Homeopathic Remedies for Calcium Deposits

| Modified on Aug 28, 2023

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Posted by Elizabeth (Salmon Arm, Bc) on 10/31/2009
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I had severe calcium deposits in my knee ten years ago. I would have to get up every few hours during the night and walk around to relieve the pain. I went to my Naturopath and he used muscle testing and informed me that my parathroid wasn't working properly. He treated me for it and prescribed a Parathroid Homeopathic drug which I took three times a day for the next ten days. The knee felt about 50 percent better. I have been always interested in Homeopathic remedies. My basic symptom was the need to walk to relieve the pain. I took a Homeopathic remedy called Rhus Tox 30c at least five times a days for about three days and the calcium deposit pain completely disappeared.

My knees occasionally become painful if I use my treadmill too much. As soon as I recognize that I feel better with movement, I start taking Rhus Tox again and my knee feels better again after a few days.I have used this remedy at least six times in the last ten years and it has always worked.

Replied by Andrea
(Roseville, Mi, Usa)

Hello, i was reading your comment because i was looking up calcium deposits on the shoulder, for thats what i suffer really really bad.. i lose complete movement of my arm and not to mention trying to go to sleep at night, thats very severe as well. my shoulder hurts me so bad through out the day that i could just cry. i've been to the urgent care for this in the past and they found the deposits on my x ray. i'm at my wits end with this, i've taking motrin, naproxin, mobic, robuxin, tylenol, i've even put those stinky creams on my shoulder too, nothings helping me!! i was wondering how to find the medicine you take for this and how much and how often... i think i'm at a point where i should just get the surgery, i suffer with this pain for about 3 weeks, then it goes away but returns in like 3 or 4 months. i've been going through this for 5 yrs now.. enough is enough!! thanks so much for your help!!!

Replied by Francesca

I would like to see the answers to people's questions please.

Replied by Matt
(Scottsville, Ny)

Rhus tox is poison ivy. You're ingesting poison ivy.

Replied by Debora

On the rhus tox it is a homeopath, the ingredients in it is such a extreme low dose in minute amounts it is not harmful.

Replied by Jackie

My body feels like it's turning to stone every night even after short nap or sitting too long. How do you know if it's calcium deposits? I have bad discs in low back and neck, fibromyalgia and bone spur in my neck too. Pain constantly...

Replied by Richard

Hi Jackie

I have suffered the same problem, L4/5 not much disc left and C7 spur ….these are the two classic places of back degeneration, I also got the classic fibro pains …..took me about ten years of many different suppliments surgery ect …..just couldn't figure the pain was appropriate …..eventually I had a routine thoracic back x ray suggested by my physio, and I found the answer DISH disease, which causes much tightness in the upper back and neck ……it could be worth you checking

All the best,

Richard UK