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Posted by ALgaria (from Europe) on 04/25/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hey there, as many of you, I also got GW. When I went to the gynecologist she said they are warts. I was sure they werent because I have only one partner, my partner doesn't have them). Plus, we never had sex without condom. So, this means that you can get GW from everywhere. I bought Apple Cedar Vinegar (AVC) just to see if they will become white, there I realized I really have GW. I did the method as everyone else here. I put AVC in the place I had them, which I had a lot. Today is my last day of the second week and Im almost GW free. I have some small bumps close when you open the vagina, but I am trying not to put pressure on it as it is a delicate area. I would suggest you to use before and after the AVC treatment Hydrogen Peroxide. In meanwhile, I have change my diet as well and eating vitamins A, C, L and planning to take more.

P.s I kept it short but bear in mind that you are not alone. I was very depressed and took anti depressant pills. But, know I know that GW are almost gone, it feels like I have a brand new vagina in 2 weeks treatment. Best of luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Elissa (USA) on 02/08/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I am 27 girl and I got HPV a year ago. It all started with one wart, when I removed it in the clinic, after that I had many .. each time cost 180$ for a visit. I was so exhausted tired, I cried everyday, hated myself and promised not to have sex again till marriage.. I found this page. Got myself ACV I soaked a cotton ball in it then taped it to the warts .. IT HURTS SO BAD. The thing is my whole V turned to be white! Anyway I had burned myself I was so aggressive, first day 24 hours straight, then 12 hours, then 7 hours, I stopped today I was bleeding. While I'm using tissue after peeing, the tissue turned black! Like little black dots, YUCKS ! I brought a mirror! HOLY MOLLY! The whole area pinkish with holes, the warts fall off! Except 2! 2 small ones! But the area is so red and irritating bleeding, BUT I DON'T CARE! I know it will heal with Vitamin E, I will wait for Two days then I will repeat again, ACV IS MAGIC HEALER! I'm so happy only 3 times and 80% of them fall, yup I burned myself but I'm happy with the results, I don't care if I scared, as long as I dnt have any warts, BTW, I soak cotton ball in ACV no adding water nothing, directly to the warts ,, and yes SLEEP WITH IT, u will find quick results, THANK U

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lisa (Atlanta, Ga) on 10/25/2018
3 out of 5 stars

Ladies, if you try ACV be careful. I burned my vagina with it by leaving it on for 18 hours with cotton balls and paper tape. I did get some results, the small one is gone & the big one is smaller. If you try it, only spot treat the wart with Apple Cider Vinegar on a qtip for a few minutes at a time. It BURNS. Be careful this stuff really burned my labia minora, I can't hardly walk. Do not leave it on your sensitive vagina too long, it will burn it. And it HURTS! So, anyway don't do what I did. Be careful with it. Know you're not alone. Good luck.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tori (Ontario, Canada) on 09/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I've struggled with a mild case of HPV for 2 years now. I started with the medicated cream which was $180.00 Canadian. It knocked me out so bad with the flu and fever I was hospitalized and it absolutely ruined my vagina with sores, puss etc. (NIGHTMARE) Then went to driving 25 mins to freeze them with a dermatologist. It stung and I didn't see any difference after months of treatment. I then got referred to a gynaecologist in my area who used a different cream which didn't hurt but it wasn't aggressive enough and I found it a waste of time. I then started googling home remedies and came across Apple Cidar!!! I bought 3 large Heinz containers of it for 3 bucks at Walmart. I soaked a face cloth with it, folded it in half and laid it down on the cluster I have.

They immediately went white and it did sting. I did 2 hours each night and one hour in the morning. I'm on my 4th day and half of the cluster is gone. I started tearing up I couldn't believe it. THIS IS LEGIT! I never saw them fall off, I was just doing my progress check up and they were gone!! I've done nothing else to treat me like hydrogen peroxide or tea tree oil. Just apple Cidar. Couldn't be more stoked!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Crusher (Philippines ) on 09/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

They say if something good happens to you, you have to pay it forward. That's the reason for me writing this review, so that others can benefit from it. Yes, Apple Cider vinegar works. I was hesitant at first but I can't afford the very expensive procedure that the doctor is asking from me (some doctors these days will just leech your money and have already forgotten their Hippocratic oath. It's sad but it's true). The good news is that ACV costs a mere fraction of what doctors are requiring. And you can save yourself from the humiliation because it's readily available at the grocery.

