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Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jerryonly (California) on 11/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I need to pay forward. I discovered quite a number of little reddish bumps on the shaft and base of my penis some weeks ago, and at first thought it was just ingrown hairs from shaving, but then, they didn't seem to go away readily. So, I went to the doctor eventually and he said it was too tough to tell. He prescribed some ointment (which cost over 50$) for the folliculitis, i.e. ingrown hairs. Long story short, it wasn't that. It was what I didn't want.

I read here that warts would turn white upon contact with vinegar, and they do. They almost immediately become inflamed and will stand out. This will likely frighten you. If you have a lot of them, its going to look bad. I had more than 30, so it looked very bad. My heart sank. I thought my life was over. Everything I read said that there is no cure and it could take up to ten years to go away on its own. I wanted to cry. With everything else I am going through in my life, I considered suicide. I have a new love-interest who lives in another state, and I was terrified that I would have to explain to her that I can never have sex and that my equipment is damaged and ugly. With great reluctance, I bought a jar of Apple Cider with mother. Reading all these reviews, I wasn't sure how to begin, particularly because the dosages and treatments vary so much from review to review. Some of the reviews aren't so well-written, and some of them are written by humans who may not be so pragmatic.

So, because I had little regard for myself in the first place, my approach was aggressive. I used a gauze roll soaked in ACV and taped it on with stick-to-self wrap. The first treatment was relatively painless--A slight burn. I left it on for about 6 hours. Sure enough, they had turned bright white. One had even turned black. I felt a little more hopeful. The second treatment was horrid. I left it on over night. Its enough to make you groan and shiver with pain. The next morning, most of them were black. I was in so much pain that I could barely put my socks on. I decided I needed to heal before another treatment. I came back and read some more threads that suggested less intense treatments.

I decided to do some spot-treatments of the ones I missed with waterproof bandaids and cottonballs. It all just became too painful, and I decided that I would resume all treatments once I was fully healed. From there, I focused on healing. I used Hydrogen Peroxide in the shower to dissolve loose skin. It looked like a dog chewed it for fun. I used A&D ointment and also tea-tree oil. The tea tree oil is great--Gives immediate relief from the pain. I also started an intense supplement regimen. Vitamins A, D, E, C, K. B-12, Folate (as methylfolate) and Garlic. Zinc, and Magnesium. I also started adding ACV to my water, and drinking PLENTY of it.

It's been two days, and here's the deal: The warts are 100% gone. The few that I had planned to come back to are gone. I have to wonder, maybe I could have treated this whole mess with only the supplement program, and saved myself the pain. I'll be honest, I don't really care, I am just relieved that they are gone and it looks as though I will have normal equipment by the weeks end.

For those keeping score, I dealt with a really severe case in one week---Treatment to healing. It also pays to know that I am very active. I am a long-distance runner and obsessed with nutrition. I do plenty of pro-biotics including Kombucha and Sourdough. I eat a daily salad. My metablolism is likely faster than most of the reviewers here, and I highly recommend exercise and tons of sleep. Get some bennedril, and knock yourself out for 18 hours and let your body do its thing.

Don't go bonkers like I did with the ACV right away, Its brutal stuff. In the end, I am spending more time healing from the ACV damage than the warts themselves. Settle down. This isn't a big deal. If you've only got a couple, use band-aids and q-tips. If the area is larger, maybe cotton balls. Wrapping your entire equipment like I did should be used only for very severe cases, and by particularly tough individuals. In other words, try getting a grip. Take some deep breaths, listen to some positive music and know that this isn't a big deal, and be careful with the ACV. Its okay. 85% of the population has this, and there is a legitimate cure.

Here's what I should have done:

1. Get your immune system operating on full capacity with a vitamin regimen, exercise, probiotics, sleep, and plenty of water with ACV.

2. Start ACV treatment in one spot at a time for short intervals---1-2 hours max.

3. Heal. Tea-tree. Coconut oil. A&E. Be nice to your equipment. Its not it's fault. Just because this is a 'natural' remedy, doesn't mean it isn't aggressive. Its brutal. Okay? It works. It more than works, it literally NUKES them, and fast. If you've only got a little gang of thugs, don't use a nuke to kill them. A simple hand-grenade will do the trick.

4. Be positive. Settle down. Don't be ashamed. Handle it. Its okay. Go to work. Do your life.

5. Get tested, and tell your partner. Yes, eventually, when my equipment looks beautiful again, I will have to do the right thing, and tell her. If she's a good person, she will understand. I recommend getting vaccinated after the infection is completely cleared, and I will have to recommend to my partner that she does as well before we become intimate. Don't be dumb, and if you know where you contracted it, you might consider calling them and explaining how your beautiful equipment became Chernobyl, despite the fact that you can contract HPV using a condom, just as I did. It simply infects the uncovered areas, and If you're unaware that you're infected, and are masturbating etc, you'll spread it like wildfire. You might even tell said ex-lover about ACV treatment, and direct them to my review.

That's all. Like I said, I thought my life was over. I was skeptical, because I am a pragmatic scientist. I don't tend to put faith in 'natural' remedies in general, but now my only regret is going to the doctor at all. They won't help you. The treatments available are ineffective and take a very long time. My relief today, is palpable. The sun is shining, and so am I. If you're reading this, and losing your mind and feel like crying, just know I wish I could hug you right now. I would tell you to look at me, and settle down. I would tell you its not a big deal at all. I would tell you that you're a good person and that these things happen, and that in a week or two, you'll be right as rain. If you're scientific like I am, you might even almost enjoy this process because it is quite interesting.

Godspeed. Chin up. Small *bumps* in the road--pun intended.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by L (Uk) on 10/17/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to say thank you to all you brave people who have shared your experiences on here. I am a 51-year-old recently divorced woman (married for 30 years) who caught genital warts from the first man I slept with, and I only had sex with him once. Now that's bad luck! I literally noticed my first wart, 4 months later, as a tiny pinhead sized pimple, but I'm very aware of my body and I knew it was something new. By the time I got an appointment at the STI clinic I had grown another one.

