Water Filters may be a Solution to Calcium Deposits

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Posted by Don (Troy, Michigan) on 12/23/2010
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Using a Water Filter to Remove Calcium Deposits:

After doing some research and talking wiht the chemist at one of the cleanest water departments in the US and here is the STORY... Your water... First there is an average of 3% medicine in the water that cannot be filtered out.. This being morphine, birth control, other hard drugs both experimental and everyday perscriptions are unable to be removed. As for the calcium is also in the water... I asked the technician soooo what about the calcium? Oh, is low an within the limits and I said what limit... By the day, the month? When you look at the bottom of the faucet you may see calcium, hard, white like crystal. Some of you may have seen it.

Anyways after drinking millions and millions of gallons for Sixty years or less it dosen't matter. You have stones. The organ wasn't designed to deal with so much calcium over the years. Sure for a day, a week or maybe a year but the truth is where do we get them- its our water. Just go out and buy a good water filter syster for drinking for about $100. Should do it. Yes they have $25. Too.

Replied by Dee
(Melbourne , Australia)

Don, I agree it is good using a water filter to remove calcium deposits from the water. It is also good to drink 1-2 tblspn of ACV every day diluted in 8 oz water because that also removes calcium deposits from the body (which you may already be aware of). Put some vinegar in your kettle and see the calcium deposit dissolve.

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Usa)

I am not sure about water filters-- we have a good filter now, but my husband has suffered from calcifications ever since we moved here... I think it is because magnesium is filtered out as well and he has mag.-deficiency which even showed in his blood! Only 1% of mag. is in blood, and if it gets too low, blood takes it from cells. So cells are deficient but blood test do not show it!

For the last 3 weeks he's been drinking 5 mix (garlic, lemon, ginger, ACV, honey) and supplementing with mag. as his heart valve is calcified and of course dr wants surgery.... He is scared and believes doctors--but also believes me and doesn't want surgery (although he would have it if dr says he needs it). Anyway I am the one fighting here. I have just read wonders about vit. K2 which clears calcifications! Could it be? there is no separate section here for vit. K but it is mentioned sometimes and that's what I read now!

Replied by Timh
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Anna: If I am not mistaken, Vit-K is involved in bone metabolism so it inevitably helps the absorption & utilization of bone minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Phosphorous, and Manganese.

To help rid the body of excess Calcium, Sodium Thiosulfate seems to hold good promise.

Maybe I am stating the obvious, but almost everyone knows how important Vit-D is for Calcium absorption. I take 2,000 iu daily.

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Usa)

Hi Timh: D3 is for calcium absorption and K2 gets it to teeth and bones- away from soft tissue! So he now takes both vitamins. But this is about curing the symptom: calcification. I believe the cause is magnesium deficiency, but maybe I'm wrong? he takes caps with mag. chloride or citrate, gets transdermal mag. chloride BUT gets less and less energy and more often his breath is too short. At night with NO EXCERTION he wakes up because needs more air. Or maybe it is panic attack? He will be seen by cardiologist in January, until then I will read and then somehow try to make him do it. This is not easy at all... anyway, I wonder now why his magnesium remains low. Why doesn't he improve (and constantly falls asleep during the day but finds it hard to sleep at night)?

Replied by Timh
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Anna: Chronic infection often causes mineral deficiency and acidosis. Mycoplasma in the lungs is culprit and many things can go wrong from there. One big problem w/ oral minerals is absorption, this is why the transdermal magnesium has been beneficial to many folks and why I constantly recommend Mineral hot baths. The more minerals the better, but for starters do 1/4 cup Epsom Salts, 1/4 cup Baking Soda and 1/4 cup Borax. An herbal paracleanse formula prior to bath should help. Oil of Oregano prior to retiring will augment the paracleanse.

