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Posted by Valerie (Iowa) on 09/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Omg, what a miracle. A few weeks ago I found a white growth on my upper vulva area. It didn't look like a traditional wart, but after extensive research I came to the conclusion that was really all it could be. Then a smaller one appeared above it. I started using the ACV two days ago. Left it on about an hour the first night - on a cotton ball to the affected area. Yesterday I alternated the ACV with a mixture of olive oil and tea tree oil to disinfect and soothe the area, letting it air out in between. The AVC didn't burn at first but as the growths shrunk it stung quite a bit at first. I did trim off the top of the growths with tiny scissors, they stuck out far enough to do that. However, that was probably not smart to do. I just couldn't stand them any more. Less than two days later the bigger growth is completely gone and smaller one almost gone. I have been using aquaphor at night to help the irritated skin heal. So grateful for this site and everyone sharing their experiences! I plan to follow up with a full pap smear at the doctor in a few weeks, but was just too humiliated to go in and have the growths looked at. Thanks to Earth Clinic!

Posted by Mary2 (Usa) on 09/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was recently diagnosed with HPV and found a small bump near my vaginal opening/perineum. Knowing it could be genital warts given my recent diagnosis, I immediately went to the GYN, but they told me there was nothing they could do at the onset. Rather, they wanted me to wait and see if any more appeared over the next month and if so, I should call them and schedule an appointment. I was devastated and annoyed to hear that I needed to wait and see. I waited and eventually a couple of more very small bumps appeared and yet again, I was told to wait. Thankfully, I caught a PA in the hallway who would advised of all the negatives of Aldara and the other treatments. She suggested that I look into holistic methods. I found this website and given all the success stories, I decided I had nothing to lose.

The first night (Day 1) I partially soaked a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and slept with it tucked around the small bumps. I'm so very grateful that I did because the next morning I woke up with the skin white like everyone else described....but more importantly, I found many more small bumps that were clearly under the skin waiting to break the surface. I cleaned the area with some soap and water, changed the cotton ball and allowed it to sit all day.

That night (Day 2) I did the same procedure but this time, lots of the skin from the top of the bumps came off and it exposed pink skin underneath and you could even see the inside of some of the warts (if you've ever had a cold sore, it looked like the inside of one of those). Needless to say, this was the first time it actually burned, but even then, if you go into it expecting the burning sensation, it actually won't be that bad. I just braced myself and laid down until the burning subsided and left the cotton ball there for the rest of the night. The next morning because the skin was so pink, I took off the cotton ball and allowed it to dry out.

Followed the same procedure for Day 3.

Today is Day 4 and almost all of the warts are gone with the exception of two of the bumps that were under the skin on my labia which are now white and look as if they are healing after finally breaking the surface. All the others are gone.

I personally suggest Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother (found mine on Amazon but most supermarkets sell it as well). For soap, I used liquefied Black African Soap with Tea Tree Oil because both ingredients are heralded for healing skin problems as well (can be found at most Whole Foods and Trader Joes). I never experienced the skin blackening (possibly because I have brown skin - I'm mixed), however my skin did get very pink which I think the Black African Soap helped to soothe. Although the burning wasn't too bad for me, I think if your skin is sensitive or the burning sensation is too much, you should definitely do 1/2 water and 1/2 apple cider vinegar or only leave the cotton ball on for 20 minutes or so. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and helping naturally and quickly defeat this!

Replied by Moh123
3 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone! I keep reading statements about how Apple Cider Vinegar worked perfectly with everyone and the burning sensation was association with the application of acv. My case is that I have small warts on the base of penile shaft and I bought the Apple Cider Vinegar and dapped a qtip in the bottle and then on my shaft and felt absolutely nothing! Can someone please tell me what I did wrong? Hopefully someone will answer and help me out here.

Replied by Gg
New York

Mine only burned once I reapplied more Apple Cider Vinegar after having a soaked cotton ball on the infection for an hour. It wasn't too bad at that point tho. I left another over night and reapplied again in the morning. The warts were white at that point and much more sensitive and then it burned A LOT.

Replied by Jonathan
Boone, Nc
5 out of 5 stars

The only way to do it is to get a bandaid, coat the gauze attached to the bandaid with any triple antibiotic ointment so the vinegar doesn't soak into it. Take a cotton ball and soak it in Apple cider Vinegar (ACV), apply directly on the wart. Leaving it on the area for a full 24 hours. Wash the area and apply some aloe for the effected tissue. The next day do the exact same process. The whole wart will turn completely black. The third day repeating the same process and you will notice the cotton ball itself will gain a grayish hugh. (the grey color is the black seed being extracted )The wart will be gone completely. If you can't stand the little 10 minutes of stinging the second and third day of application, you don't really want a normal life again. I've gotten rid of multiple clusters, one singular one that was the size of a pencil eraser, even ones on my feet and hands all with this same method. My advise is to get over the pain and do what you need to do to make the results happen.

Replied by Adaline
Jakarta, Indonesia

Hello, Mary! What an awesome review!

My warts are on vaginal opening and when it starts getting black and smaller, I experience bleeding from the warts (ACV peels it off and I started to see pink skin as on normal vagina) also I experience a discharge, white liquid smells like medication come with the blood and black seeds, it's getting better now. I would like to know if you experience any of this, I would be grateful if you can reply me to this matter, God bless you :)

Posted by Christopher (Manila) on 07/28/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I'm 29 years old and got HPV around 12 months ago. I've seen some posts here and there and for the fella's out there you are not alone. There are few things that I use which works (and optionals if you want to speed the healing up).