At my first visit the lady froze everything she believed to be a wart, and has told me to come back next week but I'm very proactive and I do believe in home remedies so I have been having baths with apple cider vinegar Teatree Bicarb of soda and castor oil and soaking for as long as I can I've also been putting raw Braggs apple cider vinegar directly onto my vagina with a cotton wool pad and leaving it on for about 15 minutes. (Yes I have burnt myself!)

The first tiny wart that I found has now dropped off, the second one is looking a bit sick but I came up with some new tiny weenie little pinhead ones that have now disappeared, clearly because of the a ACV! I now think I've come up with one on my anus which is lovely!!! But to be honest I am not letting this get me down and you shouldn't either. It's just warts! It's not the end of the world they will go away and your immune system will suppress the virus eventually and you will not pass it on! Chickenpox is a virus when you catch it you are extremely contagious but your body fight the virus and suppresses it and even though you will have that virus for the rest of your life you will not pass it on, genital warts is exactly the same principle!! I am literally 2 weeks into my experience and I'm determined to stay positive I will get rid of these little fuckers and then get on with the rest of my life! And even at the ripe old age of 51 I've learnt a very important lesson, to respect my body enough to only share it with someone I really really care about, Because that one shag for fun was absolutely not worth all this!!!!

Good luck my lovelies, and stay positive! Xx

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Crusher (Philippines ) on 09/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

They say if something good happens to you, you have to pay it forward. That's the reason for me writing this review, so that others can benefit from it. Yes, Apple Cider vinegar works. I was hesitant at first but I can't afford the very expensive procedure that the doctor is asking from me (some doctors these days will just leech your money and have already forgotten their Hippocratic oath. It's sad but it's true). The good news is that ACV costs a mere fraction of what doctors are requiring. And you can save yourself from the humiliation because it's readily available at the grocery.

Here are the procedures I did:

  1. Pour Hydrogen Peroxide to the affected area for disenfection.
  2. Dab a Qtip with ACV (get one with "the Mother", just enough that it won't leak to unaffected areas. Hold it down to the wart. Be careful not to touch healthy skin for it will also burn. During the first day, I didn't feel any sting yet but the wart will turn white. Press on the wart for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. After pressing on the wart with ACV, pour Hydrogen peroxide again to keep it bacteria free.
  4. Do this procedure twice a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening. The sting will begin when the skin is already burned and open by ACV. Just tolerate it for it is bearable. Better endure it than being miserable.
  5. When the wart turns grey or black, it means it is dead. Stop the ACV treatment. For me it just took 3 days because mine was just small ones (not bigger than pieces of rock salt).
  6. Now you will start to heal the burned skin. It will leave a white open wound.
  7. Pour Hydrogen Peroxide to the wound. Then wipe it dry with a tissue paper.
  8. Massage the wound with Virgin Coconut Oil twice a day. Leave it after massaging, don't wipe it dry. Believe me, Virgin Coconut oil is also a God send because when I woke up one day it already healed the wound as if nothing happened. I think it only took 3 days after I stopped the ACV and started the VCO treatment when it healed.

That's it. It is quick, inexpensive and it works! I hope this helps someone who is as devastated as I was when I realized I got these warts. But cheer up, God and mother nature also sent some magic.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Traceface (Monroe, La) on 11/11/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and genital warts. WHAT A LIFE SAVER!!! About a year ago I discovered a skin tag near my perineum and just assumed it was a mole from rubbing and wearing thongs. 6 months after that I came to a stressful point in my life and began smoking marijuana / weed on a daily basis. About 3 months into my smoking habit, I discovered another skin tag near my perineum and one month later I discovered what I thought were hair bumps on my labia started multiplying. I was in denial at first because they never looked like cauliflower! But the spread of these flat bumps in my vaginal area and the skin tags all made me suspect warts. I went to an obgyn who said they didn't look like warts and directed me to a dermatologist for removal. I tested negative for hpv and never had abnormal paps so I was confident that this was just a coincidence and I was free from HPV and maybe it was just another skin condition. WRONG!! The dermatologist confirmed I had a case of warts that was from a sneaky strain of HPV and I caused it to spread due to shaving and smoking weed!!! The marijuana compromises the immune system and was no longer to suppress this virus that apparently could have been in my system for years!!!

I immediately stopped smoking, drinking, and began exercising and eating healthy, taking vitamins and supplements. After 3 months of going in every 2 weeks for cryotherapy, my warts continued to spread and I would go to get the new tiny ones burned off. I got tired of it never being an explanation of why I couldn't beat this outbreak regardless of being super careful and working on my health. It was starting to effect my relationship.

I found these posts on earth clinic and the ACV cleared everything up within days!!! I used cotton pads soaked in the Apple Cider Vinegar which initially revealed I had dozens of tiny little warts that were most likely ready to pop up to the surface and reveal themselves in the coming weeks. They only showed after maybe 20 minutes of the ACV. I realized It would be impossible to "spot-treat" my warts. I've come to learn that I have a complicated vaginal area and the typical rules never work for me.

Anyway, I began covering my labia with 4 cotton pads to attack all of the invisible warts because they all started peeking out once the vinegar was applied. I used organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. Anyway I would put on a maxi pad to hold the soaked cotton pads in place and I kept it on for 4 hours each night for 4 nights. After the 4 hour treatments I would get in the shower, wash gently and spray with peroxide to kill any lingering traces of the virus. Then after shower I would slather aquaphor on to soothe my burning skin. Each day the warts would do the white, grey/black, then fall off and reveal pink. Gradually there were less and less until the 4th night when there were no more but I did the treatment one last time just to kill more of the virus. In the following nights I applied aquaphor daily to heal the skin and things were perfectly normal in a matter of weeks. If I would have kept pouring my money into that dermatologist I would have been making her rich. She never did anything to reveal the hidden warts that may have been just below the surface or too small to be visible. I would have been going in to get cryo for months, years even!! And when I went back to her cleared up she asked how I did it. I told her about the ACV and she said to be careful because it's not safe. That's BULL!!! DOCTORS JUST WANT YOUR MONEY AND LOYALTY. THE REMEDIES FOR HEALING ARE GIVEN TO US BY THE EARTH AND NATURE!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Herbalove (California) on 08/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, everyone! My experience with GW has been fairly minuscule compared to others, but as an affected person I wanted to share my ACV story to join in the community and encourage others who will look at this site in this year and those to come.

