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Posted by Akshita (Punjab) on 09/20/2017

I was really skeptical about using a natural remedy but just based on the several positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. I used it as instructed and it was definitely painful and the burning is very difficult to tolerate. However just after the second day almost all of the warts are gone. Just one remains and I am super positive that it will vanish as well.

I cannot tell how grateful I am to all the reviewers for sharing their experience and letting people like me know that such a simple remedy exists for a problem that scared the **** out of me.

I applied ACV for one hour in the night before sleeping and then one hour in the morning for two days and the results are seen. My heartfelt thanks to this website and all the users. Please do not give up hope, I am sure this will work wonders for anyone suffering from Genital Warts.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dave (Hartwell, Ga) on 09/05/2017

For years I have used the home freeze method of treating my wart outbreaks but I always had to wait until they were large enough to treat with the freeze because I would otherwise freeze healthy skin in the process. Because of the pain and scarring involved in treating the warts I recently gave up and they got out of control. Because of what I read on this site I started treating them with ACV a couple weeks ago and two have already been eliminated. It's a commitment that takes 30 minutes twice/day. I put a splash of ACV in a dish and apply with a Q-tip until the wart turns white (20-30 minutes). It's not fun but it's worth the time invested.

After a few days the warts start turning black and after about a week they shrink, scab over, and fall off with minimal scarring. This can be done to larger warts or to the tiniest of warts.

Replied by Rich

Hello from Canada. I am so glad I found this site. I have GW around my anus, some are big, some small. Of course like a lot of posters here I was embarrassed, felt terrible about it and didn't want to tell anyone. I have no idea how I got it (not gay) but it was not a good feeling.

I started treatments last night for about 1.5 hours after work and a couple hours before bed. I used an old wash cloth because they cover a big area. The area has been burning all day today but I'm hoping that it's because it's working.

I hope this works and from what I've seen here it does!

Replied by Cm

Thanks so much for mentioning they turn black. That worried me when it happened.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Master Of The Unicorns (Alberta) on 08/28/2017

My self confidence took a hit when I confirmed that I did have genital warts on my perineum . I tried tea tree oil and other remedies but to no avail. When I came across a different thread about ACV I was dubious because home remedies never worked for me. I continued researching and came across this thread. Impressed by the number success stories I decided to give it a try. I already had everything at home so off I went... now just 3 days after many have shrunk and disappeared or fallen off. Truly a miracle and with only minor discomfort as compared to my self confidence at the beginning of this.

My Steps:

- Cleaning with warm water and a ph balancing soap in the shower and drying off completely.

- Saturating cotton ball completely with ACV. Making sure to replace every once in a while to ensure the cotton ball is staying saturated. Using a new one each time for about 45 minutes.

- After that I mixed tea tree oil and organic coconut oil at a ration of 2:1 tea tree oil and again saturated a cotton ball and kept it there for about 30 minutes. I used coconut oil because I have sensitive skin and it's just more comfortable.

- I then wipes gently with a dry paper towel. I used a paper towel because it is a little stronger than a tissue or toilet paper but it is up to you.

- Optionally you can saturate a cotton round too and sleep with it. Though be warned after these steps I was very sensitive and couldn't that night.

I did this twice a day... once in the morning while I was getting ready and once at night before bed. Thank you to this thread and all the help! Litterally saved my confidence!!

Replied by Master Of The Unicorns

Edit: I have started using peroxide too and a bit of bio oil to relieve some pain/infection. This is a bit of a discomforting process... but 100% worth it.

Replied by Jay

Hello, did you use both treeoil and Apple Cider Vinegar together? Or just seperate

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mark (North Kingstown, Rhode Island) on 08/24/2017

I've had genital warts for ten years or more, tried everything but surgery . These things are huge and just about all around the whole base and half way up my penis. I did use Apple Cider Vinegar on two on inner thighs one small one big. Big one came back and small gone. My question is as these things are so big is it gonna work and how do you make it stay there bandaids don't stick and tape ah no

Replied by Candace
(Billings, Mt)

I am thinking that dabbing warts with ACV, (q-tip), relaxing and allowing them to dry should work. From my experience with ACV on face at nite and other skin issues the absorption would be beneficial. Reapply whenever you want, dry and then go about your day. Don't give up that stuff has sooooo many super testimonials. Maybe you could take some internally as well. Crossing my fingers for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chavi (London) on 08/22/2017

I used Apple Cider Vinegar on my Gw. Applied with cotton wool and band aid. After first time became white and after second time turned black! I then left it and they scabbard over and fell off. My only problem is that after those started going new ones appeared. I don't know if it's connected or not so don't know if I should treat the new ones. Anyone had the same thing?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Relieved (South Africa) on 08/05/2017

I had GW's for over 2 years - I have the scars from using DIY home freezing. I was at wits end as they just kept coming back in different areas and as I got more frustrated the scars got bigger. Apple Cider Vinegar was purely miraculous. Gone gone gone and so easy to do!!!

I used kitchen towel to swab onto the infected area up to 5 times a day and the over spill picked up smaller GW's I had not seen... I may have the scars from freezing but in 7 days I was clean thanks to ACV

Replied by Aj

Bro don't stop applying ACV until it totally cured.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dj (California) on 08/04/2017

Like everyone here, this forum saved my ass (in my case, literally). My genital warts are exclusively anal, so if anyone reading is dealing with them, look no further.

I was diagnosed in Feb 2017. I had no idea I had them, thought they were hemorrhoids at worst. Turns out I had had chlamydia since January and likely that's what caused the warts to get so out of control. They were quite extensive, both inside and outside of my ass and they hurt like hell - stinging, itching, burning. None of the products for hemorrhoids helped; if anything they made them worse. After two rounds of liquid nitrogen, my doctors told me that there was no improvement and surgery was the only option. They would be burned off in one fell swoop and that would be that... nope!

