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Posted by Marie (Regina, Saskatchewan) on 03/17/2012

I met my bf 2 years ago and after 1 1/2 years of fighting and thinking there was something wrong with me of why he rarely wanted to have sex, wouldn't let me touch him during sex and never sex with lights on, never getting undressed in front of me, etc... So I had no clue he had these. Finally he told me he has GW. I was extremely upset and angry that he didn't tell me sooner and I didn't know anything about GW but I got on the comp right away and started searching for info.

My bf had them since he was 18 he said and when he did show me I felt sick to my stomach as to how they looked but I didn't want to hurt his feelings or anything and from what I read on the net I was worried since he hadn't had them taken care of, I thought they could cause cancer. The doc gave him Aldara and they got smaller but didn't go away.. I didn't notice anything on me any different til a couple months ago but now I believe I may have warts myself but can't tell? There's one small white (looks like a pimple) on the inside of my lip, hasn't got any bigger but hasn't gone away.. Also on both sides of my vagina opening I can feel a few tiny bumps but can't see them and they haven't grew or shrunk in size either. I have also another on the bottom of my butt cheek close to the crack which looks like a wart and a skin tag which is larger but doesn't seem to be getting bigger or anything. I went to the doc right after my bf told me about this and the doc said I have no warts and that this larger thing is just a skin tag.. A month or so after that I started having issues with my period so I went to a gyno and I told him everything too and he said it's a wart and wanted to burn it off but I didn't go back cuz that scares me and it's embarrassing. Also I don't want to have this done if it's just a skin tag and could be removed simpler and less painful way. I came across this site and read all these stories of this ACV that has helped many so. I think I will get my bf to try it but I would also like to know if anyone could tell me if I should try this if I'm not 0 sure about me and what it would do if I don't have warts?

Replied by Nikki05
Silver Spring

Are these bumps on the right and left inside parts of your vagina right where it dips in and up? I have bumps there too and I thought they were normal. I tried Apple Cider Vinegar just to be sure and once the skin peeled away I saw teeny tiny yellow bumps there. Years ago my gyno also said they weren't warts but using Apple Cider Vinegar actually made them shrink. I would get a second opinion just to be sure. I went years without treating them because my doctor said they weren't warts. They actually spread and there were a lot more of them once I started treating them. I don't want you to be in the same situation as me. I've come not to trust doctors because I had two doctors look and both of them didn't find genital warts. After treatment with Apple Cider Vinegar I saw at least 75 and I was devastated!!!! Good luck!

Posted by Emma (Pmouth, Uk) on 03/17/2012
4 out of 5 stars

So basically, I never went to the doctors to get diagnosed with GW I have had sex with 8 different people in the space of 2 years I went to the clinic twice in those two years with the all clear. I noticed the lumps quite a long time ago but I thought that it was damaged skin from where I used a toothbrush to masturbate regularly before I was old enough to go buy a vibrator. It wasn't til a few months ago possibly 5 or 6 months that I looked in detail at the area, just to the left of my vagina right at the top in line with my clitoris , a small cluster of clear bubble like lumps I left them for a long time thinking that it's unlikely to have actually contracted something, you never think it would happen to you, right! Well I looked at some google imaged of genital warts and decided that it exactly what I have, I paid £29 something for a cream on the Internet and it still hadn't come 2 days before I was due to have sex with this man I'm seeing.

I read about the apple cider vinegar on this site and at 11pm on Thursday night I put a soaked cotton wool ball on the infected area I didn't feel the burn to begin with I left it there for a couple of hours and took it off to go to sleep, they looked white ish like how your skin looks when you sit in the bath for too long. I woke up early that morning 7.30am and I began the process again left It on there for a good 4 hours they were then dark grey and with my pubic hair disguising them I was more confident to meet my guy that evening. Friday night came and went and all went well with sex- I wasn't found out. I'm now in bed at 11pm Friday night exactly two days later and I have no warts on my vagina I just took a mirror to look, bearing in mind I hadn't put the vinegar on since friday morning, they were a brownish scab and I gently pulled it off revealing slightly rough but healthy skin :) I'm so happy I don't feel it's necessary to tell my sexual partner about this as with warts there's no huge harm as long as you can't see them. I don't care if I have the virus :/ this may seem bad but I can't even imagine telling anyone about this ever! But seriously this treatment is amazing I didn't think it would actually work but 2 days later I'm looking beautiful down there again it's just relieved me so much hope this account helps anyone in a similar situation :)

Posted by Peter (San Diego, Ca) on 03/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am shocked. I was trying castor oil and it could not remove my GW. I stumbled upon this site and could not believe seeing so many positive experience so I bought some ACV at a health store and soaked with cotton ball and band aid, changing bandaid quite regularly as it was weekend. To my shock, by Monday my wart on my shaft went away. It never became white, it became black after couple of days.

