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Posted by Heather (Readig, Pa) on 03/04/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I need desperate help and I don't know where to start! For the past month i have had horrible reactions to all my shampoo, soap, face wash, bubblebath, etc. I knew of my allergy to coconut however always avoided ingesting it, just now, it is affecting me topically. All my products have a form of coconut oil in them. My symptoms are upset stomach and extreme itching all over my body, sweating, and maybe others that i don't notice as being related. I started using products without any(which is very hard to find) yet i am still experiencing this extreme itching all over. Antihistamines are not helping and i'm absolutely baffled on how this has flared up only this past month when it seems to be in everything i have used in past years. Please give me any info you can!!!!

Replied by Heather
Ortonville, Michigan, Usa
have been there. one constant was lack of exercise. when i was exercising all itching went away. when i stopped it came back. body can not eliminate toxins easily with out it. believe me tried all the stuff you did too. so bad woke me up at night some times. if your itching is around the torso area at its worst, mine always started around the breast area and then would move further out it is because i think one of the places where lymph tissue is trying to unload waste is located in the pit area. drink lots of water and try to get some exercise. serious. i suffered for months and tried everything!!!
Replied by Dianna
Austin, Tx
you could try soaking in an epsom salt bath - 1-3 cups of epsom salts in warm water.

and definitely STOP using all of your products.

perhaps one day you can try new products but until you get this under control STOP.

you can wash yourself fine in the epsom salt water - i have even used this in the past for hair washing.

if you absolutely need soap you can use some natural olive oil soap like kiss my face which has no coconut oil in it.

after you get out of your bath you can use olive oil or any other oil you are not allergic to all over you body.

hope you feel better soon.

drink LOTS of water.

Posted by Juno (West Hollywood, California, Usa) on 03/03/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  A few weeks ago I posted a question regarding the possibility of being allergic to coconut oil? I got many good responses, mostly praises for the wonderful qualities of this oil and the fact that most people with a reaction to it probably have detox issues, mainly candida. So I tried it again. This time I did not attempt to ingest it, but used it on my face and some on my arms. My face glowed and my arm skin was supple and soft, however, my neck started developing red dots which soon became red patches of raised swollen skin.

My neck was itchy and very sensitive. Today, the day after (I did not use the coconut oil) still, neck very red swollen patches, and after the morning shower it looked like my neck suffered a burn.

Does this mean I have Candida? is this a die off reaction? and if so, why only my neck?

EC: Hi Juno,

Allergic reactions to topical coconut oil application have been reported on another website forum:;topic=5868.0

Posted by Amanda (Hot Springs, Ar, Usa) on 03/02/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  i had taken vco a few times in the past and it gave me severe diarrhea. i started out more slowly this time and it no longer happened. i have been taking 2 tsp per day for a few weeks. i was feeling great for a while; more energy, better skin, etc. the last week or so, i have been feeling bad; more anxiety, trouble sleeping, lightheaded, my heart racing. i stopped taking it a few days ago,but my heart rate is still higher than my normal and in the middle of the night i woke up feeling panic and checked my bp and pulse rate on a bp monitor; it said around 90 and irregular heartbeat which made me worry (i get panic attacks) i checked it again and it said my pulse was 144 and my blood pressure was high. my blood pressure is NEVER high. it is usually about 100 over 60. i know i was at a high level of anxiety and that can make your heart race and blood pressure go up,but i know my body and i have had anxiety for years and my blood pressure and heart rate have never gone up like that. my question is,for those of you who have experienced similar symptoms, does it take a while to get out of your system?

