Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for Kidney Stones

Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice
Posted by Ann (Connecticut) on 08/23/2023

Thank you so much for the encouraging story. I'm on my second round of kidney stones. I am so disillusioned with the medical world. The first stone was several years ago. I went to the ER and, not knowing what I was talking about, suggested to the doctor that it had something to do with my kidney. He said no, that the kidneys were in the back, not the side and told me I had indigestion! Back the next day, sure enough, kidney...stone that was on its way down the ureter. I was given a painkiller until surgery could be scheduled; the stone was too large to pass. Right! Went in for the surgery and, lo and behold, it had passed.

On this round, it took a month to get an appointment with the urologist and another month for an ultrasound...which is now 8 days away. The pain wasn't bad, just noticeable more as a tightness/pressure until today, when it became constant pain that hurt to move at all. I called for a prescription for the pain but all nurses were with patients and someone would be calling me back. In 5 hours, I called 3 times. The 3rd call got me through to a nurse who told me doctor was in surgery and there was no other doctor, no PA with prescribing privileges. Ugh! Next call, my primary care who had recently moved to a different practice and wouldn't be available for 2 days. Next call, the practice my PC had left and they wouldn't prescribe without seeing me. (It's a half hour away and I honestly couldn't see myself driving that long) Called another doctor who is familiar with me and was told they do not prescribe pain meds period. After a grueling 6 hours, (drum roll), Apple Cider Vinegar suddenly popped into my brain. It's been an hour since taking the first dose with olive oil and lemon juice and, while the pain isn't completely gone, it is now so much more bearable. I'll take another dose at bedtime. I've also read that drinking 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar daily can prevent the formation of new stones. Hope you see this reply, perhaps it will help your daughter to avoid future problems. Again, thanks so much for sharing your has really encouraged me. It's nice to have validation from someone with firsthand experience.