Then during the week, I applied to a fairly big one by my pubic hair. I cannot change bandaid so often as I work during the week. And to my shock again, the one by pubic hair has turned black and is almost completely gone. The volume of this one decreased and it is dark and very hard.

Thanks for all who posted reviews as it helped me so greatly. I am forever thankful.

Posted by Brighter Side (Toronto, Ontario Canada) on 02/01/2012

Hi, first of all I want to thank everyone for taking thier time to post thier stories, you all honestly saved me from suicide. I discovered bumps in the entrance to my vagina a few weeks before christmas last year. I got a mirror like most of you did and I examined them. I hadn't heard of genital warts before but I was certain it was something different from the usual yeast infection.

I quickly did an internet search on my symptoms and the answer "Genital warts/HPV" kept re-occuring, I looked at pictures and read up hpv, and I decided to believe that it was different from what I had. I went to see a doctor the very next day, I didn't let him examine me, I told him my description was good enough because I wanted him to tell me it was a yeast infection, I wanted him to commonise what I had, I wanted him to give me drugs that I would take for 2 weeks and that would be the end of it. Well he did, he gave me something similar to canesteen, and I left happy, relieved, but with a nag at the back of my mind. I took the drugs religiously, added vitamins, was extra healthy and the "rash" spread.... Drastically. It was in my vagina, in my anus, at the side of my vagina, leading into my anus, it was a mess. I knew, and I couldn't doubt that it was infact GW.

It took me 2 months but I finally summoned up the courage, and I went to another doctor. I let him examine me and he did a pap smear. I wasn't even surprised when he told me I have the warts. I just told him I want to remove them. He recommended aldara, I couldn't afford it, he wrote a prescription for podofyllum, the pharmacy didn't have that kind. Finally, he wrote a prescription for podofilm, and that's what I got.

I was terrified of the podofilm cos all the search I did on it produced scary results - toxic, seeps into skin, major side effects, very dangerous, ony doctor can use, cancerous.... Etc. I didn't exactly know how to use it, the doctor was very unspecific, he was busy/ it was a walk in. But in all he was very un helpful. All the facts I know about this virus, I read up myself.

Anyway back to my story, I finally used the podofilm but very sparsely, and very carefully. I didn't go near the warts on the inside of my vag cos all the sites instruced against it. I had given up all hope, I was already going through some serious stuff in my life, so I just concluded that this GW was the icing on the cake.

Yesterday night I prayed for death to come, and I was planning on taking a lethal overdose this night until I just decided to check for herbal remedies for this thing. The thing that really helped was reading so many reviews, which told me I'm not alone. Secondly, how many of you have managed to move on, even cure yourselves. I cried because I was happy, I wasn't alone, God hadn't abandoned me, cos I truly believe he directed me to this site.

I went to examine myself for how to use the Apple Cider Vinegar on myself, and miraculously I can't find any of the warts that led from the front of my vagina to my anus. It's crazy, I'm crying as I'm typing cos I feel so much love from God right now. And all of you who took the time to write your experiences. I'm going to use the Apple Cider Vinegar for the ones on the inside of my vagina and I'm positive they will clear. I don't know if the virus wil remain but I know I'm going to clear these warts. I'm going to be positive, and I'll be happy. So all I'm saying is live your life, virus or no, but please try not to spread it to others. I'm sure with time a full cure will be made. And most of all be prayerful.

Replied by H
Lincoln, Nebraska

Did this treatment work for your internal vaginal warts?? How long did you leave the tampon in?

Posted by Onesage (Denver, Co) on 01/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Anyone thinking about ACV rectally? It works and it is a little painful.

