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Apple Cider Vinegar for Genital Warts

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mike S (Canada) on 07/07/2021

I'm throwing in the towel. I've developed severe anxiety. I can't eat or sleep or digest food. I'm fatigued and have lost the will to live. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor for help.

The wart seemed like it was finally breaking down but the process is just taking way to long. Every time I look down at it I want to puke. If the wart was smaller it may have been more effective.

The guilt that I may have infected my partner has me suicidal. I'm seeking help for that as well.

I hope this treatment can help you, it almost helped me. But I'm just too tired and weak to continue living like this.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Anonamarth (United States) on 02/16/2018

What am I doing wrong?

Hello. I was diagnosed with hpv 9 years ago I never had a single symptom, found out during a pap exam when I got pregnant. Since that initial positive test I have gotten tested every year and it had come back clean. Now 3 weeks ago I noticed what myself and my obgyn thought for almost 15 years was a freckle on inside edge of my outer labia get larger to the point where it looks like a skin tag. I freaked our and got to my doctor the next day. She took a look at it and said the thought it was nothing. She did the vinegar test just to make sure. There was no color change at all. She said she thinks this is just a skin tag or something of the like and we'll keep an eye on it. While I was relieved I was still quite self conscious about it. I had read that ACV can remove both skin tags and warts so I figured give it a go. First few days I took a cotton pad and placed it on the skin tag for 10 minutes. No change. Did that once a day for 3 days straight. Nothhing. So I decided maybe just a q-tip dipped in Apple Cider Vinegar and placed directly on the spot in question would work better. Nope. Nothing. And again I tried this for a few day this time 10 minutes twice a day. So I decided to give it one last go. I soaked a few cotton pads and placed them directly on my vagina unfortunately this method affects both left and righr sides of my inner labia. Just finished day 3 of this and it's safe to day I have acid burns on my inner labia. The skin is white and irritated But the freckle/skin tag/wart remains unchanged. I am at a loss. Is there a better method for applying the ACV to this area than I am able to figure out?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Vm (Uk) on 09/22/2017

Two weeks ago I applied Apple cider vinegar to a small wart on my anus. I taped a small piece of cotton wool to the wart for 2 days, changing it every 6 hours or so.

Now I have a an infected scar which is very noticeably a different colour to the surrounding skin. It looks far worse than the wart did.

I went to the doctor yesterday and I am taking antibiotics and applying Timodine cream to the infected scar. Already I can see the infection clearing up.

Has anyone else had a scar from using ACV? Did it eventually fade away? Any advice would be appreciated.

I seriously wish I had never used ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Johndoe1001 (Kamloops, Bc) on 02/06/2017

So far it's not working as well I hoped.

For about three weeks now I've been applying ACV directly to my warts. I have several small clusters, all under my foreskin on the shaft of my penis, and along the edges of the head of my penis. This makes it very difficult to I find to get ACV onto the affected areas, and keep it there. I can't wet paper or cotton with it and leave it on, as my foreskin, once I'm not pulling it back, will push those things off the area again.

As a result, I have been placing very thin strips of ACV covered paper onto the area and "rolling" my foreskin over it to keep it in place. I've done three sessions now where I will leave this on for 8 hours a day, give it a few hours rest, then do it at night again (another 8~ hours). Repeat for three days. Then, once it looks like everything's been killed (and believe me, by this point it looks like a warzone. The pain on the third day of putting more ACV on was incredible), I spend a week repairing it with polysporin. Again, I've now done this three times (so over a month of treatment). Over the course of each week, the skin will peel, scab, eventually fall off, revealing fresh ish skin underneath, then slowly regain normal color as the redness fades.

In the past month, maybe one or two warts from the several CLUSTERS has actually left for good. They just keep surviving or coming back. Often in the same spots (which leads me to believe it's just the same warts) or somewhere else nearby.

I'm young, mid 20s, healthy male. I eat fruits and vegetables and maintain a solid diet. I sleep well and exercise three times a week. I have a fairly stress free life. I'm a healthy person. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong and why I'm not achieving results like everyone else.

I think the biggest issue is the location of my warts (on the shaft, under the foreskin) that makes it difficult to target.

Please, does anyone have similiar experience and can help?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cindy (Batavia Ny) on 10/10/2016

Been trying the Apple Cider Vinegar for two wks now or more. Not working. I have one small lump not going away. I dab it with Apple Cider Vinegar a few times a day. I tried the cotton with paper tape, but the tape won't stick. I tried an Apple Cider Vinegar pad, but burned the other area too. Why is it helping you people and not me? I been using the tea tree oil and the oregano too. I had 3 worts. Two went away, but took 3 wks, the one is still there. What am I doing wrong? I've even been drinking olive leaf tea for a few days now to kill the virus inside., but one still there. At least others have not popped up. I am using the caster oil too. Nothing seems to work. It does not turn black like you all say.It just stays the same. The itching did stop a long while ago, so maybe no itching is a good sign? What am I doing wrong?