The surgery itself was not a big deal, but the recovery was horrendous. As you can imagine, having your anus burned with a laser causes some serious damage... and then you have to poop. It was so painful I ate only soup and Ensure for two weeks. It hurt to stand or sit, I had to travel everywhere with a donut pillow, everything revolved around when I had to use the bathroom. It wasn't until six weeks after the surgery that I was able to have a bowel movement without pain. It seemed like I had just started feeling like myself again when I discovered they had come back. Needless to say, I was borderline hysterical. It was now July and here I was facing this whole ordeal all over again.

Fortunately, this time around they didn't hurt (probably because I didn't have chlamydia). I immediately went back to my surgeon who wanted to operate again, which of course I didn't want. I then wrote to my primary care's office and asked if there was anything they could do or prescribe that could prevent me from having to have surgery again. Turns out there were options, but because I wasn't in any pain they wouldn't be able to get me in until the end of August - classic American healthcare system. Though neither my doctor nor surgeon offered anything I could do at home, I was certainly not about to sit around and wait for them to get worse.

So, I started researching. All the sites I came across had one thing in common: apple cider vinegar. And I had one reaction: hell no. YOU go shove ACV up your ass. Instead, I tried various combinations of essential oils for 10 days - none helped. Finally, after more searching I came upon this forum. At this point I thought, well, f*** it. What have I got to lose? Sure enough, after two days of treatment, nearly all the warts have come off.

Now I know many people on here are able to describe the colors of the warts at various stages, but you must understand, I am a large man: 5'7" 285 pounds. There is no combination of angle and mirror that will allow me to see up there. I can go only on what I can see when I wipe and what I can feel when I put my finger up there. As of now, after four treatments in two days and lots of little black dots on my wipes, it feels almost clear. I couldn't be happier. Like many of you, I cannot believe none of my healthcare professionals are aware of this. I can't wait to see the reaction of my doctor when I see her at the end of August. Below is what I did as well as my tried-and-true tips for care.


In a 3oz squirt bottle (you can get one in a travel section of your pharmacy) I combined:
1/8 cup of each Bragg's apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil
30 drops each of frankincense, truja, and lemon essential oils
15 drops of tea tree essential oil

Shake thoroughly, then squirt on a cotton round until soaked and just dripping (I used rounds instead of balls for more coverage). I shoved it up into a position that allowed the most contact with the warts and left it. Again, I'm a big guy - glue, bandages, etc, were not necessary to keep it there.

The first night I left it in all night - nearly no pain. However, each subsequent treatment got progressively more painful as the vinegar began to penetrate the warts and the surrounding skin. I ended up doing it a total of four times. First over night, and each after for as long as I could stand it.

After the second time I took the advice of the people on here and used hydrogen peroxide. After removing the pad, I washed myself, then applied a cotton round of hydrogen peroxide. It started fizzing right away. A few minutes later I took it out, wiped, and saw a few warts had already sloughed off. Woot!

The fourth time it was quite irritated, but I was able to leave it in for about 30 minutes and afterwards did the washing/hydrogen peroxide as before. Now I'll be taking a break for a few days to let it heal and once it feels better I will check myself and do it again if necessary. I've been applying vaseline twice a day in the meantime.


1. DO NOT USE TOILET PAPER. You may instead be tempted to use wet wipes like Cottonelle. NO. Most wet wipes you find in the toilet paper aisle have alcohol in them. Alcohol = burn = NO. Found that one out the hard way. Instead, go down the baby aisle and get Pampers Sensitive wipes. They are less than $2 at target. I swear by them.

2. GET A SITZ BATH! I didn't discover these until about a week before my surgery and was devastated I didn't know about them from day one. If you don't know what a sitz bath is, it's basically a little tub that sits in your toilet. I filled it with warm water and half a scoop of Sitz Bath Powder (available from Amazon, highly recommended) and instantly it stopped all the burning and itching. I used it after every bowel movement (kind of like a bidee) and it helped TREMENDOUSLY. Keeping the area clean and dry is essential. You can also add essential oils like tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and even a little bit of coconut oil to make it extra soothing. Sitz baths, like everything else, are available on Amazon.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. In the months leading up to my diagnosis I had been in a nasty pattern of terrible eating. Fast food at 2am three nights a week, comfort foods all the time, no vegetables, way too much meat, way too many carbs, terrible sleeping patterns, tons of caffeine. Remember, the warts are a virus - if our bodies are not functioning at 100%, they are not going to be able to fight. I'm convinced that if I had been taking better care of myself I would not have had such a horrible outbreak. I'm now eating way better, on a really good dailty multivitamin and taking oregano oil pills twice a day.

4. DONT DESPAIR. I know it's easy to feel shame and get down on yourself about the warts. But this forum proves that this happens all the time to all kinds of people. Don't let it get the better of you. Yes, it sucks, but it WILL go away eventually. Stay vigilant and stay healthy.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by A (New York) on 08/04/2017

Wow, I literally can't express how thankful I am for this website and ACV! Screw the doctors, more power to alternative medicine!

My anal warts developed a few months back, and back then, since I was under the impression that they were skin tags, I only began treating them insofar as their presenting a cosmetic issue. I first started with tea tree oil for two weeks, but it barely did anything save sloughing off some of the problematic skin. It also stung quite a bit. Next was some solution with salicylic acid, and it was even worse, hurting like hell and doing nothing; I gave up in 2 days.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I was devastated to find out on a routine sexual health checkup that what I assumed were skin tags were in fact the highly contagious GW. Of course, the stroppy doctors were quick to assure me that they weren't a big deal, being a mere cosmetic issue, and that many people have it. They then suggested I make an appointment with the virology clinic in a nearby hospital, which unfortunately gave me Aug 14th as the nearest slot.