Here are the procedures I did:

  1. Pour Hydrogen Peroxide to the affected area for disenfection.
  2. Dab a Qtip with ACV (get one with "the Mother", just enough that it won't leak to unaffected areas. Hold it down to the wart. Be careful not to touch healthy skin for it will also burn. During the first day, I didn't feel any sting yet but the wart will turn white. Press on the wart for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. After pressing on the wart with ACV, pour Hydrogen peroxide again to keep it bacteria free.
  4. Do this procedure twice a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening. The sting will begin when the skin is already burned and open by ACV. Just tolerate it for it is bearable. Better endure it than being miserable.
  5. When the wart turns grey or black, it means it is dead. Stop the ACV treatment. For me it just took 3 days because mine was just small ones (not bigger than pieces of rock salt).
  6. Now you will start to heal the burned skin. It will leave a white open wound.
  7. Pour Hydrogen Peroxide to the wound. Then wipe it dry with a tissue paper.
  8. Massage the wound with Virgin Coconut Oil twice a day. Leave it after massaging, don't wipe it dry. Believe me, Virgin Coconut oil is also a God send because when I woke up one day it already healed the wound as if nothing happened. I think it only took 3 days after I stopped the ACV and started the VCO treatment when it healed.

That's it. It is quick, inexpensive and it works! I hope this helps someone who is as devastated as I was when I realized I got these warts. But cheer up, God and mother nature also sent some magic.

Replied by Rey

Im just wants to ask this question. I have warts in my penis and I apply ACV but my problime now is my penis turn into bigger because The healthy skin ony penis was damaged what should I do? Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Skip (Michigan) on 07/05/2018

I noticed a few white raised spots on the bottom of my penis foreskin between the frenulum. I researched them and thought they may be Tyson glans, so I went to my GP and she said they MAY be GW, but she couldn't confirm.

So I then panicked and started inspecting my penis a few times a day. I noticed a couple of small circles on the glans that were brownish in color and another larger one at the bottom of the glans that was skin color. I started spreading the skin and inspected the circle. It resembled a flat wart, but I couldn't be sure. So I started applying ACV to that and a few red spots that appeared near that larger spot and some of them did turn white, then after a couple of days, they turned greyish/black, but none of them have fallen off after 3 days of ACV treatments. So I applied a gauze pad with ACV on it over that specific area of the glans overnight last night. Now I am seeing more black areas and several little black dots within the area that was covered. I am thinking these can't all be warts. Now I am freaking out that I have damaged my skin somehow. I don't think this is HSV because none of the spots hurt or oosed any fluid for days before I started treatment.

Does anyone know why there are so many black areas on my glans after doing this? Please help ... I am very very concerned.

July 07 UPDATE: Today, one day after posting this, I noticed that much of the black areas flaked away and there is fresh pink skin underneath, but the larger spot I mentioned that was black has now turned white. Perhaps it has turned back to white from black because I have covered in w/a bandaid for 2 days straight? Can this really be a wart and, if so, does it mean because it went from black to white that it still needs to be treated w/ACV to finally kill it all? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Replied by Nicole

Hi, being that you had warts around your vulva how bad were they?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Vt (Florida) on 06/29/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with HPV in April. I was told I wouldn't get warts because of the strain detected from my Pap smear, but I'm very positive I have them so I think somewhere along the line I got another strain or had it to begin with. I tried ACV and they turned white instantly. I have them around my vulva, and I'm concerned I may have them internally since I have had thicker discharge, but I don't want to stick ACV up there until I'm sure from the Dr.. I initially thought I had a yeast infection because I was itchy, and the medicine did actually help, but only temporarily and I went through two rounds of miconazole (the first round cured a yeast infection but the itching I still experienced was warts forming I think. They are small). I'm starting to drink ACV again because I never had the issues with warts when I was drinking it constantly due to stomach problems (it truly helps with GERD and other digestive issues from my experience). Along with ACV, I am taking: Vitamins C, E, and D3, garlic supplements, vitamin B12, folic acid, probiotics, and a green tea supplement. I'm actually even considering getting off birth control to maybe help heal myself.

