Magnesium for Calcium Deposits

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Posted by Paulina (Manassas, Virginia) on 06/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium broke down the deposits in my whole body.

Two years ago, I suddenly dropped, unable to walk or crawl. I was in so much pain and luckily my husband just got home from work. He took me to the Urgent Care. The doctor was so knowledgeable (thank god), he immediately sent me down for X-Ray. He sent my husband to the first floor pharmacy and got a bottle of Magnesium Citrate and brought it up. I drank it within 2 minutes. Then he showed me the X-Ray I brought back. There were rocks, calcium, wastes, toxins, etc... floating all over my body. My body was unable to digest all the foods and others that I consumed for 38 years. I was shocked but if I looked back - I always had tummy ache but thought it was something I ate. I drank 2 more bottles in 2 days ( 1 bottle as soon as I wake up each day). For a week, my systems was flushed down but the worst thing was it's all sand. That's how bad it was. Magnesium broke down everything and my butt was hurting so badly because it's all sand.

To sum up, magnesium really help. I use magnesium once a year to flush my systems but most people do not need to use this harsh and drying agents. You can detoxify without drugs.

Replied by Sue
(Edmonton, Canada)

I have been taking a bone builder fosomax for 7 yrs now, also 1500 mg calcium and 800 mg Vitamin D as well daily, nobody told me I should take magnisum. Now I think my body is breaking down , My dentist said he never saw such deteriation in my jaw bones so fast in all his years as a dentist, also calcium deposits are forming here and there, I have been doing some research on a protacol where you detox all calcium for 4 to 6 months then build up again for another two years with a bunch of vitamins and such. I found it under total osterposis reversal by Robert Harrison. Has anyone heard of this, anyone, any feed back? I think that if I dont find someone to help me find the ways to rebalance my system I may die. Thanks Sue in Canada

(High Point, Nc)

Stop Fosamax- a side effect is jaw bone loss, search "fossy jaw or phossy jaw" and for blog of people who have had side effects for more about it, it is osteonecrosis of the jaw bone. I had a friend on Fosamax and she started having pain in her jaw and found out about this side effect. I hope stopping the drug will stop any more deteriation. Im sorry this has happened to you.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Here are some things that may help:

-Exercise is so important, (tell yourself it is non-negotiable) aerobic, light weight bearing, yoga..

-Eat vitmin K rich foods.. Natto, Kale.

search other links for Natto and bone density.

- some links on diet...

Replied by Ale
(Cardiff, Uk)

Why don't you try the techniques explained by Donna Eden in her book 'Energy Medicine for Women'? There are a few pages on osteoporosis. These techniques are very easy to learn and can be done safely at home. In about 3 months you should start to see dramatic changes in your osteoporosis levels. I have tried Donna's techniques on other conditions and they have always worked for me and my loved ones. Good luck!


My cardiac calcium score is 555. What can I do to make it better and maybe get it down?

Replied by Linda
(Troy, Mt)

Sue from Edmonton: If you read the side effects from the fosamax, you will see all of the jaw, esophogus, etc. Danger it can cause. YOU should tell you doctor that you do not need it and to get on natural foods, before something terrible happens to you. Linda

Replied by Granny Laura
(Waco, Tx, Usa)

I never had indigestion until I took Fosamax for 6 weeks. That was 12 yrs ago and I have had problems w/indigestion ever since. Remember, Big Pharma buries their mistakes... Six feet deep!

Replied by Focus7
(Rennes, France)

Fosamax - a KNOWN for side effects. Fosamax, one of the several Bisphosphonaate drugs given for osteoporosis, unfortuntely, none of these drugs work. They ALL stop bone renewl and bone turnover. What they do do, is overlay old bone with a coating of new bone, meaning that the interior of that bones are not renewed and, in consequence, the bone dries up like to an old twig and eventually fractures in any event

The FDA NOW has black box warnings on ALL the Bis drugs. In addition please be warned that the recent legal trials brought against pharma did not succeed as their 'defense' lay in the fact that *warnings of the side effects were fully disclosed...! Side effects INCLUDE: Osteonecrosis (jaw bone death) AND femoral fractures

Better by far is to take Strontium CITRATE together with supplements of Vit-K2, Vit-E, Vit-D, and, Mag Sulph. Take the Strontium CITRATE on its own and the vits at a separte time of the dY - like two hours before or after the S. C Strontium CITRATE (very cheap and cheerful amino acid) has been usewd for osteoporosis for a number of years, has a good track record of *working. Please check out Strontium CITRATE use for Osteoporosis AND the side effects of the Bisphosphonate drugs.

Better health to all.

Replied by Newfocus7
(Rennes, France)

Fosamax is a KNOWN for causing reflux / GERD / heartburn / Esophagel reflux disease / LPRD etc. Multiple side effects and, in the end does not work...

Replied by Harriette
(Ennis, Texas)

I had to have 3 of my 4 parathyroid glands removed. So now trying to keep my calcium levels up have been a problem. My endocrinologist and I are having an argument about what I should take. Believe it or not my remedies work better than his.

