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Apple Cider Vinegar for Genital Warts

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mary (Milwaukee, WI) on 02/23/2023

Apple Cider Vinegar for GW - Did It Too Long

Okay. So I found a few small warts. One in my inner butt cheek, one on my outer labia and one on the mons. I OVERDID it. This forum has been my go to because of the honestly. I did not dilute the apple cider vinegar and did 3 nights of cotton balls taped with paper tape. It was too long and too strong. But I wanted immediate results!! Ugh I have 2 painful ulcer like wounds around the places where the warts were…. I think they are gone but the skin is so damaged I have no idea… I also went balls to the walls and slathered my whole nether regions with 10% zinc sulfate… also prolly should not have done this. I have not been able to walk straight or sit down. I'm currently airing my bay out wearing a robe. I'm still using coconut oil… but I found similar reaction of TONS of zit like bumps everywhere but especially where the tape was located. I have these tender bumps allll over there. I'm at first freaking out thinking is the the start of new warts. Not sure. But they all have white heads on them so even as an RN I don't trust what I'm seeing on my own body. I'love been downing vit c and ordered oral liquid zinc supplements I'm going to start taking to get at the root of my immune system. Thank you every one who shared their story. It really was helpful. But yeah use the vinegar like they stated 10-15 min at least start so you don't end up like me my sad vag.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Reikic (Detroit, Michigan ) on 05/31/2016

Hi I need advice or feedback please!

I've been treating either a little wart or molluscum on shaft of penis. It showed up after a few months of having one below my belly button.

A week ago I started with Apple Cider Vinegar 24/7. It started off getting white and puffy per usual. After a few days it turned black. Then it started to get loose and peel. I simply "helped in just a bit and it came off leaving a crater. This is where I get confused!

The skin in the crater was white. I kept doing ACV on it only at night, and during the day running coconut oil and tree oil on it.. The crater was the size of a pencil eraser. This morning when I removed the bandage I have the size of a dime all covered in White!!! Now I'm scared! I thought this was working. Why did the diameter get so much bigger? Should I continue the ACV? Or is this a common reaction to an open wound from the ACV?

I just don't understand after a week why the diameter just got so much bigger in solid white!

Please as much feedback from all you will help me!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Immunity Man (Cleansville, China) on 04/02/2009

My penis look like its been dragged from the rubble of a war zone. 2 spots deep red and 4 times bigger than the original warts. and others with burn areas that were starting to scab. So I decided against taping up for another night and just dabbed the spots with ACV for about 10 minutes. Turned white instantly. Washed with H2O2. then put Aloe vera gel on which settled down the burn. Just hoping that rubbing in the aloe didn't spread the virus into the area with the ACV burn. Will see how it looks in another day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Edward_VonRiddenburg (Rochester, NY) on 03/15/2009

Q: How SAFE is it to use the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV w/ 5% acetic acid) on one's penis ESPECIALLY the head/glans? I am talking about prolonged and direct application for hours relative to the removal of warts.

I soaked a piece of cotton in Heinz ACV and let it sit on the head of my penis for approx 3 hours - the result was want seemed like an inch or so of skin erosion/raw skin and now it is severely dry and painful/scabbed over (foolishly I was testing the area for warts and decided 'what the hell' let me just leave it on, stupid i know!).

Now, am very fearful I have done permanent damage to the glans of my penis and will suffer severe sensation loss.

I guess my overarching question is - will it heal and will all sensation be restored as there seems to be a lack of information on this subject across the net.

Thank you all for any help or guidance you can offer as am pretty distressed about this!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Nikki (Somewhere, PA) on 02/22/2009

well, i posted the other day about using AVC, and I had to stop! I did three days and my vagina is swollen and raw. I think my sweat glands are inflamed because it does not look like warts.) located on the right side of the vagina opening) The raised skin area is very sore, raw and chapped. I think i over did it on the ACV. I was wondering if anyone has had similar effects from AVC. any help would be great! just want to be sure that is not warts or if so then should i continue the acv?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Surf (Down South, Central America) on 01/23/2009

Apple cider vinegar for genital warts.

Hi. I'm going through a divorce and have been 'dating' since moving out of the house. I noticed what looked like a couple of genital warts in December.

My girlfriend had to take a trip, so I thought I'd give ACV a try. I didn't find this site until after I'd botched the treatment. I drink a little ACV everyday, so it didn't occur to me how strong it really is. I soaked a cotton pad that was in contact with my shaft and head for about 2 nights, then just a pad on my shaft for a couple more nights. Needless to say it was painful and I've developed infections under the head, on each side of the glans, I believe it's called. I didn't use HP nor did I use antiboitic creams, until after I stopped with the ACV, which is when the infections developed. I am now using a couple of different creams that seem to be slowly working in clearing up what look like acne pimples. The ACV also burned some of the skin near the bottom of my shaft, which turned black, then white, and the white is almost all gone. The new skin seems very sensitive and sometimes develops pimples that go away in a day or two. I'm hoping that everything clears up soon. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Any advice? I plan to keep up with the creams until everything is cleared up. I'll post my results. Thanks. I'm not sure how I'll tell my girlfriend. What I've got now looks a hell of a lot worse than a couple of warts.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jamie (Vancouver, BC/Canada) on 12/20/2008

Well, I've been trying the ACV method for the first time for about a week now to hopefully rid myself of genetal warts. It seems to be working based on the comments and stories I've read on here, however, the pain and stinging from the ACV has become too unbarable and I've had to stop for (hopefully) a couple of days. I'm uncircumsized and have one wart on the head of my penis where the shaft and head meet (forgive me for not knowing the term) and a couple of small ones under the foreskin on my shaft that I couldn't see untill I started treatment. My problem is that they're all covered by my foreskin which makes treating them difficult and my skin got all irritated (hence why I'm stopping for a couple of days). I've tried using one guys 3 week method of wrapping my entire penis in ACV soaked paper towel and covering it with plastic wrap (this helped find the small ones) I clean the area with HP and use vitamin tea tree oil creams to help the healing. I guess the questions that I'm asking is, by stoping treatment for a couple of days, is it going to bring me back to square one? Are there any other guys that could offer some advice who have the same problem? Thank's in advance.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Devastated (Vegas, Australia) on 12/02/2008

I tried ACV for my very small genital warts at the opening of my vagina, i used a cotton ball overnight for two nights and for the last three days I have devleoped a very nasty itchy and painful rash down there! It's worse than the warts!! I have been cleaning it with tea tree oil and using vit e oil but it doesnt seem to be getting better! I'm devastated cuz I was really hoping for the ACV to get rid of my little warts and now i'm suffering a bigger problem. Has anyone else had this reaction? Is it that I've burnt my skin with the ACV? God I hope it heals soon.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Adam (Blair, Oregon) on 10/20/2008

I heard about using apple cider vinegar to remove genital warts, and after trying to have them frozen off numerous times with little success, I figured I would go ahead and try it. I applied it to a cotton ball and taped it to my penis. It seemed to work great, except I couldn't find a clear direction on how long to apply it for. Unfortunately, I kept it on too long overnight damaging all of the skin on my penis which caused scabbing for a very long time. Even worse, these scabs have fallen off and left me with a giant patches of scarred skin on my penis that is much lighter in color than the surrounding flesh.

This cure did work to remove the warts, but I replaced them with scars that are even uglier!! Does anybody have any advice on healing these scars? The only cures I can find are directed at lightening dark scars, whereas my scar is very light color and the surrounding skin is much darker. I need to get rid of these!! :(