Knowing they were warts, I became more and more upset by the minute. The GW made me feel ashamed and like crap, and it affected my self-worth (even more so as a gay male). I knew I had to take matters into my own hand. And fortunately for me, I found this gem of a website! Reading all the rave reviews made me certain that this would be THE cure.

I immediately went out to get 1) cotton balls 2) aloe vera gel 3) Organic ACV as I didn't wanna delay any longer.

Day 1: Applied ACV onto cotton balls till they were sufficiently soaked (not dripping though), then wedged them between the cheeks for an hour or so. It didn't hurt at all. I couldn't help but wonder if it was doing its job. Nevertheless, an inspection showed that all the GW and a few other specks I've never noticed were this putrid white colour, and they've never looked angrier. I then replaced the cotton balls with new soaked ones and went to sleep. That's when the stinging began! It started out alright but the pain quickly ramped up till it was very much intolerable. Took the cotton balls out in the wee hours of the morning; the pain only subsided after an hour.

Day 2: Was very pleased to find that, as many people have observed, the GW have turned black! Well, the several big ones at least. Good enough. I knew it was time to apply aloe to the surrounding untainted skin. Applied and went about my day. Prior to bedtime, I decided to do the ACV treatment, but I could only manage 30 mins before yelping in pain. Decided to apply aloe to let the skin heal overnight.

Day 3: On inspection, more of the warts have turned black! It was a good sign. Granted, many people have mentioned how everything's already coming off by this day, but I knew that individual differences and GW size were very big factors. Since it was starting to hurt quite a bit, all I did were multiple short sessions of ACV throughout the day.

Day 4: I could feel discomfort while cleaning the area with toilet paper, and I decided to just apply aloe today. Was showering at night and, lo and behold, pieces of necrotic GW fell off with minimal force applied! I'd say at this point that I'm 70% cured. The small GW would not take much longer (I reckon the large ones occluded ACV contact at times), while the large ones have drastically diminished in size and would likely disappear with 1 or 2 (at most) more bout(s) of treatments.

Have to say, I'm insanely pleased with the results. I was never a believer of home remedies hitherto. ACV has definitely changed my mind! I'm also now taking supplements to boost my immune system and ACV pills: hopefully, these are enough to stave off GW regrowth. One thing I'd advise is adequate care of the untainted skin. Once you've seen the GW turn black, you need not excessively worry about future ACW dosage or frequency of application too much. The process of GW dying and coming off exhibits hysteresis, and it's unclear as to whether more ACV on blackened warts even do a thing (aside from damaging good skin). It's really a matter of waiting, so be sure to apply Vitamin E or aloe to allow for recovery meanwhile. For those with bigger GW, don't lose heart if results seem slower than expected, it WILL work.

*Will keep this updated!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nomore (Philippines) on 07/26/2017

I found out I have HPV last June. However, I was feeling the lesions already as early as May but didn't think much of it. I slept with my guy one time without protection in March and by April I started feeling itchy inside my vagina. By May the lesions appeared by the opening near the perineum and there were more inside when my OB-Gyne looked in June. These were cauliflower like ones! I was dealing with Bartholin cyst gland issue (another long suffering recurring issue) at the same time so when I scheduled for the operation to remove both gland and cyst, my doctor did the electrocautery to remove the warts as well. That worked well, I don't think I have warts inside me anymore (but I have to ask my doctor to check again. The outside is another matter. During my post-surgery recovery, I started feeling a slight pain-like a paper cut somewhere down there but I couldn't figure out where exactly it was. I didn't mind it but then a week later while washing, I felt a bump at the edge of my vagina by the perineum. It felt like a rice/oat grain and after that some slight discharge from inside. I think the discharge was because of the antibiotics I was taking post-op so I was pretty sure I had a fungal infection.

So I went to the doctor and he said I have GW again but he gave me a vaginal suppository first. He wante to clear that up first to see if the gw will clear up too. Otherwise, he said he would need to put me under and cauterize again. The fungal infection disappeared but I couldn't leave the GW to just sit there and spread. I also don't want to do the cautery as it is not covered by my work medical insurance and no, I don't want to go under with general anesthesia again (last time I was throwing up for a day).

I researched online and read all your testimonials here. For a week I was using castor oil and tea tree oil but that seemed not to work. So I bought ACV with the mother. On a Friday, I did the test and found out other areas that has GW as these turned white. There where 15 all in all but some where not raised skins and mostly small dots. There were around 7 lesions (not cauliflower) and the rest were still under the skin. I focused on the biggest and visible which were the oat grain-sized one and the raised small lesions on my labia majora and pubic hair area.

Soaked a cotton pad with ACV and squeezed it in my perineum and tried to tape up the rest but they didn't stick so I have to resort to soaking a panty liner (not recommended as this also burned healthy tissue). I left it over overnight, did the same the next day and that night. By Sunday my skin was raw but I saw that the smaller lesions were black, but the oat-grain one was grey. I did the same on Sunday night but couldn't stand the pain and rawness as healthy skin was also burned off and those gw near these areas were also getting burned and my labia was so swollen. I had to remove it after an hour. I decided to put castor oil and tea tree oil for the rest of the week instead while I let the swollen areas heal. I also got my period but that didn't stop me.