The first night I used a dropper and put undiluted ACV in my rectum and went to bed. A few hours later it wanted to come out. The discomfort was the next day durning a BM. I hoped it was worth it but did not know yet. That evening I looked with a mirror and opened my rectum and the wart was half the size. I waited a couple days and used urine to dilute the ACV. I used the solution as a enema and the pain was much less. So if you want to try the ACV rectally please dilute it and you will be happy you did.

Replied by Marie
Cleveland, Ohio

With the removal of the warts gone, is it still possible for them to be transmitted??

Replied by Omgfml
Fresno, Ca

So I was doing some research about STD's (genital warts) mostly! Well I had a skin tag on the crease of my inner thigh! I removed it myself using thread and it just fell off! Well it continued to come back. Next thing I know I'm in the shower shaving and I feel bumps between my vagina and anus... I immediately panic! Get out the shower and start investigating! Anywho yes it fits the description of gw. So I tried Castor Oil and Baking Soda as a paste.... Didn't work! So here I am my second night of ACV! Oh my sweet Jesus does this burn!!!! I noticed this morning a few warts came off do I know for sure the rest will be off my morning! This is the second treatment using ACV soaked in a cotton ball placed over the infected area I left it overnight last night and had somewhat irritation and soarness! Tonight burns a lot more the pain is actually making my stomach feel upset but tolerable! I know this is going to be worth it in the end!!!! I feel hideous having these ugly things! I want my pretty smooth vagina back! I'll post when I get more results!

Posted by Abc665 (Toledo, Ohio, Us) on 12/15/2011

Hi. I was diagnosed with GW about 6 months ago, as well as my long term boyfriend. He had a large cluster under his shaft that completely disappeared out of NO WHERE in a matter of a few months, but unfortunately mine stayed put. Which is quite unfair. So I went to my gyno and got prescribed Zyclara. Which did work once pretty well but they came back a week later, and when I repeated the process they just kept coming back.

My doc said I was going to have to come back to get the burned off, but after reading all the unsuccessful stories on here about people getting them burned off, I decided to do some more research instead and try ACV.

I found it easiest to fold up a few sheets of toilet paper and pour the Apple Cider Vinegar on there and press it against the spot and just lay in bed and hold it there. I tried the bandaid and cotton ball thing but it just killed to rip off the bandaid.

I've done the treatment for 3 days in a row now, morning and night, for about an hour/hour and a half each time. They definitely became white, but never once did I see them turning black or even remotely black? I took a night off from using it last night, hoping that when I woke up maybe they would be black, but they weren't and when I rubbed them the skin just pulled off. Like dead skin almost. I can't really SEE the warts anymore but when I run my finger over the area I can still feel them.

I'm really concerned and don't know what to do from here. Should I just continue over the weekend every morning and night and see if it does more? My boyfriend is on the verge of leaving me because we can't have sex and I need to get rid of them FAST. Should I just be more persistant on using the treatment? Someone please respond to me!

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Abc665, I have talked about this before. BHT is an effective treatment for genital warts. BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] is an effective treatment for all lipid coated viruses and that includes genintal warts. You can read about what fatchs brute has to say about that here, please do note that within one month of using two capsules of BHT per day his genital warts were gone and he acieved NO VIRUS DETECTED results as to his hepatitis C infection. See here:√

Posted by Unknown (Unknown, United States) on 12/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 25 yr old female who contracted hpv from my fiance 5 years ago. That was devastating enough back then but I moved past it quickly especially having no symptoms whatsoever with the virus.. until 3 days ago.

While showering I felt a bump on my perineum above my anus. I immediately got out and looked in a hand mirror and found skin tags surrounding my vaginal opening. It clearly was something std related and seemed to have appeared overnight. I went to the hospital right away - wet hair and all. I was hysterical in the exam room explaining the situation. The doctor checked me out and said to keep an eye on it. Diagnosed me with skin tags and said it probably wasn't genital warts even though I explained that I had hpv.

I didn't believe her, I looked at pictures online and the placement, size and shape were dead on with that of genital warts. Came across this site and decided to take action and try the Apple Cider Vinegar and gentle medical tape. Skipped the tea tree oil to save money.

First night: dipped cotton balls in Apple Cider Vinegar and placed them between my labia against the vaginal opening and against my perineum. Left in for about 2 hours. Not much burning at all, I thought everyone on here was just being wimpy. I checked and the warts had turned white, revealing exactly how many I had. 1 medium tag and some small ones around the opening; plus 3 or 4 trailing down to my anus. great.