Replied by Isobel
(Ca., US)

Anna, if your hubby wakes up feeling like he needs more air, or is gasping for air, along with daytime sleepiness, napping frequently, ask your Dr. to have him take a sleep apnea test. He may have moderate sleep apnea which can affect alertness during the day, affect his heart, brain function. I am a respiratory therapist x 20+years, this can be a potential life threatening problem (due to constant low oxygen blood levels, due to apnea). It is a painless test overnight monitoring and the use of a CPAP( continuous positive airway pressure ) machine is the solution for apnea, also if your hubby is very overweight, this also contributes to apnea issues. Please check with his Dr.

Replied by KT

Hi Anna, I have an old Nutrition Almanac (2007) that reports vitamin D is the most toxic of all. High doses enhance calcium absorption which can lead to an increase in amounts of calcium in the blood. High doses can lead to calcification of soft tissues and the walls of the blood vessels and kidney tubules as well as formation of kidney stones. Because the capsules contain oils from genetically modified plants, I would would not take them. He can get enough D from foods and sunlight, which does not pose a toxic threat. Just my opinion.

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Usa)

His shortness of breath has grown so bad now that he almost completely stopped breathing while just sitting or lying down. Today he has gone to hospital emergency room for tests... ( I'm going crazy at home).

Sleep apnea would be great but unfortunately I think it is his heart. his shortness of breath doesn't come only when he is sleeping. Also he is very, very weak now. if it was 100% last year it is less than 1% now...

Replied by Myway
(Wilmington, De)

Anna, whatever you do, go have his magnesium RBC's checked. It is different then the serum magnesium test. Most MD's don't have a clue to why this test is so terribly important. The heart uses 40% of the magnesium in the body but the fluoride leaches it from the body and we all know that fluoride is everywhere, including our medications, PLUS we don't get enough in the American diet. I had a friend get his tests done on his own (he is type 1 diabetic) and his magnesium RBC's were critically low. The test is $50. Google Dr. Carolyn Dean. Her information will help guide you through the process. Magnesium pills are not absorbable......find a liquid magnesium. I hope this helps and gives you hope. Your best defense for your husband is knowledge. Best of luck dear.

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Usa)

They admitted him and the thing that helped him breathe was just WATER PILL- I could find many better diuretics if I knew that! I knew his foods were more salty-as mine were more spicy.

But his snacks were very salty too. And things he added to salad- lox, feta cheese, blue cheese

Anyway, he was taking 10 drugs! And on 12/17 had valve replacement surgery anyway... Will not take supplements as he finds them useless-not true but imo).

Of course calcified valve was only symptom.

Calcium is probably deposited in other places too, like arteries (he still needs oxygen sometimes or his joints (his hip hurts quite often)

I do not see the way to check magnesium in his cells--just assume deficiency (they found mag. def. in hospital but in his blood and gave him iv--better after it but it was before surgery--stress depletes magnesium...

I am giving him foods with magnesium and vit. k but it is too little as in rehab the nurse thinks their food is better for him.

Replied by Mary
(Saskchewan, Canada)

What about Transdermal Magnesium Therapy as per Dr. Mark Sircus. He says orally magnesium is very poorly absorbed but applied to skin in the form of Magnesium Oil(magnesium chloride mixed with water) has a very high absorption rate.

Maybe this would help. I use a teaspoon rubbed into my lower legs every day. It only has to stay on 30 minutes then you can wash it off. It can be a touch itchy as if you put salt water on your legs.

Replied by Anna

Year after his surgery and his heart and breathing are ok. But now he has hip pain (I have no idea of what and why- some dr said it's joint but I'm not sure: like sometimes it comes at night in bed. His legs got really weak.

Now quite by accident on my head CAT scan they found small calcium deposits in basal cell ganglia-no symptoms.

My dog and 2 cats died within 3-5 years after moving in here, first hind legs got really weak then all muscles. Water? Radon? Lyme? Something else? Or just coincidence?