The first GW I noticed was in middle school, never having been sexually active. They were on the upper part of my inner labia near my clitoris. Tags and clusters that were small but became larger, mainly the tags. I experienced some tenderness and soreness during their growth and even sores at their bases, but these symptoms faded rather quickly and the growths did not continue. I decided if it appeared "serious" I would get help but otherwise put it out of my mind.

Over the years the GW remained. Depending on my health (compromised immune system, blood pH levels, and any chemicals and toxins from the environment or food sources) I noticed my warts would become inflamed, tender, sore, and even grow, sometimes sprouting new GW.

To curb this I decided to live and eat a healthier lifestyle which has significantly helped over the years even though I did nothing directly to the GW. Over time they became less sensitive, greyed, and even blackened. Some fell off but many still remain but are very, very small.

A while back I noticed a soreness forming one side of my inner labia. It was just one GW and I had been through this before, so I did my best not to irritate it but did no direct treatments. The symptoms ceased and the wart became desensitized enough that I could not notice it.
Once again I decided to do nothing about this condition of mine. That all changed recently.

A felt a soreness near my anus and at the base of my outer labia after having sex with my partner. At first I thought that we had just been a bit rough during sex. The thought of GW lingered in my mind in the following days. I kept watch and sure enough over the next few days the growths formed. The ones on the base of my outer labia are small clusters while the four at my anus are broad flaps. I have also always been skeptical of the tissues at the entrance of my vagina. One at the base of the whole has become rather plump as well. Left untreated I'm sure the GW would form into clusters and tags, and possibly continue growing whereas previously I had been fortunate enough in that regard.

So I'm here to jump on the ACV healing bandwagon for my self diagnosed HPV infection. Whether this is a reoccurring strain or a new one (my partner had been with one other woman and some time later she told him that she had contacted an STD from another partner that she was with). Either way, with how extremely common this is, and with so many people having the GW STD but having nothing to show for it, I could have gotten it from anyone. And not to mention, how did I even get it in the first place? I was a middle schooler! Haha

In the beginning of my research (a few hours) I was going with an organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic tea tree oil, organic lavender oil, organic oregano oil, and organic sulfur compound but after reading everyone's stories here I really wanted to give ACV a go! I bought the organic ACV (organic is my preference and works best with my body) and some hydrogen peroxide. Both for under $10.

I consider myself to be in a precarious situation. I could be celibate for life without issue. However I do currently have a partner and very much enjoy the exchanges we have. I don't want to jeopardize him and I want us to have more fun times together. Additionally, I'd really like to have a youthful looking vagina again. Although my growths were never to the point that any previous partners were perturbed or even gave it a second thought, until the last growth phase. And I really should have exercised more caution with them. Shame on me for that.

Anyways, on to the good stuff!

First, I washed the affected area in the shower with my organic tea tree oil body wash. I think it'll also help and has always been soothing to my body. After that I took a hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton swab to the affected areas. Application did burn a little however. I limited the hydrogen peroxide specifically to the outmost GW and not the ones at the entrance of my vagina, as that area is far too sensitive to deal with atm (actually, I just need to dilute the doses but one step at a time)

Second, I followed up by dabbing ACV on the GW with a Q-Tip. This burned a little too but knowing that this wasn't nearly enough from recommendations from everyone here and also for how ambitious I was feeling I went ahead and doused a cotton ball in ACV, non diluted, and stretched it so that when applied it'd touch all affected areas and nestle nicely without having to tape it in place. This burrrrned! I sucked it up and bore with the pain, taking the swab away when it was too much then putting it back on after the pause until I was able to tolerate it. It also subsided to a tolerable level but was still present. Sitting correctly was a problem for the first few moments as the added pressure was too much, but that too I was able to do in time comfortably.

After about an hour or so when I noticed the ACV was not burning as much (no pain no gain right? haha) I decided to change out the swab. Lo and behold those GW suckers were white. I knew it! The bastards! Argh! Haha (Admittedly, they were already a bit white before I started any direct treatment. I believe that's my immune system at work.) Thoroughly happy, I touched up with hydrogen peroxide again then applied a new ACV swab. It was a repeat of the first time, but with a bit more intensity before everything settled. I've had this swab in for about 6-7 hours now and as it is not stinging as greatly I'm minded to change it now so that it's comfortable enough for an overnight duration, as well as to check on my progress! Hee~

Just got back from the latest treatment and can confirm, the stuff is working. The GW are not just white, but have a greyish hue. Additionally, I can see small dots or ghastly white patches where the virus was but I had not been able to see them before. I'm glad I decided to swab a general area instead of just the visible growths to get a better understanding of my situation. The white seems to be at the entrance to my vagina as well, but it's hard to tell because of my normal fluids. I took pictures.

This time was the third application today and since I am going to bed I decided to give a bit of care to my skin. As I washed with my tea tree oil bodywash I noticed that the GW were tender, particularly at the base where they were rooted. I took care not to jostle them too much. Out of all symptoms I've ever had mine have always been relatively minor, only unbearable if significantly aggravated by friction, chemicals, etc. Then, I generously swabbed up with hydrogen peroxide. This had almost no bite at all. I decided to let my skin breathe a bit and the solution to dry before applying the cotton swab.

