Apple Cider Vinegar for Kidney Stones

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Posted by Kaystar (Oxnard, Ca) on 10/16/2011

After being on 600 mg of Motrin every 5 hours for a week, I decided to try 2 oz ACV in 8 oz water with a couple tablespoons of honey. Tastes like a really bad bottle of wine, but pain gone instantly!! How is that possible?? Have not had any pain med for 20 hours so far and still feel good. I sense the stone is still there, but at least it doesn't hurt 24/7. I will drink a glass of this every day for the rest of my life.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Riki (Singapore) on 10/14/2011

I start developing kidney stones in my twenty's and had them every year or two, with atrocious pains that lasted longer each time up to 3 days or more, till one day in my 40's I reasoned and worked out the dissolving properties of vinegar that I can say it make lemon juice inadequate for what it concerns K.S., not only I realize that Apple. C.V. is an anti dolor, but it make K.S. soft enough to be passed easily no matter if still in the kidneys or stuck in the bladder. What I can't understand up to today is why the complete silence from the official medicine, not one G.P. in any country. I been between Europe and Australia seeing me suffering atrocious pains ever suggested it, they couldn't administer any drug, only in hospital a few times they give me some morphine or other strong pain killer, why...

It's now at least 15 years (I am now 57y.o.) that I just smile when I feel that the beast is coming, I get my A.C.V. Bottle and water and down with the job, 20 minutes or half an hour and it come out at the first urination. If I mention it to a doctor they look at me funny or pretend they did not hear, hypocrites. I don't like doctors or the medical institution "business" specially knowing that humanity needs them so much, they don't like when our pains don't bring them gain and they hate if we manage to come out of it by ourself, interest overcome compassion. I wonder how many other little secret are there that they aware about but virtually free and they do not say and try all the time to squelch people that generously and enthusiastically try to share their knowing. thanks Dr.Riki

Replied by Brenda

Due to Covid they let me suffer for over a year with kidney stones so guess what they don't need my money now! I will have to try this as kidney stones keep returning.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Elise (Clover, Sc) on 08/04/2011

First let me start by saying I have a 29mm stone blocking my right ureter... I have been reading all of your comments and I am hoping and praying that this will work for one so large. I will keep you all posted... So far I am on my 4th dose(2oz)of ACV and I am doing this every 2 hours(timer set). I am scheduled for lithotripsy on Monday but plan on passing it before then! Please let me know if anyone has ever passed one so large with this method or should I be doing something else... Willing to try anything at this point. Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Judy (San Diego, Ca) on 04/23/2011

I just tried taking two ounces of ACV for my kidney stone but promptly threw it up. Is there any advice for keeping it down?

Replied by Rod
(Roanoke, Va)

Thanks to everyone who posted their results from using Apple Cider Vinegar to help dissolved their kidney stones. Supposedly I only have one, but after two days of using the vinegar I've had three white crystals appear in my strainer so far. Very small though, but you can feel them. I'm assuming that the one stone is breaking apart now? The strange this is, for me, I hurt in my back in the right kidney area for about a half hour after drinkng the vinegar. Everyone else stated that the pain immediately stopped. I hope I'm not doing wrong by continuing. I'm going to try to save the crystals but they're so darned small. But thanks again for posting about the vinegar.

Oh, one more thing. Why is it that one day you're cramping badly in your left abdomen and the next day in your right kidney? Can a stone in one kidney cause pain in the opposite kidney and surrounding area?

Replied by Ashlee
(Youngstown, Ohio)

I started getting kidney stones on July 3rd and have been getting them almost weekly since. I hate drinking water and am the biggest fan of coffee, I have completely removed all dark soda and coffee from my diet and its not working, I have tried the apple cider vinegar along with taking b6 tablets (you must chew them or they are pointless) It is much easier to drink ACV if it is cold and chased with water. Another think is my urologist told me to drink lemonade. I was beginning to get sick of it so I tried tomato juice out for a few days and that seemed to help. I am praying that I do not get another one in the meantime.