Replied by Laura
Boulder, Co
[SIDE EFFECTS]   Wow, you have described me exactly. I have the exact same symptoms. More anxiety, less sleep, heart racing, light-headed. It's been a week since I stopped taking the oil and I am still getting heart palpitations. It's been awful. I hadn't taken it in over a month and I decided to try some again. I only took it twice-a couple tsp each time-and I ended up with the worst heart palpitations ever that don't seem to be going away this time. In fact, I went to the cardiologist today because it's so unsettling and it really freaks me out! They didn't find anything yet, but I need further testing to make sure it's not serious. It seems like every time I try to incorporate CO into my diet my symptoms get worse. I've also tried it topically and ended up with red bumps all over my face. This time, I will not be trying again. Ever. It's nice to know I'm not alone! I will try to follow up and I would like to hear your experience too. Best wishes!
Replied by Amanda
Hot Springs, Ar, Usa
It has been a little over a week, and i am still having that nervous feeling, like i cannot calm down, like i am on caffeine. i have been concerned about my heart as well; especially because i have anxiety and i keep thinking something is wrong with me. i just don't feel right. i haven't been getting the fluttering anymore, but i think i have other symptoms of palpitations, like being too aware of my heart rate; just a nervous feeling in my chest.i get lightheaded, too. i wish it would just get out of my system, i am tired of this.i think someone else's post said they were better within two weeks. someone said it could be that if your liver is sluggish, the coconut oil would cause this. this makes sense to me, because i know i have a sluggish liver, and i read somewhere else that coconut oil is converted to energy directly in the liver and that is something that makes it different from other fats, and while the liver is sluggish, the person may not be able to process it properly.
Replied by Amanda
Hot Springs, Ar, Usa
Can anybody who has had side effects with coconut oil tell me how long it takes to leave the system? i have been off of it for two weeks. i feel like it has ruined my life. i constantly feel my heart beating and i am nervous and my resting heart rate is higher than my normal. i was up almost all night. i cannot find answers; nobody really knows why it has this effect. i have four children and i am worried about this all day and night.
Replied by T
Maryland, Usa
Amanda, I'd take some magnesium and see if that helps (there's lots of magnesium info here at EC to guide you on types and dosages). I don't take coconut oil because it gives me palpitations as well. I have autoimmune thyroid disease which can swing from hypo to hyper. I don't think anyone with an overactive thyroid should take coconut oil supplementally as it stimulates the thyroid. I wonder if you have an underlying thyroid condition. Anxiety, sleeplessness, and nervousness can be all be symptoms as well. You might want to get your thyroid tested (be sure they test Free T3 and Free T4 in addition to their usual TSH, and consider getting antibody tests as well). Let us know if you do that as it may help others reading here in future, and also let us know if the magnesium helps. If it doesn't, there's a bugleweed/motherwort compound that is sold at a major vitamin dealer online which might be helpful. Bugleweed is a thyroxin antagonist which has been useful in treating hyperthyroid conditions as well as irregular heartbeat. Motherwort has similar properties.

You should of course research thoroughly for yourself before trying any remedy. Good luck, and please do update us!

Replied by Amanda
Hot Springs, Ar, Usa
Thanks, you all who have responded. i will try to make this short. the magnesium oil i had put on the bottom of my feet did help that day, but the next day i decided to take a bath in the crystals (from the same company) i was not aware until after the fact that the crystals are stronger than the oil, and i am not a large person 127 lbs, and i didn't fill the tub very much because i did not want to dilute it too much. well, that night was AWFUL! i had palpitations all night and couldn't sleep. i am a sensitive person and i do not need much of whatever i take.anyway, i went out to a friend that sells herbs from a well known company and she had something that can tell you what supplements your body needs at the time, and you don't even enter information into the computer. you put your hold your hand on something that is like a computer mouse (it is like muscle testing). anyway, magnesium malate came up for me, and i started taking it yesterday evening. i calmed down and was able to sleep and it is 10:30 p.m and i have been doing great.i even was very nervous because i am afraid of it coming back and i checked my pulse and was sure it would be high because of being so was 67, which is my normal.praise God!anyway, i had tried magnesium glycinate a few days ago and that had made me feel worse, too. a few years ago i had taken magnesium citrate for depression and it made me feel terrible and weird. so i said all of this to say that sometimes even the same thing but in different forms could affect a person different. it's good to find someone who muscle tests. anyway, like someone had said, maybe the coconut oil can use up your magnesium and that could be one reason to affect some people this way.
Replied by Toddcolorado
Wiggins, Co
I am not a doctor but have been told that detox can take years as toxins can be stored away in fat tissue and slowly release as fat is burned. I am told this is why lsd flashbacks can happen years after initial ingestion. I am told that this can apply to almost anything from prescription and over the counter drugs to caffeine and vitamins in addition to more well known toxins. Sweating is the best way to detox fast and MSM can help with that. Smaller doses of VCO should result in less fat burning to help minimize daily detox.
Replied by Faith
Forest Park, Ohio
Those SYMPTOMS are DIE OFF so in that case decrease the amount that you are taking to a dose low enough that you an handle the detoxification symptoms. THYROID problems are mostly an INFECTION and the coconut oil kills the infection over time. If you can't take it orally at first, then use it on your skin and hair. Then after a few weeks try a small amount orally and use that amount until you have no more reaction, then build up over time. This will benefit your body greatly, so don't be afraid of it. In the long-run your body will be better for it and all of the microbes that were making you ill will be under control... As long as you use it for life!
Replied by Erin
Western, Pennsylvania
You have to be really careful with which symptoms you blame as "die off. " I have also read that if you are deficient in saturated fats, which your heart needs, the Virgin Coconut Oil will cause it to overact. That person recommended continuing taking the vco, but if it is making you unable to sleep after a month of taking it, I would just stop.