By Tuesday as I was washing in the shower, I saw an oat grain shape on the floor. I just had to pick it up and it was the biggest gw that fell off! I double checked by feeling down there with my finger and true enough! I was soooo happy. The smaller lesions where also falling off leaving very pink skin. The burned healthy areas were also pink but more swollen. I kept applying castor and tea tree and alternating it with aloe vera. I just slather it everywhere, making sure I used different cotton pads per area. So anyway, by Friday, I felt less swollen so I looked at my perineum and there was white dry uneven skin there. I am not sure if it was GW but I applied Apple Cider Vinegar again overnight to Sunday alternating with tea tree and castor and aloe to make sure I don't get burned again. I also checked other areas that would turn white and the end of both labia near the vagina did. So I applied Apple Cider Vinegar there with qtips for 30m til they burned and slathered it with castor/tea tree or aloe after. After two days the white/grey skin in my perineum started falling off and the normal skin appeared. The inside of my vagina near the perineum is a bit swollen so I made sure I put castor/tea tree or aloe in those areas as well. The ones in my labias are still raw and looks burned white and itchy but not sure if I killed the gw there so I still put a qtip mixed with castor/tea tree/acv so it's not too painful. It's already Wednesday, I'm still slathering tea tree/castor or aloe (for aloe - I dry it up with a blow dryer or I just wear a pair of light shorts no underwear at home cos you don't want it to be too moist down there as gw thrive in moist areas) all over my vagina, perineum and even butt. The deeper part of my perineum and the edge of my labia still itch from time to time so I make sure it is clean so I douse with with hydrogen peroxide castor/tea tree or aloe after. I also mix acv/ castor/tea tree or just castor/tea tree if it is really itchy cos I don't want those little unwanted friends surprising me again.

Btw, every time I wash my vagina with soap and warm water, I make sure I follow up with hydrogen peroxide. It bubbles and you'll see which are still infected. Right now nothing bubbles up anymore but still itch sometimes.

It has been almost 2 weeks but two weeks of patience and keeping at it works! I am almost done...just need to make sure the itch doesn't turn to gw again as that's how it started for me so I am keeping close eye down there.

I am also eating healthy with vegetables and fruits, drinking multivitamins - A, C, E, B6/12/Folic Acid, D3. Also drink antioxidant tea from berries, green tea capsules during the day. First thing in the morning and before I sleep I drink a glass of water with 2-3tsps of Apple Cider Vinegar too.

I hope the doctor says everything is back to normal- inside and outside on my next visit next week. I'm not sure if I will say it was the Apple Cider Vinegar that did the trick though...hmm maybe I will.

Replied by Ps123
(Beaumont, Texas)

I followed all instructions with the apple cider vinager for genital warts, but they're not burning.. Nor did they turn white. The first night I tried it, I thought I put too much coconut oil around it, and some may have gotten on them. This time, I didn't put any oil. I'm worried I did something wrong since all the reviews said it burned really bad, & mine didn't. I only have 2 that are flat, but I still figured they'd burn some. Thank you.

Replied by Nomore

Maybe it is not GW. Go to your doctor and get it checked out to know for sure.

Replied by Desperatelady

Hello... im also from the Philippines... I wanted to talk to you... im so desperate already about this HPV... where to buy the oils that you've use then the detailed step by step procedure that you do... please do reply thanks in advance

Replied by Ahcc Cure
(United States)

Here it goes:

MEN - the "black spots" are highly contagious. You will not get a HPV diagnosis, though that is EXACTLY what it is - AND you are still contagious after the apparent warts are gone.

How do I know?

My (ex) boyfriend had them. When mine formed 2 months 4 months from being intimate when he'd been tested "my junk is clean! " And those mysterious black spots? Had vanished. Mine appeared 4 months after the spots had vanished. Flat to surface, like razor burn. Non colored.

I read a study about taking 3000mg of AHCC (from shiitake and reishi mushrooms) to fully rid your body of the virus in 6 months, no reoccurrence.

MAYO clinic recommends 10mg/kg of body weight (up to 600 mg) of zinc over a short duration of an outbreak of warts.

The ACV works to highlight WHERE the warts are.

What I did was the above ACV treatments until new skin was revealed, then the Aquaphor diaper rash treatment (containing 40% zinc oxide) until subsided. Inside my vagina I did frozen suppositories of 1 x50 mg zinc capsule and 1 tbsp of coconut oil frozen at bed for 21 days. Coated outside with zinc oxide to prevent anything from reinfecting outside. Increased my probiotic regimen. Vitamins + antioxidants as usual.

My ex told me that was a "birth mark" ... the irony is? It wasn't.

You will continue to share it back and forth between each other until you both overcome your compromised immune system together.

I eat a clean diet. Lead an active lifestyle. Take healthy supplements. I use ACV drinking it in the am, and in my baths often, due to its phenomenal benefits.

When I noticed the flat wart bump, I did the test. To get the skin to turn over faster, I added aspirin and Apple Cider Vinegar to healing rhassoul clay and let it dry the entire area out, which helped the wart to come right off. I do not recommend this unless you have the time to cover the new skin in castor Oil and zinc oxide 40% to allow it to heal with proper ventilation.

HPV is highly contagious. You merely have to come in contact with someone else's infected skin cells or sweat to be exposed. Condoms don't protect you. Men - DRS do not test you for it - read the countless DRS who misdiagnosed men thinking it was herpes or a fungal infection. HPV leads to cervical cancer in women (and various reproductive cancers in men). The previous post re: pregnancy - when you get pregnant your immune system drops. This means your pregnant wife AND child have been exposed.

Zinc kills the virus topically.
AHCC kills the virus internally.

Be sure to cut sugar and increase fiber intake to rid your body.