Replied by Jay
(Toronto, Ont, Canada)

On 07/29/2011: Ashlee from Youngstown, Ohio wrote: "I started getting kidney stones on July 3rd and have been getting them almost weekly since. I hate drinking water and am the biggest fan of coffee, I have completely removed all dark soda and coffee from my diet and its not working, I have tried the apple cider vinegar along with taking b6 tablets (you must chew them or they are pointless) It is much easier to drink ACV if it is cold and chased with water. Another think is my urologist told me to drink lemonade. I was beginning to get sick of it so I tried tomato juice out for a few days and that seemed to help. I am praying that I do not get another one in the meantime."

Ashlee, If you want to avoid the pain of passing any more kidney stones you already have in your body, drink pure apple juice. Buy unsweetened pure apple juice and drink about 4 cups a day for at least a week. This will start to disolve the stones and they will become small enough to pass without pain. By the way, the tomato juice is good for your liver. Daily ACV or fresh squeezed lemon juice in water is a good prevention of larger (painful) stones.

Replied by Charles
(Aurora, Il)

Dilute the ACV with warm water and a bit of honey.

Replied by Craig
(Dalton, Ga Usa)

I take a shot of _____s ACV w/ the mother every morning, it burns so I chase it w/ a shot of diet Mt Dew. The rest of day I ONLY drink water.

If your pain is intense, you will vomit regardless of what you're drinking. When the pain subsides try to push the fluids so you won't be admitted for dehydration & need a saline drip.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Kerry From The Desert
(Desert Southwest Usa, Ca)

I was diagnosed with many small kidney stones about a year ago. I have been peeing blood about every six weeks since then. I am having my 1st debilitating episode now and am waiting for my third ct scan of the year. Kidney stones and gallbladder disease are family traits. I am going to try the olive oil and lemon juice and get back on my daily dose of a shot of apple cider vinegar (with the mother) to a cup of grape juice. It is much easier to drink mixed with grape juice. I stopped doing ACV when my bottled turned cloudy and the mother grew really big. I was not sure if it was still safe. Any ACV experts out there who can tell me about the organic ACV and its "mother"?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Kerry, I can't say I'm an ACV "expert" but can tell you about the apple cider vinegar and "the mother". First of all, your ACV is perfectly safe. The mother is equivalent to the SCOBY you see in kombucha. This is all due to the fermentation process. It is what makes the apple cider vinegar so beneficial. The "mother" is made up of living nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Hope this info helps, Lisa

Replied by Sandra L.
(Sevierville Tn)

Buy Apple cider vinegar tablets. They have no taste and don't mess up the system. Also take pure honey every day. These two together neutralize your system.

Replied by Anon222

Don't take such a large dosage! 1-2 teaspoons to start and some people work up to 1 or 2 tablespoons a couple times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Megan (Belfast, Northern Ireland) on 02/01/2011

I have suffered with kidney stones for several years. I had a constant dull pain in my back, and passing the stones was terrible. I was diagnosed by our doctor, but was unable to go into surgery since I have 2 small children and no reliable babysitters. Intercourse with my husband was constantly painful due to the stones, and it was embarrassing when I experienced pain from them in public.

My friend came to visit and suggested apple cider vinegar as it had cured her stones. I took 2 shot glasses of apple cider vinegar that night (without any water) but was skeptical. But within hours the dull pain in my back was completely gone!

In the morning, I took about 2 shots of ACV and I passed several large stones without any pain.

Occasionally now, my stones come back as I am prone to them, but 2 shots of apple cider vinegar does the trick everytime. Completely amazing!

Replied by Hadidx
(Oakwood, Ga, Usa)


About 2 years ago I suffered from kidney stones (most likely caused from dehydration due to my foolish lack of drinking water and bad diet! )which had me keeled over on my living room floor in a fetal position multiple times. I drove myself to the ER when it got to the point where I worried about my life! The doctor told me I had kidney stones, and would probably need laser surgery to break them up and "heal". After a $5K consultation, I was released with some antibiotics and pain killers to think it over.