After forming the swab to my satisfaction I doused it with coconut oil, then ACV, then tea tree oil, and finally lavender oil. I'm not happy at the thought that this may have diluted the ACV too much, but I really want to nourish my skin at least a little in this process. I also believe that the antibacterial and antimicrobial agents in the various additives I added will make up for the loss of ACV. Since sleep is very important I don't want to miss out on that because I'm too uncomfortable, or wake up to a dreadful pain. haha It may happen anyways, but ya can't blame a girl for trying. Ha!

This swab went on with a lot less pain. I thought it wasn't rooted enough so I fiddled with it after which there was a bought of more intense pain, but still not the most painful I have felt thus far. Possibly the least at fresh application. I did a happy dance till the pain became tolerable. It also dulled in a good amount of time. I'm already sitting comfortably on my bum right now about 10-15min after and will be able to sleep with ease.

I'm excited to see what happens in the following days. To anyone browsing this page I hope the recent and older testimonies from so many people will give you as much understanding, joy, peace, hope, and vigor as it has given me. This situation has been daunting to me but now I feel like I can power through it all! My partner doesn't believe that this will work, he'd rather I go to a physician which I do not want nor have the money at the moment to see. Too much money! No real cures, treatments that get to the root of the cause! The mistaken belief that average people are too dumb and able to handle their own ailments with tried and true techniques spanning centuries! I won't buy into that mumbo jumbo. If someone is trying to pressure you out of doing this ACV healing I hope you won't either. Prove it with science or see it for yourself I always say.

Lastly, a few tidbits:

1. Stay positive. GW are caused by a virus, a virus that our bodies were made and equipped to completely eliminate even below the surface. You're -not- alone and you -can- do this. We're all in it with you! <3

2. Stay healthy. Make sure that your blood pH is not acidic. Exercise. Eat organic and as raw as you can, avoiding sugar which acts similar to cocaine in our bodies and feeds bacteria and yeasts while tainting the blood. Find an organic supplement drink/shake. Add some supplements (vitamins-- D, A, E, C, K; and minerals-- zinc, colloidal silver, organic sulfur; and algae-- spirulina, chlorella, astaxanthin) to help a body out. The more the merrier, because the less your body has to work hard to be efficient. There are so many out there and many combinations you can make especially designed for your body. Drink lots of water. Drink lots of herbal teas. Hygiene properly.

3. Never give up the good fight. You're worth it. Your body is worth it. Become it's ally and fight alongside it with conscious decisions like ACV healing. Once you've healed tell your story so that others can be enlightened and we can dispel the deliberate lie that natural treatments don't work/can't exist.

Until next I post, happy ACV everyone! <3

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dj (California) on 08/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Like everyone here, this forum saved my ass (in my case, literally). My genital warts are exclusively anal, so if anyone reading is dealing with them, look no further.

I was diagnosed in Feb 2017. I had no idea I had them, thought they were hemorrhoids at worst. Turns out I had had chlamydia since January and likely that's what caused the warts to get so out of control. They were quite extensive, both inside and outside of my ass and they hurt like hell - stinging, itching, burning. None of the products for hemorrhoids helped; if anything they made them worse. After two rounds of liquid nitrogen, my doctors told me that there was no improvement and surgery was the only option. They would be burned off in one fell swoop and that would be that... nope!

The surgery itself was not a big deal, but the recovery was horrendous. As you can imagine, having your anus burned with a laser causes some serious damage... and then you have to poop. It was so painful I ate only soup and Ensure for two weeks. It hurt to stand or sit, I had to travel everywhere with a donut pillow, everything revolved around when I had to use the bathroom. It wasn't until six weeks after the surgery that I was able to have a bowel movement without pain. It seemed like I had just started feeling like myself again when I discovered they had come back. Needless to say, I was borderline hysterical. It was now July and here I was facing this whole ordeal all over again.

Fortunately, this time around they didn't hurt (probably because I didn't have chlamydia). I immediately went back to my surgeon who wanted to operate again, which of course I didn't want. I then wrote to my primary care's office and asked if there was anything they could do or prescribe that could prevent me from having to have surgery again. Turns out there were options, but because I wasn't in any pain they wouldn't be able to get me in until the end of August - classic American healthcare system. Though neither my doctor nor surgeon offered anything I could do at home, I was certainly not about to sit around and wait for them to get worse.

So, I started researching. All the sites I came across had one thing in common: apple cider vinegar. And I had one reaction: hell no. YOU go shove ACV up your ass. Instead, I tried various combinations of essential oils for 10 days - none helped. Finally, after more searching I came upon this forum. At this point I thought, well, f*** it. What have I got to lose? Sure enough, after two days of treatment, nearly all the warts have come off.

Now I know many people on here are able to describe the colors of the warts at various stages, but you must understand, I am a large man: 5'7" 285 pounds. There is no combination of angle and mirror that will allow me to see up there. I can go only on what I can see when I wipe and what I can feel when I put my finger up there. As of now, after four treatments in two days and lots of little black dots on my wipes, it feels almost clear. I couldn't be happier. Like many of you, I cannot believe none of my healthcare professionals are aware of this. I can't wait to see the reaction of my doctor when I see her at the end of August. Below is what I did as well as my tried-and-true tips for care.


In a 3oz squirt bottle (you can get one in a travel section of your pharmacy) I combined:
1/8 cup of each Bragg's apple cider vinegar and virgin coconut oil
30 drops each of frankincense, truja, and lemon essential oils
15 drops of tea tree essential oil

Shake thoroughly, then squirt on a cotton round until soaked and just dripping (I used rounds instead of balls for more coverage). I shoved it up into a position that allowed the most contact with the warts and left it. Again, I'm a big guy - glue, bandages, etc, were not necessary to keep it there.

The first night I left it in all night - nearly no pain. However, each subsequent treatment got progressively more painful as the vinegar began to penetrate the warts and the surrounding skin. I ended up doing it a total of four times. First over night, and each after for as long as I could stand it.