Before bed same night: I soaked a tampon in Apple Cider Vinegar and placed it between my labia again in the same spot against the warts. not much burning, I slept fine besides the thoughts racing through my mind..

Woke up next morning: and checked in the mirror, warts were even whiter and some were grayish now. Glad this is working!

That afternoon: I decided to take three cotton balls and really soak them in acv, they were almost dripping. Infact they did drip a bit when I put them in. This session really did it. And this is also where the BURNING came in. 2nd time and twice as much acv. I was whimpering to myself and standing on my tippy toes. The pain did make me queasy but I just stuck it out and it became bearable after ten minutes or so.

After about 2 hours of passing time on the computer and watching tv to take my mind off of it, I pulled the cotton balls out. I'm very sore at this point, jumped in the shower to rinse (still sore but getting relief). I checked in the mirror and now they were black-ISH. Don't take the blackening so literally. Mine were just a darker shade of gray. I rubbed at the warts with a clean finger/small wad of toilet paper and they were wiping off!! THANK YOU GOD. I took the tip of my fingernail and lightly scratched at the surface of the biggest tag, it came right off. as gently as I could I scratched the entire surface off and it was pretty much painless dead skin.

The Apple Cider Vinegar had penetrated the flesh of the warts, making them super soggy. They never scabbed for me, they just wiped away leaving pink healthy skin underneath.

I dabbed a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide on the the affected area to promote healing/kill germs/prevent spreading of the warts.

This is day TWO, two sessions a day and I don't have to see that nastiness when I look in the mirror anymore. I have my beautiful healthy smooth pink vagina back. well sort of! I'm still a little swollen but its going down by the hour.

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experience with this monster of a disease. Good luck and I truly believe Apple Cider Vinegar can work for everyone. If you didn't have luck, you might not have saturated the cotton ball with enough acv. or maybe you didn't have direct firm contact to the warts (your cotton ball slid away or shifted).

I am aware that I still have hpv and the warts could pop up at any time but this has been a very stressful few months. I will make an effort to stay stress free and take vitamins to boost my immune system. I can always repeat this treatment if I need to. It only took two days and about 10 minutes of REAL pain. Was very worth it, I will sleep peacefully tonight with my confidence and self worth intact :)

Replied by Abc665
Toledo, Ohio, Us

See, here's my question. Mine basically did the exact same thing as yours. But now when it comes to having sex again, is there any way to spread them when the skin is all healthy now? Every new partner from then on do you have to explain that you USED to have GW? I just don't get it.

Replied by Same Thing
Richmond, Va

My ob/gyn also said skin tags! I think she saw that I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown and just said that to make it easier for me to walk out of there. She just said to keep an eye on them and see if they get bigger. Well, I grew tired of feeling the little bumps there (right above my anus). It disgusts me. So I researched a bit more online and saw the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment. I just started today and I saw just how bad it REALLY was! They are even closer to the opening of my vagina and I also noticed a larger one on the inside of my labia minora right below my clit... It was impossible trying to secure tape the cotton ball here with tape, and it burned REALLY bad, unlike the small tingling feeling from the Apple Cider Vinegar around my perenium (sp?) Not sure what to do. I am so disgusted with myself. My partner can't really see them himself so he thinks I'm just overreacting. But I refuse to let him see now that the Apple Cider Vinegar has made tons more appear by turning white. I pray this works, and works fast.

Replied by Jess
Nc, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I did the ACV treatment as well. After the second treatment, they were GONE!! It burnt like hell but it worked. Mine never turned black, they also just got light and peeled off leaving a heck of tender skin. I mixed the inside of 2 vit E capsules, coconut oil, and tea tree oil together to soothe the pain. Also, internally I took 2 tbsp of ACV with honey and water daily, vitamin D, collidial silver, and an herbal immune booster. It's best to attack these boogers from both the inside and outside. I don't see any more warts but I will still wipe down the area with ACV every day and at night run it down with coconut and tea tree oil just to be sure. I felt so gross and demoralized with these. But if you are reading this know there is light at the end of the tunnel. :)

I will always have my vitamin regime to keep my immune system on top of things but I hope I don't have to deal with these horrible little warts ever again.