After hours of extensive research (mainly from earthclinic!), I came across ACV treatments for the first time in my life (I'm now 36). I drank 4 oz. Shots of _____s ACV with 2-4 oz. Shots of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) every hour, and the next day (the day after I was in the ER), I urinated out the kidney stones as more of a dust rather than the massively painful stone. Felt on a scale of discomfort of 1-10, maybe a. 5. ACV and EVOO softened and dissolved the stones into powder within a day! 1 DAY! I never even took the pain killers.

After the first horrible tasting shot of ACV, the pain stopped! I can handle bad taste over fetal position pain any day. I haven't been to the doctor since, and I always keep 1 or 2 big bottles of _____s ACV on hand for nothing but medicinal purposes, as everyone should!

Thanks for your site, and please pass on the Kidney Stone story for those who could use it! Obviously diet, water, and PURE 100% Cranberry juice should be added to help restore the kidneys, and lots of water and a true/real healthy diet will keep any illness away, but thank God for ACV!
Thanks again!

Replied by Ladylisa
(Gainesville, Ga)

Im on line looking up natural remedies for my husband and found it odd that you are here in Oakwood, GA as we are too, with a gainesville address. My husband has been taking ACV and olive oil and is now downing 4 oz of Fresh straight lemon juice. Don't drink the water!

Replied by Jan
(Dacula, Ga)
08/05/2011 daughter had them a couple of months ago while prgnant and I have one now... We both live in Dacula just down the road. Maybe it is the water.

Replied by Rob
(Cumming, Ga)

I live in Cumming GA, never had them before, but started getting them in July...creepy.

Replied by Dana
(Gay, Georgia, Usa)

Okay.... My poor husband is pacing the floor with kidney stones. Spent my birthday in the ER (9/1) with them and now more today! I just found your site and began reading all of your advice and questions and I must say the many cases from GA are beginning to creep me out! :}

I ask my dear hubby if he could get some ACV done-- personally, I'd have to be knocked out and administered while sleeping! I think he is just ready to get rid of the pain so he would be willing to drink an entire gallon.

Replied by Bamjakxc
(Atlanta, Ga)

I HAD to respond! I moved here from Chi 2 1/2 years ago and started battling kidney stones after being here less than a year. I'm a 26 y/o vegetarian and in shape, and I even use a water filter, why me?!!! They won't go away!

I've made ACV, lemon juice, olive oil and honey as part of my morning and nightly routine, and I drink water all day long (to the point of me having to "go" all the time). I need a specific recipe that I can stick to. And it may involve MOVING FROM GEORGIA!!

I wonder if the CDC knows about this??

**Signed-Aching in Atlanta

Replied by Greg
(San Pedro, Rd)

The southeast has a greater instance of KS due to the high consumption of greens. Almonds, concord grape juice, cranberry juice are to be avoided when you have a KS problem. Spinach, collards and other like greens as well.

(Pensacola, FL)

Actually, it might also be the constant drinking of TEA … which I discovered is high in oxalates. I imagine that's not too well known. It made my own kidney stones grow significantly.

Replied by Jason
(Atlanta, Ga)

I have heard that Georgians have a very high risk of stones because of the predominance of iced tea. Another poster said that Arizona is the kidney stone capital of the world, so who knows, really.

I am a Georgian, have had kidney stones, and never drink tea, but have always drank a lot of soda.

Thanks for this site. I'm a skeptic by nature, but all the successes with ACV, Olive Oil and lemon juice are encouraging. Will be trying it!

Replied by Tammy
(Valdosta, Ga)

I moved to Georgia in April and got my first kidney stone in Aug. Now it's Jan and I have another one...

