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Posted by Mary (Monterey, California) on 01/04/2015

A few weeks ago I found out I had several different strains of HPV. I have both kinds that can lead to Genital Warts (HPV 6 & 11) and I also have HPV 16, the kinds that is linked to cervical cancer. I am in the treatment of a doctor, and when I discovered I carried the GW virus, I was disgusted!! And of course, the other HPV strain concerns me as well!!!

I have experienced lots of itching in my genitalia for about a year now. I have asked the doctor each time, pointing to different little bumps and areas that concern me, and she says it's normal. I left feeling like I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Then last night I tried the ACV routine, soaking the cotton ball and applying directly to my outer labia where I'd experienced itching. After about 15 minutes, I checked and waalaa! There were about 4 very distinct raised white bumps, standing out from all the rest of the areas on my skin! Yikes! So I've been reading this website a little too much and decided to chime in with my own story.

I slept with a cotton ball wedged between my labia all night...yeah, that was comfortable.

This morning, no raised spots, but I can still see something there. I've read where people have overdone it and burned themselves, and I can see a patch of really delicate skin that's irritates. Yet I'm determined, so this morning I soaked another cotton ball and applied it I type it clings to my skin. Do the trick, please!

I see a few other bumps of concern on my skin outside my labia, and the dreaded anus has been itching as well, and today I see a little bump. When I pluck up the nerve, I'll test that with ACV.

More later...

Replied by Nutritionforlife
St. Louis, Missouri

Keep us posted on your results

Replied by Sam

Take colloidal silver from GNC, take it by mouth and use it as a douche, by mouth one cap full three times a day, as a douche 2 teaspoons of silver in 1/4 a cup of water in empty douche bottle three times a day along with super green veggie vitamin which you take by mouth, do that for a week or two should clear it up completely :-) then practice safe sex cheers! All is well with you

Posted by Experienced (Columbus, Ohio) on 11/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

How badly do you want these to go away and stay away?

I was one of those that doubted ACV for GW [Genital warts]. Especially after one bad experience, but do recommend it highly now. [I still do not know how it would work out for a cluster of warts.]

Bad experience: I did not follow recommended procedure and burned my skin badly. I had only one and it looked like a skin tag. I went searching online and discovered what it was. I had no Q-tips but had the Vinegar. I soaked a rolled up piece of bathroom tissue in the vinegar, squeezed out the excess, and applied it to the area in a U shape [it was between vagina and rectum, the area there]. I left it there from about midnight to 8am. I wiped the area many times that day with vinegar tissue without squeezing out the excess vinegar and I did the same the next night as the night before. I was in misery, swollen, etc, but the GW fell off in about another day and no more came until recently [over a year]. But at that time I was burned. Slow down! Don't over do it! I also told the guy I was seeing who, it turns out, was the giver of it. He had one and did the same, set himself on fire too, but the GW [his was a anal wart] fell off about the third day.

I foolishly kept seeing him, discovered he has cheated sooooo bad. Has been like this since he was a teen, lots of females! All unprotected sex [I'm getting tested for EVERYTHING soon! ].

This time I went searching the internet again. I tried the banana peel thing exactly as it said. Scraping the stuff off and applying it as a paste, leaving it there all night. I broke out, was on fire, etc. So after that simmered down I tried the Vitamin E, diaper rash meds, and more, no results at all [but oils and diaper rash stuff will help protect the skin around the wart from vinegar burn].

I returned to vinegar one more time. But still I had no band aids or tape or Q-tips. [By the way, this time I had 2, now the anus and the same location as before.] I did the same as before but only one night this time. These swelled, turned white, and several more appeared. You can have more than what appears and vinegar can make them swell and appear. I was frantic till I discovered that fact. It simply raises up the ones you can't see and you want it to do this so you can get rid of these also. These new ones go away fast without becoming big because your attacking the HPV virus in them before they grow bigger. I kept using vinegar soaked tissue strips to wipe these about 3 days several times per day. Don't use this much!!! Drain the excess!! The warts went away fast! But I had burned myself again! I had two raised blisters or what looked like blisters. They were not warts but vinegar can turn things white that are not GW. These vinegar lesions turned flesh color in two days. Takes longer to get rid of these [vinegar damage] than the warts! I painfully douched out my rear three days [about 4 tbl spoons vinegar, the rest of it in water in douche bottle]. Warning: this works like an enema. Do this at home and not before work or school. You might have to run to the bathroom a few times after! Do not use a lot of vinegar in your butt! I read where one guy blistered himself and it got infected and he had to go to the ER, explain, be medicated, had scars after, etc! I commonly douche the front [vagina] with white vinegar and have many years [by the way I think ACV would be better on the warts but both times all I had was white. And I use more vinegar in vaginal douche but do not advise it for those who do not douche regular with vinegar]. I did this once per day for 3 days. I do not want any GW inside my self in either area. I don't want GW's ever again period.But HPV does not get cured. You can keep warts at bay but the virus is with you for life. Let your immune system be weak and you will have recurrences. Keep your immune system up, you might never have one again.

