Berberine for Diabetes Type II Treatment

| Modified: Dec 03, 2020

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Posted by Nana Monster (Hannibal, New York) on 08/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was using glyburide and my numbers were going up to around 300+ with a high of 429. The doc wanted me on Januvia which I refused so he kicked me out of his practice. THEN I found a new one and he switched me to Glimpiride...BAD stuff. After 3 weeks on it I was having headaches, severe muscle spasms, joint pain, chest pain (have heart issues), sugar numbers were going up and it kicked in the glucoama real bad to the point everything was fuzzy. He then wanted me on Farxiga which is super bad so I asked him about Berberine. He didn't know anything about so I went ahead and did more research and decided it was something I wanted to try.

I've been on it for 5 weeks now and my lowest starting number was 110 and the highest nite time was 189. I'm staying between 120-170 on an average low to high range. I can definitely live with this as it's well over half of what I was running with big pharma's stuff. I feel a lot better, more energy, skin is soooooo soft.

Still have some residual from the Glimpiride with the headaches and chest pain mainly but every now and then the muscles let go. I'm hoping that the numbers continue to improve. I go in 2 weeks for a blood draw for the A1C and then the following week for a checkup. I'll let you know how the doctor handles me not doing the drug and instead going for the plants. I use a brand which has Barberry and Oregon Grape Seed. Will post again in about a month and let you know how I'm doing. Dropped about 10 pounds so far too :)

Replied by Malu
Houston, Tx

Dear Nana, thank you so very much for sharing. I have been living with this disease for several years now. I am tired, depressed, without strength. It is horrible. I am starting with the Berberine. I found Berberine 1mg, so I am taking a capsule a day. Please let me know how are you doing. It is a joy to learn that you are beating this. Gives me hope. Thank you again.

Posted by Adele (Portland, Or) on 04/28/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have cured my Type 2 diabetes by taking Berberine. 500mg 3 times daily, before or with food. I take no medication.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Adele from Portland, Or-- thank you very much for your post. I hope I can get Berberine from the health food store. Congratulations. Namaste Om

Replied by Adele
Portland, OR

There is a selection of berberine on Amazon. I use Dr Whitaker's or Glyco, any one will do. Make sure it is pure and made in the US. One of them comes with Banaba too, I am using this now and have gone to 400 mg from 500.