Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice for Kidney Stones

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice
Posted by John (Buffalo, New York Usa) on 09/15/2011

Yesterday morn woke to sharp stabbing pain in right kidney and symptoms of stones... Lost health insurance recently so looked to internet for home remedies. First thing I took 8 200mg ibuprofen pills and pain dulled bit and manageable. Started with lemon remedy I found here (initially 8oz fresh squeezed lemon juice then 1oz lemon juice in 8oz water every hour for 12 hrs) and felt only slight discomfort by bed time and seemed to be working.

This morn woke up to same pain level as yesterday morn so I questioned how much relief came from the massive dose of ibuprofen from 24 hrs earlier. I bought raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar as a backup if the lemon thing didnt work so decided to take that approach this morn. I took no pain relievers to see if there would be real relief from the ACV. I mixed 2oz Apple Cider Vinegar with 6oz water and within half hour about half pain was gone. 1 hour later did 3oz Apple Cider Vinegar 5oz water... It's almost an hour since last mixture and I feel only slight discomfort when I get up from chair... about 90% of the pain is gone in 3 hours.

Something good is going on here and so far I can undeniably recommend Apple Cider Vinegar for immediate relief. I plan on doing this 3-4 times a day until something hopefully passes and don't think my stomach can handle any more Apple Cider Vinegar than that. After 3 hrs I do have discomfort in stomach but think 5oz in 2hrs may be a bit much for my system and light meal might help. In my case ACV gave amazing results immediately and encourage to chose over lemons. Will post progress in few days.....John

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice
Posted by Greg (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 03/13/2011

Like most of those suffering from those horrible and intensely painful kidney stones I will try almost anything to be rid of them. I have suffered now with kidney stones since 2006 when I passed my first one. I have been to four different Urologists and I have seen the Emergency room so much that now I have my own reserved room and medical bills to match.
I have passed well over 100 kidney stones since my first stone in 2006. I have had three surgeries, meds, pain pills to fill a truck bed, scans, stints, x-rays, cat-scans, you name it and I have been there done that...

I even stopped drinking milk for two years thinking that would help, which it did but then my body just switched from producing Calcium stones to producing Uric Acid stones instead from drinking so much Orange juice. So, now I am only drinking distilled water which is water in its purest form.

I have been told that minerals in tap water or filtered water can cause stones. That drinking soda can cause stones and that eating chips and other salty foods can cause stones and of course dairy products can cause stones but I had no idea that drinking a lot of Orange juice can cause Acid stones.

I have also used Uriflow which did work on some stones and also Renavive which is supposed to be twice as strong as Uriflow according to their advertisement.

Both worked for awhile then for me they stopped being as effective for some reason? Perhaps my body started to get used to taking them so for me they are no longer as effective. No matter the reason the stones continue so now I have found this site.

I am a big guy well over six feet actually closer to seven feet tall and large framed as well. So, I doubled the mix because of my size.

After reading about how taking Lemon Juice with Olive Oil seemed to help so many I decided that might just be helpful. And also, after reading that Apple Cider Vinegar is stronger than Lemon juice I decided to substitute the Apple Cider Vinegar instead of the Lemon Juice.

I have just taken 4oz of Apple Cider Vinegar and 4oz of Olive Oil mixed with about three tablespoons of honey and some Maple pancake syrup mixed in as well to sweeten the mix.

It burned all the way down with a strong acid taste but sweetened by the Honey and Maple Syrup so it went down better than I had thought. After taking the mix I had trouble breathing a little from the strong fumes from the Apple Cider Vinegar, I took some deep breaths and then chased it all down with 16oz of filtered water. I have noticed an improvement already in the pain level of my current Kidney Stone. The sharp pain is now almost gone!!!

Thanks to everyone for your kindness and suggestions, I will see how this works and leave feedback.