During this time I have changed some things about myself, too. I'm eating far more veggies and fruits, I replaced meats with eggs [you can just cut down on meats except liver and fish], I drink a lot of water, orange juice, Apple juice and Green Tea per a day [do not over do green tea if you have a heart problem of any kind or AFIB. Consult you physician]. I also put 4 table spoons of vinegar in a 12 ounce glass of water in the morning and drink it down, [but posts I have read recommend 2 table spoons]. Three weeks later there is not a spot on my body of any kind anywhere, I feel better physically, am not tired in the day no more and don't require any naps at all. At the time of the first problem over a year ago I had started doing the same because of a diet. This time the same reason but also read fantastic things about drinking vinegar water in the morning and 2-4 cups of green tea per day. I have read even by doctors your body will fight HPV that causes these, maybe even prevent any occurrences if you pick up your immune system. I also cut back to 2 cups of coffee per day, my cravings for sweets quit with the tea intake so there has been no junk food and I don't drink pop or anything with sugar. For that matter the recurrence happened when I drank alcohol several days heavily. I was not eating a bite of food, was smoking heavily, was very depressed. Stress will trigger these too from what I read. Poor diet, stress, heavy intake of bad things such as alcohol, coffee, smoking, sugar, junk food, lack of vitamins, etc. But the tea and vinegar cleanses the body of much bad and kicks in gear the good needed to ward these off.

So, this is my remedy for you. Worked fast as can be for me.

Morning: 4 tablespoons of vinegar to 12 ounce glass of water. Drink it down. If you get a belly ache, cut down to 2 table spoons or just use the recommended dose of two.

Start your day with cup of green tea, nothing added to it. Drink at least one to two more from then before bed time.

Stop the junk food immediately at least till this occurrence has passed. Stop the coffee at least temporarily. Stop sugar. Cut waaaaay back on meat. Eat lots of veggies and fruits. I am presently only on fruits, veggies, juices, eggs 4 times per week and no meat. If you stop meats as I did it is recommended to replace this with eggs 4 times per week. You should maybe throw in some vitamin supplements.

3 to 4 glasses of 100% orange or apple juice per day. Four 12 ounce glasses of water per day.

Drinking so many liquids may cause your appetite to be as mine which has went from extreme to practically none, mainly because of the tea from what I read. Eat!!! And eat healthy.

Use ACV "properly" on Q-tip applied to wart overnight a couple nights in a row held in place by tape or band aide. During the day wipe the wart with q-tip that has vinegar on it.

If your a woman douche three days in a row with vinegar douche, two to 4 Table spoons of white vinegar [not sure how much if you use ACV]. If there is an anal wart [you're male or female], decide for yourself about vinegar enema, two table spoons to douche bottle of water [do not know how many ounces that is]. I'm no doctor! But what I have read about this means you could wind up with an infection so decide for yourself. I'm not a back door person either so this was very painful for me. No harm from vinegar though. I did as recommended online and only inserted the tip an inch to 2 inches, not the whole thing! You need the holes on the nozzle inserted enough to release the mix inside.

I douche twice per week with vinegar, I have done this several years. Doctors advise against over douching. Over douching might cause the vagina to not do its own proper cleansing, is what I read. I will also keep up with the back door cleansing once per week though it is painful cuzz I never want a recurrence. I will also use a paper towel, damp with vinegar every other day to skin ward this off.

HPV is a skin thing. Keep it clean.

Experiments have been done with chlorine bleach in labs but not on people! I have read where some have used it on warts or as a cleaning process, merely damp paper towel as I am doing with vinegar like every other day for merely washing, wait a few minutes, clean it off. As a preventive measure. The bleach destroys the HPV in the lab in the cylinders they use [again, not tried on people]. I read some people do the same steps as you would with vinegar. I'm just not going to myself since I already have something that works and works fast. Things I have read did not say how long it takes to get rid of a wart with bleach.

Go to the doctor if you have more than say 5 or if their large or if you burn yourself with anything you experiment with trying to get rid of these!!!!!! You should go to the doctor anyway. And please please tell any sexual partners! You have no right to spread this to another. Because of where these can be located a condom does not prevent you giving it to others. You have no right to infect others. Please care and please don't have sex without telling your partner. If you have a present partner, please tell them what has happened. What my mate has done to me has harmed me in self esteem, emotionally, mentally.

Don't just right out blame your partner. These can take from 2 weeks to months to years to pop up on you. You may be the one that has given it to them!

Do not, do not, do not shave the hair below!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can cause a recurrence and also cause it to spread. Do not shave pubic hair ever again!

Do not pull or shave a wart off. You will probably get an infection and it will spread and can bleed a lot!

Men, you need to clean your whole every thing, under sack, anus, the sack, shaft, rim, head.

Men and women, I now soak three times per week in vinegar bath. Bath tub of water at least several inches deep, one cup of vinegar. Soak at least 20 minutes, I soak 30 minutes. Found this online, too. My skin feels great afterward, too.

How badly do you want these gone? How badly do you you not want another occurrence? How badly do you not want to give it to another? [But remember, even with these gone, you can spread HPV by unprotected sex. You are now doomed to condoms the rest of your life! ]

Treat yourself inside and out. Put your towels in a safe place [hamper] out of reach of children and anyone and especially wash cloths used to wash these areas.