Replied by Jim
(Peachtrree City, Ga)

My daughter is 16 and has her first kidney stone. it is 5mm and wont seem to pass but it moving and her urine is partially blocked. Been 3 weeks now. Drinking lots of water with lemon. Going to try the lemon juice and olive oil mixture today. Hopefully it will pass soon.

She drank lots of tea and coke before. She wont be anymore. I'm confused what supplements she needs to take to prevent further stones. Seeing vitamin b-6. She takes a b-12pill daily for energy and was taking ginseng. Did this contribute to it do you think?

Replied by Ray
(Castroville, Texas)

I am not sure who told you that cranberry juice is not good, all the oldtimers around here swear by it, and I have used it many times myself and it works for me.


My husband had kidney stones really bad several years back. I told him to drink some apple cider vinegar. It seemed to dissolve them enough to pass easily.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Judi7315 (Nashville, Tn ) on 09/24/2010

My son has had kidney stones by the multitudes for about 4 months, the dr's keep giving him pain killers and sending him home to pass another stone, he has been in constant pain and because he has no insurance and the pain is so bad we turned to the internet. We also talked to someone who suggested Apple Cider Vinegar at 1 oz and 1 oz of natural honey (not processed) the honey contains natural antibiotics to help with infection. We are doing this process 1 time in the morning and 1 time in the evening before bedtime. We have done this 3 days now and so far he has had not pain. Keeping our fingers crossed that the stones are getting smaller or dissolving.

Replied by Thenewguyintown
(Westwood, New Jersey, Usa)

It would be wise for you to search for "Teds" cure which works for both Gall Stones & Kidney Stones. Many have had great success with this formula.

Replied by Chikie
(Bonita Springs, Florida)

Thank you for the Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey. How is your son doing with the kidney stones? After praying the Lord lead me to this site. I have been having excruciating pain in my kidneys and gallbladder. Don't what it is. I had done the liver flush in shown in this site and lot of stones went out of my gallbladder. I keep getting pain on my right side tremendous pain on my right hip and sciatical nerves. I'm taking the ACV and Honey. I know God uses natural remedies to heal our natural bodies.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Candy (Houston, Tx) on 09/14/2010

I tried the olive oil and lemon juice and it did not help me at all either. My last episode was the stone passing -- felt like an ice pick in my crotch -- very, very painful. I swallowed about 5 gulps of ACV straight out of the bottle. About 10 minutes later zero pain!! My boyfriend was so relieved that I stopped jumping around yelling, and pounding my fists on the counter. It did make my stomach feel funny, but it was worth it. I swished a little water in my mouth for a few seconds after but that's it. Amazing!

Replied by Shahla
(Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

I am Shahla from Pakistan. I am suffering from Kidney stones since last three years. Few days back, I had gone through a Lithrotripsy session, but all in vain. I want to ask that ACV really works because my stones are big in size. I need your help in this regard. I will be highly obliged.

Replied by Debbie
(San Diego, Ca)

I have never been much of a home remedy person but I have had kidney stone issues since 1988. I have been on diuretics for the last 19 years. This last April, I found out I had a kidney stone that took up the entire inside of my left kidney. After 2 Percutaneous Lithotripsy's and a tube out my back for 5 weeks, I knew I had to do more. I looked on the Internet and found out that I should stay on a low oxalate diet. It's been 7 months and I started feeling that familiar pain in my side again. After 2 nights of feeling mildly uncomfortable, I was hit hard.

The following morning, a girlfriend was suggesting I take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar. While I was in the ER she looked on this website and saw these testimonials. By the time, I got home from the ER, the Apple Cider Vinegar was on my kitchen counter. I took one shot of the Apple Cider Vinegar on Monday morning and Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon I had a CT scan. Tuesday evening my doctor wanted to schedule an emergency surgery but I'd had too much to eat or drink so we were going to have the surgery on Wednesday. Tuesday night I passed two very large stones. One was 11mm X 6mm and the other was 6mm X 6mm. All with NO PAIN! I was so excited! The Apple Cider Vinegar did the job. I'm home relaxing and not in surgery putting my body through more trauma! I'm still amazed!