Posted by Bobby (Los Angeles, California, Usa) on 11/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

ACV works!! I had a bump on my penis, just down on the base of the shaft. I thought it was a skin tag so I did nothing about it. Months passed and I noticed another bump on the underside of my shaft. Of course I was freaking out! The first thing I did was some online research and came across the ACV remedy. So I decided to give it a try. First I wrapped my shaft in a paper towel, dampend with ACV. I put another dry piece over top of that and taped it tight. It started to burn but within an hour, little white warts showed up where I thought there were no warts. I re-wrapped it the same way and went to bed. It will burn! After I isolated where the warts were, I took pieces of cotton and and doused them in ACV and put them directly on the warts, almost in the same fashion you would put TP on your shaving cuts. I wrapped and taped it went about my day. When I unwrapped it at night, I took a q-tip with ACV and just inspected them, one came off right away! I repeated that proccess twice daily and a couple days later, they were all gone but one. The stubborn one took about a week to get rid of. One thing to be cautious of is not to let the unaffected skin sit with ACV, it will burn and scab over. It is very potent. Good luck, drink lots of water and think positive.

Posted by James (New York) on 11/20/2011

I am starting the ACV treatment for anal warts. Since I was diagnosed this summer I've spent a lot of time alone thinking about how this happened to me and why I could have been so stupid to not have protected myself. After a good, long, unhealthy period of self-loathing and hatred, I decided to look forward and find a way to resolve this. Only, in the time that's passed, I've noticed a few more little warts pop up.

So I've been reading all over the internet about treatments and almost spent $100 dollars earlier this week on a cream product out there. Needless to say, I was very happy to find this home remedy and am very hopeful that it works.

I'm a young person without health insurance so hopefully this treatment does work. I'm really nervous about the burning and irritation. This site confuses me - it seems as though either this treatment works for everyone who tries it and the burning has done no real damage or those who've been negatively affected have decided to keep mum.

Anyway, rambling here tonight. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress. I don't feel comfortable talking to anyone about this yet in person so I'll confide in these blogs. Hopefully someone like me will find my success story posted in a few days and be able to find some relief and comfort in it.


Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Hello James from New York, A person who goes by fatcha brute has this to say about the use of BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] to treat genital warts. In about one month of using two capsules of BHT per day all of his genital warts were gone AND he had achieved a NO VIRUS DETCTED for his hepatitis C infection. Genital warts are caused by a lipid coated virus as is hepatitis C. This BHT stuff really does work for such viruses and very well. Here is a link to what fatcha brute has to say:

This BHT only costs about 10 to 15 dollars for 100 capsules. Many people have been using BHT with amazing results for a large number of viral diseases. It seems to work very well for genital warts and many other viral diseases....Oscar

Replied by James
New York

Hey there, thanks for the thought. I'm going to stick to the ACV for now. I just saw some posts about the paste. I'll think about using that if this gets too painful.

For an update - I soaked a ripped piece of washcloth in ACV tonight and have that up between mah cheeks, surrounded by a dry washcloth to keep the sheets clean. I'll let this soak all night and hop in an early shower.

I'd love some feedback here - if you are just doing the ACV application (not the paste), how long should you leave the cloth applied. I have a very physical job and I'm worried that I might burn/hurt myself to the point of not being able to work. Can you offer any suggestions/warnings?

I have lotion with aloe - I think I'll try applying that tomorrow if I'm still sore. The area was not sore at all today (first treatment last night) but I only wore the cloth for about 4 hours. Well, looking at the clock, the same will be tonight.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Looking forward to having a much better prognosis tomorrow!

Replied by Mimi
Vancouver, Bc
5 out of 5 stars

I had unsuccessfully tried treating my warts with TTO, aloe vera, and also colloidal silver for three weeks. They were beginning to spread and multiply at an alarming rate, I almost couldn't bear the site of them. One in particular had grown to about a 3cm diameter. Knowing I had to do something, I picked up ACV, castor oil, and extra strength aspirin as recommended on this website.

I made a paste using just a teaspoon of both ACV and castor oil and then crushed about 5 aspirins into it. Applied the mixture with a qtip, then cotton balls soaked in it onto the affected area and left it overnight. I had slight discomfort but nothing painful.

Woke up the next morning, inspected the area. The majority of my genital area with the bumps was an extremely bright white color, which I had expected to happen. Some that weren't visible at first also appeared. After showering and letting it dry, I used qtips and applied hydrogen peroxide to prevent spreading. I then applied TTO and a bit of vitamin E oil, as the areas around the large ones were bleeding a little bit. Then I went about my day as usual.