After the second time I took the advice of the people on here and used hydrogen peroxide. After removing the pad, I washed myself, then applied a cotton round of hydrogen peroxide. It started fizzing right away. A few minutes later I took it out, wiped, and saw a few warts had already sloughed off. Woot!

The fourth time it was quite irritated, but I was able to leave it in for about 30 minutes and afterwards did the washing/hydrogen peroxide as before. Now I'll be taking a break for a few days to let it heal and once it feels better I will check myself and do it again if necessary. I've been applying vaseline twice a day in the meantime.


1. DO NOT USE TOILET PAPER. You may instead be tempted to use wet wipes like Cottonelle. NO. Most wet wipes you find in the toilet paper aisle have alcohol in them. Alcohol = burn = NO. Found that one out the hard way. Instead, go down the baby aisle and get Pampers Sensitive wipes. They are less than $2 at target. I swear by them.

2. GET A SITZ BATH! I didn't discover these until about a week before my surgery and was devastated I didn't know about them from day one. If you don't know what a sitz bath is, it's basically a little tub that sits in your toilet. I filled it with warm water and half a scoop of Sitz Bath Powder (available from Amazon, highly recommended) and instantly it stopped all the burning and itching. I used it after every bowel movement (kind of like a bidee) and it helped TREMENDOUSLY. Keeping the area clean and dry is essential. You can also add essential oils like tea tree, lavender, peppermint, and even a little bit of coconut oil to make it extra soothing. Sitz baths, like everything else, are available on Amazon.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. In the months leading up to my diagnosis I had been in a nasty pattern of terrible eating. Fast food at 2am three nights a week, comfort foods all the time, no vegetables, way too much meat, way too many carbs, terrible sleeping patterns, tons of caffeine. Remember, the warts are a virus - if our bodies are not functioning at 100%, they are not going to be able to fight. I'm convinced that if I had been taking better care of myself I would not have had such a horrible outbreak. I'm now eating way better, on a really good dailty multivitamin and taking oregano oil pills twice a day.

4. DONT DESPAIR. I know it's easy to feel shame and get down on yourself about the warts. But this forum proves that this happens all the time to all kinds of people. Don't let it get the better of you. Yes, it sucks, but it WILL go away eventually. Stay vigilant and stay healthy.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by A (New York) on 08/04/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Wow, I literally can't express how thankful I am for this website and ACV! Screw the doctors, more power to alternative medicine!

My anal warts developed a few months back, and back then, since I was under the impression that they were skin tags, I only began treating them insofar as their presenting a cosmetic issue. I first started with tea tree oil for two weeks, but it barely did anything save sloughing off some of the problematic skin. It also stung quite a bit. Next was some solution with salicylic acid, and it was even worse, hurting like hell and doing nothing; I gave up in 2 days.

Fast forward to a few days ago, I was devastated to find out on a routine sexual health checkup that what I assumed were skin tags were in fact the highly contagious GW. Of course, the stroppy doctors were quick to assure me that they weren't a big deal, being a mere cosmetic issue, and that many people have it. They then suggested I make an appointment with the virology clinic in a nearby hospital, which unfortunately gave me Aug 14th as the nearest slot.

Knowing they were warts, I became more and more upset by the minute. The GW made me feel ashamed and like crap, and it affected my self-worth (even more so as a gay male). I knew I had to take matters into my own hand. And fortunately for me, I found this gem of a website! Reading all the rave reviews made me certain that this would be THE cure.

I immediately went out to get 1) cotton balls 2) aloe vera gel 3) Organic ACV as I didn't wanna delay any longer.

Day 1: Applied ACV onto cotton balls till they were sufficiently soaked (not dripping though), then wedged them between the cheeks for an hour or so. It didn't hurt at all. I couldn't help but wonder if it was doing its job. Nevertheless, an inspection showed that all the GW and a few other specks I've never noticed were this putrid white colour, and they've never looked angrier. I then replaced the cotton balls with new soaked ones and went to sleep. That's when the stinging began! It started out alright but the pain quickly ramped up till it was very much intolerable. Took the cotton balls out in the wee hours of the morning; the pain only subsided after an hour.

Day 2: Was very pleased to find that, as many people have observed, the GW have turned black! Well, the several big ones at least. Good enough. I knew it was time to apply aloe to the surrounding untainted skin. Applied and went about my day. Prior to bedtime, I decided to do the ACV treatment, but I could only manage 30 mins before yelping in pain. Decided to apply aloe to let the skin heal overnight.

Day 3: On inspection, more of the warts have turned black! It was a good sign. Granted, many people have mentioned how everything's already coming off by this day, but I knew that individual differences and GW size were very big factors. Since it was starting to hurt quite a bit, all I did were multiple short sessions of ACV throughout the day.

Day 4: I could feel discomfort while cleaning the area with toilet paper, and I decided to just apply aloe today. Was showering at night and, lo and behold, pieces of necrotic GW fell off with minimal force applied! I'd say at this point that I'm 70% cured. The small GW would not take much longer (I reckon the large ones occluded ACV contact at times), while the large ones have drastically diminished in size and would likely disappear with 1 or 2 (at most) more bout(s) of treatments.

Have to say, I'm insanely pleased with the results. I was never a believer of home remedies hitherto. ACV has definitely changed my mind! I'm also now taking supplements to boost my immune system and ACV pills: hopefully, these are enough to stave off GW regrowth. One thing I'd advise is adequate care of the untainted skin. Once you've seen the GW turn black, you need not excessively worry about future ACW dosage or frequency of application too much. The process of GW dying and coming off exhibits hysteresis, and it's unclear as to whether more ACV on blackened warts even do a thing (aside from damaging good skin). It's really a matter of waiting, so be sure to apply Vitamin E or aloe to allow for recovery meanwhile. For those with bigger GW, don't lose heart if results seem slower than expected, it WILL work.