If you do oral, chances are you could have these in your mouth whether you see one or not, rinse your mouth in evening before bed with diluted vinegar or with peroxide. Personally I rinse with straight vinegar followed by straight peroxide [do not swallow]. Swish it around. Don't panic if the inside of your mouth turns white all over. Vinegar and peroxide either one will do this. Again, vinegar can make things whaite that are not GW and peroxide in the mouth will turn much of the inside white. It's not white when you wake in the morning. Use peroxide first, swish all over, spit it out but do not rinse. Wait 5 minutes, rinse, then swish vinegar, then rinse immediately after you spit it out. Or just use vinegar. I use both cuzz I smoke and peroxide is a great yeast killer and kills some types of bacteria. Can even be used in a douche to tackle Vaginosis, Yeast Infection, and the std Trichomonasis. Again, you can be hurt by such if not done properly. Never douche with straight vinegar. Never douche with bleach at all. Only use recommended amounts of peroxide or vinegar in douches.

You have a responsibility to protect others. GW and like 100 strains of HPV has become insane in the US today. You know people with it without realizing it. All sexually active people who have had several partners in their life will have one strain or another in their life. The person who gave it to you might have been a person who knew and did not care, and may have had suspicions they were infected and did not care, please don't be as they were. You yourself could have hadit for years and not known. But apparently you know now so be careful!

With genital or anal warts there can be extra moisture to the vagina and rectum that was not there before. It is of utmost importance to keep these areas clean and dry! This moisture can cause a whole lot of itching and prevention of healing and a recurrence. Some use paper towels to keep things dry. They say it takes a lot of getting used to. With myself I have had no more of this since they went away and had none in between the two occurrences. I read in one place you should use a hair dryer to dry things down there after baths, after douching, etc.

Replied by Sami
Okc, US

Doing these remedies, I want to ask one question. What about Pap smears? Does it come back negative after a while of getting rid of genital warts... Does that mean we are free from virus after 6 to 12 months? And we can have normal sex life ???

Replied by Deree

Hi. I was diagnosed with Genital Warts in e early beginnings of January 2015. Fast forward to April and the warts are in clusters now!! I was using Podophylln or whatever as according to my doctor but no results! So I stopped because it burned a lot yet no results plus it's expensive. I bought ACV weeks ago n started applying it on the biggest wart ever. I felt no pain (like e others complain about | I was waiting for the pain ), rather, just a sting each night I apply it. Looks like it's shrunk but I'm not sure.. what's the vinegar to do actaually? It turned white first time I applied it. Is there a particular way I'm to apply it ? (I soak a gauze in e vinegar, drain it, place it on e warts, put a ducttape on it, den a plaster ) or I shud change e brand of ACV ( I'm using a Safari type ) I'm in so much pain. I really need help. Pleeease. I'd also like to know how to deal with the itchiness??? I'm in so much pain! I'm 20 n I've only had one guy who I had sex with. I regret it now :'( :'( :'(.pls help

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Dear Deree----

Diamond G Forest Products in Georgia, US, have 4oz. 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine. With a dropper apply a few times. They disappear.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Annon

Oh my gosh, why don't you guys just go to your GYN and get them removed by him/her instead of putting yourselves through so much torture? It's a quick trip to the dr!!!!


Because going to the doctor is A) Expensive and B) burning or freezing them off, doesn't mean they don't come back, again and again. and C) burning or freezing them off, doesn't mean there aren't ones you can't see on the skin yet. Vinegar always you to see them all and treats them all. that is why. so why don't you do some research before you bark up peoples trees. Thanks

Batavia Ny

Some don't go to the doctor cuz others said that they did and the doctor did not help. They used cream and such and still the warts stayed or more popped up, and the drug Alderal has very bad side effects. So rather than waste their time and their money they decided to try the acv.

Replied by Wen

There are issues drinking fruit juice, even without added sugars the fruit sugar is high. The only way this fructose/fruit sugar can be processed by the body is through the liver. The same way liquor is processed. This is very hard on the liver, can lead to cirrhosis and/or fatty liver, high triglycerides (fat in the blood), and fat storage in the body. So for better health, DON'T drink fruit juices. Vegetable juice is fine. If you want fruit in the form of juice, blend the whole fruit leaving all the pulp/fiber in it.

Replied by Cindy

About the bleach....can you use those bleach wipes you buy at the dollar store to wipe kitchen with? I mean to wipe down the skin so as not to spread the virus? Would those bleach wipes work?

Posted by Metoomagoo (Usa) on 10/01/2014

I feel so stupid. My labia look horrible. I've let these warts develop for years. Years!

I first noticed them after having a baby. During my pregnancy, I developed a lot of skin tags (one of those things I had no idea could happen.) After delivery, they just went away on their own.

I actually thought my warts were some kind of skin tag. I also assumed that my already-large-labia were stretching from friction with sex.

I ignored them. About 6 months ago, I went to the ER with stomach pain. They did a pap. Normal. They did not mention the warts so this just reaffirmed my thoughts that it was somewhat normal.

I recently bought a light-up-magnification mirror and finally took a good look. I am so mortified. I look like one of those photos that are used to scare kids in to safe sex. I look like Ive been in a 3rd world country with no access to health care.

I am a meticulously clean person. Im nearly 40 and my body is rock hard. I take great care of my body, my home, my family... How did I let this go on so long?