Anyone that is sensitive to heart rate increases is going to have difficulty dealing with these symptoms. It will become both a mental and physical illness. Please do not blame everything on this "die off" process that I have yet to even be able to find actual scientific evidence of. I am not saying it is not real, but people can have negative reactions to foods for a number of reasons; some that could be dangerous.

I have anxiety as well and have been trying Virgin Coconut Oil (very good, highly recommended brand) for three days now. I experience about 5 hours of heart palpitations, dizziness, the shakes, etc. All the symptoms of panic attacks. This is after 1 tablespoon in the morning. I am going to try cutting way down because the antifungal/bacterial aspect of Virgin Coconut Oil _is_ medically proven, but if this persists I am going to have to stop.

Not all negative side effects are "die off."

I understand the distrust in modern medicine, but please be careful with these kinds of sites. Going natural is great, but I have yet to read a medical professional on this site comment on anything and there is a certain amount of biological knowledge that comes with a medical degree that we as laymen just do not have.

Posted by Juno (West Hollywood, California, Usa) on 02/09/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Is it possible to be allergic to coconut oil? Whenever I try to use coconut oil(internally, or externally) my skin feels itchy and dries up. Is this just the famous die off reaction, and if so what exactly is dying off of my skin?

I have read somewhere that coconut oil is a drying oil and also that it doesn't go well with people with certain blood types like -O is this true?

Replied by Anna
Philadelphia, Pa
I don't think it is true as I have blood -0 and just love using coconut oil either on my skin or drinking it with orange juice (1 tbsp in a cup). I had awful red, itchy skin spots after keeping exfoliant overnight (I was sure it was lotion!) and coconut oil was my treatment of choice-better after one day, no trace after a week.
Replied by Cured
Niceville, Fl
I have to add as well. I am O and I love coconut oil, both internally and externally. My body did not love it at first as I did not know I had a candida issue, which I quickly found out. Die-off symptoms can be unpleasant. I knew from doing a little pre-reading some of the things to expect--just incase I were to have a Candida problem. Could people be allergic? Maybe. I would have to say though with most cases it is just any number of die-off symptoms. We are all different and react in different ways weather it is listed as a symptom or not. My take--slowly expose yourself to it even if it is just 1x a week then 2x a week. Use just as a lotion on a covered part of the body if your breaking out or even a hand lotion once or twice a week. Expose yourself slowly then gradually increase and decrease sugar intake cause your feeding the Candida. I agree with Lisa From Thousand Oaks, CA; Candida is a serious problem in the US. Of course Dr.s won't get on board, they are getting used to the extra income. If they help their patients cure the dozens of ailments that Candida causes then they loose income. It is getting time we wise up and take control and educate ourselves and family. TV isn't helping either. Have you noticed lately on about every channel just about ever other commercial is a drug commercial be it over the counter or Rx. It is big business and they will do anything to keep the revenue!
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Philippines
1182 Posts
I'm also 0 Rhesus negative and I had bad intestinal candida 3 years ago. Part of my protocol was to take 3 tbsns of coconut oil a day.

My candida is gone, and I cook everything in virgin coconut oil now. My reasoning for this is historic and goes like this:

Before 1910, all western diets used either tallow, lard or butter(all saturated fats) as dietary cooking fats at this time. And there was no heart disease, diabetes, Parkinsons, Obeisity, Allergies, ME, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Cancer or any other auto-immune diseases that exist so widely as they do today.

One primary culprit is processed foods and, in particularly, the heavily processed dietary vegetable fats and oils that we all use now. The relatively newboy on the block is vegetable oils (not in our diets at all before 1910). We started to use both vegetable oils and margarine heavily, particularly after WW2. This is when all these strange ailments and diseases all started to appear in larger and larger numbers.