Replied by Depressedfemale
(South Africa)

Hey, Please help me out I used the ACV last week after the Nurse told me I have GW, they are inside my labias and they are flat. I'm not sure if its GW bcause she did not even run tests for HPV. So guys please now after applying ACV on my labia yess they did go away but seems like new ones are developing now with more pressure some inside, inside the vagina . Please help me out :'(

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Worried (Philippines) on 07/15/2017

Hi, thank you all for this forum.. It really gives so much comfort knowing your not alone experiencing something you can't tell even with ur own mom 😢, have this GW inside my vagina. Its all over in the opening just like those pictures when you search bout GW, I guess its been there for more than years that's why it spreads, there's a lot of them it really horrifies me. I thought it was all normal I didn't even have clues that theres such a GW until a friend tells story bout those warts.i immediately check mine, search all about it and it really scares me to death when I confirmed with a Dr.That they are indeed GW she wanted them to cut it of by minor surgery( I dont exactly remember the term) she also tells me to get vaccinated wich I refused ( im reluctant on vaccines ).

I have search articles that gW will goes away by thereselves so I didnt mind them.after 2 mos by BF found one on his penis not too big maybe just a size of this "0" im so upset that I have transfered it to him.not so sure coz we both have several partners before mine was 2 he have more than 5 partners before me..

Anyways to make the story short yesterday I started to soak a cotton in ACV and inserted it to the opening of my vagina it stings like burns like hell!! It does! Its so painful!! I left it for about an hour then I check them they all turned white even those without bumbs all of them there are flat as if normal skin they all turned white and rough!!! Im really so scared on how they turned out the next day right before I took a bath I soak it again for about 20 minutes then romoved it before I take a bath the whole day was very heavy feeling I felt like a have a soar inside.

Last night I did it again(the soaking) this time I felt like im soaking an open wounds in an alcohol!! I have high tolerance in pain but this was really different its like 10x more painfull than the first! I bear it for about 20 mins then I washed it off quickly because it really painful! Right after I felt like its swelling its soaring.. I took a rest for about am hour then I started again..

This time I didnt stand for 5mins I took it off! Its really painfull my legs my whole body was shaking!! I feel so cold! ( From the beggining right after I put on the soak cotton in Apple Cider Vinegar I started to feel the urge of urinating. I'll took it off after I pee ill put it back.) right after I took it off did take a rest then put it back oh!!! I couldn't take more mins so I take it out really hurts more than u think of.i couldn't stand for 10seconds!!!,

but im pretty much sure 100% sure its working..while in the process in my day 2 there are some dotted blood stain in the cotton I can also see some small tiny red dots on my vagina looks like sone of them were already remove.i can say its really do worked! Problem is it soars its rough, and im still shaking.

Then I did think of some allternative I can't just give up im on my way to cure..i can't just wait again for nothing but a bunch of this freaking warts to multiply. Then I thought of baking soda ( avid user) coz I can't stand the pain for the whole night I did put powder on it I mean all entire of it then wear a panty liner it did soar.. But not llke how I feel with ACV tomorrow morning ill try to soak it again with ACV

ill give update tommorow pls pray for me getting well and oh my bf's GW also soak his with an cotton ball with Apple Cider Vinegar over night. He didn't know that im in the acv& baking soda treatment he wanted me to see a doctor again for diagnosis before doing the treatment.. Don't also want him to see my GW it's really embarrassing and sad...😢

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Worried: dilute it. Don't use it full strength.

Replied by Worried

Hi im back.. When I woke up I felt like theres a running water on my vagina my panty liner is really wet, did check it immediately, felt the soar but not that painful..upo check I noticed all parts that turned whites were washed off as if it peels.... The liqiud thats coming put was so white like a cream it smells stinky I washed it off with warm water.. The smell are gone but the GW turned so raw as in it looks like wounds, other big warts just remain white. There are areas(spots) that are raw I mean it became like open wounds.. I started again to put a soaked cotton in acv. Its sting like hell..i wanted to scream!!! Maybe because of those open wounds. I couldn't bear the pain so I tried to combine it with water 1/2water, 1/2 acv.. After 30 mins I took it off and rested after several hours I tried to put some baking soda to washed off all white really hurts.. Been thinking if am I really curing or making it worst..😢 bht of course I wouldn't know until im done... After 20 mins I rinsed it of and while its wet I put some powder vit c (soduim ascorbate) vit c helps cure our wounds fast so I tried it might give a help.. at first its sting but after a minute its qiut OK.. Im so worried .. I think it will take more weeks to heal this. But im very much positive all this will be gone..i just have to have very much patience.

Right now im in a diet I ate only fruits vegies and egg also drink apple cider vinegar with water (3tsp Apple Cider Vinegar half glass of water.) everytime I feel like it.(most of the time everymorning and before bedtime) I avoid coffee I am now on a tea every morning and evening.. I ate a full loaded meal only every lunch time.

Thinking of buying other vitamins To take like.vit c, garlic Oil in capsule gel, vit b12, vit d, will look at them.all in the market today.

I also search about bht.. Is it chemical form? I don't even know where to buy this.. Its really expensive tru online

As of now im praying that everything will be alright.still searching fpr some other alternative meds those that dont sting too much..