*Will keep this updated!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Paul (Seoul, Korea) on 01/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

There aren't many male testimonials so here goes. I had a small cluster of small bumps appear on the head of my glans. I didn't think much about it so I rubbed it with towels and toilet paper, thinking it was just some form of smegma (which I really rarely get since I shower regularly). However, they began to become more and more prominent and different clusters started to appear around the base of my glans, encircling it. I was concerned so I saw a urologist who took a urine sample and said that it was probably an infection due to sexual contact. He prescribed an acyclovir ointment and 500mg acyclovir pills.

After 5 days and no effect he prescribe desowen and travocort ointments which seemed to not work either. So I decided to take on this matter personally and found out about this site and decided to try Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

I first just poured a few drops to the affected area and the warts whitened instantly. The burn was unlike anything I'd ever experienced in that area but it mitigated over the course of few minutes. I repeated it once more the following day and the initial cluster turned slightly grey but the others remained white. The third day I noticed that my method was affecting the rest of the head since the area that came in contact with the ACV was very raw red.

I applied the desowen and travocort I was prescribed and did nothing else. The fourth day I decided to use a q-tip to only put ACV on the areas that needed it. I did this the next day too. The areas began to shed skin to the point where I could just rub some of it off, exposing the clean raw red skin underneath. I was very relieved. Now I have no visible warts. I still do have some skin that needs shedding and some parts of my head are red but I have no warts.

All in all it took me about 6 days of on and off ACV to clear what I believe to be GW. The urine test came back negative for traces of the virus inside the urethra so I'm not sure what was up. Im just waiting for my skin to recover but I wanted to share my story because all the other testimonials were very helpful. I've tried tea tree oil as well before ACV but it only stung without no visible effect.

Hope this helps!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mona (Los Angeles, California) on 03/21/2015

Hi I'm looking for advice out there from people who have successfully used Apple Cider Vinegar to cure vaginal warts. I've been trying to apply the vinegar to my warts which are on the opening of my vagina but I can't seem to apply the liquid on the warts without affecting the normal skin around it which is causing the normal skin to become very irritated, painful and itchy. I stopped after a few days because I didn't want to run the risk of damaging this skin but should I continue the treatment? I can't even tell if it is working yet but I have so many in and around the vaginal opening that I'm too scared of damaging my delicate skin down there. Tape doesn't work on such a small and sensitive area. If you have any tips please help, I am desperate!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Christina (San Francisco ) on 11/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I don't usually post on blogs, but everyone suffering from genital warts should know about this. ACV really works!!! When my doctor told me I had genital warts and tested positive for HPV I literally became depressed. She used the acid solution which did sting a bit but I was willing to endure any pain to get rid of my GWs. The acid solution didn't work. My doctor prescribed Aldara. After reading all the side effects I was so afraid to use it. Especially on a night before work. I had finally took the plunge and used Aldara thinking anything that strong should be effective. Well after 3 weeks I didn't seem to see any improvement! I would leave it on for the maximum amount of time and still didn't even see the warts shrink. I had become very frustrated! I remebered rea about ACV and thought I had nothing to lose At this point and wasted three weeks with no results from Aldara.

I was happy to see that I had all the supplies in my cabinets.

1. ACV

2. Q-tips

3. Bandaids

4. Scissors and tweezers

so I filled the bottle cap with ACV, then I cut the sticky part of the bandaids off. Then I ripped the top of the q-tips off, rolled it into a small ball. Then I used the tweezers to dip the little ball In ACV. Then I placed it right in the center of the sticky part of the bandaid. I placed it directly on the wart.

Within in a couple of hours I took a peek. I have a I was skeptical because even the Aldara didn't work. I was so happy to see thar the warts turned white!!! So I placed the bandaid back on and went about my day. That night I changed the dressing and when I placed the new tiny piece of cotton on it did sting a bit. It stings just as much as the acid solution that the doctor used. I went to bed and was so excited to check the differnce the next morning! They had turned a bit gray and the top layer of the warts wiped away. So I repeated the steps again and went to work. I did the same at night. They never turned black like some people say. By the tired day I decided to give myself a break to allow them to dry out. By that night I had what looked like a scab, even on the skin around the wart. I know ACV is very strong So it's important to protect the skins surrounding the wart. The next day when I showered the scan just wiped right off without any pain. The Wart was gone as well!!!! And as the days went by the same was happening to the rest of them! I am so happy! Especially considering that I thought I was doomed to be suffering with these for the rest of my life! I'm aware that it's possible for me to still have a recurrence of GWs but this is a fast effective way to get relief. My doctor said Aldara can take up to 12 weeks to work. I'm not sure who has time like that to wait! Doctors visits can really add up in cost.

ACV is amazing!!!!! Good luck!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by El Ahr (Cairo, Illinois) on 05/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Genital Warts: (This is long but it is WORTH THE READ. I DETAIL HOW TO MAKE THOSE WARTS DISAPPEAR FOR GOOD!!! Don't waste your money on any gimmicks - this advice is free and it worked for me).

I was a HUGE skeptic when I first decided to try a home remedy for my warts. When I first realized I had warts on the shaft of my penis, I cried with shame. I scoured the internet, did tons of research and panic took over as I sought a way to get rid of this taboo STD. And if you stumbled across this website, I'm pretty sure you've felt the exact same thing I've just described. But ladies and gentlemen, SAVE YOURSELF THE EMBARRASSMENT of having genital warts a part of your medical history. Before you go see a doctor, relax, take a deep breath, and from this moment forward, put yourself in a POSITIVE state of mind because everything is going to be alright. I found this site MONTHS AGO, but I have waited to post until now (three months later) just to be sure this wasn't a fluke.