I am currently using the ACV treatment. I am on day 2. I refuse to even consult a doctor until I can get my vulva looking human again.

I guess, for me, the strange part is that my warts are on the outer edges of my labia. I was able to convince myself that it was just part of aging.

The ACV is painful. I am raw. My labia are VERY swollen. After 2 days, nothing is black or falling off. I so badly want these gone, but I must be patient.

Also, I spread open my labia and revealed that the hidden skin is covered in the flat, ugly warts.

Unlike most, I cant just apply ACV to the wart - because I am so horribly covered in them. I just want one to fall off so I know its working.

I just had to tell this to someone. Thanks for listening. I'll update when I finally see some results. (fingers crossed)

To summarize:

Topical: ACV applied around the clock.

Supplements: Multivitamin, biotin, B12, D3, vit C

Replied by Metoomagoo

an update from the woman with the 3rd world genitals... I am updating on the morning of day 4.

The good news: The skin surrounding my labia majora went completely raw and bloody and then returned a bright, beautiful pink. It is true that the skin regrows in about 24 hours. No clue how the body does that.

Something weird: The larger warts had white roots sticking out of them. I used 2 q-tips to squeeze them and the root came out. Then I googled if I should squeeze those roots out and everyone says thats a bad thing to do.

Tip 1: Add fiber to your diet if you are taking a bunch of supplements. You will have diarrhea. This is not a good scene when you have a bloody vulva. Get some metamucil and the next day you will have a solid BM.

Tip 2: Use the aspirin/ vit e/ Apple Cider Vinegar mixture instead of the ACV straight. It works just as good. When people talk about the day2 sting of ACV, they are essentially saying that they have open wounds on their genitals and then they pour acid in the wounds. It is every bit as horrible as it sounds.

My really huge warts dont seem that bothered by any of this. Im still fighting though.

I really hate myself right now. Im having trouble getting out of bed because of the depression, but I keep applying the mixture.

I would estimate that 60% of my vulva is covered in some type of HPV growth. I know most people would say, "HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW! ?! ?" But most of this growth is hidden in the folds. I swear, I didnt know.

Day 4:

Nothing has turned black. I do have some grey specs when I wipe. The flat warts are the first to go.

The big ones arent doing much. I find it so hard to believe that these things are going to fall off - they seem to be an extension of my flesh.

Revised supplement list: multi-vitamin, biotin, b12, d3, garlic capsules, calcium mag zinc, echinacea, l-lysine, probiotic, liquid vit d drops, 3 glasses of emergen-c, 2 green smoothies with kale, spinach, fresh fruit, carrots

Topical: ACV/ aspirin/ castor oil applied around the clock.

Replied by Metoomagoo
4 out of 5 stars

Day 6: I did not apply any apple cider/vit d/aspirin on day 5. Just put on some antibiotic cream and let things have a day off.

Most (if not all) of the plaque-like warts are gone. They wiped off. Not all at once. Gradually, little bits of tissue come off when I wipe.

The large warts are somewhat hard and noticeably smaller.

It is definitely working!

Still depressed. But keep telling myself I just caught a virus and there is no real shame in that.

Replied by Metoomagoo

I've decided to let things heal and then go to an ObGyn. I'm not convinced that these are warts because the apple cider just doesn't have the same effect it has with all of you.

I am sore and raw. But nothing ever turned black or fell off. I even mutilated a few of the growths with a scalpel and they still aren't budging.

I give up. As soon as all these wounds heal, I'm going to the doc.

I'll update this page when I find out for sure. Best wishes to all of you struggling with this nightmare.

Replied by Nelly
St. Louis, Missouri

I'm also fighting genital warts/HPV battle for more than 2 years. The main problem is that warts are always coming back :( Because HPV stays in your system and it can activate at any time. Some researchers say that it is connected with immune system. Have you tried any supplements for boosting immunity? Or do you have some experience with some herbal treatments? Herbs like: yarrow, tea tree, horsetail, lady's mantle, centaury, can be more than helpful when they are applied topically.

Replied by 1947hoppy

It seems ironic to read your post this morning, after reading an article by Dr. Mercola about your problem. He suggest that shiitake mushroom extract has been found to be a possible help. Here is the link.

Posted by Gemma (Chicago, IL) on 09/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

About two weeks ago, I noticed a few bumps on my upper labia. I didn't panic at first. After all, they could be a lot of things. I reasoned I'd see where they were in a week. I thought they could be skin tags, irritation, anything but HPV. I'd been seeing a girl for 10 months, and we'd just started long distance. However, I'm supposed to see her next weekend, and I was panicking, because I didn't want to have these gross warts when I saw her for the first time in a month.

I finally accepted they were probably GW after they didn't go away for a week, and I pulled the top off of one and it looked cauliflower-like. Great. Just what I needed. I had seen ACV as a solution, so I went to the store and picked up some Bragg's ACV. I went home and put some on a cotton ball and put it on the biggest clump of them. It stung a bit, but nothing worse. I kept that on, changing the dressing before I went to bed. When I changed the dressing, the warts were white, confirming that they were, in fact, warts. It was a little hard to secure the cotton balls, but I finally just took really long pieces of sport tape and made it work. I went to bed, and there was nothing but a mild soreness.

