Blackstrap Molasses Recipes

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Posted by Lisa (West Plains, MO) on 02/27/2007

As someone on here suggested, mixing molasses and hot milk. I tried it, was a little skeptical, it tastes really good. I was surprised because well if you've had blackstrap molasses straight than you know how it makes you cringe. I put a spoonful in hot milk. I use a tall glass because I prefer more milk so the molasses isn't very strong. Adjust to your tastebuds.

Replied by Double D
Bfe, Ok, Usa

No matter how I take it, I pinch my nostrils together when I swallow it to avoid the taste, followed by a glass of water. the benefits outweigh the negative taste, which only last a few seconds. dd

Posted by Misty (Harrisonville, MS) on 01/28/2007

I am currently trying to fight fibroid tumors and read about the molasses. I did order a bunch of it and when I got it I couldn't get the stuff down without gagging and nearly throwing it back up. I did stop doing it and began other options although they have helped I began bleeding more and getting tired, and loosing my energy. I decided to try the molasses. again to help with this and I still couldn't get it down, so I tried it with a tablespoon full with a 4oz cup of grape juice and drank it with a straw as far back in my mouth as possible. It is so much easier to get down and since the grape juice packs such a punch of flavor it's self it nearly covers the taste. I must say I have only been doing it a day now so I will keep you up dated on my fibroid and energy level to help further confirm the black strap molasses cure.

Posted by Kelley (Sellesburg, Indiana) on 01/21/2007

Hint for making blackstrap more palatable to take: mix one tablespoon with milk ( is good) and drink hot; tastes like a caramel latte. Honest!!

Posted by Jennifer (Raleigh, NC) on 12/21/2006

I'm going out tomorrow to stock up on everything I've read tonight from ACV to Molasses. Someone inquired as to how to use he Molasses to make it more palatable. It is pretty common around where I live to have Molasses on top of a buttered biscuit (for the non-US readers, that is a bread roll). I would imagine one can use it in similar, yet healthier manner-on toasted whole grain bread or waffles. The fat in the butter seems to temper the sour taste of the Molasses, I am not sure how it would be with other fats.

Replied by Worldover
Atlanta, Ga, Usa

Also good on cornbread.

Posted by Alastair (NI) on 02/04/2006

I recommend molasses in porridge every morning. Not only does it flavour the porridge but it also sets me up for the day ahead. I have been an avid molasses fan for 9 years now and I ensure that it accompanies me on my many cycling trips as it gets me over the hills!!