That night, got home from work, went to the washroom. When I wiped I noticed bits of warts on the toilet paper. I went to check the area out, applied a bit more hydrogen peroxide, and I was completely shocked. Almost ALL of the warts were gone. There must've been at least 20 that rubbed off. Not even a full 24 hours after starting treatment!!

I am going to let the area have a break for a night or two, then resume the ACV paste on the areas that are still affected. Good luck to everyone, and thanks to all who posted their experiences with this remedy I am forever grateful!

Replied by Stellac1
Hoboken, Nj, Usa

12/22/2011: Mimi from Vancouver, Bc: What does TTO stand for? thank you

EC: TTO= tea tree oil

Posted by Inlovekelly (Phoenix, Arizona, Us) on 11/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 22 year old female. I was diagnosed with Genital Wart in June 2011. I was prescribed aldera for 3 weeks it did absoloutely NOTHING!!! I then started under going the acid treatments, which were pretty painful but I wanted to do anything to get rid of these hideous things. I did that for 4 weeks then took a 4 week break and did another set of four weeks, however they still did not go away and they came back worse!!!

I stumbled across some sites that talked about ACV as treatment, I had no idea what ACV stood for. Once I found out I did some research read over 100 stories/post about, googled every site I could find. That same night around 1am I drove to walmart purchased a bottle of ACV $1.17, and thought, well I've already spent over $2,000 in other treatments what could another $1.17 hurt. I will say this was the best decision of my life!!!

The first night I did the treatment I could only do it for 30 min, the next 1hr, the next about 4 or 5 hours. I took a break because I was traveling, however I have noticed that my warts have disappeared faster than ever before, there are still a few left but I am assuming once I start the treatments again they will go away.

DO NOT SPEND MONEY GOING TO THE DR. This is the BEST and CHEAPEST treatment. I will admit it can, no it will be painful, however it will be totally worth it, you will be wart free!!! This was the best thing I could have stumbled across!!!

Replied by Rei
La, Usa

I have been diagnosed with HPV a couple of months ago, had them cauterized but just a month after that I already had a recurrence. I used aspirin/castor oil/ACV on that and it was gone in a couple of days. Sadly, the one that got cauterized also recurred after that. I used the same remedy, it disappeared, healed, but now I can feel that it is coming back again. So, yesterday I decided to just use pure ACV.

I moistened a cotton with ACV and let it stay on the area for 3 hours. I was so surprised to see afterwards that most of the skin turned white. These are not just spots, but the skin touched by the ACV on my vagina opening. I am wondering now if they are really warts or was it because of my skin's (even healthy ones) reaction to ACV?

Anyway, I continued with the treatment today, and much as I avoided removing the whitened skin, it has turned so soft that some got removed when I applied castor oil to soothe it. The same thing happened when I used the ACV/castor oil/aspirin paste before. I never really saw the skin turn black because it fell off while it was still white. Maybe that is the reason why I have another recurrence now, I may have not killed the root.

I will continue with my ACV until I see this new outbreak turn black, like what has happened to others.

I do have a question though. My GYN has been constantly pressuring me to get the vaccine, but will it still work considering that I already have the virus? I do not want to spend a lot of money for something that will be useless. Has any of you taken the vaccine after being diagnosed with HPV?

For internal treatment, I am now taking Vit. C, multivitamins, and lots of homemade yogurt. I am giving myself a timeline for this. I have to be able to boost my immunity enough to get rid of the virus by the end of this year. I plan to get a Pap smear by January and it has to turn out negative for this virus.

Replied by Elise
5 out of 5 stars

Wow!!! I was diagnosed with GW last year, and at the time only had one little wart pop up right between my two "openings" down there. I went and had it burned off with acid, which took care of it almost immediately but with a little discomfort and pain and a BIG price tag. About 6 months later, another one popped up in the same spot. I went to the doctor and was prescribed Aldara, started using it for one night and in the meantime, started researching, reading all the Aldara horror stories, and then came across home remedies and the ACV treatment.

I stopped the Aldara and 3-4 days later started with ACV. I applied a small piece of a cotton ball for only about 15-20 minutes two nights in a row, and on the third morning the wart was GONE! I would recommend before leaving it on all night and making your skin raw, to just try for 15 minutes at a time first. This worked and I couldn't be happier!