ACV - People say use the mother.. I say use whatever is available to do! They all work.

Hydrogen Peroxide - This will help disinfect and kill the virus on the surface and stop it from spreading

Cotton balls/Medical Tape - for application

Male Hygiene Wash (Tea-tree oil and Silver as the active ingredients - helps kill the virus at the surface, also speeds healing/recovery).

So I'll summarise the issue - there were 3 warts that appeared (I thought they were moles), though after a few weeks since noticing them, they got bigger and started spreading smaller ones around it. I freaked as is the norm, and went straight to the doctors. They checked and diagnosed it as GW and that I had HPV (though the tests I had done came back negative... weird huh?) - Apply some common sense here I say, don't go waste your money if you don't need to.

I applied aldara also known as amiquimid - don't waste your money. Its rubbish and does nothing. Its suppose to activate your immunse system within the area and irritating the wart - it stalled the growth, but at the price, it was not worth it (comes in tiny little sachets which if you aren't use to using it, you generally apply too much or not enough)

After a while I found this site - and for the lads, at this point, you definitely don't wanna see any of the ladies with your junk looking the way it does. Mine were on the shaft just behind the head. So it was definitely not a good thing. I even found one right inside the urethra which was freaking me out.

So first things first, apply ACV to cotton wool, and apply it to the ones you can see, and within about 10 minutes, you'll see them turn white. Now here things change.

You can follow the suggestions below and tape it on and so forth, but unless your willing to burn your junk, I don't recommend it. Let your body fight it with you. So apply the ACV, make sure its turned white, and hold it on for another 10 minutes or so. Once done, go wash your junk with water, wash with the hydrogen peroxide (dilute it with water if your must), then follow through with the male hygience wash (they moisturize the skin as well). Make sure its dry.

Repeat this step every morning and night - gives your healthy skin enough time to recover, and enough ACV to penetrate into the GW, activate your immune system, burn the virus in the skin. You'll soon notice it will turn black, your golden. Its dead. Just let it dry, it will go grey, dry up/scab and fall off.

The big ones are easiest get rid of, the smaller ones that you cnanot see are the issue, so I grabbed some toilet paper, made a 2-3 layers, and wrapped it around my shaft, then poured ACV.. If it gets the tip, its gonna burn thats normal. All the smaller ones show up, swell a tad, then once they've got enough, you'll notice that some will actually 'pop/deflate' after you've let it dry.

Because they are so small, they won't be 'thick' enough to need anymore. Mine have just deflated, dried up, and healed up and are gone. You'll need to do this maybe once every month. That ensures any small ones are 'killed' off before they present a visible problem.

Now the one in the urethra was the hardest, and this probably wasn't the smartest, but I gritted my teeth and did the following. Grabbed a small bag, poured ACV in it (with a little water), and wrapped my junk. Made sure plenty got into the urethra (you'll know because it burns like HELL at first, but after the initial, its not so bad). I did this for about 2 minutes only each morning and it worked!

The issue with it being in your urethra is it will want to scab and so forth. Know your urethra is soooo sensitive that its likely to get infected (you can't really clean inside it). I did try a bit of betadine with water to try clear it but it was a bit late. It got infected :(

Go straight to your docs, get amoxycycline or some broad spectrium anti-biotic and it will clear it up quick smart. (2 tablets a day, for 14 days). Just keep going with your anti-biotics, its generally only a very weak anti-biotic so you should be fine. Make sure to keep taking your pro-biotics while you do.

Once that cleared, I noted that the GW inside my urethra was gone. Totally cleared up. Now all I'm doing is just doing maintenance, which is to apply TP with ACV, leaving it on for about 5 minutes, and then thats it.

Note: Always use the peroxide on your hands when handling your junk. You don't wanna touch other area's and risk further spreads. So thats it - Fella's, it will all be fine. Note I did try the wrap it on at night, but it just did too much damage to the surrounding area's. If you have an active lifestyle, try a slow and steady method.

If you wanna get it off FAST, you can still get results following the above, maybe 3 times, but don't leave it on your junk overnight. The results aren't worth it if your junk fells like a live grenade that goes off everytime you move.

Posted by Zman (Illinois) on 07/14/2016

NOTE: Do not use one wad of a cotton ball for too long. See my daily description for info.

I'm going to keep a running log here for people of my experience. All of the information on here is awesome though. So, my story....

I finally was able to meet a super awesome woman who I met back in May. We did have sexual contact a couple of times. Now, I do clean down "there", but I never noticed anything until about two weeks after we did have sex.

I looked down and there was a dark, mole like, near the top of my penis shaft on the side. So I looked underneath and had about 10 warts down there. I freaked and couldn't sleep. I was worried about the relationship more than myself. I ended up going to the urgent care center and they diagnosed it as HPV. I also took a full STD screening which was clear.

Mid May 16: They prescribed me Aldara. The first week, I put too much on and burned my skin, which still is kinda messed up. I haven't kept up on putting Neosporin or whatever on it, but it did get much better while I used it. I started to put much less Aldara on after that.

So over the next few weeks, of using Aldara, I didn't notice it doing much. I read though that it could take up to 16 weeks. I continued to use it every other day. I didn't skip a day though. Week after week, a few more popped up. I did notice that the two larger ones did start turning white. I was cool with that as I seen something happen finally. Over the next couple of weeks, I noticed a few more pop up here and there. Now they were more of the flat type, slightly raised about a few mm to a cm in size. They were the darker type.