P.S. My doctor called tonight to follow up and find out my remedy so he could pass it on to another patient!

Replied by Jules
(Toronto, On Canada)

I have suffered with stones for 15 years. In Oct I found out that I had a large stone (15mm) stuck in the left ureter. I had ESWL done on the stone but then discovered thru an xray that the stone had not moved. I used the ACV treatment and within three hours, passed one large fragment. Within 15 hours of taking the vinegar I passed an additional 3 fragments. I tried the Lemon and Oil that very next day. Although it made me feel relaxed, I had not seen any fragments pass in my urine. I have tried the ACV treatment again today to see if any more fragments pass. I am becoming a believer that this remedy works and have plans to use this remedy once a month to prevent further stones from forming. That is key!

Replied by Sl
(Philadelphia, Pa)

My mom drinks ACV with lemon juice, honey and warm water every morning to stay healthy. She's never had a kidney stone. I think it's pretty safe to drink once a month, especially since she drinks it every day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cindy (Charleston, Sc) on 09/04/2010

Kidney Pain and Stones

I am on antibiotics for as well as trying cranberry and d-mannose with no results. My urine test was free of bacteria today at the doctor, but still I had pain so... I took 2oz of Apple cider and dipped my subway sandwich in it and within 1/2 hour the pain was gone... Thank you so much as I have been unable to find relief for 3 weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Troy (Fayetteville, N Carolina) on 08/09/2010

Pass a stone in less than 6 hours. In Mar 2010, I had a 2mm stone found by the doctor at Womack Army Med Center. 4 days of pain and fluids and still nothing. My wife the "health fanatic" found a site where about 173 people swore by Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. After 4 days of waking up in the middle of the night in pain to take more meds. The dis-believer gave in and poured a Quarter Cup (2 Oz. ) of refrigerated Raw Apple Cider Vinegar at about 0130 hrs in the morning. I woke at 0600 with almost no pain. So I went to the bathroom with my strainer and when I was done there was a colorless, roundish blob with a couple specks of brown in it. I rinsed it off and pressed a Q-Tip against it. It was soft, but still solid enough to stay together. I set it aside and later went to get it to show the doctor. It had dried and was much firmer. The doc took one look at it said it was my stone, but he said he didn't understand why it was soft and smooth. I explained my vinegar treatment and he too was skeptical as I was, but would look into it more. August of 2010 my left side kidney decided to to get my attention and dropped a stone at about 0930 in the morning. By 1000 I was taking about 800mg of Motrin to stop the pain. I was visiting my father and they had "distilled" apple cider vinegar. It wasn't raw so I took a half cup (4 oz)and downed it in two separate swigs. WARM, Distilled Apple Cider Vinegar is a little tougher to swallow. The pain was increasing so I laid down and feel to sleep just as the pain killers were taking effect. I woke up at 2:30 PM with nearly no pain. "Did it work again?". I went and peed through the strainer and there it was in many grains smaller than sand. Most were colorless, but there were some brown specks and a red one. Probably blood or something. After a hour or so I realized I had passed a stone from start to finish in less than 5 hours. I was now a 90% believer that the vinegar breaks the stone down. Three days later, my right kidney decided to give me an opportunity to believe. It hit me at 0530 in the morning. I couldn't believe my lousy luck. However, I was home now and I limped into the kitchen for Motrin and "refrigerated" raw apple cider vinegar. 800mg Motrin and about 3 oz of the vinegar. The pain was on my entire right side from my kidney to just above my bladder. I was worried it was my appendix and not a stone. I was awake for the next 2 or so hours and the pain sucked. The Motrin was just dulling it and not stopping it. So around 0830 or 0900 I laid down and was able to fall asleep. I woke at 1230 with a little soreness on my side and the urge to finally urinate. At the end, I was looking into the bottom of the strainer where there were "three" 1-2mm size, colorless, but firm blobs. They looked like dried silicon caulking, but covered in a clear slim. In addition, there were many little clear particles like tiny grains of sand. I guess either I had "3" stone or I had a big 5mm stone and it was broken up initially by the treatment four days earlier which made it small enough to pass. 3 stones also explained why the pain was in several areas on my side. So, now I am a 100% believer in the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar remedy, which my wife discovered and will never let me forget. In addition to constant reminder to drink more water. Not all stones are the same, but I have hypercalcimia (excess calcium in the blood) which most likely means my stones are made of calcium oxalate. So it may not act the same on other stone types, but vinegar dissolves and fizzes on limestone, in baking soda and other base type materials. Higher acid is required to breakdown stone in a preventative manner as I understand it. So it makes sense as to why it turns my stones to goo and/or breaks them into small sand like particles. Try it. The most you have to lose is the pain and burping vinegar breathe for a couple hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Suze (Ann Arbor, Mi) on 02/15/2010