To begin, everybody's body is made up a little different, but I swear on everything that is holy and dear to me, this worked for me and I feel like a new man. I followed this procedure and by the third day, my warts fell off:

First, start off by taking a nice warm shower. Clean your whole body, and pay special attention to the area with warts. I suggest taking a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the shower with you so that after you're done soaping up and rinsing, you can poor it directly on the area just to kill off any wart particles that may cause the nastiness to spread. After your shower, dry off. Get some regular sized bandages, some cottonballs, and some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV is cheap and any kind will work. Take a bandage and cut a strip of the adhesive part off the bandage. This strip will serve as "tape" to hold the cottonball in place. Then, take a cottonball, rip off a piece that is about the size of the wart, and roll it up nice and tight. Take your little ball of cotton and soak it in ACV. Squeeze it gently so it wont drip, but don't squeeze it so much that the cotton ball is dry. You want to leave some ACV in there so the wart will drink it up.

Next, take the ACV-soaked cottonball piece and put it in the middle of the adhesive strip you cut (on the sticky side). It should stick to the strip. Then carefully, place the cottonball directly over the nasty little wart you want to kill. Gently push the advesive srtip onto your skin, but don't push too hard. Once you've done this, cover that strip with a small bandage to keep in place.

I've read some people report that this stings a bit. It stung a little for me by the second day because ACV might take off a little bit of the good skin around the wart. But TRUST ME, it is worth the sting and after a bit, you should get used to it. If anything, put yourself in the state of mind that "the sting is the wart dying." That will help you to grin and bear it.

Do this in the morning after your shower before you go to work/school/wherever. When you get back home in the evening of the first day, when you take off the bandage and adhesive strip, you should notice the wart to start to turn whitish-grey. Take another shower, and repeat the process of soaping up, soaking in the warm water, and pouring hydrogen peroxide on the wart right before you get out of the shower. Follow the same procedure with the cottonballs, the ACV and the bandage strips and leave it on through the night. When you wake up in the morning, you will notice the wart turning a blackish/dark-grey color. That means its working.

Do this for two more days or until the wart just falls off in the shower. If the skin around the blackish wart turns whitish, that ALSO means it's working.

I think one other person on here has addressed how to take care of your skin AFTER THE WART FALLS OFF. You may notice that when the wart falls off, the skin underneath will be raw. You may see like a little hole in your skin. Thats a good thing, but your REGIMEN DOESN'T END THERE!! Once the wart falls off, if you are in the shower, IMMEDIATELY rinse off the area and pour hydrogen peroxide on the skin. The area will turn white and bubble up (the reaction from the Hydrogen Peroxide killing off the germs). This is a good thing so don't freak out. Then rinse off. You may notice that when you rinse, the raw skin may stay "whitish." That's okay. Thats just the hydrogen peroxide that is in the skin now. When you get out the shower, dab some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball and hold it on the new skin for few seconds. Then CAREFULLY take a cottonswab and put some antibiotic on it (like an ointment with zinc oxide in it) and dab it on the raw skin. DON'T smear it all over, just dab it right on the raw skin. Cover it with a bandage, and for extra caution, once you are done putting on the bandage, take some hyrdrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, dab it on a cotton ball, and wipe the area where the bandaid is just to be sure you aint spreading wart germs.

Repeat this for an additional four to five days and the area will heal up like brand new. You will never even know a wart was there. In total, you can be like new in about 2 weeks time.

In addition to this direct method, I have decided to build up my immune system. This not only has prevented new warts, but I swear I haven't gotten sick AT ALL. Im sure that by now, my body/immune system has killed off whatever virus was in my body that caused the warts.

On a daily basis (and I take this with food so I don't ruin my stomach), I take 1000 mg of vitamin c, 1000 i.u. of vitamin E, 25,000 i.u. of vitamin A (as beta carotene), 50 mg of zinc, 500mg of lysine, an Echinacea and Golden Seal complex pill, a One-a-day multivitamin, and Garlic Supplement pills (2 at a time). I spent only 30 dollars buying all these pills at a drug store, and it has been every bit worth it. They have lasted me already almost four months and I feel great. If you read up on these vitamins, ALL of them are known for either boosting the immune system or helping the body kill viruses. They really really work, I swear by them.

For those of you freaking out about your genital warts, TRUST ME you're not freaking out nearly as much as I did. I almost went crazy living with them. But I followed the advice of people who have been through this before me, and I am passing the advice down to you coupled with my own little tricks. It upsets me that there are so many jerks out there that try to charge you for advice to help you get rid of these nasty little things. I learned everything on this posting on my own, and it WORKS.

Also, I would HIGHLY recommend trying this remedy first. Don't waste your money on unnecessary doctor visits and prescription drugs that are probably gonna do you more harm than good. However, don't take this message to mean you should not see your doctor. If there is something wrong with you, by all means go see him. But for a genital wart that you can get rid of on your own? In such a short amount of time? Save your money, save your time, and follow this procedure. You are not alone, and you WILL get rid of them.

Thank you Earth Clinic for this wonderful sight!!

Good luck and God Bless.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alex (San Diego, California ) on 09/09/2021
4 out of 5 stars

It works. It took me 2 days for the warts to be removed but be careful not to put it on overnight or long because I've burnt my penis skin and there's a large pinkish/reddish area over where the 3 warts I burnt off, it's been 5 days and it hasn't really strunk in size at all, it's very noticeable and it's looks way worse than the 3 small warts I had in the first place, I've been applying vitamin E oil and coconut oil to speed up the processing time with a band aid, I just hope and pray this is not a permanent scar, I wish people would've had said this before I tried. I would've just waited for the doctor to freeze them off.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Yishaq (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) on 04/03/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I shaved my testicles one day just to clean everything up. Anyway I noticed I had like 6 or 7 tiny redish bumps. I thought they were pimples. Well after like 2 weeks I went to the Clinic. Turns out I have HPV. I felt so ashamed to have genital warts. I cried all night. I live in Canada and went to get treatment and they said its superficial and they wont do it unless its causing health problems. Well warts on my testicles causes mental health promlems in a way. Like seriously takes a blow on your self esteem. Anyway long story short I tried ACV method using water proof bandages and cotton. I could not believe how well it worked. I changed it every 2 to 4 hours except at night. Slept all night with it on. Took about 24-40 hours each time. They would get large and white thats when you know to stop. Scabs up and week later it falls off. I had a larger one that took 2 treatments. I am in shock that this works so well. Why the Dr wouldnt tell me about this is beyond me. Its Canada, we have free health care. He gets paid anyway. I went back in and told them how I did it and none of them heard of this. I was perplexed. I think they want you to cough up money on surgery or they are biased against holistic meds since they get money from drug companies. I don't know. Like what kind of dermatologist never heard of ACV method. Sorry for the rant. I guess instead of making a long story short I made a long story really long.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Theblackgirlwhofoundec (East Europe) on 11/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

