Calcium Deposits and Dairy Consumption

| Modified on Aug 28, 2023

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Posted by Chook (Toowoomba, Qld Australia) on 02/01/2013

Hi recently I went to my GP with an injury on the left side of my knee! Xrays have shown that calcium has built up on the injury site under a nerve which causes great pain even touching it gently. The nerve is constantly being irritated , now this GP is a fellow that is constantly updating all new procedures and so on also very much into natural treatments as well, if an injury such as mine needs to be treated it will be treated naturally at first the treatment for my injury is ABSOLUTELY NO DAIRY PRODUCT AT ALL UNTILL THE CALCIUM IS GONE , I have just started this treatment today, I wll keep a post of the progress, have a go

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Chook... Coming off dairy will certainly be useful for your excess calcium problem, but if you want to remove your calcium deposits fast -- then take 1000 mgs Chanca piedra capsules at mealtimes (3 times a day) or just drink the organic chanca piedra tea at least 3 times a day. Its a very easy protocol and there is no known overdose for Chanca piedra.

Chanca piedra is know as "Stone Breaker' or "Break Stone" in English because of its robust ability to dissolve and remove calcium deposits in the form of gallstones and kidney stones from the body. I have also tried CP with a person who had gout and I can assure you, from my own experience, that this also works. Amongst all its other wonderful effects, CP is a mild diuretic which inhibits and removes calcium deposits safely from the blood and removes excessive calcium deposits throughout the body efficiently and safely.

Replied by Isaiah
(Denver, Co)

Hi. I am very interested in the remedies you suggested and would very much appreciate any advice you may have concerning removing excess calcium buildup in my left knee. I severely injured my knee years ago and for have dealt with major range of motion issues. For example, I haven't been able to fully extend my leg or bend it completely. I've had an MRI done and while they haven't there hasn't been any ligament damage, they found a ton of calcification. I've been on David Wolfe's longevity Now program for a few months and am taking quite a bit of supplements including 10g of MSM daily, liquid zeolite, apple cider vinegar, etc. My recovery's been slower than what I had hoped. Any other suggestions supplementally or dietary that would dramatically speed my recovery? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Replied by Mike
(Denver, Colorado)

Isaiah: Bill recommends chanca piedra. This is one of the five super herbs recommended by my magnificient guiding light David Wolfe. Once a year or so my left knee locks up on me and I get this excruciating pain on the inside of the joint at the same spot. I go to the natural grocery store on 15th and platte and get a tube of herbal ointment for joints and one with arnica for the pain. They dissolve calcium and nourish the joint. They always cure the condition within three days.

Replied by Isaiah
(Denver, Co)

Thanks, Mike & Bill! I've just started taking Chanca Piedra tea today. I'm excited because I've been making small improvements since I've been on David Wolfe's Longevity Now program for the past few months... Slowly adding new food, herbs, supplements, minerals, etc into my daily regime while eliminating the habits that don't serve me. I will definately check out the balm remedy you've described as well. I appreciate your input.

Replied by Taryn

Hi, I have recently read posts in regards to removing built up calcium. I have quite a lot built up in the tendons etc in both my shoulders and have just purchased Chanca Piedra, Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin K2, Vitamin A Vitamin D3. Can anyone give me a rough indication of how long I may be required or the safety guideline on how long I should be taking these supps, I started a couple of days ago. I am hoping it will feel a whole lot better in a couple of months and will then have ultrasounds and Xrays again to see how much improvement has been made. I really don't want surgery to have the calcium removed as I have 2 toddlers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Walter Dean
(Ennis, Mt)

I got the Chanca Piedra tea, made a balm out of it using the tea steeped in grain alcohol and reduced. Then I mix it with a base carrier and use it like massage oil. You should know the locations of your calcium deposits! Put some on the area. Because I have some arthritis in my hands I can't massage for very long! What I discovered is cheap simple and cheap. Look in your bathroom for a battery operated tooth brush. Use the brush or make your own vibrator pad now go to work. You can also do the reflexology foot massage and a variation that uses the nails needing in a vertical position to the area. I used this technique to get rid of bunions as

Well. Be well.

Replied by Kumar
(Chennai, India)
5 out of 5 stars

Chanca piedra is nothing but Philanthus niruri and it is an excellent herb which can cure even the liver cirrhosis and many more ailments. I did not know that it helps in dissolving the calcification of the tophi. It is advisable to take the raw extract with an equal amount or 2 parts of buttermilk in the early morning (empty stomach). The jaundice can be cured if this is taken continuously for a week. When you take this avoid Chicken, fish and oily substance.

Replied by Tanya
(Beirut, Lebanon)

I also have has a calcium deposite since a long while now. I decreased dairy much since a few years back when I had the same problem I still have now. By decreasing dairy(small portion once or twice a week) my knee felt much better movement, and pain decreesed significantly. On the other hand I was also doing many other healthy approuches in that time( I think they might have all helped much more combined together). What happened with you? And your experiment with no dairy at all until calcium deposited are gone.

Replied by Daniel
(New York)

Hi, you may want to try sodium thiosulfate at 10% in water and apply locally warm compresses 3 times a week for some months, steady. Google this.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va)

Mr. Dean (Ennis, MT): Thanks for sharing your protocol for calcium deposits. I would like to try it.

So, can you be more specific about your protocol; Did you place a CP tea bag or loose CP tea leaves in how much grain alcohol, and then did you add water to reduce it? Also, what was the base carrier that you used? Thanking you in advance. Larry

Replied by P. Roth
(Montrose, Co)

My Mother, unfortunately, developed calcium deposits in all of her toe joints and the balls of her feet. It got so bad that the Doctors had to operate, scraping the deposits away and even removing a few of her toe bones. Most painful. Now, at 53, I seem to be developing the same thing with some of the joints in my toes starting to bulge. I'll look into your suggestions.

Replied by Becky

Hi Will the chanca piedra help remove calcium build up from the stomach aorta as I have that.