I decided and went to my GP about week 5. I had him give me another complete screening which came back negative for everything. I asked him what I should do about this other than the Aldara. He said just take a multivitamin and they eventually go away. He was not concerned in any way though. I take one multivitamin and a special Vitamin E which contains Alpha Beta, Gamma, and some other kind of Vitamin E had have been since I seen I had these GW.

I'm at week 8 right now and have seen no improvement other than the couple larger stay white. That led me here...

So Day 1: I picked up ACV (Bragg) and took some cotton balls and taped those, soaked, but not dripping, then taped them on my shaft. Within a couple of hours, the few that I tested it on, turned white. I switched the cottonball with new ones every 3-4 hours. After I got home, I took off the dressing and they kinda turned back the old color although much lighter. I just applied another dressing and will update tomorrow. I did not experience any pain whatsoever. I heard it's hit or miss if you do get pain. Till tomorrow folks..... I really hope this goes away quickly as others have had. I also had put Aquaphor on the "good skin" to prevent any kind of burning.

Day 2: Early Morning: I woke up in pain not from the dressing, but putting the tape on too tight because of having a dream.... Anyways... I took it off which was about 2 am. When I woke up to my surprise a few had fallen off and a few were black, the rest were grayish. I lightly scrubbed down there, and it seemed to knock out another. Just pink skin underneath. I put another dressing on around 5am. This is working :)

Night: Decided to take off the one cotton ball as section about a dime size was getting eaten away. Sounds worse than what it was, but stung a bit. Let everything dry out for the night

Day 3: Decided to just cover a few stragglers. Continued to put ointment on the damaged section which is repairing itself as it is turning white.

Day 4: The couple of GW's that were covered were black and scabbed up. I decided to apply the small cotton pieces to those sections again. The section of skin where the Aldara ate away another section of skin was just about cleared up. Showering did remove a couple small stragglers. Also, I noticed a few more GW's (VERY SMALL) pop up in the morning. Those were on near the head. I was very careful not to put too much ACV near there. Those disappeared that night.

Day 5: Still waiting for the area that was damaged from the ACV to clear. The GW's that had scabbed over mostly fell off this morning.

Replied by Cindy

I see everyone says the Apple Cider Vinegar gets rid of the warts, but my question the person still contagious even after the warts are gone? I read that one is still contagious. Do you all have sex after the warts are gone and do you not spread it? Or are we cursed for the rest of our lives and never having to have sex again even if the warts are gone? I'm confused here.

Posted by Seamus (Twin Cities, Mn) on 07/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I used apple cider vinegar, 30 minutes at a time for three times a day on some anal warts and within 36 hours they had swelled up, new ones appeared, and they all disappeared. I was doubtful ACV would actually work, but I'm very pleased!

Posted by Christabel (West Africa - Ghana.) on 07/09/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hmm when I first saw the growing of this small embarrassing things started crying and I thought I was HIV positive wo I did a test and was negative. Now I asked why this. I Googled and I had a little idea about my worry HPV what is that too!!?. I was scared started seeking for help online again and I saw a lot of medications. Decided to get myself one but purchasing it was hell. I couldn't get them. Now came back online and fortunately!! For me I saw this page. I did want to waste time all I needed is for a day break so I try. At first I was a bit worried cos I thought am a black person and so it doesn't work on us. I bought me ACP and Castor oil only and came home. I didn't eat or relax cos I was in a hurry. Quickly I washed my vagina with soap anf clean water and dried with a clean towel. I dabed my tissue paper in the ACV and used it as a pad cos my warts was in my entire opening and and my majora. hmmmmm it burned like crazy!!!!!!!! Quickly all turned white wow. Later I applied my castor oil to soothen my skin not knowing it was also going to remove them. Oops applying vinegar and after the burning a castor oil application I tell u the warts were just sooo soft and falling off after each wipe when I urinate or bathing. Its been 3 days only and and wholeeeeeee wow no more warts hurraayyyyyyy!!!! We say something in our language " biribi woho ampa" meaning "indeed something is in the world" Thanks sooooo much for this page. God bless you.

Posted by Reikic (Detroit, Michigan ) on 05/31/2016
0 out of 5 stars

Hi I need advice or feedback please!

I've been treating either a little wart or molluscum on shaft of penis. It showed up after a few months of having one below my belly button.

A week ago I started with Apple Cider Vinegar 24/7. It started off getting white and puffy per usual. After a few days it turned black. Then it started to get loose and peel. I simply "helped in just a bit and it came off leaving a crater. This is where I get confused!

The skin in the crater was white. I kept doing ACV on it only at night, and during the day running coconut oil and tree oil on it.. The crater was the size of a pencil eraser. This morning when I removed the bandage I have the size of a dime all covered in White!!! Now I'm scared! I thought this was working. Why did the diameter get so much bigger? Should I continue the ACV? Or is this a common reaction to an open wound from the ACV?

I just don't understand after a week why the diameter just got so much bigger in solid white!

Please as much feedback from all you will help me!

Replied by Katzie

Sorry you're having such a hard time there. I just had to come in here to recommend to you to put some Manuka Honey on it. I know it sounds funny, but it is fantastic on any kind of wound of the skin. I have used it on wounds for years and watched it perform miracles. You can find Manuka Honey in any health food store. Best of luck.