Much fear was caused in the sixties when there was a big and successful advertising push to promote vegetable oils(like Canola oil) and margarine as the best and healthiest oils for your body in the West(rather than saturated fats like coconut oil). But what many seem to forget is that vegetable oil is completely manufactured and processed chemically and is not a natural oil derived from a natural process. The same can be said about margarine -- which is a completely man-made "food".

The other problem with vegetable oils(polyunsaturates as well as mono-unsaturates like olive oil) is that they oxidize far quicker than saturated oils like coconut oil and palm oil. Saturated fats have much stronger bonds and are oxidised far slower than polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oils that contain weaker bonds, therefore saturated fats last longer, are healthier and can be heated to higher temperatures than polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats without the dangers of oxidation. And for this reason, saturated fats like coconut oil made from a natural process(no chemicals, no deodorizing etc.) are the best oils for your body.

I also read an article recently. A respected gastro-intestinological surgeon on interview said that in all his forty years of operating on human intestines, he said that he had never ever seen what he believed to be a healthy intestine. In the majority of his operations, he described that the inner coating of the intestines of all his patients were rather black and smooth, like a dark varnish on the intestinal wall. And he believed that this was entirely caused by the heavily processed and oxidized vegetable oils in the modern diets of today.

This information may well go against the belief of some. But even the organic food industry is a big earner now. And whenever a product -- even perhaps an organic vegetable oil product -- becomes popular and a big earner, the industry will do its utmost to find ways to quicken the production of that product and take industrial shortcuts to increase profit -- and the easiest way is to invent a quicker chemical process for production. Vegetable oils and margarine are wonderful examples of this common industrial practice.

Posted by Angela (Dawson City, Yukon) on 10/27/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Last night I cooked with about two tablespoons of coconut oil for the first time. I was not aware of it's specific cleansing properties. About two hours later I experienced extreme stomach cramps, shaking, vomiting and diarrhea. This lasted about 4 hours. This morning I am still having some stomach cramps. I thought I had food poisoning and noticed that the coconut oil I had just purchased expired in 2008.

I am wondering if the expired coconut oil could have caused these reactions or did I use too much? I also have had liver issues for many years. Any feed back would be great.

Replied by Kyra
Cortlandt Manor, New York
Coconut Oil is the one oil that does not spoil. It does not have to be refrigerated and it will not become rancid. What you experienced is a normal reaction for someone consuming that much coconut oil for the first time. You really must start your intake slowly. Read the Coconut Oil section and you will find everyone suggests to start slowly and build up your intake. It has amazing health benefits, don't give up. Good luck.

Posted by Jane (St. Johns, Newfoundland) on 10/16/2009

OK so what i wanted to add here is that i have read this whole site here on virgin coconut oil. Obviously to me there were way more yahs then nays in here. I think like anything else some people have allergic reactions to coconut oil. Whats good for one person is not always whats good for someone else.I think you could just try it in very small doses to start with internally and externally. Maybe try it on a patch of skin maybe on your back where a reaction is not so noticeable. and just a small patch.

Internally i have heard of people starting with like a teaspoon or maybe even half. After a week or two maybe up it to a full teaspoon if no bad side effects ocurr. Its always better to be safe than sorry. For the most part though i think with all the positive effects its worth trying. I am not an experienced user but i will be starting after today. only problem is i bought the wrong stuff. Some refined stuff thats missing the great smell of coconut that i love.So back to the store again hunting for this stuff.

Posted by Bee (Somewhere, Mo) on 08/11/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Just wanted to share my experience with VCO. I read about it here and was impressed by all the claims of how good it is for your health. I'm sure my diet isn't ideal anyways and I'm trying to be healthier and avoid all kinds of chemicals and drugs. So I started slowly. First evening just a 1/2 tsp. I did relatively shortly after experience cramping and nausea. I felt like I was going to get sick but never actually did. I'm glad I started with a small dose!! Anyhow I kept on with it..and after that I didn't have stomach ailments until I was up to about a TBSP (about a month later). However around the point I was taking 1 tsp I became sick, flu like symptoms. I had just been sick with a severe cold/flu not even 2 weeks earlier and it felt like the same thing all over again. Although I think it was a detox reaction. It did eventually pass, but lasted almost two weeks, and while it was unpleasant, I think it was necessary. I suspect maybe I have a candida problem or something similar. I crave sweets and eat a lot of carbs and sweets (Bad I know!!! I try to be better but obviously am not always). So I think this caused the headaches, general feeling of fatigue and acheyness and lots and lots of mucus!! I was coughing up stuff and my sinuses were clogged. Salt water in a neti pot helped and I tried the tomato tea which helped some too. But I'm feeling better now, not perfect, but it tells me that my body has a lot of recovering to do. There are a number of things I want to get under control, like anxiety and depression and digestive issues. I also want to get off my SSRI, I've gone through the withdrawal before and it is HORRIBLE, so I know it will not be easy, but I feel with some healthier habits and diet I can do it. Thank you for this site! And if anyone has suggestions to make getting off an SSRI easier please share!! I would also love to see a page on here about that if that would be possible!! Thanks again!