Replied by S.broli

Hi, I followed exactly what Chicagoan said and OMG I regret it so much! I have a HUGE ULCER on my penis now. The warts were so little I don't even know why I stressed about it. Now I have this disgusting deep white wet ulcer on my penis and I dont know what to do!!! :( SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. It's been like this for 5 days I'm scared if or how it's going to heal! I've been putting aloe vera and polysporin on it and it's still so terrible. It's like a huge fleshy white deep crater that turns yellow when it gets dry. I'm not circumsised so usually it's wet. The ulcer is the size of a dime! Please I need help

Replied by Claire

Hi Ms. #Worried from Philippines! Would you mind sharing with me the update of your healing with GW? Thank you

Replied by Meg

Are you ok with your warts now?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alli (Indiana) on 07/07/2017

I was diagnosed with hpv in 2015 and had the warts burned off with acid. They did not return until recently. My husband and I separated over 6 months ago and it's been very stressful for me. To numb the pain of losing my partner of 16 years I started drinking heavily. About a month ago I noticed a small red patch on my thigh, but I figured it was a spider bite. Abut 2 weeks ago, I realized they were warts. I started treating the patch with Apple Cider Vinegar but they weren't turning white, so I quit using it. Big mistake. Two days ago I noticed the patch was bigger and there was another smaller patch close to it. I knew I had to be aggressive with treatments. I taped small pieces of Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton on the 2 spots before bed. When I woke up yesterday, I could see the clusters of white clear as day... I went to the store for hydrogen peroxide so I could prevent them from spreading. After letting them breathe for a couple of hours, I reapplied it the same way, and left it there all day. I noticed when I cleaned the area that the big cluster had started turning brown and the smaller cluster was getting even smaller. Once again I put the Apple Cider Vinegar on the same way, and when I woke up this morning, the big cluster is nearly gone and there is one tiny white wart left where the small cluster was. More cleaning and peroxide.

I am letting the area breath before putting some coconut oil on them bc my skin is starting to get sensitive. I will take the pain over warts any day! Anyway, this stuff is a godsend. I am tempted to douse my whole genital area with it to see if there are more, but I see the gyno soon and will let her check things out. I won't fill a script if there are more, I will just stick to the regimen I've been using. Anyway, like the other posters said, this works wonders and it works fast. Deal with the discomfort and try this! It's worth it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Fs1524 (Albuquerque, Nm) on 07/07/2017

This actually works- even if you have a lot of (stubborn) warts.

I'm a skeptic when it comes to natural remedies- and I'm so glad I tried this anyway. I was first diagnosed with genital warts about 2 months ago, and due to the sheer number of them (TONS), I was put on Imiquimod right off the bat: 3x/week. While it did help many of them, the warts higher up were not budging at all. I think it's because they have more access to oxygen, and those are the ones that have been there longest.

I don't particularly enjoy being on an immunomodulator, and I was desperate. I'd tried creating garlic pastes to apply after reading some of those studies (Heh, you think the ACV smells bad??)- but that didn't do anything to the stubborn ones either.

I tried the method described above with raw unfiltered ACV- and used a combination of small and large bandaids with correlating small/large cotton balls soaked in ACV. Again, I have a lot of warts, so it's basically the whole area. That's why I'm posting here- if this helps me, it can help others too.

My only modification is this, and it requires a high tolerance for skin irritation: When I do the ACV method (3x/week), I apply it in the morning and leave the bandaids on for several hours, or as long as I can stand the smell and the feeling.

Yes, my skin is irritated, but I've only been doing this for 1 week and a half, and it's already working WONDERS. And unlike using powerful meds like Aldara, you don't have to be paranoid about getting this in your blood stream accidentally by putting it too close to certain areas. It will burn, but that's it. Since I have so many warts, it is a slower process than it is for some- but it IS working. At this rate, they will be gone in 2 more weeks tops. I'm just so relieved something is working. I've been very depressed by this whole ordeal, and I was thinking cryotherapy would have to be my next step. No thank you...

Also worth noting: As others have stated, simply using a large cotton ball soaked with ACV along areas where small new warts are starting DOES work. Yes, these solutions itch and burn a bit and are uncomfortable, but so what? It's temporary discomfort, and it works.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tweety (Saint Maarten) on 06/15/2017

I was frantically searching for a cure then I stumbled upon ACV and it's benefits. My first outbreak required surgery where it was burned off however they came back and I was depressed. To make a long story short I tried the ACV remedy. Soaked some using a cotton ball and taped it down with a plaster. This time the warts were around my anus however very small but still visible. They turned white after just having it on for 15 minutes. I slept with it over night and by next morning they had reduced significantly. Even the cotton ball had black spots on it. I'm very pleased with the results. I'm would advise anyone suffering from genital warts to try. It has a lot of pain but like they say no pain no gain.

Replied by Liz
(South Glamorgan)


wondering if anyone can help me?

I soaked a cotton ball with ACV with the mother. I help it in place where I knew I had 1 or 2 really stubborn warts. I held the cotton ball in that area for 10 minutes, then had a little look with the mirror. I can see the two warts have gone white and can see them more clearly. However, the skin around has also gone white where the cotton ball was in contact with the skin. Is this just a normal reaction? Or is this whole area affected?? The skin is flat and normal.

Thank you and fingers crossed :)

Replied by Carl

I have read up a lot on HPV and Genital / Anal Warts and also had the experience of dealing with them as a guy.

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV as people refer to really does work but if you apply it wrong, too concentrated or for too long then it will sting and burn and very painful for days. DO NOT apply it for long periods. Saying this I would say a few minutes at most each time.