I woke up today and they were black. It looked like a few smaller ones were gone, but I didn't check too much, just cleaned the area and let it be. I planned to do the ACV treatment again tonight, but as I cleaned the area to get ready, one pulled off and the other was half off, so I just tugged it completely off. There was beautiful healthy skin underneath. It was a miracle. It took about 24 hours total, with only overnight soaking.

I have one more small one that I am now treating overnight, and I assume it will go in the same way. I plan to give the big patch overnight to heal with aloe, but I want to attack it one more time with ACV tomorrow, just to make sure it's all clean.

It's not ideal I have HPV, but it doesn't matter as much...I have a foolproof way to get rid of these warts quickly when they appear. For me, pain was very mild, probably because the warts were new and hadn't had time to take root. This was a lifesaver. It was so much easier to tell my girlfriend that I had HPV (of which she was very understanding) but that there wouldn't be any visible warts when she saw me.

I'm not the type to post in forums, but I had to share my results, as they astounded me.

Posted by Safety (-abu Dhabi) on 12/15/2013

I just want to know it is effective to use ACV to remove genital warts. I don't know what to do and seems like I couldn't find any cure for this. What product can I buy over the counter in Abu Dhabi to remove it. Please I need your help.

Replied by Bernadette

Try coconut oil. Not the pure virgin coconut oil - the other one that smells bad. I have used that and this is over a year or more and they have not returned.

Replied by Reg

I also have genital warts and I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar and it was very effective. I shaved my area 2 months ago and since then these ugly warts started to appear all over my genitals. They almost covered the entire thing from the tip of my labia to my anus with ugly bumps. I found out I have genital warts just 3 days ago. I started with Apple Cider Vinegar on the first 2 days then I used an acv+aspirin+castor oil solution the following morning. While I was washing my area that night, I noticed the warts started to fall off! What a beautiful sight! Thank God!

Posted by Ixsy (Borneo) on 08/31/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am so glad I found this page! I noticed some growth that increase rapidly in size and grew another 3 next to it in 1 week! I soon realized it's GW. soaked cotton pad in ACV and plastered it overnight on 3rd day it all fell off including 3 other small ones that I didn't realized it was there!

I continued repeating the same process despite the pain (though the stinging pain caused by the ACV actually relieved me from scratching the itching area around the open sore where the warts used to be)

i also used tea tree oil, especially during the day time when I need to move around a lot, it helps soothes the sore/raw area.

it takes about 1 week until the pinkish raw skin turned whitish and I only spray the area with ACV instead of dabbing it with soaked cotton ball

if you dont want to do spraying, dabbing it with ACV-soaked-cutex tip also would do.

It's all good now and I think I'll be back to normal again in the next 2 weeks!

hope sharing this will help others.

Note: I am using Bragg ACV

Replied by Bri

So here's my quick story, and It's not over yet.

Self diagnosed that I have GW about a month ago, but it was only one, and it was small, so I though I would be okay until I could afford to go see a doctor. Terrible idea. In this last month, they have just exploded and I am dealing with quite a numerous amount of GWs, so as they kept multiplying, I kept freaking out, even broke up with the guy I have been seeing, after refusing to sleep with him for weeks, then just breaking it off out of nowhere. I was to embarassed to say anything. Anwyways, I went on a search of a way I could handle this as many of you have.

I started my first treatment last night, and I have so many outbreaks all over the place I've decided to only tackle a couple areas at a time. I soaked one GW on my Labia last night for about 3 hours, but didn't want to leave it overnight because I'm really afraid of burning my skin to badly, but it had already turned black and most of the wart has already fallen off and now I'm just working on the root (its flat to the skin, but still has a black color to it?)

So far I havent really dealt with any of my actual skin burning, I have large clusters so I really have to put the ACV on healthy and unhealthy skin, which is also why I'm avoiding long soaks. The one on my labia was just an individual GW. The clusters are already hardening, but are in a difficult spot to see so I'm not quite to sure what is going on, but it feels good (aside from some slight stinging on the wart that has already started to fall off)

This stinging and burning didn't really start until I started having open sores, and I havent experienced any swelling or burning thus far. My big concern is it itches, bad! Does that happen to many of you, or is it just a sign of healing/destroying the GWs??

Doing a short soak as we speak on my labia, where a couple other GWs did surface last night, did my anus earlier, and will post back with more results in the near future. Really hoping this is my miracle cure, I'm a full time college student with no job, thus no insurance, and don't have the means to pay expensive medical bills.

Replied by Brianna
Reno, Nv
5 out of 5 stars

So I posted awhile ago about my battle with GW and I have been on and off working on them for about a month now with ACV. First off, I must say this has been amazing. I was completely riddled with GW and all of my warts are gone now except for two by my anus, that I imagine may have been there for awhile and are just being stubborn, but they are much smaller and should be gone soon.

While treating all of my external warts, I usually did one day on, one day off, and only a few hours per treatment, no over night, twice a day. I experienced minimal discomfort and burning, and on my days off I treated with vitamin E oil, and it worked like a charm. They weren't gone in 3 days, but still took only about a week for 90% of my warts with no scarring, and it really never hurt to bad

I did want to post and let people know that I am starting to work on my GW inside my vagina now, and not alot of people have posted about this so I thought I would offer some insight..