Replied by Robert

Looks like ACV is working well. I would also suggest the addition of Vitamin D3,2000-5000 IU's daily along with 1-6 gram, (1000-6000mgs.), doses of L-Lysine, a amino acid & vitamin-C, buffered, up to 10 grams per day. Take Lysine between meals & take 500mgs after virus has cleared to maintain remission. Both items are anti-viral & immune boosting. Restrict use of L-Arginine, another amino & competes with Lysine. Arginine is found in nuts, corn, & other food items, please research 'other' food items as too many to list.

Replied by Tiffany

Definitley think this is normal. Apple cider is very acidic and what it does is eat away at layers of the skins. And it does make your skin white just like peroxide as its cleaning. To my knowledge warts are supposed to be kept dry. So adding oil to keep it moist doesn't sound like a good idea to me. But I got rid of my warts by simply. Washing the area with mild soap gently. Pat drying completely. Soaking a small piece of gauze pad with the vinegar and placing it on the wart and surrounding skin. Letting it sit for a few hours and once I feel it stops itching and bubbling and the soreness from the vinegar subsides, I remove the gauze and place a dry piece of gauze over it to keep the wart and area dry. Warts need oxygen to live so keeping it dry and covered with assist the vinegar in killing the cells and skin and wart. I had a hugeeee wart. It was gone in a week.

Replied by Zoe

Hello. When you have a scab from a wound on your body if you knock it off you'll probably notice the wound is bigger than it originally was. This is because scabs are a natural dressing and your body will remove the damaged area and an area of healthy tissue to help heal the wound. When you have covered the area with the cider vinegar it's prevented a scab from forming so the body is healing from the inside out instead of with a scab it would be the outside in. This is why the depth of the wound looks so drastic. Also the cider vinegar possibly touched the healthy skin so has damaged a larger area. The area you covered would have been wet so Maceration has possibly happened ( don't stress this is just like having your hands in water for too long and they look white and wrinkley) your skin has just absorbed too much moisture and should settle. I wouldn't use any more apple cider vinegar though because it sounds like you have successfully removed the wart. Make note of the width and depth of the hole so you know if it's getting smaller and healing ( I know it sounds daft but measure it if you can). Keep a check on any redness or if the wound feels warm to touch, you would need alternative treatment then. Try not to worry.

Replied by Joe

That is normal healthy skin at a deeper layer. Do not keep applying. Let it heal for a day or two and it should dry and scab up. I'm an RN.

Replied by Sam
La, Ca

You need to see a real doctor ASAP. That does not seem the least bit normal. You could have a serious condition. It's nothing to be ashamed of. A medical doctor will be able to diagnose it. Could be a type of STD. It will only get worse if you don't have a trained medical professional treat it.

Replied by Mel
One Wart, Mj

This is in response to the comment about the diameter growing larger. Can you tell me what ended up happening? I'm going through the same thing! I have one spot, I used the vinegar a couple of times for about two days and it got smaller. I let a few days pass and noticed it was coming back. SO, I went back to the ACV and, like you, it's now a bit larger then a pencil eraser. PLEASE let me know your outcome! So glad to see I'm not alone. :)

Posted by Chronic Warts (Michigan) on 05/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Ok so I found out I had GW after my divorce. I was shocked. My on said that I had most likely had them years. And they were probably stress related. Well first time I treated them traditionally. With several trips to the doctor, hundreds of dollars and they never got any better, as a matter of fact they increased in numbers. My original warts were inside of my vagina, then after months of treatment I noticed they had spread to the bottom part of my vagina and close to my anus.

I went back to the doctors and he suggested that I start treating them at home with acid that he prescribed. 3 weeks later, more warts appeared!

So I started doing some research and found this site. That was a week ago. I started treatment and despite the burning I continued to treat (Being it actually was less painful than the acid). I keep a close eye on my warts to make sure they were not spreading.

Well much to my surprise today when I went back to the ob this morning the Doctor had the nerve to say "Well I see the acid if finally starting to work, all the warts close to your anus are gone and most of the others have reduced in size. I told you that it could take weeks to see results."

So I told him flat out what I was using and he told me that it was not the traditional way but as long as it was working to keep treating.

Posted by Paul (Seoul, Korea) on 01/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

There aren't many male testimonials so here goes. I had a small cluster of small bumps appear on the head of my glans. I didn't think much about it so I rubbed it with towels and toilet paper, thinking it was just some form of smegma (which I really rarely get since I shower regularly). However, they began to become more and more prominent and different clusters started to appear around the base of my glans, encircling it. I was concerned so I saw a urologist who took a urine sample and said that it was probably an infection due to sexual contact. He prescribed an acyclovir ointment and 500mg acyclovir pills.

After 5 days and no effect he prescribe desowen and travocort ointments which seemed to not work either. So I decided to take on this matter personally and found out about this site and decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

I first just poured a few drops to the affected area and the warts whitened instantly. The burn was unlike anything I'd ever experienced in that area but it mitigated over the course of few minutes. I repeated it once more the following day and the initial cluster turned slightly grey but the others remained white. The third day I noticed that my method was affecting the rest of the head since the area that came in contact with the ACV was very raw red.

I applied the desowen and travocort I was prescribed and did nothing else. The fourth day I decided to use a q-tip to only put ACV on the areas that needed it. I did this the next day too. The areas began to shed skin to the point where I could just rub some of it off, exposing the clean raw red skin underneath. I was very relieved. Now I have no visible warts. I still do have some skin that needs shedding and some parts of my head are red but I have no warts.