Replied by Brygivrob
Escondido, Ca
I know someone who weaned herself off of SSRIs. That she did was taper off very slowly for a few months. I think it does take some will power too, and won't happen without some suffering.

Also, sweating might get some of those toxins out: saunas?

Replied by Peggysue
Grand Junction, Co
For people who have a irregular heartbeat, be sure and get 400 mg. Magnesium Oxide a day. I go to Walgreens and ask the Pharmacist for it. And if you get an irregular heartbeat and it won't settle down, take 500 to 1,000 mg. Of Taurine. I went several times to the E. R. and had taken Taurine and by the time I was hooked up, I had a heartbeat of a "seasoned athlete! " It really works!

Posted by Jennifer (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) on 06/14/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have had malabsorption issues for sometime. My ND wanted me to introduce 100% virgin coconut oil into my diet because of the medium chain fatty acids. I needed to gain weight and muscle. I was using 2T per day in fruit smoothies, cooking, or on toast. Loved the flavor but the side effects were not good. My ND pooh-poohed my questions about possible side effects so I was extremely relieved to find this forum with postings from a number of people who have experienced what I did. My side effects were: severe stomach and gut pain with bloating and tenderness, bad reflux (which I had never had before), heart palpitations, severe sleeplessness, general anxiety-like symptoms, concentration problems, even gum sensitivity . . . just a general sense of continually deteriorating function the longer I was on it. After researching this forum I went off the oil and the symptoms I listed disappeared within two weeks. Although I have no doubt it is a great product for many people, I will never take it again. It just isn't okay for one food item to make me that ill and affect so many areas of my life. The bottom line for me is to learn to listen to my own body and to respect and act on those messages.

Replied by Gigi
Camino, Ca, Usa
I first took coconut oil about 2 years ago. I noticed an alarming pressure behind my sternum. I took it a couple weeks later, same thing. So, I quit. A few weeks ago I decided to try again since my skin is getting dry due to our lack of winter. The chest pressure returned, I broke out with hives (itching and wheals), esophygeal spasms, bronchial restrictions.... A classic histamine reaction. (BTW, I was checked for heart issues and PNA and cleared the tests. ) Benadryl is alleviating the symptoms. I have to wait for the histamine cascade to conclude its course before I return to homeostasis. CO sounds great.... however, I don't think it's for me.

Being sensitive to foods is not an anomaly. Each person has a genotype-by-environment component to their health. If you can draw an association between a bad response and a known allergen, you are far ahead!!! I concur - - Listen to your body!

Posted by Janice (Lakeland, Fl) on 02/26/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Coconut oil, virgin, capsules: A big NAY for virgin coconut capsules....I am 63 with normal cholesterol and blood pressure. I took it to raise my HDL. I have GERD and it made it worse. I also had chest pain and palpitations and my BP went up to concerned levels. I have NO heart problems and see a doctor twice a year. I would suggest only a trial period for everyone to see what effects one might have. I was only taking one capsule and the bottle said to take four. Thank goodness I didn't. I am no longer on the virgin coconut capsules.

Posted by Lori (Delta, Colorado ) on 10/20/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I started all my remdies a year ago this month. I don't think that the coconut oil is working for me any longer. I find everytime I cook with it I break out in hot flashes all morning. If I don't eat the coconut oil then I'm fine.The coconut oil is N_____ virgin oil. Has this happened to anyone else? I went to my doc last week and i had not been doing my remedies like I used to and my blood pressure is up I've never had high blood pressure, but I had started using estrogen cream and shortly after started having bloody noses. I stopped the estrogen and started back on my ac vinegar regiment and no more bloody noses and bp dropped some, but now I think I still can't use the coconut oil. Any body else have this happen to them? My thyroid test is high normal meaning almost to hyperthyroid.