First off, I tried to use just a plain ACV soaked tampon, and no way. To painful. So I got a glass and dilluted it about 50/50 ACV and water, probably just a touch more water, and it is much better now. The burn is still there but it is bearable. I know this might take a bit longer but I have patience if that means less pain, and no long-term damage to my lovely lady.

I will post again when I have conquered this next step in my battle against hpv.

Only question I have to all of you is that even though I have no visible GW I still get itchy in places where there is nothing to be seen. I have done spot checks and nothing shows up, could the itching be caused just from having the virus in general down there or what am I doing wrong? Hoping this itching goes away after my cervical warts are gone.

Posted by Amm (Canada) on 08/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I originally found a small bump between my vagina and anus in 2001 went to a clinic and was told it was "nothing" I was told it was scar tissue from a small tear that could've occurred during sex with my then husband. He started to come clean about his sexual history and I grew concerned as the bump was getting larger. We divorced shortly after but upon another sexual encounter with my then bf this bump reoccurred along with others at the base entrance of my vagina. This time I was told I was misdiagnosed at first that I do have warts and subsequently hpv. I was treated constantly for 3 years and nothing seemed to work. I was given a cream that was a derivative of beetle and stung like an sob, I was given a mild form of iodine to apply at home, I was given Aldara cream which seemed to make them multiply, I had them frozen, I had a dermatologist surgically remove them and cotterize the incisions, I've had the same dermatologist say they were skin tags and her viciously cut them off WITHOUT freezing or proper sterilization-thank god no infections occurred. Somehow they went away until LAST WEEK. A new relationship and new partner-I woke up the following morning and I knew they were back. This time I researched home remedies and natural remedies and found this forum. On Friday I bought ACV, went home showered and applied the first treatment using Qtips-I does NOT burn by comparison to other treatments I've had a d tried. Every two hours I applied ACV after the third application I did see a remarkable difference. That night I used a cosmetic pad and used a band aid to make it stay in place. After two hours I removed the pad and went to bed. The next morning I started again applying with Qtips. I also started a regime of Vitamin B12, Zinc, Multi vitamin, echinacea, and a detox tea. The warts weren't gone but the burning and itching had stopped. By Saturday night night I was feeling and looking better! On Sunday I did only two treatments but stayed on track with the vitamins. This morning - Monday I have only 3 left! I did my application before work and took my vitamins. I'm very positive and optimistic about this alternative vs other forms that Western "doctors" have tried. I think vitamins and positivity are the key to facing any type of virus or viral infection. GOOD LUCK!!!

Posted by Annabug (Tampa, Fl, Us) on 07/09/2013

Hi all I was hoping someone could help me with a question. I have a single genital wart that I have been spot treating on my labia with apple cider vinegar and a q tip for about a week. It has not turned black like everyone sys but it has created a crater that is tender and raw but not terrible. I am curious if any other female has had this issue and how they addressed it. Thanks.

Posted by Red C (Reno, Nv, Washoe) on 02/16/2013
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Better But With Side Effects

Hello, I have a serious question to anyone who uses Apple Cider Vinegar on genital warts. I had a few on the shaft of my penis, and I applied ACV for 3 days. The first two days overnight, and the third day for one hour. The first two nights were ok. Most of the warts turned dark, and appeared to have scabbed. On the third day, I applied it for one hour on a piece of cotton and I wrapped it on my penis with a piece of cloth. It wasn't too tight, but tight enough to hold on the shaft.

After removing the Strip with the cotton ball on it, I noticed two big areas of my penis were swollen. Immediately washed away everything with soap, and I have just applied Vitamin E oil to my genital area. I was wondering if this type of swelling is normal? I'm not sure if I can add a picture to this site, but it's not too much discolored but it is a rather big area. I know people say that swelling is normal, but I'd like to know how much is normal? I have to admit, I'm freaking out a bit.

Posted by Evilmilkman84 (Carbondale, Il, USA) on 12/02/2012
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Try ACV. Use a cotton ball soaked in ACV and tape it to your warts once a day for several hours. Remove it too uncomfortable as this might sting too much. Clean and moisturize after removing the cotton ball. The warts will disappear after several days, be patient. You should be able to pick out the black "seed" after a a few days, thus destroying what was left of the wart itself. This worked for me flawlessly a few years ago and the warts never returned.

Also, follow the 2 tablespoons per glass of water 2x per day for this problem and for general health.

Posted by Nolongersad (Queensland, Australia) on 11/04/2012

no longer sad but I am sore! The skin around gw very red also when I wipe with wet toliet wipe or should I say dab, there are tiny spots of blood did this happen with anyone else? I havent put ACV on tonight but put round pad with 97% aloe vera gel on for burnt skin, STOP, dont do this it stung as much as ACV. I quickly washed this off and applied bepanthan healing cream. Much better and no pain. Its a baby rash cream with no zinc. Why the blood spots, too scared to put ACV on open spots now??? Ted can you help?

Replied by Nolongersad
Queensland, Australia

I have been having fevers all day- is this a response to the body fighting off the gw. I have an antibiotic oint should I put this on burnt butt! Gw are tiny now but skin is raw. HELP???????