All in all it took me about 6 days of on and off ACV to clear what I believe to be GW. The urine test came back negative for traces of the virus inside the urethra so I'm not sure what was up. Im just waiting for my skin to recover but I wanted to share my story because all the other testimonials were very helpful. I've tried tea tree oil as well before ACV but it only stung without no visible effect.

Hope this helps!

Replied by Robert
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
5 out of 5 stars

(30 y.o. male) Hi there, I've just gone through this and have seen the disappearance of the warts after using ACV for about 10 days. I'm just wondering if you or anyone has had any experience with the virus once the warts are gone. Can the virus still be present in your body even after the warts are gone? If so, how long? Any signs or ways to verify? Also I'm curious with everyone's experience with sex and being with your partner again. How soon after the warts are gone? Ways to reassure your partner it's safe? Thanks!

Replied by C.
Castleton, Va

I too have been fighting this wretched virus and it's absolutely horrifying. I have been using ACV twice a day, castor oil, and a thuja wart remedy that has tea tree oil in it. The wart remedy was $30, so I am planning on buying the thuja and tea tree separately and making my own for much cheaper. I have noticed changes for sure in the warts and unfortunately discovered more after using the ACV. I noticed the initial "bump" over a month ago and finally got out of denial and had an epiphany that it was a WART about 10 days ago. I started my home treatment immediately once it dawned on me what was going on. I'm reading all these great testimonies with quick results, but mine seem to be quite stubborn. I can tell it's working due to the burning and the fact that they seem to be flattening, but what kind of stages did you all experience? Is this something that I just need to be patient for? I'm just getting discouraged because it feels like it's going to take forever. Every morning and night, I hope to see some drastic difference, but maybe I'm just not noticing the changes. Is it possible it just takes time? I've heard these things can take a few months even with PRESCRIPTION meds. I would much rather use nature in that case!! Any response or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Mine came from a very stressful time....I had just broken up with my was a very toxic relationship that cost me a lot financially and emotionally. I am so ready to beat this and determined to never let my immune system drop that much again!!

Replied by Jenny

I used this method to cure my genital hpv. I have not had any remissions since being with the same partner yet he still shows symptoms I believe. I think that after your immune system was able to fight it off with the help of ACV, it can now recognize how to deal with it when necessary, if it stays strong. Best wishes

Replied by Robert
Phnom Penh
4 out of 5 stars

Just an update. Since starting daily application of ACV, it took about 3 weeks for mine to completely clear up. It was stubborn in the beginning and about 10 days in, I decided to break the skin of the warts with a sterile needle--you only need to break the surface--prior to each application. That helped speed things up because the ACV was able to penetrate the skin better. The stages were pretty similar to what this guy experienced here

I've been clear for about two weeks now, but I'm now noticing as the skin is healing up that there might be some warts returning--small light brown growths barely noticeable in well lit conditions. Once the warts turned into scabs, I stopped applying ACV to let them dry out, so I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it. Maybe I should have kept up the application until well after they completely disappeared.

I've also been taking immune supplements to support my immune system, but I'm not really sure how to tell if there are any noticeable differences. I've been taking Host Defense Comprehensive Immune Support because I heard that Agarikon extract has strong antiviral properties specifically against HPV. For now, I think I'm going to start re-applying ACV to see if these new growths disappear.

Replied by Happycamper97
Madison, Alabama

Not many male testimonoials here so I'll let you guys in on my story.. About a year ago I had a bump appear on my junk.. I felt disgusted, very embarrassed. I never told anyone. Sooner than later more of them started popping up all over my junk so I started researching what these bumps could be and after hours of research, I finally concluded my worst fear, they were genital warts. I'm not on for medications in this day and age so I started researching home remedies. I came across Apple cider vinegar, and I started the treatment. Days passed and not much happened so I gave up on it thinking I would have these for the rest of my life. I tried other home remedies, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, etc.. To no avail.

So I decided to give the apple cider vinegar another shot but this time I took a different approach and this time it worked. Burned the lil suckers right down til they were scabs which then fell off a few days later. I'll tell you exactly what I did. First off, you will need Apple cider vinegar, I used the brand "mother" but I don't think a specific brand will have a different effect seeing as all Apple cider vinegar is acetic in nature so just grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar, some bandaids, and that's it.

I will now share my routine, which killed all genital warts I had and it only consists of 3 days.

Step 1: ball up a tiny piece of tissue, and soak it in Apple cider vinegar, don't wring it out. You want the tissue to hold all the Apple Cider Vinegar in. Step 2: place the Apple Cider Vinegar soaked tissue ball on the non stick part of the bandaid, and then place the bandage on pretty tight where the Apple Cider Vinegar soaked tissue will be in direct contact with the wart/warts. May use multiple bandaids depending on how many warts you have. Step 3: Repeat Steps 1-2 as needed. Try to keep the bandaids on for 8 hours at the minimum. Immediately within two days you will see the warts turn grey/white and then black. They will then scab and fall off a couple days after they scab up. The skin underneath will be pinkC but don't panic, your skin tone will return to the normal skin color in a couple of days.

Don't give up hope guys, I had to share this with y'all cause it worked for me!

Replied by J. Tucker

My reading on GW suggests the virus is in the system on average for 2 years after the immune system starts to fight it. Eventually the infection is cleared though.

Replied by Zman

Hey Happy Camper, Glad it worked for you. I'm on day one of this. They GW did turn white after about an hour. I left the dressing on for 8 hours or so and took it off to let it dry out. After the hour or so and I was going to put another dressing on, they were not white, but were a lot lighter in color, but dry. Is that what you have noticed in your treatment? I put another dressing on along with some Aquaphor, expensive Vaseline, to prevent damage to the good skin. Early thanks for a response!