At first you won't get a stinging sensation but the head of the wart will whiten. Once this has happened the wart will leach the ACV to the base and that's when it will start to sting. Let it sting but not hurt for a couple of minutes a couple of times a day for about 3 days. To start off with apply the treatment to a single wart so that you can see the effect it really has as this will give you the courage to just take it slow and you will rid yourself of them. Once confident you can judge how fast to proceed. Do not stick concentrated ACV into your anus or Vagina as you WILL suffer. Start off with 1 to 4 ACV to Distilled Water (Just boil and let it cool). You should get a tingle once it is working. if not then leave it a day and use 1 to 3 solution down to max 1 to 1 solution (50 / 50).
Again once you feel the tingle it means that the solution is inside at the base of the wart and doing its work. 5 to 10 minutes of tingling should do the work. If it starts to burn then STOP and don't reapply treatment until after itching/healing has lightened. If you have burned yourself then you have wasted time and the treatment. It will still work but you have to stop for some time and not cure all of them. In the Vagina use a tampon, in the Anus use a cotton ball. If you get little black blood spots on the cotton ball or tampon then that means you have killed some warts before they have had a chance to develop, that's a good thing, re-apply those a couple of days later and if no black blood spots means you got them. My problem was.. how far do you go and when do I stop.. It is actually very simple.. Let's start over... Dab the Wart with ACV (Do it on a test wart) You will know its a wart as within a couple of minutes of contact with ACV it will turn white. (If it doesn't then leave it alone and seek medical advice) Once it is white give it about 20 minutes untouched to develop the weak surface (head) then apply ACV until it starts to tingle or sting (tingle = good, sting = not so good as your doing more damage) after a few minutes you will see the base of the ward blacken. Once it has blackened leave it alone and keep it dry. The dark colour or spots mean that the root is dying and just wait for it to drop off by itself. It is not a good idea to rub it off as you may end up with some of the root surviving. Really it will just drop off like a scab in its own time. 3 to 5 days. OK, I was unsure if I missed some on my penis or scrotum etc. so this is what I did... If you don't have hidden warts then when washing with ACV won't hurt or sting unless you get it in your urethra or on your clitoris so be careful. Holding a soaked cloth with ACV about 20 seconds on each area will either reveal as a white spot or a black blood spot on your cloth as this indicates that you need to treat those areas. I must point out that HPV is only one form of Virus that causes warts and in any case do not mean that you have been infected by sexual contact. I would like to stress this. However, in many cases, it can be. Sometimes a lack of good diet of deficiency in Zinc and trigger warts. Warts are Virii and hate Zinc.

I don't know which form I had and the ACV worked a treat though I really burned myself and it lasted over a week to heal and still I suffer with after itching. Don't go mental with ACV, It will work even slowly, slowly without pain. I tried Creams and none worked, I thought it might have been fungal, I tried Tea Tree Oil and it tingled but nothing happened but straight away when using ACV results immediately.

1) Apply ACV (Diluted to your tolerance) test with concentrated with cotton bud on one so that you see what to look for.
2) Head on Wart turns white after a few minutes of contact with ACV.
3) Apply ACV again and within minutes the base of the wart will redden and start to turn black.
4) Don't pick the scab and let it fall off by itself.

Warning.. Be aware that when you treat your anus you need to be able to use this every day so don't burn yourself there. Likewise in your vagina, if you intend to have sex it will be painful if you burn yourself and without having the need to say.. we all have to walk around. I was stuck on the sofa for a week and it was horrible.
Please use my tips carefully and you won't suffer as I did.
Forget numbing creams as it only lasts for moments but if you burn then it will keep coming back. Just don't burn yourself in the first place. Wart Peace my Friends.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lee (Ct) on 06/11/2017

Thank you so much for posting this information for everyone to share and read and adjust to fit their needs! I've been dealing with warts for several months now and they keep multiplying. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor, and petrified of the treatment plans. As a young child, I had plantar's warts frozen off of my toes with cryotherapy and it hurt to walk for days. I was so scared my doctor would suggest either that, or the other topical medications which most people say has a poor success rate. I also didn't feel like having anyone else in my house know or find medication for genital warts somewhere in case I left it out.

I first tried zinc in MANY forms. I read one post where someone was applying it both topically and ingesting it. I tried diaper rash ointment, which has a high concentration of zinc and took several supplements with zinc and b-complex vitamins, as well as others. Needless to say, a month after starting this regime, there was no improvement- only more warts (which had now spread from around my vulva right up to my anus). They itched terribly.

Thank goodness for this site and everyone's experiences with ACV! I gave the ACV a go just to see if it did burn like everyone said and it sure did. It also turned my warts as well as any new growths white in a matter of minutes! I knew this would make a difference. After taking off the cotton balls, everything down there was beyond itchy and irritated. This made it really hard to even walk without looking REALLY goofy. I have a life- a dog to walk, a busy job, and a house to help take care of. I couldn't let this get in the way of treating these little bastards. Because of this, I made a slight adjustment in my regime which I tried this morning...

I purchased some Bactine, which has benzocaine in it (which numbs the skin temporarily). It doesn't contain any skin protectants- it's meant to numb up small injuries and insect bites. I sprayed a few spritzes in my palm and made sure to cover the whole area with it. I then waited a few minutes for it to kick in- then soaked 3 cotton balls in ACV and applied to the anal area. I soaked a maxi pad in ACV and stood up, squeezed my butt cheeks together for the cotton balls and pulled up my undies. Everything held in place and after 20 minutes I felt an itchy/tingling feeling. Not that crazy pain/burn that I felt without the Bactine! SOOOOOOOOO much more bearable! I will update as I continue my regime and I hope this helps someone else get through this who may not otherwise be able to tolerate the pain associated with it.

Replied by Lee

UPDATE-- It is now Wednesday, and after doing the above regime on Sunday, I have some feedback. Until reading everyone's posts about how quickly their warts disappeared, I didn't realize how many (in comparison) I had. They clustered up and made long bunches along the folds of my skin down there, and that will take longer than a week to get rid of. The bactine initially helped with the pain so I could keep the ACV on for longer, but after rinsing everything with warm water then peroxide, it all burned horribly. I was glad I didn't have to go to work because I was walking funny! Bactine can't be used on "raw" skin (unless it's a sunburn...) so after initially using it, you can't use it again until the healthy skin heals. I didn't put a protective barrier on the healthy skin because to be honest, all of this is going on in a very tight area down there and it's very hard to keep separate. That night, I had to air out. My entire crotch area really stung. It was more bearable Monday but I had to be careful after urinating that the urine didn't touch the skin, otherwise it really burned.