I'm diluting the ACV before applying it, but I think it's causing some mild sores and I am bleeding a little in some areas, but it's only barely and is only seen on a q-tip when I dab the area. Unless these sores were from new warts trying to show up but I got them before they formed, or I burned healthy skin... I'm just going to let myself heal some. Pretty much the entire area except a few spots turns white, but I want to take it easy so I don't cause damage. It totally got rid of a smaller wart in a day and I only applied the ACV for maybe 20 minutes full strength. I was examining myself yesterday and noticed a cluster of a few (suprisingly in the shape of a flower haha) and they were definitely smaller today, but then one showed a little bit of growth, but I'm not super concerned about that. They are just in really awkward spots to hold a cotton ball on overnight, so I just go for like 20-30 min at a time. I think it will work in due time, and my itching is already much much better. If I didn't do a thorough examination of myself I wouldn't have even noticed I had them and would have assumed it was another yeast infection. I really do hope the thing ACV will help, and I'm really trying to get over the fact that I have HPV. I've been very depressed about it lately, so I hope it all clears up soon.

Replied by Vt
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for genital warts is a godsend! I use organic apple cider vinegar, along with sometimes putting the oil from inside a vitamin E capsule on them. I also take by mouth every day: Vitamin C, D and E, garlic, folic acid, B12, and green tea supplements to support my immune system. Occasionally I take probiotics as well along with drinking ACV in water. The vitamin e oil seems to help soothe the area of any itching or burning.

I put ACV directly on the warts, diluted with water (the first time I didn't dilute it and geeze did it hurt) and if you have vitamin E all over the area it helps to protect the healthy skin. I have some around my vulva and vaginal opening only, so it's important for me to make sure I don't hurt the sensitive tissues. I'm super thankful for the vitamin E. The other day I noticed one pop up near my urethra. This was after leaving vitamin e on the area for like 45min. Then I treated with ACV. The vitamin e not only helped the burning sensation, but made the treatment a lot more bearable.

Then, I decided I would soak in a bath with ACV to see what would happen. This was the best thing ever. I put about 2.5 cups in the water with some coconut oil and soaked for an episode and a half of Supernatural. There was little burning down there, and only a temporary tingling sensation on my legs and hands. Just be careful when showering after the bath to remove the ACV if you use coconut oil! The bathtub will be EXTREMELY slippery, and I suggest scrubbing the tub before you shower. Anyway, the next morning I had, I'm assuming, one of the newly blackened warts fall off into the toilet (I don't think there could be any other explanation), and throughout the day I kept wiping off little brown/black things. The major warts I noticed were gone and it was only a night! Granted, I had been treating them topically for a few days, but soaking in a bath instead was extremely helpful and faster acting, maybe because I was in the bath for longer. I will definitely be doing the ACV bath at least once a week from now on and I highly recommend it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Paul (Texas) on 06/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone,

I never write reviews but I really want to because the ACV trick will turn things around.

I'm not going to lie, going straight to the doctor and having my worst fears confirmed, I felt sick. It is very hard to take and accept...all sorts of things run through your head. After shaving completely down there and in good light, I was mortified to see at 13 of these disgusting looking things in my pubic region, mainly on the right side of the shaft. I started using the cream prescribed and after 1 week of nothingness, I was stressing. Mainly because I was about to go on a big vacation over the new year period.

I started the intense ACV treatment late November and these are the Do's and Dont's

First of all, the ACV has to be "with the mother" I tried the other stuff and it didn't work, thank god I gave the other stuff a go before giving up.

I found the most effective method for me was simply just using q tips as opposed to cotton balls and band aids. the problem with the latter is that you cant maintain pressure on the wart and when it comes time to remove the band hurts so much..f that

Dab the q tip in Apple Cider Vinegar and press down on the wart so that no Apple Cider Vinegar runs off anywhere else. I found 10 minutes is enough time needed, going longer made no difference. The wart will be white upon removal, then slowly return to skin color. If it doesn't turn white, it's not a wart.

I would do this once in the morning and again at night before sleep, I experimented with multiple times a day to see if I could speed up the whole process but it made no difference for me.

I noticed on the second night the wart would start to go greyish and by the 3rd night be almost black.