Replied by Ciera
Baltimore, Md


Did ur paste work because it was Apple Cider Vinegar based or do u think it was a combo of all the things you used. Because I have naxopren which is like aspirin and olive oil which has vitamin e. I'm going to try it out with the ingredients I have but if it doesn't work I'd like to know if it was my ingredients or just the process in general. Thanks so much.

Replied by Cindy

So does this mean we can't have sex for two whole years? Won't the oregano oil taken in drops with water or juice kill the virus inside the body so we don't have to wait two years?

Posted by Jlove29 (California) on 12/06/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I am a 29 yr old female, generally healthy, eat well and exercise. I contracted HPV 10 yrs ago and never had issues until recently.

The past 6 months of my life have been very stressful with work, travel, and family. I have not been eating or exercising as well as I normally do, and have not been drinking enough water either. And I have been drinking more alcohol than normal and smoking marijuana.

Then a couple of days ago I realize the couple of bumps I have down there are not in-grown hairs or pimples. Absolutely horrifying to me to realize they are general warts. So so gross and embarrassing. It was the first time in my life to ever have them (and I am hoping my last).

First I freaked out, called my BFF, cried. THEN I made an appointment with my doctor, THEN I started researching home remedies and reading about Apple Cider Vinegar on this site. I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

I did not do the Q-tip Band-Aid method however. I was concerned about leaving the vinegar on the wart for that long.

Here is what I did. I just got some Organic ACV with the veil of the mother in it (I don't know what that means but apparently it's good for you). Shake up the vinegar, soak little pieces of paper towel OR a Q-tip in the vinegar, then gently press directly onto the wart. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then get a fresh Q-tip / paper towel, soak it, press gently on the wart again. Repeat this process until each wart has been treated with ACV for about 10-20 minutes.

It will start to burn and turn white after about 5 minutes, that's how you know for sure it's genital warts. The burning is not so bad you can't stand it, but if it ever gets too much, just take the vinegar off the wart and end the treatment until next time.

I have been doing this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. After 5 treatments, the warts are so much smaller, I can tell this is seriously working very well. I still have another 5 treatments until my doctor appointment, so I'm hoping they will be cleaned up by then.

However, I will say, it's important to still go see the doc when you get warts in my opinion. You have to make sure they are not inside anywhere, plus there are probably a few warts you can't see but are hidden in your private areas. I think I have one on my butthole and in one other area that's pretty hard to get to by myself with ACV. So, I'm hoping the doctor can just quickly burn those off, and then I can focus on just eating healthy and exercising and getting my body back in balance so I can suppress this horrible disgusting virus.

Final note, After the ACV treatment, I swiped my surrounding healthy, non-wart skin with Aloe because the little bit of ACV that touches it can make it dry and itchy.

So, Yes, ACV works well to reduce the size of the warts after just 2-3 days, and I'm sure if I keep using it it will remove the visible ones all together. But, I advise to go to the doctor too. Not something you want to take risks on with at-home remedies alone.

Posted by Christina (San Francisco ) on 11/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I don't usually post on blogs, but everyone suffering from genital warts should know about this. ACV really works!!! When my doctor told me I had genital warts and tested positive for HPV I literally became depressed. She used the acid solution which did sting a bit but I was willing to endure any pain to get rid of my GWs. The acid solution didn't work. My doctor prescribed Aldara. After reading all the side effects I was so afraid to use it. Especially on a night before work. I had finally took the plunge and used Aldara thinking anything that strong should be effective. Well after 3 weeks I didn't seem to see any improvement! I would leave it on for the maximum amount of time and still didn't even see the warts shrink. I had become very frustrated! I remebered rea about ACV and thought I had nothing to lose At this point and wasted three weeks with no results from Aldara.

I was happy to see that I had all the supplies in my cabinets.

1. ACV

2. Q-tips

3. Bandaids

4. Scissors and tweezers

so I filled the bottle cap with ACV, then I cut the sticky part of the bandaids off. Then I ripped the top of the q-tips off, rolled it into a small ball. Then I used the tweezers to dip the little ball In ACV. Then I placed it right in the center of the sticky part of the bandaid. I placed it directly on the wart.

Within in a couple of hours I took a peek. I have a I was skeptical because even the Aldara didn't work. I was so happy to see thar the warts turned white!!! So I placed the bandaid back on and went about my day. That night I changed the dressing and when I placed the new tiny piece of cotton on it did sting a bit. It stings just as much as the acid solution that the doctor used. I went to bed and was so excited to check the differnce the next morning! They had turned a bit gray and the top layer of the warts wiped away. So I repeated the steps again and went to work. I did the same at night. They never turned black like some people say. By the tired day I decided to give myself a break to allow them to dry out. By that night I had what looked like a scab, even on the skin around the wart. I know ACV is very strong So it's important to protect the skins surrounding the wart. The next day when I showered the scan just wiped right off without any pain. The Wart was gone as well!!!! And as the days went by the same was happening to the rest of them! I am so happy! Especially considering that I thought I was doomed to be suffering with these for the rest of my life! I'm aware that it's possible for me to still have a recurrence of GWs but this is a fast effective way to get relief. My doctor said Aldara can take up to 12 weeks to work. I'm not sure who has time like that to wait! Doctors visits can really add up in cost.

ACV is amazing!!!!! Good luck!!