Replied by Happy In Toronto
Toronto, On, Canada

I don't think the vinegar treatment, apple cider or not, will work for all warts. However, it worked for me and the trick is to NOT LET IT SOAK FOR HOURS. I took a safer, gentler route, and just washed with soap and water, dried the area with sterile gauze, did a peroxide wash, dried the area again with sterile gauze, and then rubbed ACV soaked sterile gauze on the spots themselves. Don't overdo it as the skin is very thin anyway. You don't want to go to the point of causing lesions or open sores. If that happens, it'll heal, but make sure you don't smoke or drink otherwise it won't heal properly.

Proceed at your own risk, but if you do, take the gentle approach and do treatments bit by bit, little by litte, and practice good personal and health hygiene. Teetotal if you must. It's worth it to have a strong immune system.

In good health!

Replied by Nolongersad
Queensland, Australia

Thanx HAPPY from Toronto. I think that is excellent advice. I did leave it on hours & hours for two days, I'm only going to do two hour treatments with ACV when all healed, I'm going to use ACV asprin & teatree oil. I havn't had a drink in 3 weeks.... But I'm going on a cruise soon so.. That might change!!

Replied by Anonymouse
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Guys just wow. Yes you should try ACV. I've been freaking out for last 2 days as I saw these slowly take over the whole of my penis (mostly the head).

One night ( well half a night) with acv taped onto them and the majority are gone already! Leaving me with just a couple I'll hit again in the morning. It definitely works :)

Posted by Nolongersad (Queensland, Australia) on 11/03/2012
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SO GOD DAMM HAPPY! It works YEY!! ACV is the best for gw. I had a cluster of anal gw. I got diagnosed 6 weeks ago, I hadnt had sex for 12 months, had some family problems and 2 what I thought were haemaroids but they were a way from opening. Finally went to doctors... Omg what a terrible disgusting thing to hear, got Aldara cream but it gave me migraines so back to a different dr, now I had heaps. How embarrassing to have to show yet another Dr. He told me to go to the hospital and cry to get seen quicker. I live in the country so long waiting lists, I'm booked to have them cut and burnt in 3 long months away. Couldnt cope. Found this site by looking up old fashioned remedies. I read about ACV in the morning so rushed out to buy a bottle. Then shops shut, came home all excited! Only to read posts that said ACV burnt their skin.. I found posts about asprin, castor oil and ACV. I had no asprin or castor oil, shops shut.. So I used 2 paracetamol ground up, dash ACV, lavender essential oil, made a paste, used round makeup pad and wacked it on. It does burn but no more than when you have bm and have to wipe. Left this on 2 hours then when I was ready for bed wiped entire vaginal area with wet cloth and ACV. Put another eye pad over gw sat down real hard on it for an hour, stings, then went to sleep. The area this morning is not sore at all paste still is stuck there and flat bumps WOOHOO. I will let u know how this goes but wow

Replied by Crazy In Kansas
Kansas City, Missouri

Happy in BC so it's midnight and I just read your post so I got up in the middle of the night went to walmart and bout the aspirin castor oil and Apple Cider Vinegar and made the paste, I cleaned the area and put it on and also put on two cotton balls with a little Apple Cider Vinegar on them as well I am sleeping with this tonight! I hope this works! I have been struggling with this since I was 20 I am now 27 and it has made me miserable! I have had all the topical treatments all the freezing and doctors have cut some off. Nothing worked but the cutting part but I have so many that I have to go to outpatient surgery to have them all removed and with no insurance that is hard to afford. If this works I will owe you my life!!!!!! Thanks everyone for the post and all the insight. This site makes me feel human again just to know I'm not alone!

Posted by Nolongersad (Queensland, Australia) on 11/03/2012

Thought I'd post again: day2: definitely more stingy on 3rd application, but hey anything that works.

Replied by Nolongersad
Queensland, Australia
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Better But With Side Effects

After using ACV for 2 days gw are all but gone but all my glands have been swollen, fevers and feeling sick. Did anyone else have this response to fighting gw virus. I'm having break from ACV so skin can heal. I will attack last two next week, they are just raised bumps not like they were before, the cluster of anal gw have gone completely. I would love 2 get replies about the viral symptons I have been experiencing.???

Replied by Nolongersad
Queensland, Australia

I felt I had to give an update about GW and ACV. I have had no need to retreat with ACV. Everything is clear, no warts no pain. Wow what a remedy. If their are no warts does this mean we can still infect somebody else. Or are we fine until another outbreak?? Can I have sex again.....??

Replied by Gwfree
Pittsburgh, Pa, Usa
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Hi all, I happened to stumble across this blog a few days ago, after dealing with this problem for awhile now, I dont even know where I contracted the GW, because I wasnt even sexually active, and had gotten tested after my previous boyfriend..... I have felt a variety of things since realizing I had this.... Anger depression loneliness disgust...... It made me so depressed and angry that I began drinking and it took me getting violent with my boyfriend to realize that I needed help and to fix this problem....... Thats why I looked and by the grace of God I found this site..... And when I first started reading all the posts, I thought *Apple cider vinegar* ?! NO WAY this could work......... B U T......... I decided what the hell it is worth a try....... So the first day, I soaked cotton balls in the ACV and put them on the GW (i only had 1 tiny one and 1 big one) covered it with bandaids...... And waited

they turned white and got all puffy, so every 4 or 5 hours I would take a shower then add peroxide.... then start process again, now here it is day 3 and the GW that have made my life complete hell, have turned black and have shrunk sooooo much already!! I am totally amazed and thankful to whoever started this post, because I finally feel like I can feel normal again without these nasty little buggers on me, luckilly I only had it on my inner thigh area........

thank you so much!! I am feeling very confident that things are gonna be ok now :D

good luck all and God Bless

Posted by Brileigh (St Louis, Missouri) on 10/05/2012

Hi I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I want to try but the warts are up inside and I'm afraid it will harm the baby. But I'm afraid if I leave them there my child will have them on his skin and I don't want him to have this god awful thing.