With flucuating calcium levels I cannot take any of the pharmaceutical drugs such as Boniva and such. So I had worked out a remedy of Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium. That got my calcium levels back to normal where his prescription drug and type of calcium he wanted me to take would not work.

After my last labs he said my vitamin D level was too high and to get totally off it for 2 weeks and go back to the prescription medication and only 2,000 iu of Vitamin D. Well I did not listen to him again. I did get of the Vitamin D for about 2 weeks and then decreased my dose to 14,000 iu daily. When my Vitamin D level was 111, which is 11 points over normal I was taking 24,000 iu daily. At that level felt good, no itching/tingling. I had gradually raised it to that level to off set the itching/tingling I would get.

Now that I have lowered the Vitamin D to 14,000 iu daily, I occasionally still get the itching/tingling, but not nearly as bad in the beginning after the surgery.

Also I have read to take Calcium Carbonate, not Calcium Citrate. There is a difference. My doctor wanted me on Citrate. When taking the Citrate my Calcium levels dropped below normal. Calcium Carbonate has to be taken with food for it to be absorbed. So I went back to the Calcium Carbonate and the levels came back to normal.

It has taken a lot of reading and playing with different things to get what I need for the calcium problems that relate to bone problems. I am now adding Strontium 340 mg and Boron 3 mg to my mix of bone building mix of things.

I had also read somewhere that the prescription meds such as Boniva and the others do not strengthen the bone that was weak, but actually increased the newer bone. So if that is true, the old bone is not strengthened, just what has increased from the chemical medication that destroys your bones. Food for thought on that one. I forgot where I read about that.

So for the moment my endocrinologist and I will continue to butt heads on what I should or should not take. It is like I told him if what I was doing was keeping my levels up and my bone density scan showed no bone loss since last year I must be doing something right. He should have been willing to work with me and supplements rather than prescription medication. He should have been willing to have me adjust the level of Vitamin D I was taking rather than add a prescription of chemicals to the mix. Needless to say I am still doing it my way so next year at the next bone density test it will be interesting to see the results.

Replied by Erin
(Omaha, Ne)

I'm thinking Paulina probably meant magnesium citrate. She said it was liquid and came in a bottle and it's the only form of magnesium that you can find in almost every pharmacy.

Also there is much research on the benefits of magnesium in regards to heart health. When there is too much calcium in the body, it gets stored in tissues ( including arteries). It builds up and causes heart attacks, stroke and high blood pressure. The magnesium keeps the body from storing extra calcium.

Replied by Anne
(United States)
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PLEASE DO NOT TAKE STRONTIUM. IT IS A RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL! Many years ago the woman who laid the foundation for today's nutrition, Adelle Davis, said "Patients with osteoporosis have been found to absorb strontium particularly rapidly, but the RADIOACTIVE (caps mine) element is gradually replaced by calcium provided the diet is adequate." (from Let's Get Well). She also says that "eating sweets can prevent calcium from being absorbed by an adult" and "sugar... stimulate(s) the production of alkaline digestive juices so rapidly that calcium becomes insoluble before it can reach the blood." Her diet recommends: Yogurt or acidophilus milk (where calcium already dissolved)for the milk sugar necessary for calcium to be properly absorbed , Vit D, and digestive enzymes. She also said that to avoid constipation half the amount of magnesium as calcium should be taken.

Replied by Timh
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Anne: I occasionally take a capsule of Strontium Citrate to help remove the small amounts I collect especially from dairy. I have actually needed to stop consuming cheese as it is high in radioactive strontium. Strontium supplements are naturally derived from mineral deposits in the earth and would not contain radiation as Strontium is one of many natural occurring minerals.

Replied by Giuditta
(United Kingdom)
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Are you sure that it was Magnesium Nitrate and not Magnesium Citrate? Magnesium Nitrate is used to manufacture fireworks and is toxic

Replied by Jane
(Altoona, Pa)

Could you please tell me what strength and amount of magnesium you use and where to find it. Thanks

Replied by Tara

Regarding your jaw bone loss...that is a big side effect of Fosamax. There have been many lawsuits over it. The company that makes it, Merck, studied the effects of Fosamax on the jaw bone and later found that it did cause bone loss in that area.

Replied by GW

Is it helpful to take magnesium and apple cider vinegar for calcium buildup?

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This is a high score! It will take multiple supplements to try and bring that score down as opposed to the current 555.

Bringing your vitamin D level into the upper half of the reference range is a good start.

Taking the higher dose vitamin K2 supplement at label dose is useful.

Increasing your magnesium intake with a bioavailable form of magnesium such as magnesium glycinate at the maximum recommended label dose is also useful.

IP-6 at maximum label dosing can be additive.

Cashews can be a useful snack as they contain some IP-6 and magnesium.

A boron type supplement can also be useful at label dosing.

If you are smoking, you should stop.

Reduce alcohol use.

The above can also help to improve your overall health.