I was able, as one reader did, to soak a cotton ball or q-tip (depending on the area) and rub with the Apple Cider Vinegar to dissolve the small ones. The ACV rubbed the small ones around my anus completely off! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. The next day, the area was a bit slimy (the rest of the dead wart tissue coming away) so I would just dab a paper towel with warm water on it, pat it dry with another paper towel, then put some corn starch powder on it. I also had small ones on the sides of my vagina on the outside skin, so I did the same. These also rubbed off in a matter of minutes. The trick is not to get the ACV in the folds of your skin around the warts (which is essentially where the root is) and it's so hard to do! The next day, my entire crotch was VERY swollen and hurt like a bastard- hard to sit down, but it's the tissue's reaction to the burning. You're burning these off- it's going to hurt a little- and WAY better (in my opinion) than having someone else do cryotherapy. My crotch isn't swollen anymore as the tissue had a chance to calm down. The only thing I applied to the area was some corn starch-based powder to help with the moisture.

So, Sunday I was able to rid myself of all the single, tiny and beginning warts just by rubbing with ACV on a cotton ball or q-tip. It did seem to put a halt on the larger areas, so I am going to work on the larger clusters today, but I am protecting the area with olive oil first. If anyone has suggestions for the warts just inside the vaginal opening, I would appreciate your feedback on how you got rid of those. Thank you and good luck!

Replied by Ana

Hi there,

I can help you with an idea about your inward warts. I, like you, unlike most of the readers, have more warts to deal with, a couple of them just at the beginning of the walls of my vagina. My case is not as bad as yours, but I feel your pain greatly as I went full ape s**** on them and left the treatment for 10+ hours/day. You're not alone in your suffering. About your inward ones, what I did last night was I soaked a tampon in diluted ACV - 1:1 using water. When I put it in I only felt a slight sting, nothing as bad. The real pain began when the ACV started dripping down my irritated new skin around my vagina and anal area (I nuked them very fast so I had a lot of raw skin). The next morning the warts on the inside were VISIBLY smaller, 2 of them came off. I could literally scrape half of the growth off with ease. You can rinse out with diluted hydrogen peroxide for the dead tissue to come off easier, I just put some directly on the warts but it ended up being a bit harsh so I definitely recommend diluting it. The tampon with ACV also made me realise I had a yeast infection (I don't get any symptoms when I have thrush, only slight discharge so it's hard to track) so if you have one, it will help. If you decide to use the tampon method, I recommend finding a product that will balance your coochie's PH after you've taken the tampon out, just to be on the safe side. I hope you get rid of them with as little pain as possible.

Replied by Emily

Did anything ever happen with the "inward" warts that you had? Any damage or anything? Infection? I have them internally and don't want to risk hurting myself.

Replied by Iri

I used to have warts in and on my vagina and I didn't know about ACV, but I heard about castor oil and it does work too, but it takes much longer. It took me about 3 weeks of at least 3 times a day, making sure the warts remained entirely covered (and I used pads).

Replied by Ana

As long as you take it slow it will be alright and they will go. Don't make my mistake and go full power, no sense in that.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Thank God For This Forum (Las Vegas) on 06/04/2017

so I had to share my experience because there are far too many doctors just pushing drugs on us instead of really trying to cure us. I actually only thought I had a small wart in my vagina but after coming on this site I decided to be thorough and soak the cotton ball in Apple Cider Vinegar and put it in my anus as well. I really wasnt expecting anything but OMG I apprently had a cluster of an outbreak all around my anus and had no idea. The Apple Cider Vinegar will turn the warts white and make any that weren't visible to the eye stand out. I was devastated and afraid. The treatment burns like hell and I thought that I had surely mutilated my bum and no one will ever want me but I kept reading reviews and followed everyones advice which is to Stick With IT.

If it burns that means its working! You are essentially burning the wart off. After a couple of days it was like greyish slimy discharge and it left what looked like gaping holes Again I wanted to die and thought I burned myself when in fact I had burned all the warts off to the root and now the skin was left.

Ok so now for healing the skin. Its important you really work on your immune system while doing the treatment. I started taking Vitamin E, C, and A as well as started drinking green tea every day and tons of water a day. I also bought organic castor oil and started soaking the cotton in that and stopped using Apple Cider Vinegar for about a week to just heal. I still had a few left but at that point (8 dys after just using only Apple Cider Vinegar on the cotton ball) I would soak Apple Cider Vinegar but Then coat the cotton ball in castor oil. # days of that and then nothing burned anymore. I knew by that point had burned them all away :) I had a very very severe outbreak in my bum and a minor outbreak in my vagina. All in all it took a month of healing to which all the warts were gone and everything looked back to normal.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WORKS but you must be patient, and really be focused on healing. Once you start there is no going back lol so just see it though and you wont regret it. Yall should soak the cotton ball and really check your entire genital area in my opinion as yo might be surprised like I was. better to just deal with it now and get rid of them. I also cant stress using Organic products like castor oil or vitamin E when healing the skin. Personally I have an adverse reaction to tea tree oil so I didnt use it but others have here. Just make sure you heal the sin while also burning off the wart so that you dont have scars. It took me longer to heal because of how much I had to do but Im so happy Im finally free of these things. Best of luck to you all.

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