Replied by Michael
Dublin, California
[SIDE EFFECTS]   I just started on the virgin coconut oil. Yesterday morning I took 1 tablespoon and I noticed the energy level I had and mental clarity all day. I took another tablespoon at 5pm. I had trouble going to sleep last night and felt hot flashes. I am a little tired this morning. I took another tablespoon this morning and feel fine. I won't take any more for the rest of the day and see how I feel. I know VCO does give me energy and mental alertness. I think its not wise to take it late in the day for me. I'm still trying VCO out and wil take it slow. I'm looking forward to the benifits of Virgin Coconut Oil.
Replied by Randy
Jersey City, Nj, Usa
You need to take it even slower it seems. i would recommend only 1 TEAspoon for a week, then step up gradually. It's not a race
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
I don't think that you should take VCO late in the afternoon as I have read that it will keep you from sleeping, the same goes for vitamins, for example and even MSM or anything that gives you energy!

Posted by Pamela (Otterville, Missouri) on 07/30/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I began taking 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per day - really good in oatmeal. Only problem was that I was also on a Candida cleanse at the same time, and I had a reaction of extremely dry lips - felt like a former reaction I had had to Bactrim, the antibiotic, where it burned my mouth. I think the combination of both at the same time was way too much for my system. I am going to go off of both, and start back on the Candida cleanse alone. Once that is over, then I will begin to try to take the coconut oil again. Not sure if this was the problem, but think perhaps it was. Overload. I would appreciate someone checking this out for me if you have any information that this may be the problem.

Posted by Olivia (Brooklyn, New York) on 04/16/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have tried using coconut oil several times and one thing has been consistent: when I take it by the spoon, even a teaspoon full, I immediately feel my heart racing. This does not happen if I cook with it. Sometimes rubbing it on my neck or face induces a reaction in my pulse but not as severe as drinking. Cooking is ok for me. If anyone can think of a reason I'd be happy to hear of it.

Replied by Mocha
Troy, Ny
About a year ago, I read about the different health benefits of taking coconut oil & so I took a teaspoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil, and I immediately felt hot & my heart starting racing for about a minute, which was really scary & I said I would never eat it again. Since I keep reading about the many benefits of coconut oil, I just started using it on my hair & skin. Just wondering if anyone knows if using it externally will eventually cause racing heartrate or palpitations after taking it for like a week or something. Thanks for your help.
Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca, Usa
I love coconut oil, and I use it sparingly, on occasion. It dried my skin when using it consistently, daily. This surprised me, so I researched a bit online about drying effects since none of the resources I had about VCO mentioned a drying effect. I found a blog and one site that mentioned a drying effect. If you live somewhere humid and warm, you won't experience the drying effect if used consistently is what I gleaned from the sources. VCO will sit on the skin. This didn't explain the drying effect though. I'm assuming it has to do with the lack of deep skin absorption and being in a dryer climate.

Anyhow, I still use VCO to condition my hair on occasion as a warm oil treatment before washing; treating yeast flare ups digestively; with desiccated coconut shreds as a parasite cleanse.

I've recommended consuming it to my mom for a preventative to Alzheimer's.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Sheila, it is interesting that I experienced the same drying effect after using VCO on my skin for a while. I thought that I was the only one as some of my books do recommend it highly. It is hard to know what to use..... Glycerine dries the skin and is in almost all beauty products, VCO seems to do the same at least for some people..... And me thinking that I had found the perfect beauty product. Maybe if one wets the skin before applying it will be better?
Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca, Usa
Hi Francisca, I forgot to ask earlier; have you found any glycerin-free hair care and soap products? I'm looking up "saponified" right now to see if that process involved glycerin. So far, I haven't had any luck finding glycerin-free, except for oils and a product using slug/snail mucus coming out of South America(?) as a lotion.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Hi Sheila, I looked for glycerin free toothpaste for a while but never found any. One manufacturer told me that it is actually not bad for your health but can one trust them? I don't know. I have just looked into the "natural" shampoos I have at home and they either have glycerin or glyceril. The snail stuff I haven't tried yet because what I found was all rather expensive!
Replied by Brannonby
Eatonville, Wa, USA
Hi sheila, We got around the shampoo problem by using baking soda and vinegar for shampoo. Mixing a Tblsp of baking soda in a cup of warm water for the shampoo and then a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of warm water for the rinse. Then rinsing with hot water as normal. It took a week for our hair to adjust but now it works great.