Thank you SO MUCH!

Replied by Cindy

OMG! I would never take the hpv vaccine in a million yrs. I did read that it does not work if you already have hpv, but the worst thing is that about 150 young girls have died after getting the vaccine., and some have been paralysed and some in coma, and some got auto immune disease. Do a search on it. Very risky in my opinion.

Posted by Curious And Confused (Western, Carolina) on 09/20/2011

Been living with what I thought to be GW for about 7 years, /-. It looks like a cluster at the base of my shaft half the size of a thumbnail. I read here about the ACV treatment and I tried it. I poured straight(5% acidity) Apple Cider Vinegar over the area, no turning white? No pain? It's been on there for at least 20 mins. And I'm wondering why I have no coloration at all and no burning, not even a slight tingle. Any ideas?

Replied by Mikey
Manassas, Va, Virginia

Maybe you don't have genital warts. I thought I had the same thing but I didn't react with the vinegar so they said it's just me.

Replied by Anon
Anon, Ca

If they're not turning white after 15 minutes or so, you may need to use an emery board on them first. First day I used Apple Cider Vinegar, nothing happened. The next day I used an emery board on them, roughing them up just a bit but not too hard. This definitely did the trick. 15 minutes after applying ACV, they were white. I got this tip from another site that said some warts, and older warts need emery boarding in order for the Apple Cider Vinegar to penetrate.

Posted by Going To Try It (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 08/25/2011

Hi there, Jan of 2011 I noticed a small bump on between my vagina opening and my anus. I had a funny feeling that it was going to be GWs. However I ignored it ( SO STUPID ). In June 2011 ( 5months later) I went to get my yearly pap test and had my dr look at the bumps. She told me they were skin tags. I was not satisfied with her answer, as I thought it was something more. I went back at the beggining of Augest 2011. She told me that yes in fact they had grown into warts. At this point I had 2 on the left and 3 on the right. She has been using an acid treatment for the past month, I have been going back once a week. The acid has got rid of the 3 on the right. The 2 on the left are still there at this point but much smaller. I have noticed more bumps come up with in the last week. I am going to pick up ACV tonight and I will post how everything goes.

Posted by Acv-wart-aloe (Eugene, Oregon) on 07/29/2011

A couple weeks after getting dumped, I got a surprise... I discovered a little bump on my anal/rectal area, thought it could be a h'roid. In just a few days, there must have been 100 bumps, and my whole anal area (between the cheeks) was covered. They came on strong and fast.

Since they didn't look like the "cauliflower" shape of a wart, I was nervous it was some other STD. Good reason to get all the STD tests again, which all came back "normal" but a doctor cut-off a piece of wart tissue and confirmed they were warts. She scheduled a much more extensive procedure to cut/burn them all. Even with "insurance" the procedure was going to cost me $$$ a small fortune. Plus I couldn't get an appointment for about two weeks!?!

I read up on Earth Clinic, and decided ACV and Aloe Vera was definitely worth a try.

I'd take a shower and clean my rectal area with Dial bar soap. I'd very gently pat dry. Then I took a small hand-towel, soaked in straight (generic 5% acidity) ACV, folded handcloth in half, and placed in between my butt cheeks. Oh glory did it burn, but I felt some crazy vibe of relief in it. I removed the towel after about three hours, and everything was a bit tender. Sure enough, the bumps all turned white. I rinsed off in the shower, then liberally applied some Aloe Vera gel, which cooled and soothed the tenderness.

The next night, I did the same thing with the towel and ACV, but could only endure the burn about 20 minutes, and then jumped in the shower to rinse off. I tried it a third time, but after maybe only two minutes this time, I just couldn't take it, and had to rinse off again.

My anal region was really red and irritated, but over the next few days, the warts kept turning blackish-blue and falling out.

I let it rest a week, using the Aloe Vera gel, until the ACV "burns" had cleared up. Then I did the ACV-soaked towel treatment two more nights, but this time there was no burn, and I was able to leave that towel in-between my cheeks for the whole night.

This was working so well, I canceled my expensive procedure, and used the ACV twice more in the next week, both times for several hours.