Once it goes black, it no longer responds to the ACV. As in, it won't go white after another 10 minute session...its dead. Leave it. it should get a little smaller on day 4 then on day 5 or 6...its gone!

What not to do: after it goes black after 3 or 4 days, don't try and speed things up by making it fall off by touching it or running too much hot water over it in the shower. If it comes off too early before the new skin grows under it properly, good chance it'll get infected. Happened a few times...because I was in a rush to get rid of them. I had to go on antibiotics to fix that. So for me, from the moment I spot one, I know in 6 days its completely gone and unnoticeable.

This "don't" was scary.

Don't leave the Apple Cider Vinegar on the skin of your penis for too long! .. when I first started the treatment, I had cotton balls of Apple Cider Vinegar everywhere trying to kill the 13 of them, 1 of them was on the penis itself. I can't remember how long I left it..maybe 30 to 40 mins...took it off to see the skin on my dick like a prawn...acv will burn..that skin is a lot more sensitive than other areas. that took about 3 weeks to completely heal.

Once I worked out what works best for me, I could get rid of a new one in 5 days. I noticed after getting rid of all 13,1 would come back every week..but as time passed, they are appearing less and less. 6 months later (today) the longest I've gone is 7 weeks without one coming back. Id love to hear from someone whos been doing this for longer.

I will update again in 6 months

Replied by Confused

I came to this thread and read until page 7 already but still haven't found an answer to one of my questions about this illness. What I want to know is what made you guys want to remove the warts if studies say it is harmless and will eventually leave on its own? As of this writing, I only have one wart in the foreskin of my penis. God forbid it multiplies. As of the moment, it's not itching nor painful. But I am depressed knowing that this disease has no cure and is bringing me down emotionally. Can someone please be kind enough to enlighten me? Can I just not try to remove it? I am afraid that if I try to do things on my own I might do it the wrong way and make it worse than it is right now. Will the wart grow in size or in number and that's why you guys chose to endure the pain to remove it? I'm really confused and sad about this. Please help me.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gettingthru (Il) on 06/05/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Anyone else have this issue? So I put the ACV on my warts. 3 of the 5 actually worked and went away. There's one or two that are feisty and turned swollen and looked almost like it was infected, warm to the touch and reddish around the outside with pain...does anyone know what this could be? Should I get antibiotics or just hold off on anymore ACV for a few days...

Replied by Paul

Yes, leave those ones alone and get on antibiotics. They will heal. You have to be careful about the wart coming off too soon and then getting infected.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cp (Wv) on 06/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Last week I found I had one wart on my labia. In a panic, I searched the internet for a cure and everything pointed to acv. So here's what I did. I got some Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother and put it into a baby food jar with a few drops of tea tree oil. Then I used a cotton ball and dabbed it on for about an hour. Then I took a look. OMG!! I thought what have I done! I could see literally hundreds of them. Tiny compared to the one I started with, but I wanted to cry!!! I cleaned myself with some peroxide and applied vitamin E oil mixed with coconut oil and went to bed reading frantically about what I should do.

The next morning I showered, and dabbed the vinegar mix on again. This time it HURT...but I was determined to give it a good try. Cleaned with peroxide, applied my oil, and went to work. Everytime I went to toilet I cleaned myself with peroxide and reapplied the oil as needed. That night took a shower, and looked. The warts were white, but some looked like little craters, like the little wart had fallen out and just the surrounding skin was left. Excited to see progress, I dabbed my Apple Cider Vinegar cotton ball again. Not kidding...this time made me cry...Very painful. Applied my oil and went to bed.

The next morning I showered and took a look. The warts were white, I had several tiny craters, and some tiny spots bleeding. I did my little routine again. And went to work with my little bottles of oil and peroxide. That evening I showered and took a look. Everything was red and irritated except for little white warts and craters and some small little bloody pinpoints. I decided to take a break and just cleaned with peroxide and applied my oil then went to bed.

The next day everything looks waterlogged, swollen, and angry, so I decide to give it a rest and let things heal up a bit. Over the next couple of days the warts continued to come off, and the ITCHING...whoa...the itching was awful.