I recently found out the pains I have been having on my right side is kidney stone. It's distracting but manageable so far. My dr suspected one was forming from an ultrasound image I had done for gall stones 6 months ago. They told me of no preventative treatment at all and I didn't know to ask how to change my diet, etc. Hindsight...

So, 6 months later I have a kidney stone that has developed. I just found this website and drank 2T of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with warm water and my pain has disappeared within minutes of drinking it. When I have 2 days I can stay at home, I will try the olive oil/lemon juice, but in the mean time I will continue to drink the ACV. I'll post results of 2 days of drinking the ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nathan (Sacramento, Ca) on 02/12/2010

I started passing the umpteenth kidney stone just before Christmas 2009. Pain would vary as it typically does for me. Some days were really painful, and some days less.

After more than a month though of being in a state of constant discomfort and lacking medical insurance, I turned to the internet for home remedies. It was that or go crazy from constant physical (and mental/emotional) discomfort. I tried ACV and to my pleasant surprise noticed an almost immediate decrease in discomfort (after about 30 mins). I started the ACV and water treatment on Tuesday Feb 9, drinking about 4 tablespoons of ACV mixed with water in a coffee mug (filled to the brim with water). I did that once a day, and then on Feb 11 I did it twice because I noticed some more discomfort. I just passed the stone, which is about 5mm.

During this time, I also drank a mixture of water and lemon juice from squeezed lemons. (2 whole lemons squeezed into a large glass of water about twice a day).

A warning though...ACV is terribly nasty stuff on your tongue, really bitter. Be ready for it!

Replied by Lloyd
(Charlotte, Nc)

Success in passing stones three times; two in left kidney and one on right. Use one half lemon juiced into one glass of purified water. Ten glasses a day, so a total of the juice of five lemons per day. Do this each day for two weeks. My stones were gone in only three or four days so I have never had to go even a full week on the program. This method is also a preventative. If ACV doesn't work try this. Also make sure to brush teeth after drinking liquid as it will wear away enamel if you do not remove the citric acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kristina (Herrin, IL) on 09/29/2009

I was hurting for 2 weeks with a stone stuck in my lower left side.i have had them before and was determined to not go to that hospital again. I was reading about the man that took a couple oz. apple cider vinegar in a full glass luke warm water and in ten minutes he was better. So i knew it worked on gall stones and wouldnt hurt me, I did it and in 15 min.the pain let up i took a very restful nap woke up in a couple hours and cooked supper. Now i am a little sore when i walk but i bet by tommorrow i will be able to go to the store again.the vinegar relaxes your uranary tract and helps relese that stone,if you take it three times a week it will desolve all your stones, I am told..YEA! DO IT you will be happier.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lisa (Salt Lake, Utah) on 03/23/2009

I have had kidney problems for a while and there're liver issues in my family. So a while ago, I read that someone drink coconut milk to treat their diabetes/kidney problems and it worked.

So last week, I didn't have lemon or olive oil in the house, I tried 2 table spoons of ACV and 2 tbls of coconut oil in 16 oz of warm water. I felt fine...I have no scientific proof to back this up but I think it works just the same and it taste better than drinking olive oil, IMHO.