Replied by Priscilla
Springfield, Mo

Its rare for a baby to contract the gw from you during birth. Unless your ob/gyn is concerned becuase there is too many blocking the cervix it shouldn't be a problem. I know from experience I had not problem. you may want to ask them about the Apple Cider Vinegar tho.

Posted by Hope1974 (Hamilton, Ont Canada) on 09/30/2012
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About 20 years ago first girl friend gave my HPV. I went to the doctor and using acid and freezing they went away. But I had one wart which was flat and seemed to be gone but it pigmented my skin and I was never really sure. I have an auto immune disorder and I smoke so im assuming that these were contributing factors to my HPV outbreak. Fastfoward 20 years, I had a bout of malaria from visiting africa and after treating it with anti malarias my immune system was weak. One morning I wok up and had a 7 warts flat heads 2 were large and 5 were small. This included my original discolored skin from the ex wart. I took the vinger test and omg, they all turn white even the long term discolored area. I immediately went to work, I took vitamin c 2 twice a day, ate 4 cloves of garlic, b 12 and took vitamin e pills.

I applied apv with q tips 2 to 3 times a day, I scrapped bannna skin and applied it to the warts 1-2 times a day or at night sleep. I used baking soda every two days and alcohol when the warts looked like they might get infected. I also applied crush garlic a few times every 2 days and finally vitamin e and vitamin c applied a few times a day and during night.

The pain was bearable, I hate the warts so their pain my gain. The warts all turned white and their tops broke. They never turned black just white and sickly, I did this for close to 2 weeks the smaller warts healed quick but the last 2 were stubborn. They looked septic, moist and red a little bloody sometimes. At this point I stopped everything I just cleaned them using soap in the shower. I took some tape and taped back my foreskin giving me that circumsized look. Well I spent a few hours naked on the bed and wore loose shorts, the last 2 warts lost their white moist color and have dried out. The gaps in my skin are closing up , I hope by tomorrow they should be almost healed. I am going to applied vitamin e for 1 more week once the wounds have closed. I struggled for 2 weeks and spent hours doing this, but it worked. Heres hope for those infected by long term infection.

Replied by Carrotjuice
Guangdong, China

I really learned a lot from everyone's stories and treatment advice. I'm focusing a lot on a healthier lifestyle to help increase my immune system. Still have to work on eating regularly but I'm all into the vitamins and ACV treatment.

Any advice for dating and how and when to share this issue with potential partners?

Replied by Pure Panic
Toronto, On, Canada

I went to the doctor because I was mortified at what I thought was a wart (although I remember having this thing on my little guy from grade school, before I lost my virginity). It was a long piece of skin but didn't look like much. Dr. said it was nothing.

On Sunday (two days ago) I noticed another growth similar to the one that I had before. Surrounding it were these very, very small faint white spots, kind of like pimples but not really. My suspicions and panic increased so yesterday I decided to try the vinegar test. The whole area became white. The long piece of skin and the white dots all became white. After soaking the area with vinegar for about 45 minutes, I cleaned the area with peroxide, then put a peroxide soaked piece cut from sterile gauze, taped it on with a bandaid and went to sleep.

This morning, the long piece of flesh remained white but the dots became black. I kind of felt relief because it looked like plantar warts (I used to get them as a kid because of swimming, so I had a lot of experience treating them with salicylic acid and cutting them out with a razor).

I'll update the board tomorrow and hopefully some scabbing will occur. Will probably pass on vinegar treatments (I used a mix of white vinegar and raw apple cider vinegar) today to give my skin a break. It seems like it's working but I want to make sure that everything is clean and clear.

As of Sunday, I stopped smoking and drinking and have been doing everything I know to help boost my immunity. Will also hit the sauna to clear out toxins and I'll just maintain exercising (I exercise regularly and am fitter and stronger than average, but I guess having that on my side facilitated my lack of giving a crap (for lack of better words) about smoking and drinking). No more. I want to stay healthy so I don't infect my next partner. Hopefully these were just plantar warts I got from shining one off (how embarrassing but I can't see how else I got the stupid virus :S).

Replied by Adamh
Fresno, Ca

Good Call Nick. Did that salicylic acid burn, btw??

Last week, I notices spots very similar to what you described, and did the vinegar test. To my horror, they turned white. I paanicked. Especially cos I didnt know where I could have picked it up from. It was soo random. But nonetheless, I am doing everything to boost up my immunity. Eating right, sleeepingenough (lack of sleep brings down immunity like no-ones business btw)... The sauna is a good idea too!! I have also been lookin into dietary supplements and natural herbs to Up my immunity.