try and use for myself. I dont think any of the things i am saying that worked for me could be harmfull, but please ask someone who knows if you are not sure.

I was very relieved to find this site and filled with hope when i read peoples results of getting rid of perioral dermatitis naturally.

I then went on to research more about the condition and could see a real link to most things i read & myself.

The factors being- the huge stress of finding somewhere to live, choosing schools and being a single mum, not eating well over the winter, moving from a house where i had installed a water filter to a house to one now where i am drinking chlorine & flouride in my water, AND what i think is an important one here was getting thrush.

Looking back my very slight condition flared up from that point.

So i have done my research, gone to bed every night smelling like a pickle with ACV on my face & amused the kids with yog spread on my face in the mornings.

I overhauled my diet which hadnt been too bad but def didnt include enough fruit & veg. Switched to green tea & only coffee every other day. Grated apple in yog with maple syrup & toasted pumpkin seeds is a much better option for a pudding & even the kids are loving it.

I took the homeopathic remedy borax (which is what got rid of my thrush in 3 days) but after speaking to a friend trained in homeopathy i wasnt sure if i should be and stopped. Though her view was try one thing at a time so you know what you are responding to. But i was impatient.

So feeling great from this better diet and the positivity of taking action I thought at 1st it was working but really the condition was not worsening. we are only talking a week though so was a bit soon too expect a complete turn around.

This is the time i really read more & felt my condition was more candida based. So i bought some good quality acidophilus and then i remembered something i hadn't used for a while. COLLOIDIAL SILVER.

This is anti bacterial, anti viral and also anti fungal.

I have been putting it on my face and taking a teaspoon 3 times a day. Out of all the remedies this is the one i feel is making a diff and it seems to be going. It is also the remedy i know least about & feel i need to be carefull with.

Also I know to banish the condition completely may make take alot more effort & time on my part.

Perioral dermatisis is a horrible thing to happen to you, as we live in such a youth and beauty praising society its a real knock on your confidence. Well it was for me being in my forties & struggling a bit with the sudden aging process that seems to kick in, it was the last thing i needed.

This is the 1st time i have ever added to a website in this way but as i didn't find references to colloidial silver anywhere i really wanted to share it as it seems to be really working for me & fast.

Good luck Georgie