Replied by Bones
New York, Ny

I found two small skin tags week after I had Brazilian laser hair removal. Went to my OB to get it checked - I go scared I contracted something from the treatment table...OB removed them and send it lab. Came back positive!!! First thought - I want to die! It can't be! ...denial... She gave me Aldara. I waited a week to start the treatment - I think few more started to surface. I did two applications and only got more itchy. After third application I have blister like sores. I want to die again!!!

I want to start ACV treatment but do you guys recommend I wait for swelling and sores to go away first? I don't want to call doc - she will just tell me to continue with Aldara. Also, have you read studies/ reports about Shiitake Mashroom Extract and how it helps HPV. Thanks for any response.

Replied by Kim

I recently self diagnosed myself of these disgusting warts and I've been doing the ACV treatment on and off as it is burning my skin and I cannot handle the pain due to low pain tolerance. The skin tags have fallen off, the first night I soaked cotton balls and put then on bandaids, the next morning they turned white and after checking it later on in the day they had turned greyish/black. I've been doing this on and off for 4 days and now the spots look like open wounds and I do not know if this is good or if this means they're infected. I've only been using organice ACV directly and organic coconut oil to help the burned skin. I'm really worried and the last thing I want to do is go to the doctor and get charged a ton of money for something that does not work. If anyone could help me figure this out, that would mean everything. Thanks.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Try using liquid echinacea & goldenseal topically. It only stings for a few seconds but it goes away within 5-10 seconds and then it relieves all of the itchiness and pain. Acv is insanely painful to use! Try this.

Posted by Traceface (Monroe, La) on 11/11/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and genital warts. WHAT A LIFE SAVER!!! About a year ago I discovered a skin tag near my perineum and just assumed it was a mole from rubbing and wearing thongs. 6 months after that I came to a stressful point in my life and began smoking marijuana / weed on a daily basis. About 3 months into my smoking habit, I discovered another skin tag near my perineum and one month later I discovered what I thought were hair bumps on my labia started multiplying. I was in denial at first because they never looked like cauliflower! But the spread of these flat bumps in my vaginal area and the skin tags all made me suspect warts. I went to an obgyn who said they didn't look like warts and directed me to a dermatologist for removal. I tested negative for hpv and never had abnormal paps so I was confident that this was just a coincidence and I was free from HPV and maybe it was just another skin condition. WRONG!! The dermatologist confirmed I had a case of warts that was from a sneaky strain of HPV and I caused it to spread due to shaving and smoking weed!!! The marijuana compromises the immune system and was no longer to suppress this virus that apparently could have been in my system for years!!!

I immediately stopped smoking, drinking, and began exercising and eating healthy, taking vitamins and supplements. After 3 months of going in every 2 weeks for cryotherapy, my warts continued to spread and I would go to get the new tiny ones burned off. I got tired of it never being an explanation of why I couldn't beat this outbreak regardless of being super careful and working on my health. It was starting to effect my relationship.

I found these posts on earth clinic and the ACV cleared everything up within days!!! I used cotton pads soaked in the Apple Cider Vinegar which initially revealed I had dozens of tiny little warts that were most likely ready to pop up to the surface and reveal themselves in the coming weeks. They only showed after maybe 20 minutes of the ACV. I realized It would be impossible to "spot-treat" my warts. I've come to learn that I have a complicated vaginal area and the typical rules never work for me.

Anyway, I began covering my labia with 4 cotton pads to attack all of the invisible warts because they all started peeking out once the vinegar was applied. I used organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. Anyway I would put on a maxi pad to hold the soaked cotton pads in place and I kept it on for 4 hours each night for 4 nights. After the 4 hour treatments I would get in the shower, wash gently and spray with peroxide to kill any lingering traces of the virus. Then after shower I would slather aquaphor on to soothe my burning skin. Each day the warts would do the white, grey/black, then fall off and reveal pink. Gradually there were less and less until the 4th night when there were no more but I did the treatment one last time just to kill more of the virus. In the following nights I applied aquaphor daily to heal the skin and things were perfectly normal in a matter of weeks. If I would have kept pouring my money into that dermatologist I would have been making her rich. She never did anything to reveal the hidden warts that may have been just below the surface or too small to be visible. I would have been going in to get cryo for months, years even!! And when I went back to her cleared up she asked how I did it. I told her about the ACV and she said to be careful because it's not safe. That's BULL!!! DOCTORS JUST WANT YOUR MONEY AND LOYALTY. THE REMEDIES FOR HEALING ARE GIVEN TO US BY THE EARTH AND NATURE!!

Posted by Pp823 (Usa) on 10/06/2015

Hello to all! Thank you for having this awesome place to discuss and learn. I have small bumps on my shaft, they are smooth almost blister looking. When I applied Apple Cider Vinegar they automatically turn white and bleed Then it just turns into a wound that heals. Im not sure if they are genital warts or what else it could be, some ideas would be nice! Thank u so much for any help!

Replied by John

Hey man, blistering, ulcer looking bumps are herpes. You should see a doctor my friend, as ACV will NOT cure this.

I could very well be wrong and hopefully I am, but get double checked.