I plan to let things heal a couple more days, then repeat the process until all are gone. Currently everything seems to be drying up..the little warts that are left are very hard now but a white, grey color. It's been a total of 7 days since I started.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jb (San Diego) on 05/22/2018
4 out of 5 stars

It works, but might not be an end-all solution...

Bottom line is that it works. Follow the directions outlined in the other posts and you'll have great affect on your warts. That being said, the ACV doesn't kill the virus itself, so new warts may appear as you are treating. I've been using the ACV method for close to a month now, and have believe I have killed the majority of my warts, though several are still lingering. I was diagnosed initially in Feb 2018, received 3 cryo treatments from my derm about 3 weeks apart from each other, but decided to take matters into my own hands after new warts appeared on the shaft of my penis after the third cryo treatment. I treated those, but during ACV treatment more appeared. It's been a bit of a wack-a-mole experience, but at least I know how to kill them. Nights 7 and 8 of treatment were the most painful, but that means it's working. Like everyone else said, it's highly gratifying when you wipe the head off a wart with a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide after a shower. I'm praying that one day soon they will all disappear for good and I can start to return to a normal life.. Good luck to all!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Villiangab (Birmingham) on 05/13/2018
5 out of 5 stars

First of all thank you for all of you who provided awesome feedback on this site, it really is a lifesaver!

Last month I noticed a couple of skin tag on my penis shaft, and they would not go away. They are really tiny like less than 1mm and almost unnoticeable if penis is not erect. A quick web search and I started using vinegar to test it. A couple turned quite white and I had to accept the fact that I have genital warts.

Psychologically it was very tough, especially the first couple of days where I would search for remedies the whole day and had trouble falling asleep at night. Even if I do fell asleep I would wake up in the middle of the night. So when I eventually come across this site, I decided to give it a try no matter what.

My setup is ACV (Heinz), bandaids, tissue paper, hydrogen peroxide and medical tape.

For the ACV I diluted it into 3 parts ACV:1 part water. Some of you went for 1:1 dilution and I thought that might be too mild. I folded up pieces of tissue paper, soak it up with the diluted ACV, slap it on the warts and use a bandaid to hold it it place.

The piece of tissue paper I used was larger than the absorption pad of the bandaid so I used medical tape to make sure that the ACV tissue is tightly in place. I did this for 3-4 days around the clock, replacing the ACV tissue every 8 hours or so (3 times a day). Like many suggests, I used a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide to wash my genital area each time.

By the second day the wart turned grayish white, and a whole bunch (around 15-20) of what I assumed is warts under the skin revealed themselves and became dark red.

The third day was the hardest, it would sting but all in all it was tolerable. I had plantar warts on my foot when I was small and they were removed with the freezing method. The ACV pain is nothing compared to that pain.

I stopped applying the ACV tissue when the skin began to scab up. The scabs fell off after 1-2 days.

I can't say the warts have definitely gone because the skin down there is a bit rough after the treatment. I couldn't really distinguish between dried up skin or a wart at this time. Anyway, I can say the ACV method did work and if the warts come back I would not hesitate to do another round of treatment.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shelly (San Diego, Ca) on 05/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for Genital Warts

Definitely worked! My friend told me about using ACV for her skin cancer so I did a google search and found this. I used bandaids and a cotton ball soaked in ACV. I tried to keep on for as long as possible but most only stayed on for 1-2 days. I would replace it with a clean one. If my skin got too raw I took a break. After about 2 months all 12 warts are gone! Just unbelievable. I had tried tea tree before and it did nothing for me. ACV worked quickly.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mindy (Canada) on 04/30/2018
5 out of 5 stars


I swear this ACV works miracles for genital warts. I discovered what I thought might be a wart inside my labia about 14 days ago. About a week ago I took another look and there was MULTIPLE! I would have never known if I didn't inspect because there was absolutely no pain/discomfort. Immediately I called for an appointment with my gynaecologist but could only get a rendez vous in 5 days and I didnt feel it was urgent enough to go to the ER and wait hours on end to see someone who doesn't specialize in this.

I did some research about GW and landed on this site, I figured I would be proactive and give the ACV a try before I met with my Dr. I used the apple cider vinegar Bragg with mother (natural & raw). I am not a person who believes in healing with "natural medication" but I figured it wouldnt hurt to try since there was so much positive feedback on this method. I immediately began treatment. I used gauze because thats what I had on hand at home, I soaked it in the ACV and applied it to the affected warts inside the labia; which as we know is very sensitive for us females. I only applied it for approximately 20 minutes the first night.