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Coffee and caffine drinks generally are known to deplete Magnesium. Also, too much Calcium depletes Magnesium, as it affects the C/M balance. Concentrate more on Magnesium and injest less Calcium before doing anything else at all. Magnesium is involved in a teriffic number of processes in the body and it is claimed that 95% of Americans are deficient. Magnesium Chloride liquid is the best (my humble opinion based on what worked for me anyway). Cured my leg cramps and spasms almost overnight. Wow! Was I grateful to be rid of that! I still like my coffee but limit myself to 1 or 2 cups a day. Trying to take it without milk is the tricky part but Oat Milk is OK tasting after a while.

Hope this is helpful for suffering folks with muscle problems especially.

Replied by Jens
(Olympia, Wa)

I am trying this Magnesium Oil suggestion (magnesium chloride mixed with water) that Mary has suggested right now and feel an immediate relief, I can't believe it!

I started using Topricin Pain Relief Cream yesterday and have been taking a 1000 mg of Magnesium the past two days for a calcium deposit in my right shoulder. I also plan to try the chanca piedra as well in tea or liquid form.

This recent attack of pain was probably due to a change in my ketogenic diet where I ate a crapton of refined enriched carbs this past week, upped my consumption of diary with homemade lattes, encountered a lot of stress, etc. The stress had to raise my coritsol levels I am sure. I go for 5-6 months and then wham, I have an attack of pain in the left shoulder.

Thank you to everyone that has posted their helpful suggestions. For the first time now, I feel like I can have some control over healing myself!

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Michael- no milk in your coffee? We drink 2-3 venti cappuchinos at Starbucks and I really hope it's ok! So my poor husband who on 12/17/14 had calcified valve replaced, wanted to have his hip replaced this year because it hurts so bad he can't walk (almost), but surgery for hip was canceled as they found 70% blockage - CALCIFICATION! - in his right carotid artery. 11/14 he will have endarterectomy--cleaning of that plaque. (his RBC magnesium was really low but now it is ok so this is not IT.And I don't know what IT is. He eats healthy, doesn't move much now because of the hip pain, but that wouldn't cause that calcifications! Cholesterol is low, basically everything is normal. Only that it isn't. Has anyone heard about nanobacteria?

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hello Anna, Am I the Michael you mention in your post?

I did mention I have endeavoured to cut out/down dairy products for a few months now it's true. This was my goal after eliminating sugar and anything white in my diet, which I succeeded in doing to a great extent. "No sugar " was never going to be a problem, as I have never had a sweet tooth anyway! Conversely, here in N.Z, we are supposed to be the "Land of Milk and Honey" and people are saturated with dairy products from infancy. Not so fantastic in my humble opinion. They scare us by saying our bones will crumble if we don't "consume", yet our women suffer from bad levels of Osteoporosis. Strange in a country with high levels of dietary calcium! We should concentrate on trying to restore the Magnesium / Calcium balance which will be severely out of whack for the vast majority. This is a long-term therapy regime - I have seldom had any success with quick fixes and the Docs often cannot help. Your husband sounds in a bad way so my suggestions may be a little late in coming at his advanced stage. But secondly, the ACV regime as outlined on this site could help with the calcium problem and there is a herb called Chanca Piedra (sp?) or "Stone Breaker" which purports to be able to rapidly break down calcium deposits in the body where they are not required I.e. arteries and muscles etc. I stress I have no personal knowledge of its effectiveness or otherwise but please investigate this one further. We do need SOME calcium obviously and the occasional coffee with milk would surely serve to lift the spirits. It does mine! I make myself walk two miles to our nearest café and two miles back home- I feel I have earned my (single shot) coffee by then! Nano bacteria and micro plasma are possibly implicated in attacking joints and Ted of Thailand talks about this on this Site, so I shall not go into that here. This is quite new stuff but fascinating for those people with joint problems. My next target for elimination might have to be yeast but I am going to find that one very difficult. I am working on the assumption that the yeast is fuelling the "Bad guys"! I may go after the yeast rather than the gluten but they often go together. Life is complicated ! I hope for the best for you both.