So two months ago, when I was washing my vaginal area, I noticed two bumps around my perineum and they felt like usual pimples, So I just let them be. A few days later I noticed one had gotten a little bigger, so I used my finger and popped it open. A week later, the same bump came out with a little one next to it. in total, within two weeks, I had like 5 of these bumps around my vaginal area. I just assumed it was a yeast infection, went and got Mycoten from the nearest pharmacy. A day later, my period came and by evening I had like 10 if not hundreds of these nasty things all over my vagina and labia. I was scared and went to see a doctor the next day.

To start WITH, I AM A BLACK African Woman, and I happen to be studying in one of the most racist countries in eastern europe. When I went to see the doctor, I was on my period but I wore a tampon to avoid any mess. First of all, before the shmug doctor even diagnosed me, he was so racist towards me. Already assumed I had an std before he even saw anything. SO RACIST! Well, after that he just took a look, stood up and walked out of the exam room. I got dressed and followed him out asking what was wrong with me? All he said to me was "you have Virus CONDYLOMA" that was it swear. I had no idea what that meant whatsoever, and I was certain it was not an STD because I have only slept with two guys since I lost my virginty this year. The doctor told me I have condyloma and he's going to need about $1000 to burn them and I should know that I'm gonna have this forever and they're gonna keep coming back. I was devastated.

Came back home, cried to my boyfriend and he calmed me down and told me were going to try find some money to do that. I helped him check his genitals, but fortunately he has no warts appearing YET. The whole day was scary for me, I thought I was going to die. Started doing my research and by 3pm I found EARTHCLINIC omg. ACV? I was shook, but I didn't hesitate to consider Cider Vinegar, because I needed anything that could be less than $1000.

I bought organic filtered Apple cider Vinegar with 6% acidity, aloe vera gel, some cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide 3%. That evening I got back home from the grocery store, I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and just dropped it around my vagina, while laying down for about 30mins. I did not feel any pain whatsoever. So 3hours later my boyfriend suggested to take a look, and I could tell how disgusted he was when he saw them, he told me they have gotten soon big and soo white its scary. So he helped me put another cotton ball, this time securing it with tape. It hurt like a mf this time ouchhhh.

For the next 3days, while on my period I was using ACV, aloe vera gel during the daytime and hydrogen peroxide to wash myself, I didn't see any change also I had burned my surrounding skin from acv. so I took a break and started applying ALOE GEL, that day while wiping myself, there was Black seeds on the tissue I was soo excited, even my boyfriend was happyy too.

My warts never turned black, they were either shrinking, or cutting off while they were white and soggy. most came out in 7days and the cluster I had has shrunk so small I thought it was gone. I stopped ACV because I had exams and stuff, so I rested for the next 4 days and just yesterday I realized that Cluster wasn't really thoroughly killed, its growing bigger again. Meaning I have a very stubborn strain of HPV. I HAVE STARTED another treatment just yesterday in order to kill it all, and I am also hoping to do the TAMPON AND DILUTED ACV soak in a few days. I don't have them inside of me, but they're right on the outside and I'm sure in a few weeks they'll start moving IN. gotta kill them asap.

In conclusion, I promise anybody reading this, ACV WORKS FOR GENITAL WARTS. Don't you dare give up on your coochie, burn and kill those bastards and regain your self esteem. Luckily for me, my boyfriend had been the most supportive person ever in my life and I don't care if he gave this virus to me or not, all I know is NOW I HAVE IT, theres not going back, and theres nothing I can do about it. Were waiting to see if his own will start to appear, because he also has HPV, but no symptoms still. We are both taking two garlic pills and two echinacea pills a day with 1000mg vital c capsules to strengthen the immune system. I am also trying to cleanse my diet, and kill those things from the inside. I heard you can take a shot glass of ACV, but heck noo last time I tried it I was puking the whole day Its absolutely disgusting. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY OUT THERE AND GOD BLESS EARTH CLINIC

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Emma (Montreal) on 01/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I am so thankfull to have found this site. I cured my warts in only 3 days and I had them for about 5 months. ACV realy works magic its incredible.

Here is what I did in hopes that you do the same and get rid of your warts in less then a week!

1) During the night, cover your warts with an ACV cotton ball and secure in place with tape. I used a vinegar which includes « The Mother » that is Biological and unpastherised with 5% acidity. It does burn at first but hang in there, for me I found the pain went away after 15 minutes.

2 ) In the morning, I washed everything and spread around pure vitamine E oil and went to work (28,000 I.U.).

3) During the day, I took the following:

- One glass of water in the morning and one at night with diluted Elderberry Crystals.

- One super strength garlic concentrated garlic softgel odourless pill in the morning and one at night.

- 1000 mg of Vitamine C

- 50 mg of zinc and 800 mcg of Folic Acide

3) Continue this routine until the warts dissapear. After 3 days mine were all gone. The last day I didnt put vitamine E oil to let the area dry out.

I am so releived that they are gone. I will continue applying vitamine E oil for a week just to make sure that they dont reappear.

This method worked like a miracle. I urge you to give it a try. Hopefully it will work magic for you as well.