I then repeated this method for the next 2 nights. It becomes more and more painful because the skin becomes raw(especially on the inside of the labia) there is no need to push yourself for too long if your really in pain. The tissue that wasnt affected by the warts was starting to peel and become very painful so I then changed my approach for application.

I used a Q-tip and held it down directly on the warts that I could visibly see which there was only 3 small ones left. (Just a couple minutes at a time, whatever I could tolerate pain wise)

After doing this method for 2 nights again everything had disappeared! The skin inside my vagina was still very raw and healing but there was no warts left.

It was then time to see my Dr... I still wanted to be consulted incase there was something I couldnt see higher up.
I explained my situation and the measures I took to treat the bumps (which I believed were warts). He examined me and said that he could not see any warts and it was possible that my ACV treated them before he got a chance to diagnose them as warts.
So Ladies and Gents, I highly suggest you try this method before turning to prescribed medication as it is a natural alternative!!!

And I do have the following questions...

1. Anybody try this method before and never see the warts reappear? (Hoping for this outcome)

2. If I am manipulating the warts in order to apply the ACV is there a chance I can transmit the warts to different parts of the vagina that have not been affected?

Thank you
Best of luck to you all!!!!
Yay for ACV

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by John (Chicago, Il) on 04/04/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Hello all, I have question.

I am putting 100% ACV (Bragg's w/mother) onto what I think are genital warts. Day 1 and 2 I put it on with cotton ball and bandaid for about 6 hours. Day 3 (today) I only did about 2 hours since the skin around is getting raw. 1 turned white, stayed white and then turned black. It is currently black, but has not fallen off yet as of day 3. The other smaller warts ( or what I think are warts) turned white all 3 days, but they don't stay white, they turn back to flesh color within a couple hour of me removing the cotton ball. they have clearly also never turned black or fallen off. Is it possible these are not warts then? My other thought is that they could be little bumps/scars from shaving my shaft. All of the warts or potential warts are at the bottom of the shaft on 1 particular side of my penis. for a bit I just thought I was a slopping shaver and was cutting myself in the same spot ( I bleed when I shave my face too). but something made me do the vinegar test and they did turn white. Thanks for any thoughts!

Replied by Mark

The vinegar test will turn anything white, scratches, etc. So it alone is not a good test for genital warts.

I think I have them and they don't turn white. So in all reality we need to go see a doctor, but I'm banking on it clearing on it's own. The ACV didn't work for me, but did leave a nice little scar on my penis

Replied by Fernando
(Hamm, Germany)

Hello everyone! Back in February I noticed what I thought to be three little white pimples in my anus, at first I didn't pay attention to it and thought it would go away but they didn't. They didn't hurt or anything that's why at first I didn't wanna have them checked. It is just that sometimes I can "feel" them when I walk a lot or at least that's my perception maybe it's all mental haha. I'm currently living in Germany and I'm insured here so at the beginning of April I decided to go to the doctor just in case and use my German insurance.

And yeah, I was diagnosed with condyloma acuminatum, they told me they're not dangerous but contagious and that I needed to be referred to a clinic so that they could take a better look at it and give me a treatment (possibly surgery) I am not afraid of it because they are in the perianal area so I guess that if I end up being operated it won't be bad but as soon as I found out what exactly they were I started looking for home remedies and that's how I found this site. I just started applying the ACV and am pretty confident the warts will fall off. I just have a few questions.

How much ACV exactly should I be using? what do you guys mean when you say you've diluted 1:1 water and vinegar?

Also, does having condylomas automatically mean that I have HPV?

I read that in most cases the body is able to eliminate the virus on its own after a year or two and that's why many people never find out they even had the virus!

I'm feeling a bit ashamed cause what is gonna happen to my sex life? It's not like I am having sex every day but you know what I mean. More importantly, will I be able to have kids? I've always wanted to be a dad and now that I know what I have I don't wanna be spreading the virus let alone infect my possible future wife. The worst part is that I've only had sex like 4 times in my life (I know, lame) and every single time I've used protection that's why it makes me feel upset.

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