Posted by Peter on 04/16/2008

Coconut oil side effects:
1.In the first few days of using coconut oil as a massage oil, it is often the case that the body develops a "sand type overlay " noticeable around the abdomen.
2.When this first happened the reaction was, "how did that sand get into the clothes?".
3. But when it happened to another person, we wised up and realised that it was a salt extrusion from the body and not sand even if it felt like sand.
4. So its a cleansing side effect that occurs in the first few days. After that period it is not longer noticeable.
5. If somebody is experiencing an itching side effect, I would say that that is a side effect of salt extrusion which will disappear as the amount of the salt extruded becomes less.

Posted by Dawn (Mapleton, MN) on 04/14/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I have been taking 1 to 2 tbsp of coconut oil daily in my tea, as well as using it as a moisturizer for 5 days. after the 3rd day i started to and continue itch in various spots all over my body. I don't want to stop using CO because of all the benefits but its becoming a pain. literally! :) Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal, could it be the toxins that are fleeing my body? or am i possibly allergic? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Melissa (Miami, USA) on 02/27/2008

[SIDE EFFECTS]  Hello, just wanted to give some feedback in regards to my experience with coconut oil usage. I took about 1 tbsp. of coconut oil and in less than 1 hour I had intense pain in my stomach along with heartburn (I never get this). After that I developed diarrea and vomited. Those reactions lasted well through the night and for two days after taking the coconut oil the intense stomach pains persisted. If you are going to try cocunut oil it might be a great idea to use it as a cooking agent as suggested by another reader rather than ingesting it.

Replied by Nix1234
Iligan City, Philippines
[SIDE EFFECTS]   i also had a bad experience with v.c.o... After taking 2tablespoon on an evening, I immediately had this weird feeling on my stomach.. Then on the morning, the weird feeling still persisted and after I took my breakfast, I felt like vomiting and I did and that really scared me coz' I never involuntary vomit after eating breakfast before... Then on that evening, I had the worst bowel problems.. Its pure liquid that is going out of my body.. Was I having hyperacidity because of the vco?
Replied by Arcticlee
Anchorage, Alaska
Hello Ted. I have been taking different protocols over the last two years to rebuild my health. Recently I found your post on coconut oil and added it to my supplement regimen five days ago.

Today I woke up with a huge red rash completely covering the front of my neck. The rash is hot to the touch and burns a little at the bottom, but other than that, there is no pain or itching. Otherwise I feel very good.

I have a long history of antibiotics, candida, and arthritis which is why I liked the idea of the coconut oil. Please tell me I'm not allergic to this because it has relieved my joint and muscle pain better than anything I've ever taken. I'm hoping it's a candida die off.

In the five days I've been taking coconut oil and the Budwig shake, my pain has decreased significantly, my night sweats around my spinal injury have stopped, my red gums are looking more pink, my blackened teeth near the gum line are getting whiter, and the white coating on my tongue is not as bad. I have much improved memory and energy levels are good. I do not want to stop taking this but I have a tendency toward food allergies and anaphylactic shock.

I have underactive thyroid, spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, 3 herniated discs, and a spinal fusion at cervical level 5-6. Since surgery, I've been in constant pain.

To combat the arthritis and thyroid problem, I've been taking bone meal calcium with vitamin k2, knox gelatine, New Chapter multivitamin/mineral and probiotic, and 2 kelp tablets. On the day I started oil pulling with coconut oil (5 days ago using your instructions) I had bad acid reflux and could no longer tolerate the Knox gelatine, but my constant level 7 pain (that I just live with) was gone the same day. I also started the Budwig shake that morning as well.

I've cut my carbohydrate intake to 15 grams of sugar total per day. I eat cottage cheese blended with flax seed oil in the morning, one whole wheat bagel with organic cream cheese for lunch, and a lettuce/cucumber/carrot salad for dinner. My fasting blood sugar is 75, down from 98 after adding proteolytic enzymes to my supplement regimen.

Should I stop taking the coconut oil?

Replied by Shesgg
Sandusky, Oh
"I've cut my carbohydrate intake to 15 grams of sugar total per day. I eat cottage cheese blended with flax seed oil in the morning, one whole wheat bagel with organic cream cheese for lunch, and a lettuce/cucumber/carrot salad for dinner. My fasting blood sugar is 75, down from 98 after adding proteolytic enzymes to my supplement regimen."

Sorry to break the news but all of that food is much more than 15 grams of carbs per day. 1 slice of bread can be up to 12 grams.

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