Chanca Piedra for Calcium Deposits

| Modified on Jan 09, 2023

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Posted by Rob (Olympia, Wa) on 12/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've been dealing with calcium deposits for about 5 Years. It started in left shoulder. I had a few cortisone shots that alleviated it each time for several months. Earlier this year, it hit my right shoulder as well. I had already tried Apple Cider Vinegar and do still take that for health but it didn't help with the calcium deposits. Every morning when I woke up it ached from laying on shoulders at night.

On Thanksgiving night this year, I stumbled upon this site, and bought some Chanca Piedra liquid and used it 3 times that day. The next day I already felt somewhat better. Fast Forward to today, 2 weeks later, virtually no pain, I even golfed last week in very cold weather which would usually hurt that day and especially the next and felt very little pain. I'm a believer and plan to take it daily. No side effects that I know of either.

Thanks so much for the information. Honestly thought I'd never feel so good again.

Replied by Jennifer
(Santa Clarita)
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for you message...I also was told that I have calcum deposits on my shoulder and was in alot of pain....I took three drops of the Chanca Piedra and with in 20 minutes my shoulder relaxed....I have been taking it for only 2 days and I feel about 60% better....i can still feel a little pull in my shoulder but know in a few weeks it will be much better. I'ts nice to be able to sleep with out waking up having to ice my shoulder...Thank you so much....

Dianna Juarez
(Henderson, Nevada)

To Jennifer in Santa Clarita...what brand of chance Piedra do u take.

Replied by Lisa

What exactly did you purchase? There are so many out there-some highly expensive and some inexpensive.

Replied by Prioris

I bought some Chanca Piedra 60 capsules at 500 mg for 5 dollars. No need for expensive stuff. Dosage for therapy is 2-3 grams twice a day. Maintenance dosage is 500 mg per day. I am taking 3-4 capsules n morning and night. Be aware of some electrolyte loss so take some magnesium, potassium etc. if needed. In studies, there were no side effects in people taking it for 4 months.

Replied by Bree
(San Jose)

What did you buy? I think I am having the same issue.Help!!! Is it a tea, oil, drops?Are you still in pain? Is your arm mobile?

Replied by Sandy

I got Chanca Piedra at this place.

It is natural without fillers and chemicals added. Good company in Australia. But if you are outside Australia, just have a look at the ingredients and then search for the same healthy leaves in your country.

Replied by Josette

I have calcium deposits in my shoulder which is very painful. How much Chanca Piedra is considered the right amount. I have never heard of it before and it comes in many forms. Any suggestions?