It's been a few months now, and there's no been relapse. My anal area is completely free of any warts. I also soaked all my underwear overnight in ACV, then washed in hot water. Once your doctor confirms you got genital warts, I would highly recommend at least trying ACV and Aloe Vera gel, before you spend good money on some expensive, ineffective, or dangerous procedure.

And I'd bet you they don't say anything about trying ACV! Thanks to everyone here in the Earth Clinic community for promoting all these "common sense" cures.

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I found it difficult when trying to do my whole shaft to get a paper towel to stay after it was soaked so I found if you fold the towel up dry, wrap it around your shaft, use medical tape around it to hold it relatively tight, then slowly pour the ACV on it will soak the towel just the same but not nearly as messy and frustrating. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by 4guys (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 07/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

ACV I love you!

First let me thank all the peope that took the time to share there storys. Having an STD is not fun and because of you I am healed and feeling better than I have in a long time! Thank you so much!

Okay, I'm am excitied to say that organic in the raw apple cider vinagar really works for eliminating genital warts. And it works well, I'm talking I saw results in 24hours. Not gone but going. First they turn white 24hrs, then black 48hours then scab over and fall off. (don't pick or scratch off) should be clearing up in a week and just keep treating to be safe. You don't want these awful things coming back. Wash after the treatments.

Here is how I applied the ACV. I wetted a papertowel with it. Folded it in half. Wrapped my junk in it *( MAKE SURE NOT TO GET IT IN THE PEE HOLE ) bad bad! It will burn like fire. So, wet towel wrapped around shaft not so much the tip(cover the base well) * ALOT OF WARTS I COULD NOT SEE EMERGED THERE. You want to get it all! Then wrap in pastic wrap. It sticks to itself well and will keep your pants drier. I used two pieces one wraped around the shaft with the towel and then one with a hole pulled down around the base to stop leaks. I sat and tried to keep it pointing up. To keep the vinagar out of my pee hole and to keep the papertowl from slipping off my shaft. That is it. Keep it on as long as you can. I wanted mine gone as fast as possible. So if you got the time get some movies and sit your butt on the couch and get rid of your warts. After the first 24 it started to burn when I would reapply but so what! The warts were dieing and that was a good burn to me. I know that this doesent work for everyone :( but it absolutly worked wonders for me.

Thanks again everyone, good luck to those to try. And thank you ACV you are a real natual wonder!!!

Posted by Shannon (San Antonio, Texas, United States) on 07/06/2011

Just want to let everyone know that you can absolutely cure genital warts with apple cider vinegar. All you do is soak a tiny piece of cotton to cover each wart. Then hold them with silk tape or derma-bond transparent gauze. Leave for 12 hours each night. You should start seeing a change in color by the 2nd night. Don't stop until they're all gone. If you have internal warts dip a tampon with Apple Cider Vinegar and insert into vaginal or anal cavity until you start seeing pieces of dead warts come out. Do not do this more than 7 days. Don't be scared. Acv is non toxic to tissues although it will be painful internally. Also, don't believe those who say they're non-curable. Once you are wart free, wait 3 months before having sexual intercourse to be sure you're cured and to avoid transmission. How does it work? It just does!!!

Replied by Miya
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I agree Shannon! This is how I cured my genital warts as well. I had genital warts 2 years ago and have not had an outbreak since. I went to the doctor and they said I had warts and so they said I had genital warts and they applied this solution to it to make the warts fall off. Beforehand, I had been doing the Apple Cider Vinegar solution soaking cotton balls into the solution and taping them to the warts before I went to bed. I would apply cotton balls in between my vaginal opening so as to not let the Apple Cider Vinegar burn and irritate the vaginal lining in my sleep. I applied the cotton ball solutions for about a week or 2 weeks before going to the doctor. Not only that but every morning, I would apply an ACV and alcohol solution mix to the warts as well. It burned but it was a good burn because it got rid of the warts faster and made them fall off. Not only that but I upped my intake of vitamin c and zinc and also practiced the law of attraction. Now when I go to the doctor and get blood tests or any kind of testing, the genital warts virus does not show up at ALL!!! Thank you it is truly a miracle!!!

Replied by Joe
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I have a question about the last part of your post. Is there really a way for genital warts to show up in blood tests and such? Because I was thinking that after I get rid of the actual warts, I would go back to my doctor for regular check ups to see if I had fought the virus, but I wasn't sure how to do that. I was told there wasn't a way to test the hpv in your system? So you just got blood tests done?