Castor Oil for Calcium Deposits

| Modified on Jun 19, 2024

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Posted by Brenda (Timmins, Ontario) on 09/29/2015

Castor Oil work great to break up the calcium deposits.. bone spurs are breaking up and my hands don't get so swollen from them.. I massage castor oil into my hands then put on white gloves with the finger tips cut off, then I put on a plastic glove over it, heat it with heating pad, I put this poultice on every night before bed, and rub the castor oil into hips and joints..

Lupus sucks but I am healing it naturally, and no longer suffer like I did, I am medication/doctor/hospital free now for two and half years...

Replied by Geina
(Tiverton, RI)
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I have been using pomegranate juice currently. also I'm going to try castor oil for my cholesterol calcifications and deposits I have. Lowing cholesterol deposits my cholesterol is back in standard range because of the pomegranate juice and the recent use of castor oil. I am very pleased to know that that really does help the hip joint. I'm going to be healing myself that way also and God bless you all may God heal you but you can heal yourself also. take care everybody