Replied by Vv

Hi, can I ask if the warts is in the vaginal area is ACV applicable or garlic in this matter? I have warts in my vaginal area and its itchy and theres also a discharge happening on it. I don't know were I get it. I don't even or tried a sexual contact with a person(I'm still a virgin). I'm so scared I don't know what to do with it. I want it to be gone. I don't want to go to a doctor cause I know they will just give me a high dose of medicine. I'm so terrified. aspirin and castor oil is so hard to find here in our country. please help me. please.. I don't want this monsters. I want it to be gone. We have Apple Cider Vinegar here but the brand is HEINZ. we don't have the Bragg ACV with the mother. please help me. please.. I don't know what to do or what to take anymore. I just want to be cured. Its so hard to stock in this situation when you don't know where this monsters came from. Help me please..

Replied by Cindy

Have you ever had the Guardiasal shot? I can't spell the name., but I have read that the shot can GIVE you genital warts. Also just skin to skin contact can give them.

Posted by A. (Milwaukee, Wi) on 10/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've tried the Apple Cider Vinegar for the embarrassing gential warts I have. I must say that it burns like HELL but it does work. The first day it was fine but the next couple of days was torture, the warts I had were on my labia, and one kinda close to the clit area I used the Apple Cider Vinegar for four days and I noticed a little puffiness while I was applying it but now all except for one of them are gone. I think maybe because it was one of the bigger ones. I will definitely try to remove the final one if I can just get past the burning sensation.

Replied by Violet
Los Angeles, Ca

How many minutes did you apply the apple cider vinegar?

Posted by Chris (Az) on 09/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

First of all, THANK YOU EVERYBODY for taking the time to share your experiences with honesty and detail! I will now return the favor for the unfortunate future readers. the short answer, IT WORKS. Now onto the details.... (skip to experience 2 for warts/HPV)

Experience 1: CANDIDA.

I had INCREDIBLE PAIN and a discharge coming from the anal area and said discharge would burn my skin and the swelling would hurt like HELL when going to use the toilet. This discharge would have a yellowish color and gross smell. When you have any type of discharge is best to keep cleaning and drying the area to stop spreading or damage to skin.

The Dr. told me it was candida and gave me some pills ($30) and it was gone in a week. A year after, it came back, I wasn't able to go to a Dr. So I googled as I already knew what it was. I found ACV baths... basically you take a bath with half a bottle of ACV daily, I would also stick a garlic clove down there and let the bath be as long and hot as possible to let the skin absolve everything (it would burn a bit), also used greek yogurt in the area afterwards and drank a lot of it everyday, (the good bacteria would help the immune system evict the fungus demons from the body) I would this very soothing and helpful as it was COLD and refreshing. IT disappeared faster than with medication!

Experience 2: HPV / WARTS!!

This was SCARY. It started with one peanut sized thingy below the anus. It got itchy at first, then it grew and discharge begun... I thought it was candida again, but then other friends started trailing right below towards my BALLS, they where little ones that clustered in a line, then more on the side!! And they all had discharge that didn't smell and was transparent. After research I had no doubt I had HPV. Sad thing is I have been married at this point for 2 years. Anyway, they all grew and got painful and super leaky when sitting, I wanted to die. As if that wasn't enough the little f*rs started popping up near the tip of my penis. But these are just red flat small thingies on the foreskin. I wanted to go to a Dr. but decided to give ACV a go.

At first I naively stuck a piece of toilet paper with ACV down my crack and left it there since I had so many. WRONG. It burnt the S*t out of me and nearly killed me. As many said, don't apply ACV on healthy skin as it will burn it. What this blessing substance does, it kills the virus or bacteria or fungus by destroying the skin it's in layer by layer! The pain was unbearable but after reading this page I had to keep going (persistence will pay off) I went to see and they ALL TURNED WHITE AND DOUBLED IN SIZE. I knew I was doing something right (read somewhere that if they turn white they're warts and if they hurt like that, they are definitely warts, but dunno if that's for sure a reliable diagnosis?) I kept at it for two days like 3x / day and each time they would turn white, then start slowly pealing and then go back to flesh colored but smaller. It doesn't hurt when you apply it, but after 5 mins, so apply it fast then bite a towel! For large ones like mine you must work your way through its layers as it peals of and BE PERSISTENT. Now they are pretty small and nearly dying. They don't hurt anymore and I think I might be out of the woods but who knows. The smaller ones just slowly disappeared. I am just glad the pain is gone and you can tell when your skin is feeling better.

Thank you again and I wish everyone reading the best, this may or not be your fault as HPV is not only sexually transmitted, and it's hard to even detect. But the fact of the matter is you are not alone and are being proactive. USE ACV!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!

Replied by Sti

What you have described as HPV sounds more like you a Herpes outbreak. Here's why...

When you have genital warts, they generally apear when your immune system has been weakened. The body is generally pretty good at keeping HPV at bay. However, they do need treatment if they do not go away on their own.

HPV does not does discharge white clear liquid or become super leaky when you sit as you described. They also do not spread as quickly as you described along the perianal area.

Herpes on the other hand do. They usually start off with an itchy sensation and wii eventaully pop and discharge clear/white fluid which can cause the to spread. Herpes travels along the nurve, eventually reaching the penis. They can become very painful once they burst, so putting anything on them can be very painful. It can take up to three weeks for the sores to go away, however, they usually go away sooner, providing your immune system is in tact.

Once the herpes outbreak begins to heal, the pain slowly dissapears as well. And as the skin heals, the sores heal and can scab up, peal.

When genital warts die, they will turn black and eventually fall off.

You may want to discuss with your doctor this Outbreak. Your doctor will most likely prescribe valtrex, a medication to stop the herpes virus from shedding, which helps reduce the severity of the outbreak.

Replied by Steve
Newark, Nj

Thanks for sharing. Do you still have flare ups?