EC: IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Krishna (Bloomington, IL) on 10/26/2008

Apple Cider Vinegar did the trick! I have problems of stone with severe pain, on my left lower side abodmen from 23rd Oct 2008 evening onwards.. wend to the local hospital Emergency Room they prescribed some pain killer like Ibuprofen and also Vicodin... but it aggrevated my Nausea, and there was severe constipation not able to pass the stools.. I found this site.. Yesterday I bought one Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar. yesterday evening around 8:00 I have taken 2 ounce of Apple cider Vinegar and 2 ounce of luke warm water... I had lot of omitting after that and a sever pain again.. I took Lemon Juice and Extra virgin Olive Oil both 2 ounces in the night but by morning my pain stopped. again int he morning I took 3 ounces of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR & equal water... by evening 3:30 pm my 3mm stone came out through the Urine. I was so happy to relieve the pain.. Doctor said he is taking the stone to evaluate and give a diet plan to avoid future stone precipitation in Kidney.. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE WAS VERY VERY USEFUL AND IMMEDIATE CURE MAY GOD BLESS

Replied by Celtdragn
(Stratford, On)

had major pains that continued to build up over the last 2 weeks tried the oil and lemon right before bed...and yes very awful going down!! But by next day most of the pain was gone. So followed it up with the applecider and water with some honey to make it drinkable...again not very good going down...but feeling like a new person today!! Thank you so much!!

Replied by Rajeev
(Kearala, India)

Kidney stones are very common health problem. They form from the chemicals in urine such phosphorous, calcium and oxalic acid. The other reason is that the excessive use of vitamin D, improper diet, and dehydration.

The only simple way to cure the kidney stones is that to drink plenty of water. If you drink 8-10 glasses of water along with the other kinds of fluids daily, the color of your urine will become clear.

Some of the remedies that can be done from home are:

1.Lemon juice and Olive oil

The combination of olive oil and the lemon juice is traditionally used as a home remedy to expel gallbladder stones, but it is also used to treat the kidney stone complaint.

2.Apple Cider Vinegar

It help[s to dissolve the kidney stones. It is also having alkalizing effect on blood and urine.


Both the seeds and juice in this fruit contains the astringent properties that help in treatment of kidney stones (try to eat the whole pomegranate or drink 1 glass of juice daily.)

4.Nettle leaf

This helps to maintain the flow of water through the kidney and the bladder.


It is composed of calcium and magnesium phosphates and carbonates. It helps to treat the kidney stones easily.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by David (Grapeland, Texas) on 07/18/2008

After two weeks of using calimine lotion for a severe posion ivy rash and found little to no releif, I used acv on the same rash that I had on my arms. I was reluctant thinking that it would burn but I was so desperate that I tried a topical application and I got almost instant releif from the itching. With continuous applications several times a day the rash dryed and healed. there wasn't any burning and I found it very soothing. I read somewhere that the Isralites practically lived off of vineger and garlic while in Egypt and where very healthy. David, East Texas

P.S. I just remembered that I also used acv for dissolving calcification of kidney stones. Suffering two weeks with birthing pains in my back from kidney stones I finally went to the doctor where after x-rays he determined that I did indeed have several small BB sized kidney stones. Of course he wanted to schedule me for surgery go up in me to retreive these stones in a basket type apporatise and $1500.00 later I would be ok. I told my mother and she said she removed hard water deposits from her coffee pot with vinegar. so I took a couple of table spoons of vinegar and within 30 min. to an hour the stones passed.

Replied by Dan Pearson
(New York, N.y.)

I read your response, as I was desperate!!!! Over two thousand dollars later. I went to the store and bought a big bottle of apple cider vinegar, thirty minutes later no pain or discomfort... You would think that the doctors would tell you. Wow and thank you. No More Morphine or Percocet. Amazing!

thanks again


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